“There are Trillions of Dollars at Stake”…

There are trillions of dollars at stake; you might have heard us mention that before.  At no time was it more clearly evident than RIGHT NOW.

Oh, they’ll point to other excuses; but those who understand the larger elements within multinational corporate and government finance totally understand this is all about money.

Economics is money. Money is Economics.

Every syllable and syntax by every oppositional entity, and the authorities who are directing them, are related to the current economic threat that is President Trump. Those who really understand this dynamic; those who are comprehensively willing to look at the biggest picture, can easily guide their friends and family through the motives of hate.

♦China is resisting the economics of President Trump with North Korea. ♦Russia is trying to resist the economics of Trump with Syria. ♦Mitch McConnell is resisting the economics of President Trump with antipathy and inaction.  ♦The Wall Street Journal is resisting the economics of Trump.  ♦Paul Ryan is resisting the economics of President Trump with budget delays and fiscal obfuscation.  ♦Professional corporate media, all sides, are desperately resisting the economics of Trump.  ♦The UniParty is resisting the economics of Trump.  ♦The swamp is resisting the economics of  PresidentTrump.  ♦Adverse international interests are aligned to resist the economics of Trump. ♦CEO’s are resigning advisory boards because of the economics of Trump.  ♦Statues are being torn down to resist the economics of Trump.  ♦Millions of people are being manipulated specifically due to the economics of President Trump….

And remember, the economics of President Trump are YOUR economics.

“America First” is for YOUR future, your families future, America’s future.

Not his, yours.

“It must be always be remembered; there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones. ”

Niccolò Machiavelli

It has always been thus.

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103 Responses to “There are Trillions of Dollars at Stake”…

  1. Martin says:

    Old Chinese proverb say, you owe bank million, bank own you. You owe bank trillion, you own bank.

    We are watching the best kind of coercion: Xi controls his Fat Boy, or Panda gets the Dragon. Probably will anyway…

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  2. wheatietoo says:

    And Marxist leftists are resisting the economics of Trump because they want us broke, on our knees and dependent on government.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Wheatie Well said. If only all Americans would realize that.

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      • ok4ayl says:

        Sadly a great number of Americans do realize it, and gladly choose that path, which makes our “FIGHT” all the more important. POTUS sees all angles, its fascinating to watch him play the MSM and Congress like the imbeciles they are…..:)

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        • Yep, fascinating and fun!


        • DD More says:

          And it was noted back in March of 2016. Which is why K Street was running scared. Of course They said it like it was a Bad Thing, Not Us.

          “Trump is a Washington outsider.” Since Trump has no experience as a politician, not a single D.C. lobbying firm has any ties to Donald Trump.
          “More than $4 billion in lobbying business could be lost overnight should Donald Trump become president,” says Burkman. “Decades of relationship-building in politics could be lost. And make no mistake every lobbyist in the town is worried.”
          Lobbyists routinely use money to gain access and buy influence. They leverage their connections for wealthy clients who want access. But The Donald has said he won’t accept their money.
          “Since Trump has no plans to accept contributions in the general election, lobbyists may be robbed of their biggest weapon–money–in a presidential election year,” adds Burkman. “Literally 30-thousand jobs could be lost if Trump is sworn in. Washington as we know it, and how business is conducted, will change instantly.”
          Burkman says he and his fellow lobbyist delegation will try to convince Trump to accept donations in the general election.


          “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” ― Upton Sinclair

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    • Leslie Ingersoll says:

      I’m on my knees, thanking God for President Trump and his masterful disassembly of the corruption that is the rampant in our Gov. structure. ❤🇺🇸 I’m right there with him, our children and grandchildren keep us centered in our love for GOD, COUNTRY & FAMILY! God bless us all👏😇

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    • mightyconservative says:

      I finally figured out who Wheatie is–Sundance!
      Very succinct statement, W!

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Haaa. I am honored that you would think so, but no, I’m not Sundance.

        Thank you though, for such a huge compliment!

