MSNBC Brian Williams: “Our Job is to Scare You”…

Serial fibber Brian Williams leads his interview segment with a moment of honesty.  During his introduction to a panel segment he leads with the set-up: “tonight our job is to scare you”. WATCH:


Seriously folks, CTH readers, MAGA supporters, and those who travel the deep weeds of politics and have followed Donald Trump can spot the strategy he is deploying.  The strategy is all about economics and leverage.  The media will NEVER discuss it, because they need to act willfully blind to it and use fear as a weapon.

The media is simply taking advantage of “fear” to position yet another anti-Trump narrative. However, all of their hyperbolic analysis of the North Korea situation takes on new understanding when idiots like Williams let it slip that their job is to “scare people to death on this subject.” He makes it clear their goal is to drive down the public’s trust in the President to handle this threat.

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147 Responses to MSNBC Brian Williams: “Our Job is to Scare You”…

  1. billygoat65 says:

    I have to agree, MSNBC is very scary.

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  2. positron1352 says:

    Ha, ha, billygoat65. It’s kind of not very attractive to see these “male reporters” like Williams be so cowardice. Very unattractive indeed.

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  3. Reaganite "The Deplorable" says:

    Doesn’t the rube realize that it’s simply impossible to be frightened by Lyin Brian Williams?

    How’s the chopper liar?

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  4. Abandoned says:

    Unfortunately the extension of this is that economic “concessions” and trading advantage given to China to force it to control NK might not be in the interests of the US middle and working classes…… who truly need the USAs lost manufacturing base to be returned home.


    • Daniel says:

      This president does not do these things with the expectation that they will take the bait. The bait is for China to refuse to take it and to show themselves for what they are.

      A huge portion of President Trump’s negotiation tactics are for public consumption to help them understand who and what we’re dealing with. He must ALWAYS lead with a peaceful bargaining position whether or not they are willing to or expected to accept it.

      It’ll always be “We tried… I guess it didn’t work…” before things begin to heat up. He will always give them a chance to do the right thing.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        And if they take the deal, the deal is gonna be “win-win, balanced trade, or go to hell with your commie deception.”

        Frankly, I don’t care what China chooses. I REALLY don’t care. That is the beauty of the moment. Bad guy gives up. Bad guy runs and makes it worse. Bad guy makes our day.


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        • fleporeblog says:

          Wolfmoon1776 China 🇨🇳 is going to sign multiple LNG and coal contracts with US companies. The total of those contracts will equal hundreds of billions of dollars 💵. The have a need and we sure have the resources to fulfill that need. This will allow us to continue to take their trinkets and the import/export difference will be drastically reduced.

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      • Abandoned says:

        The bait is for China to refuse to take it and to show themselves for what they are.

        Pleeease. China couldn’t care less about being seen “for what they are”.
        They care about their economy, PTrump is able to create chaos in China with that weapon….trouble is that means massive distraction required by the Chinese elites, an invasion of Taiwan, (it will surrender immediately and is not worth one American life), is the likely solution.


  5. Carrie says:

    Apparently 45 knows a helluva lot more about Sun Tzu’s strategies than China. I am so looking forward to the melt down by the left when China capitulates.

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  6. Stringy theory says:

    Williams, always a joke, a caricature of the goofy tv news reader. Trump has this, I totally agree.

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  7. Daniel says:

    Blowing through this President’s red lines? Which president’s red lines? Not President Trump’s red lines. He doesn’t issue “red lines.” Making a stand on any given issue is to expose what you’re prepared to do or to expose your weakness when you fail to deal with it and certainly exposes portions of strategies.

    I’ve been out for many days and most of the world hasn’t changed but things have definitely ratcheted up a bit… and the media even more absurd.

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  8. Yup . . . the actual chess masters are masters of the indirect attack.

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  9. Brant says:

    Who said it? It’s hard to get a person to understand something, when he gets paid to not understand it.

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  10. dadawg says:

    What is really frightening is the fact that someone with Brian Williams’ history still has a job in public broadcasting…

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      Fake News is the order of the Liberal Media. They rock it daily.

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    • Daniel says:

      His willingness to comply with orders and to keep his actor’s appearance and demeanor is all which is required of him. He can deliver on that and his loyalty is with the media’s masters. He is just what they want. Also, he is easily disposable. If they get him to push a narrative or some story which is exposed as a lie, they’ll just cut off his head again.

