Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn Discuss Hillary Clinton’s Latest Memoir…

The last half of this discussion segment might leave you in stitches. Very funny segment, especially when you really think about the reality, collapse and sheer desperation of the current Democrat party.  Muttering through the woods while triggered.   Enjoy:

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240 Responses to Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn Discuss Hillary Clinton’s Latest Memoir…

  1. G. Combs says:

    The Question has been asked “What would she do around world leaders?”

    Well that question was answered when the Hilderbeast was Sec of State.

    Foreign Policy Magazine: The Kremlin Really Believes That Hillary Wants to Start a War With Russia

    […]I have been hard-pressed to offer a more comforting explanation for Clinton’s behavior — a task that has fallen to me as the sole Western researcher at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Moscow State Institute of International Relations….

    The Russian foreign-policy experts I consulted did not harbor even grudging respect for Clinton. The most damaging chapter of her tenure was the NATO intervention in Libya, which Russia could have prevented with its veto in the U.N. Security Council. Moscow allowed the mission to go forward only because Clinton had promised that a no-fly zone would not be used as cover for regime change.

    Russia’s leaders were understandably furious when, not only was former Libyan President Muammar al-Qaddafi ousted, but a cellphone recording of his last moments showed U.S.-backed rebels sodomizing him with a bayonet….

    Nixon’s bluff was a failure; even when he invaded Cambodia, Moscow never questioned his sanity. Today, Russian analysts do not retain the same confidence in Hillary Clinton’s soundness of mind.

    Her temper became legendary in Moscow when she breached diplomatic protocol by storming out of a meeting with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov just moments after exchanging pleasantries. And the perception that she is unstable was exacerbated by reports that Clinton drank heavily while acting as America’s top diplomat — accusations that carry special weight in a country that faults alcoholism for many of Boris Yeltsin’s failures. […]

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      “Wha’ Happened?”

      I think that would be more fitting, reflecting Hillary’s combined confusion and astonishment, like a drunk driver waking up in a ditch – how did I get here?

      It seemed to me (back on October 29, 2016) that various developments indicated that President Obama did not really want Hillary to win – the final straw was her behavior in the Oval Office when she said Michelle would need to submit her upcoming speech to Robby Mook – then when Michelle declined, Hillary started having a coughing jag – was she frightened by Michelle’s refusal? Then as the week unfurled, Michelle and Hillary had an appearance together but nothing really from President Obama – on a Saturday radio show, he talked about his favorite rap music/artists –

      My personal opinion: President Obama determined that he was not going to help Hillary over the finish line – the Clintons had made a mess of things for years and Hillary had been nothing but trouble for his administration. Michelle was upset about Hillary’s latest demands . . . now the Obamas were done with Hillary – this was my attempt 9october 29, 2016) at writing a rap song for Michelle about Hillary.


      Thursday, all was well, duck soup
      singing with Michelle, Ma Belle
      Michelle calling her “my girl”

      then Friday, all hell broke loose
      and Hillary thrown for a loop

      Saturday, Barack´s not available
      discussing rap faves with a deejay

      What about that “recent heated discussion” in the Oval Office?
      Barack, Michelle and Hillary
      maybe some others
      discussion of coordinating efforts

      then Hillary said
      they – Barack and Michelle – would need to submit their speeches to Robby Mook, I think

      to coordinate

      that did not set so well
      she – Hillary – began to cough
      hack – hack – hack

      Barack offered her some water
      called the house doctor
      left her with the doc while he and Michelle went into the corridor

      Something really wrong, she – Hillary – is NOT well
      and NO, I am NOT going to submit ANY speeches to her, Barack –

      Hillary really flew off the handle when told “no” about the speech submissions –
      what´s with the cough –
      is she the real Anastasia, coughs when she is frightened?
      I remember that

      Listen, Barack, we are going to leave here – and I don´t want to deal with that woman any more than I have to – I feel exhausted, she pulls all of my energy out

      Okay – okay – Thursday, make like duck soup then on Friday, throw her for a loop

      I won´t stand in Comey´s way if he comes up with anything else – Saturday Night Massacre in reverse – let her blow her corkscrews – I´m done


  2. Michael says:

    Gnarled Macedonian content farmers

    A new meme is launched.

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  3. Thomas Reeher says:

    Obviously, she should have no fear of being groped by Trump or Bill or anyone else. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

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    • H.R. says:

      Oh, I could… at gun point… in a hazmat suit… after my eyes were put out… and chugging a quart of moonshine… yeah, I suppose I could.
      Nahhhh… I’d take the bullet.

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    • Aguila2011 says:

      Very true Thomas. That is one person that if I found myself in close proximity to I would run in the opposite direction as quickly as I could drag my old butt. Not out of fear but out of revulsion. Yeech!