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      • TheWanderingStar says:

        I don’t understand this fascination of trying to guess the identity of Sundance…Sundance is Sundance. The real question is, where is Butch Cassidy?

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        • mw says:


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        • eagledriver50 says:

          The ones asking who is Sundance did not read the article day before yesterday…Which plainly stated in the article are the 3 grand kids. And Sundance did give their gender…I leave to anyone to do the research since the ones who read this site religiously read everything that is put out. But the history is there if one goes back in time…Have a nice day!!!


    • John Denney says:

      When we first entered the recession, I got to wondering what makes a country prosper. The immediate answer was, “when it’s people prosper.” Ok, so what makes an individual prosper? After much thought and review of my personal experience and observations of other, I came up with the Four Pillars of Personal Prosperity:
      1) Can-do attitude
      2) Diligence
      3) Continuous Learning
      4) Trustworthiness
      They can be given to no one, only encouraged, and their opposites discouraged. They apply to all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, or even “disability”.
      So, who encourages those traits, and discourages their opposites?

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      • All American Snowflake says:

        “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 1:2 King James Version


    • carrierh says:

      And easily overthrown and the globalists are drooling with this desire to own America. Tough, because we will NOT let it happen.

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    • dammad says:

      Dependent on them.

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  3. NewNonna!!! says:

    God bless and protect our Lion and his cubs.

    What memories those little ones are going to have.

    What a proud heritage they’ll have in their grandpa who made America great again!

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  4. TrueNorthSeeker says:

    God Bless President Trump!

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  5. bessie2003 says:

    The photograph of President Trump and the people standing around him at the table, looking at each of their faces their grins, yes, stature, then my eye caught the face of President Washington on the wall behind these men – I could swear that in that moment I saw an approving grin on President Washington’s face at the men in that room! MAGA Indeed!

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  6. WSB says:

    The day that Donald Trump became a grandfather for the first time sealed his fate as President of the United States.

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  7. Gaius Gracchus says:

    President Trump is the first American officer holder who gets “it” in decades. The establishment built a mountain of lies (“the narrative”) to create this fantasy world of economics that we find ourselves in today.

    I sometimes wonder why he could see through the illusion while so many other seemingly intelligent people could not. I credit his being a builder. And a master salesman.

    As a developer, he has to look past what is right before him and see what things could be. He could see through the illusion of the present to see the reality of the future he could create. And, as a builder, he understood the real world. He had to actually create something rather than just feed off of creators like most of those in Washington.

    And as a master salesman, he is able to understand the narratives that others present and see right through them. 30 years ago he saw real problems in how America was operating and the vision never left him. He saw through the BS and saw what has lacking.

    Additionally, our president loves this country more than most of bipartisan establishment. His love of country is very similar to that of the ordinary Americans that Hillary and Obama and the rest of the Democratic establishment hate. It is a pure love and his love helps him to want to serve his fellow citizens.

    May God bless our president. May God protect our president from all those who seek to destroy him. May God help him serve the people of America. And may God help him to free the world from evils put forth by the Swamp creatures ruling Washington and the world.

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    • jrapdx says:

      I get what you’re saying about President Trump, but his vision wasn’t just because he was a builder. After all, the US has many builders, thousands of them. Yet AFAIK none of the other builders stepped forward with the ideas that lead Trump to run for President.

      In fact, no one in any walk of life other than Trump had the knowledge and the ability to recognize, and accomplish, what America so desperately needed to achieve. Trump’s “insight” is indeed singular and ultimately can’t be explained.

      As people here say all the time, Trump is a miracle, a godsend, exactly the right person coming along at a crucial inflection point in history. The advent of Trump is only as understandable as any other singular event in the course of human existence.

      Looking at Trump’s large-as-life track record, more likely than not the origin of Trump’s stunningly prophetic views of economic reality go back to his late 20’s or early 30’s. The germ of many inventive ideas often starts at such youthful age even though such creativity doesn’t come to full fruition until much later in life. We know our President has nurtured his ideas for decades, no doubt far longer than any of us has any way to fathom.