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    • Oldschool says:

      Agree dad. Meanwhile BOR, Payne and Bolling are all sidelined.


    • That’s not nearly as scary as the likes of the krooked klinton kabal, including bath house bari all still out there stumbling around scott free. Of course, even scarier are that the people who control them aren’t even mentioned at all, anywhere… not yet anyway.

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  11. Brant says:

    Now here is a question to see 4 years from now. Always the president shows older in 4-8 years. In 4-8 years, who will look older, Trump or the media……. 🙂

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      I’m giving odds of 99-to-1 that the older but never wiser media will have geriatric tendencies.

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        They already do have alzheimers-like symptoms. Dementia, paranoia, absence of short-term memory, confusion or loss of long-term memory, etc. In any other field, they’d be candidates for mandatory drug testing and prompt dismissal on grounds of incompetence.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        That was really a hideous transformation. One I was utterly unable to understand. Did she think she was showing how tough she was? Scares me almost as bad as Brian Williams. I must move away from the wicked witch.

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        • Tegan says:

          There was a story today of her family going camping, sitting around a fire, singing and playing a guitar….and just by happenstance (!) by golly there happened to be a camera crew from her new network. It was a miracle! Reminds me of when Michelle planted the vegetable garden at the WH, wearing $500 tennis shoes, to show families how they could save money by growing their own food. Is there one single person on the planet that falls for this crap?

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          • Sylvia Avery says:

            It is hard to believe, but it seems there are those who fall for it. I had forgotten about the Mooch and her expensive kicks “gardening.”

            We haven’t heard anything about the fate of her little hobby. I don’t think Melania is out there weeding and hoeing somehow, and I don’t see PDJT paying for staff to do it.

            BTW, I think I heard Me Agin Kelly’s evening show has failed and been cut so her whole stake is now her morning show.

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            • piper567 says:

              I have never once seen this woman on a TV, and I did not watch the debates(saw the goodstuff here at CTH).
              Could someone tell me if they think her interactions with Trump were instrumental in her fall from grace?
              Or, what was it?
              All I hear now is nobody is paying attention to her no matter what she does/doesn’t

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              • Sylvia Avery says:

                I know for myself before the debates she seemed a little full of herself and kind of calculating. But after the debate? She was dead to me. I have never again allowed her into my home.

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                • Snarling attack dogs at the first debate – Meghan, Brett and Chris, following the Murdock orders, for money. I could not believe their hatred and unfairness to then candidate Trump. Stopped watching FOX and specifically those bad players that night and have not tuned in again.

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              • litenmaus says:

                piper, IMO, conservatives are very loyal individuals. Brett Hume and Bill O’Reilly had a loyal following for years and Me-Again was introduced to the world by both these men. They gave her “authority” credentials and conservatives believed that she was giving them honest news.

                Prior to the Republican debate, her mask was beginning to slip but Battered Conservatives weren’t quite willing to believe that she was duping them and they remained loyal. However, her performance up to and during the debate was done with such a full throated glee that it gave evidence to the fact that she was no longer a trustworthy “news” person. Following the performance at the debate, Me-Again gloated in such a way that she ignited a deep anger that I have rarely ever seen exhibited by loyal followers for any media personality.

                So, yes, the debate had a lot to do with it but IMO, it was her gloating afterwards that lost her any chance at a viable news career.

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                • mimbler says:

                  I had liked her when she was an occasional contributor, but as soon as she got her own show, she couldn’t maintain the mask, and both her Me-again, and her inherent liberalness showed through nearly immediately.
                  Lost me at that point, and the debate wasn’t a surprise at all to me,

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                • litenmaus says:

                  I’m not much of a television watcher and I would occasionally catch her show, but yeah, she wasn’t my “cup of tea” and I wasn’t surprised by here debate performance either.

                  However, I have family members who thought she was the cat’s meow and they were devastated by what they saw as a betrayal.

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                • mimbler says:

                  Same here with the family members,

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              • Yes, her fall from grace was in her attempts to run with the big dogs rather than just stay on the porch where she belonged.

                First, she took on Trump who cleaned her clock, then she attacked Newt (of all people) on her show who immediately handed her her head in front of millions of people.

                She alienated everyone with any conservative bent at FOX and in the FOX audience. And, of course, being a fixture on FOX she had long alienated the liberal crowd.