  4. Patriot1 says:

    If Hitlary thinks President Trump or any other sane male wants to grope her she is more detached from reality than previously thought.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Ummm. I think she would prefer to be groped by those like Huma. She does not like men (look at the wuss she picked for her running mate and those she surrounds herself with) but wants to pretend she is one. Lesbians are so confusing to me.

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    • If I remember correctly, the only thing that was in Clintons space that night…..Were FLIES..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JtvNP_YmVE


    • fuzzi says:

      Patriot1, ever notice that most feminists screaming about creepy men wanting to grope them are anything but attractive?


    • FLSverker says:

      This story from Clinton’s memoir is a brazen lie, too. If you go back to watch the entire debate and track the movements of each candidate, you’d see that it’s nothing but a BIG, FAT LIE. How many times did Trump ever cross the boundary and enter her side of the room? ZERO times. How many times did Clinton cross the boundary and enter his side of the room? FIVE times. But I guess standing within 8 feet of somebody with the imposing stature of somebody like Trump counts as “breathing down somebody’s neck”. When Trump said “you’d be in jail”, that was the closest Clinton ever felt to being accountable towards a greater power.

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  5. Kerry Gimbel says:

    Steyn is extremely witty and funny. But he read her whole book? What great courage and a very strong stomach he also has!

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  6. Heather says:

    If you’ve seen the videos on mainstream media of the supposed incident at the debate, you should have noticed during most of that, that he’s standing behind the podium and she’s actually standing in front of him!! And since when has she EVER been intimidated by ANYONE?? It’s just another effort on her part to discredit Trump. Sad.

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    • Esperanza says:

      I know, I don’t know where he was supposed to stand? She spent the evening in his space. He could have castled and stood in her space, but that would have been ridiculous. The worst moment for me was when she walked up to an audience member and got in their face haranguing them.

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    • nimrodman says:

      I watched that debate live and I vividly recall that she strolled over to Trump’s side of the stage and commandeered that space.

      She invaded his space, not vice versa.


  7. WSB says:

    SD, thanks for posting! Mark is like a spoonful of sugar! Love your images up top!

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  8. MfM says:

    Clinton was so afraid of Trump that she walked in front of his place at least five times. If she was so intimidated why did she do that?

    Trump was the one that was scared to stray from his space, not from fear of Hillary, but because of how the media would spin it.

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  9. vfm#7634 says:

    Mark’s nasal Birmingham accent somehow makes the whole Macedonian content farm anecdote funnier.

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  10. Oh, sure, that’s presidential… being made uncomfortable by another person, even worse a MAN! Because, you know, as President, she’d never have to deal with strong, intimidating men. And her response was to turtle? Yeah, that’s who I want leading the country (not)!

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  11. phoenixRising says:

    Ohh, the irony!

    “,,A new book is set to release next week by Biographer Craig Shirley and in it are claims that Hillary put up with Bill Clinton’s creepy groping of women.”



  12. Jimmy Jack says:

    This segment with Steyn had me crying. Steyn is so much fun when he goes after Hillary.

    If you didn’t watch there were two other segments that were great too. The black Fox News reporter in the second segment’s thesis on Silicon Valley and popular culture was astute and really quite brilliant. The ESPN Lee incident is a useful teaching moment. I think his name may be Whitlock.

    The Newt segment was insightful as well. He took a little swipe at Trump but his talk about the division in the US being irreconcilable and there is only one side winning is sobering, and I believe accurate. This small segment probably flew under the radar but I’d suggest you watch it if you have a chance. Ditto Whitlock(x).

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I’m with you. Jason Whitlock’s take on the impact of social media on the news and how it is dividing us was sobering. And Newt, whether you like him or not, is a serious guy and a real thinker. He spoke pretty clearly about how other historians are comparing this time to the lead up to the last Civil War. Pretty darned grim, but more than just hot air. Worth watching.


  13. Mike diamond says:

    Not even her husband bill wants to breath down Hillary’s neck,so why would she accuse President Trump????my gosh this woman is nuts!!!!


  14. MIKE says:

    “oh please, allah….”


  15. Truth seeker says:

    Has Hillary seen President Trump’s wife – you know the classy current First Lady? Groping Hillary??? Who knew HiLIARy was auditioning to be a stand up comedian. She must be taking lessons from Kathy Griffin and Rosie O’Donnell.

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  16. Atticus says:

    Just face it Shrillary.
    Ya LOST!
    Nobody wanted you.
    You’re a Loser.
    Even your “husband” finds reasons to stay away.
    Now go take a long walk in the ….. liquor cabinet.


  17. uvaldegirl says:

    I’m beginning to think Hillary kept invading Trump’s space exactly so the fawning, trained media could take this set-up shot that misuses perspective to make it appear he was looming over her.


  18. hillary memoirs ebook version:


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