      Wherever Trump’s outstanding mind came from, we ought to appreciate it as is. We don’t have to “explain” the blessings we receive to know we have been greatly blessed.

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      • shannynae says:

        His outstanding mind came from God and he has been watched over and nurtured till it was time for him to become our Lion. God is in the details for sure. So goes the United States, so goes the world.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Gaius yes Donald Trump is an incredible person. He has always felt he needed to give back for the great life he has lived. Our President has the support of millions of us who will never abandon him. I pray every night that God is on our President’s side and that God will keep him safe from harm.

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      • shannynae says:

        I have always felt that WE are to be on God’s side and He will bless us if we are obedient to His commandments. God doesn’t choose sides because there is only one…His. I believe that so many have turned back to Christ and are worshipping Him and our prayers are increased and when we came back to God’s side, that is when the blessing of Donald Trump came into play.

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    • Rebcalintx says:

      Gauls, I agree with your assessment & prayer. I join with your prayer. Let it be so Lord Jesus.

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    • Ploni says:


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    • Tom says:

      Donald Trump has the vision because, among other reasons, he wants to share his success with us all by allowing us to be as successful if we work at it. He is not a personally greedy nor a self-serving person and his ego is large but healthy as befits his accomplishments. All of our presidents since Reagan have been small-minded, petty, ego-driven, profit seeking and venal cretins; Trump is the antithesis of that.

      That’s why he has this clarity of purpose. His sense of fair play is outraged over the self-serving deals, restrictive laws and regulations, and rent-seeking activities of the politically connected.and he’s risen in defense of the forgotten people.

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      • Judith says:

        It’s sad how selfish, small-minded and petty people can be. They see a highly accomplished, successful entrepreneur like Donald Trump, who is willing to tackle a huge mess on their behalf, and they simply must tear him down. In doing so, they reveal their own sick spirit and loser mentality.

        It reminds me of a friend who witnessed a woman being smacked around by her male companion. When he intervened to stop the abuse, the couple both turned to attack him. Sometimes I think our world is beyond redemption. If so, God has promised to rescue his flock, even as he allows the wicked to collapse under the weight of their own petty torments.


        • John Denney says:

          Oh, Judith, the male companion you mention brings to mind Theodore Dalrymple’s essay, “The Frivolity of Evil”.
          Timothy (pen name) relates some of his observations working as a doctor in the British slums. One experience was treating a woman who had been beaten by the most recent of her string of abusive boyfriends. The doctor suggested he screen her next potential boyfriend, so she could avoid abusers. She thought the idea to be hilarious, and declined the offer.


        • Lindenleel says:

          I am almost 70. When I was young, the idea of role models and the responsibility that comes with that, was part of the legacy a civilized person left behind him/her. Someone may not have money to leave, but certainly can leave a legacy of integrity, character, contributions to one’s community, children/grandchildren of the same caliber.

          We lived in a time when if you were bad, your neighbor told your mom, and everybody had a stake in the future of the neighborhood kids., and therefore the civilization of the town. This event even happendin the ethnic neighborhoods of New York, especially places like Queens (Trump’s home area).

          Our Donald understands this, working class people understand this, and the elite have no clue. You can serve and love God and the way He created things, or you can love Mammon. The Mammonites have grossly underestimated the power and vision of our President.


  8. They oppose him, they oppose us. That definitely sends a chill down the spine, doesn’t it!

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Always Faithful they oppose us but they also fear us. Without the 63 million voters we represent they will fail to stop our President.

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      • dekester says:

        Plus tens of millions more worldwide.

        The majority of common folks understand, despite the 24/7 PDJT bashing. That their rulers have let them down, and more and more are turning to the God of their understanding.

        God bless PDJT.


    • Judith says:

      Our lion knows precisely how to cull the herd. He lays in wait while the huddled group fidgets nervously, every sense heightened, adrenaline flowing. This is where we’re at today, and their building hysteria is palpable. He will patiently seek out their weakest link. One will carelessly step out of line. And then he will strike. Once he takes down the straggler, the rest will bolt. Our lion understands the Serengeti very well.