                Couple those facts with another one–she is so struck on herself that no one can stand to be around her or to work with her, and you get the MeAgain effect:

                When she can find someone to produce her show (and they looked for months to find a producer for the show just canceled– it was no after no) suddenly you wake up to the fact that you have virtually alienated everyone and have no audience anywhere what-so-ever to play to.

                She has been her own worst enemy…..

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              • NC PATRIOT says:

                Re the Debates: Yes—the first question out of her mouth to DJT was accusing him of bad treatment of women and was scathing. He tilted his head, smiled and said “only Rosie O’Donald”–and he brought the house down with laughter. After that many Trump supporters wrote her off for the attempted hit job—and Fox began to lose viewers.

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          • suejeanne1 says:

            I believe it was also an NBC news crew that followed a little waif through the muddy jungle in the midst of a disastrous flood to bring an egg and a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil back to her little village hut, she was barefooted it seemed but quite trepidatious – they followed her both ways and it just seemed so ridiculous those oafs couldn’t have given her a lift and some of their goodies – they should have been ashamed of themselves.

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        • dalethorn says:

          I think the ‘witch’ thing hits closer to home than most realize. She has a certain power…

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        • amwick says:

          I mentioned this before, she was cartoonized….

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      • Grandpa M says:

        Perfect after picture of MeAgain, the Reptilian. PDJT has a way of exposing them.

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      • gofer says:

        She went from soft image to harsh, one feminine, the other feminist.

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      • Some Old Guy says:

        She looks like a younger Cruela deVille.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Another “after” picture, I like to call this one “Rode hard and put up wet”


    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      I’m putting my money on the very fake news drive by media. Especially Jim Acosta 😂

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  12. Pam says:

    Wow, he actually told the truth for once. LOL In all seriousness though, all the networks are doing scare tactics right now. That’s how they roll.

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  13. Harry Lime says:

    They’re all the same aren’t they? Just a bunch of globalist blowhards.

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  14. rsanchez1990 says:

    See, this is probably the biggest reason why I am not scared to death like so many people (and many of them since election day if they are hardcore liberals). Even if I didn’t know anything about President Trump’s strategy as detailed by SD, I know that the media just wants to scare us to death. This is obvious to any person with the slightest degree of self awareness. This propensity for self serving hyperbole on behalf of the media is actually what made me open to supporting Donald Trump in the first place.

    The media will try to scare you to death about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

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  15. alliwantissometruth says:

    Hey Brian, meet me in a boxing ring. You’ll find out the true definition of “scared”

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  16. Bob Thoms says:

    A buffoon; who take him seriously other than the suits at MSNBC? I hope they keep him on, heck, move him to prime time news….

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  17. fleporeblog says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…

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  18. Wayne Robinson says:



  19. Wayne Robinson says:

    This idiot already scared people assuring them that hillary would be elected but wrong again

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  20. paulraven1 says:

    Someone please explain to me how this liar still has a job.

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  21. First Last says:

    No kidding. From all indications it appears he thinks his job is to lie his aZZ off to us.

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    • Homesteader says:

      Wasn’t this the guy who was caught in a big lie already?

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      • graphiclucidity says:

        Yes, he’s lying 90 percent of the time.
        His big mistake was to tell unapproved lies to stroke his own ego instead of the approved lies to stoke establishment propaganda.

        He’s only on the air now due to personal connections and a long-term contract that NBC couldn’t get out of.

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  22. wolfmoon1776 says:

    We should really mess with their heads. If the Norks move forces in a threatening way, we can surround the Clinton and Obama mansions with tanks. Have the FBI raid Madeleine Albright’s apartment at sunrise.

    #FakeNewsies would be sobbing on air and screaming it’s TEOTWAWKI

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  23. Don’t know who he is but he must be someone liberals listen to… Why do we care ??

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  24. OldGal46 says:

    I’ll not waste good phone data on any MSN wannabe dick-taters. My desktop is down, so all I have is this Android–and 6 Vs go fast!

    PDJT has this, people–as Sundance continues to tell us–and under his watch I doubt much of anything will happen except what is listed kin the beautifully-done graphic above.

    All I can ask is that we all continue to pray that PDJT employs his God-given wisdom, utilizes his God-given strength of character AND remains SAFE–along with his entire family!!!