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      “They oppose him, they oppose us. That definitely sends a chill down the spine, doesn’t it!”

      It makes it so much easier to recognize our enemies and from where to expect attacks.


  9. mitrom says:

    BREAKING: “Federal Court Issues a Warrant for Antifa Website, Requesting IP addresses on Individuals”

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    • kathyca says:

      Here’s the full warrant issued on 7/12

      Click to access DH-Search-Warrant.pdf

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      • Jim in TN says:

        Thanks Kathyca,

        Looks like breaking means a month ago, and the warrant deals with riots in D.C. on inauguration day. And the website of interest is disruptj20.

        Not clear to me what the relationship is to antifa.

        At least they are looking into those who organized criminal behavior.

        Seems to me that with both rioting groups last week bringing in armed rioters, that both could be prosecuted.


        • kiskiminetas says:

          Hopefully this has something to do with Soros and others of his ilk. It would be sweet that their underlings who organized and gave the marching orders are prosecuted as well. Also the most violent offenders should be placed in federal prisons for a time of (rest and relaxation).

          Yes many have been frustrated because it seemed the administration was tardy in doing this sooner but due to the adverse culture DT came into this was something, like others, that could not be done immediately. Jim I foresee many being prosecuted and that includes before he even came into office. Praise the Lord winning again!


        • Meriadoc says:

          Transporting people across state lines for the purpose of causing public unrest is a crime. Anyone who participates in such activity can be charged with a federal crime. The federal gov’t could deal a huge blow to these subversive groups by simply enforcing the law.


          • Tom says:

            If only Sessions would enforce existing RICO and antitrust law on the medical complex including the pharmaceutical companies, then we’d be getting somewhere.


    • rhcrest says:

      Fantastic! These people need to be brought to justice.


    • rednighthawk says:

      Here comes the stalling, the bleachbit, the hammers, the lawyers, etc…… Hopefully not, but we’ll see!


  10. shallbe4 says:

    Always faithful. Yes they oppose our President and they oppose us but they also fear us as well. As long as we hang in there and determine that our future and the future of our children and grandchildren lie with our President and his agenda to make this nation great again the Globalists will not be able to weaken what we stand for. Its not easy to keep the faith when everyday a new attack is designed to make us turn against our President but it can be done. If we give in there will never be another chance to Make America Great Again.

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  11. tytanshammer says:

    This was the first time I really got that everything over the weekend was due to all of these economic changes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the globalists bought of the leaders of both sides. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t designed to happen just before the NAFTA renegotiation.

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    • The Boss says:

      One overarching goal must be to get the amoeba-like followers of uniparty politics how badly they are being deliberately deceived and manipulated. Get them one at a time, let them go forth and multiply the numbers of newly awakened Americans, and watch the uniparty die.


  12. A2 says:

    Be of good cheer. The sandwich class (middle class) is given a master class on why the economic wherewithal falls on them. The other classes ( rich and poor) have been picking their pockets through taxes. We use to say, killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Trillions of dollars at stake, but those dollars can never compete with the suppliers of those dollars says enough.

    Yes they have their hedge funds, corporations, banks, and convoluted policies based on state largesse. However, unlike China, Americans have the right to vote out their governmental pickpockets.

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  13. M33 says:

    Oh, Sundance…
    How true this all is.

    Just like George Carlin said–

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  14. George says:

    When I saw the pictures Sundance put on top of this thread, I already knew why President Trump will never accept losing. If he were to accomplish everything, his victory is in those pictures. Trump fight for my grandchildren are 7 and 2 years old. How many children and grandchildren is he fighting for and what does Trump mean to You. God looks over this election and I’m at peace with my decision.

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  15. NYGuy54 says:

    The heart and soul of the MAGA movement is economic nationalism.

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    • Judith says:

      Yes. And this is why they must turn nationalism into a dirty word, like “white nationalists.” From there it becomes “white supremacists.” Its like the game telephone where the end result bears no relation to the initial discussion.