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  25. quintrillion says:

    Some people….are fearful no matter what. How dreadful to play to those with high anxiety.
    Then there are those who are fearless and filled with spirit and winning. From the kekistan warrior:

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  26. WSB says:

    Bingo, SD. Thank you for the laser clarity!

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  27. Plain Jane says:

    Yep SD, the answer to understanding this is in the black box. Great graphic statement.

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  28. Average joe says:

    Bad actors,reading BAD !scripts.!!!!!.

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  29. TwoLaine says:

    MSN = Blah, blah, blah…

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  30. Just Curious says:

    I would not give the time of day to any of these talking heads. These idiots do not exist as far as I am concerned. If other peoples are willing to be brainwashed or scared by these clowns, then it is their choice. I do not stick my head in the sand to avoid reality but I sure do refuse to be brainwashed by these godless media.

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  31. Tonawanda says:

    IMO Trump is not only a genius, but also probably a world historical person.

    People do not have to agree with that opinion, but to denigrate Trump’s intellect is pure stupidity and ideological blindness.

    One of the chief reasons IMO Trump will succeed gloriously, and be remembered gloriously, is the mistaken denigration of his intellect.

    Folks should remember the utter disdain and insulting characterization of Reagan, and yet Reagan rightly is retrospectively (though insincerely) lauded by leftists who see no gain in denying the undeniable.

    Trump is ten times Reagan.

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  32. JC says:

    “Serial fibber Brian Williams” – perfect.


  33. Harry Lime says:

    This admission from Brian Williams reminds me of Mika’s little slip up about “controlling what people think” being their job. Bunch of sock puppets!

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  34. Zumtrotz says:

    Cannot comment. Cancelled TV the day MeAgain Kelly attacked presidential hopeful DJT during a “debate” mid 2016.


  35. Just Curious says:

    Cable TV has been cancelled in this household. These idiots can deliver their rehearsed talking points all day and night long trying to brainwash all these gullible audiences out there. It is beyond my control, and if they have managed to control these gullible peoples, then I do not want exist on the same planet as these gullible idiots anyway.

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    • Howie says:

      I cancelled a few months ago. I can easily stream it. I used to stream the stuff but now it is so repugnant I can’t take it for more than a minute or two. It really is the enemy of the American People.


  36. Donna in Oregon says:

    As MAGA takes a firm hold on us, I look forward to all of these MSM creatures being unemployed. The Sherman Act should be deployed against these huge monopolies. President Trump has the same fortitude as Teddy Roosevelt. Fingers crossed.


  37. missmarple2 says:

    Regarding that debate where MeAgain attacked candidate Trump. It was all 3 of them

    I used to have Fox News on from sunrise until bedtime. Got in the habit after 9/11 and the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

    The day before the debate, Bret was on talking about how they had been rehearsing those questions for a week. He went on and on about how hard they had worked on their questions, going over them over and over again. (Remember, Bret’s question was whether Trump would endorse the winning candidate if he lost. All the rest raised their hands except Trump.)

    So, the first question was MeAgain with the women thing, and the second was Bret’s. It was a planned hit job, pure and simple.

    In addition, does anyone remember MeAgain walking to the auditorium in some sort of fancy dress and pointing her finger at the camera like she was some big shot? Ugh.

    Anyway, I felt so betrayed by that debate that I quit watching all 3 of them, and when we moved last summer I didn’t get cable. I find what I need on the internet.

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  38. maggiemoowho says:

    This is NBC’s Foreign Correspondent snowflake(Richard Engel) trying to scare voters while having an epic meltdown when he finds out Trump was winning on election night. His meltdown was so bad, he seems to have scared other snowflakes, like the guy who posted this video to Youtube.😄 Have a good laugh while watching this video, the panic in Engel’s voice is just too funny.

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Lol😄👍, I love watching videos of election night. Canada has a really good one to watch, the butt hurt that they have as the votes come in, is so funny. The people at the CBC were so sure Hillary was going to win, they felt they could say or do anything to Trump and his supporters. As I always say, their pain gives me great joy, so much joy.😃👍👍👍


  39. Donna in Oregon says:

    The Leftist Media is so disgusting. Sometimes I forget what it is I should be doing……

    “I’m committed to the destruction of the old media guard,”
    Andrew Breitbart

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  40. JMC says:

    Serial liar Brian Williams should not be in media.

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  41. Mike diamond says:

    Brian who????????? Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water,a fake news dude Williams shows up ! And all the women leave!


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