      When they control the language like that it is easy to confuse the issue at hand. This is how they demonize Donald Trump by association. And this is why we must be vigilant and stop adopting their twisted phrases. We invariably allow them to hijack the narrative and we must recognize how devastating the consequences can be. We are constantly put on the defensive, on the ropes, and the snowflakes were trained to hate us early on. Their indignation is completely without cause and they truly have no idea what MAGA represents.

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  16. Jefff says:

    All those in the ALLIANCE opposed to the TRUMP ALLIANCE in SURVIVOR AMERICAN ISLAND can be liked to the GLOBALIST not federal and NO RESERVE banking cartel . Including WALL ST and SOROS funded ANTIFA / BLM .

    “♦China is resisting the economics off President Trump with North Korea. ♦Russia is trying to resist the economics of Trump with Syria. ♦Mitch McConnell is resisting the economics of President Trump with antipathy and inaction. ♦The Wall Street Journal is resisting the economics of Trump. ♦Paul Ryan is resisting the economics of President Trump with budget delays and fiscal obfuscation. ♦Professional corporate media, all sides, are desperately resisting the economics of Trump. ♦The UniParty is resisting the economics of Trump. ♦The swamp is resisting the economics of PresidentTrump. ♦Adverse international interests are aligned to resist the economics of Trump. ♦CEO’s are resigning advisory boards because of the economics of Trump. ♦Statues are being torn down to resist the economics of Trump. ♦Millions of people are being manipulated specifically due to the economics of President Trump….”


    WE THE PEOPLE are in the TRUMP ALLIANCE . At lest those of us comprising the MONSTER VOTE are aware of the GAME being played .


    Our motivations are TRUMPS motivations . To maintain all the above mentioned that actually MADE …AMERICA GREAT IN THE FIRST PLACE !!

    The GLOBALIST ALLIANCE depends on TWO THINGS ….the not federal and no reserve FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE remaining the currency of record for global oil trade . SECONDLY , the GLOBALIST alliance depends on continued PRINTING (digitizing ) of money out of thin air .

    When the TIME IS RIGHT( when the GLOBALISTS attempt to CRASH THE MARKETS ) …The TRUMP ALLIANCE will announce they have THE HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL . THAT IDOL is constitutional currency to compete WITH the FAKE FUNNY MONEY FIAT currency of the private owned bank cartel that JFK warned us about .

    ” The monolithic and ruthless conspiracy ”

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    • FreeLayerOK says:

      When I learn a little more about Kennedy and listen to the speeches of what the man believed in and stood for, rather than the MSM and propaganda stories I was told growing up, the more existing political and establishment motives make sense.

      The swamp has been around a long time.


    • Jefff says:

      FF to 14:00 in this video


  17. wodiej says:

    Well said. I wish they would take that sissy coat off the grandson.


    • dogsmaw says:

      you are way outta line on this one

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    • joshua says:

      are you kidding wodiej…..go away man, you are out of line. what you want…a camo jacket with biker skull and bones on the back….leave the kids ALONE.


    • NickD says:

      It’s what rich Yankees wear…not my style, but I get it


    • eagledriver50 says:

      wodiej…”Go Pound Sand”…make sure you don’t leave any footprints…That means you have been picked by God and He has enlightened you…However, YOU NEVER. EVER PICK ON CHILDREN. THEY ARE INNOCENTS IN THE WORLD OF ADULTS. And comments like you wrote WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. I don’t care who you are, think you are…YOU NEVER MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT SOMEONE CHILDREN OR GRAND-CHILDREN…


  18. JAS says:

    You want fireworks? Just wait a bit. Legislation talks on in this is about to ramp up – a return to the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. The bill to bring it back was introduced by no others than Liz Warren and Johnny McCain.

    Munchin has already said that if the administration acts on this it would not be back to the the 1933 law, but more of a “21st century version” of the Glass-Steagall Act.

    Liz Warren is already making a lot of bad noises……

    The Warren – McCain bill in PDF format:

    Click to access 2017_04_06_21st_Century_Glass_Steagall_Act.pdf

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  19. “And remember, the economics of President Trump are YOUR economics.”

    And that is why I take all these attacks on DJT and our agenda personally. I honestly cannot watch the news on TV anymore. My BP medication can only do so much.

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    • missmarple2 says:

      I have cancelled cable and do not watch local news. Yesterday I removed almost all reporters that I used to follow on Twitter. Their tweets were a never-ending stream of leftist snark and outright lies about the President.

      The idea that a man with Jewish in-laws, a Jewish daughter, and Jewish grandchildren would support Nazis is ridiculous. They KNOW he doesn’t support that type of stuff. In the past he received numerous awards from various black groups including one from Jesse Jackson for outreach to the black community. He has numerous long-time black friends, and is supported by numerous black pastors. The press KNOWS he isn’t a racist. They are flat-out lying.

      Yet they keep this line of attack up. I can only assume it is being directed by the Uniparty and Globalists since they cannot attack on his policies, because his policies are popular with average folks.

      I wish I had money to sue CNN for mental anguish. I don’t, so I cancelled cable and denied them funding.

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      • PreNanny says:

        Thank you for removing your money from our enemy.
        MAGA onward

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      • margarite1 says:

        I’ve started reading again at night without even turning the cable on. If it weren’t for my husband wanting the history and golf channel and HGTV I wouldn’t even have cable. Lately I’ve been listening to music on the radio in my car instead of talk shows. This morning Rush was playing a clip of some maniac going on and on about Trump and I thought to myself “this is hate speech”. It was disgusting so I turned it off

        I’m even weaning off Drudge – down to Sundance and Free Republic. Life is becoming much more pleasant. And every once in a while I tweet Trump and tell him I love him along with millions of others.


  20. Beenthere says:

    Russia knows how to leverage too:


    Apparently USA is Venezuela’s largest oil customer as of now.

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  21. luke says:

    Good post sir. Never has it been made more clear than this weekend. You could literally see the coordinated attacks from the left/media and the quiet submarine tactics from his so called friends on the right.

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  22. Ivehadit says:

    “When you are taking heavy flak, YOU KNOW YOU ARE OVET THE TARGET”!!!



  23. SPMI says:

    A wet bird never flies at night!
    Why did the chicken cross the street?
    “To get to the other side”
    Donald Trump is our President, our Mentor,
    and he is smart as a whip!


    • Nelle says:

      Oh my gosh, I thought my father was the only one who ever said “wet birds don’t fly at night”. I thought he was just making up something silly to make us wonder. It’s been 40-50 years since I’ve heard it. Is it still a common saying in your part of the country? Or are you old like me?


  24. TimeIsNow says:

    What Sundance and PDJT have known all along is the is WAR, but it is 98% an economic war. We need to redirect the money from the parasite Wall Street Economy to the Main Street Every One Economy. Everything else is just picking on puppets, and even sub-puppets.

    You constantly hear ignorance on here that the Left never pays any price, yet the puppet masters are PAYING a price, and it is in the loss of their puppet money and their puppet foundations, and that is why we can feel the desperation of BLM and AniFa attacks and MSM forever REEEing.

    PDJT is taking away the very foundations of the NWO influence, and it will go world wide.


  25. vanwinkle says:

    Actually its ‘the politics of economics’ not the “economics of politics”.
    Trillions are at stake, but lets remember Who is going to get their greedy hands on most of it;
    the central bank owners. We the [little] people will see non of it!


  26. Nope2GOPe says:

    I hope our beloved President keeps on deconstructing the economics and influences of the NWO.

    Who cares about the rants of the media.


  27. M. Mueller says:

    At this time in history, it is crucial that we have a really strongly religious Pope and a united, powerful DOJ for this fight. I know one of those is missing for sure; just hoping the second is actually there under disguise.


  28. Father in Heaven protect him his family and his administration from evil CRUSH HIS ENEMIES and guide him in all he does we pray this in your Precious Holy Son Jesus name amen.


  29. DevBlog says:

    I have always felt that WE are to be on God’s side and He will bless us if we are obedient to His commandments.
    When they control the language like that it is easy to confuse the issue at hand.


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