Federal Judge Orders State Dept. To Search For Benghazi Emails…

As surprising as it seems, the U.S. State Department never checked the ‘.gov’ accounts of key Hillary Clinton aides Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan in the initial search to fill the FIOA request filed by Judicial Watch for communication over Benghazi.  Yea, go figure…

(Via Judicial Watch) […] District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta ordered the State Department “to search the state.gov e-mail accounts of Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jacob Sullivan,” former aides of Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. The State Department is ordered to search in those accounts “for records responsive to [Judicial Watch’s] March 4, 2015, FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] request.” (A separate Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit first broke open the Clinton email scandal.)

[I]f an e-mail did not involve any state.gov user, the message would have passed through only the Secretary’s private server and, therefore, would be beyond the immediate reach of State. Because of this circumstance, unlike the ordinary case, State could not look solely to its own records systems to adequately respond to [Judicial Watch’s] demand.


[The State Department] has not, however, searched the one records system over which it has always had control and that is almost certain to contain some responsive records: the state.gov e-mail server. If Secretary Clinton sent an e-mail about Benghazi to Abedin, Mills, or Sullivan at his or her state.gov e-mail address, or if one of them sent an e-mail to Secretary Clinton using his or her state.gov account, then State’s server presumably would have captured and stored such an e-mail. Therefore, State has an obligation to search its own server for responsive records.


State has offered no assurance that the three record compilations it received [from Secretary Clinton and her aides], taken together, constitute the entirety of Secretary Clinton’s e-mails during the time period relevant to Plaintiff’s FOIA Request. Absent such assurance, the court is unconvinced “beyond material doubt” that a search of the state.gov accounts of Abedin, Mills and Sullivan is “unlikely to produce any marginal return.”


Accordingly, the court finds that State has not met its burden of establishing it performed an adequate search in response to Plaintiff’s FOIA Request and orders State to conduct a supplemental search of the state.gov e-mail accounts of Abedin, Mills, and Sullivan. (read more)

If you have never read the CTH years long research paper on the entire Benghazi storyline you might enjoy reviewing it.  “The Benghazi Brief” details all of the surrounding events that led up to the attack on 9/11/12.   Within the brief we outline the real risk to President Obama and Secretary Clinton from the policies they initiated in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Turkey and the larger middle east region.

The most alarming aspect to the entire Benghazi Brief was the official U.S. policy to arm al-Qaeda and what later became ISIS in order to achieve regime changes in the region.

The attack on the Benghazi compound killing four Americans was the culmination of covert action and coordinated State Department and CIA policy.


The Benghazi Brief was easily the most painstaking undertaking I ever endeavored to research, accept and eventually write. It was not a comfortable assembly.  You can read why I wrote it HERE.

benghazi 1

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162 Responses to Federal Judge Orders State Dept. To Search For Benghazi Emails…

  1. RedBallExpress says:

    Something tells me the Clintons are looking for a good arsonist.

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    • Wink says:


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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      At a party planned for the many computers and people that can demonstrate what they did.

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    • razor 1 says:

      red ball the question that keeps coming up in my head is…..why are people not going to jail? what were the folks who were preparing the legal responses for the state department doing ?? colluding, perjuring, participating in a conspiracy….and this is just what they were doing while working for obama….then you ramp up to MORE CRIMES against the Trump administration.

      these career top bureaucrats need to be prosecuted…they are the doorway to these crimes being committed on the taxpayers. China executes these people….

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  2. Question Everything says:

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  3. DanDeplorable says:

    “As surprising as it seems, the U.S. State Department never checked the ‘.gov’ accounts of key Hillary Clinton aides Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills . . .”

    Gosh, how could the State Department be so forgetful?


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    • bofh says:

      Oh, you mean the “dot gov” accounts? You wanted those searched too? Hey, simple misunderstanding. Coulda happened to anyone…

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      • nimrodman says:

        … and I wonder if the cutesy email alias addresses are specified?

        Like the one recently revealed that Loretta Lynch used.

        The one that appeared up top in the email headers, yet in the body of the email she signed as “AG”.

        Who else used aliases, whether in official email systems as well as outside private accounts like GMail, Yahoo, etc.?

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        • 1stgoblyn says:

          I am willing to bet that almost all of o’bama’s progressive plants had an alias e-mail addy. I believe it was his surgeon general who was outed as having one. Heck even Chelsea Clinton had one. She wasn’t even among his political appointees.


    • dobbsfan says:

      Plausible ineptitude!

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  4. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    I’m wondering what the NSA is doing. aren’t they supposed to have everything in their database

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  5. setup2100 says:

    Clintons will never be proscute or convicted on anything. If they start talking they would bring down the Gov’t from the SCOTUS espically ROBERTS to the Landscapping mulch spreader doing the Capital building. How does one think nothing has happened yet??? To many high level people with GREED as their motive involved with the CLINTIONS. Just more talk to divert your attention from the successful economy and increased standard of living going on currently under the TRUM ADM. PS: Need a AG WITH A PAIR AND THAT IS NOT JEFFIE.

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  6. FofBW says:

    Your work certainly deserves a Nobel prize IMO Sundance!

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  7. rumpole2 says:

    Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d they go kill some Americans?

    Inquiring minds STILL want to know! 😎

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  8. Robert says:


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  9. brschultz says:

    And McCainthe Cowards email???


  10. mimbler says:

    While some are hearing this judge to say: “produce the documents”, what I’m hearing is “you ignored the court order for 5 years, and I’m not punishing you for it in any manner whatsoever, so feel free to ignore this request I’m making today”

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  11. Maquis says:

    I wouls like to see an effort to identify and locate all possible aliases used by these miscreants and find those records too.

    Aliases used by “public” servants should be a felony punishable by no less than 20 years hard labor. Then again, using a private server should be a life sentence.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Still trying to figure out what happened to all the surviors–office workers and others who were on the roof being protected by Doherty and Woods

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  12. Patriot1783 says:

    No surprise here.
    Find Gregory Hicks emails.

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  13. Well that settles it.
    Thank you sundance!!!

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  14. rf121 says:

    I think it is time to watch me some “13 Hours” for like the 20th time.

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  15. Chuck says:

    Before this all come to fruition Hillary and McCain will conveniently succumb to debilitating health conditions set up well in advance. Poor health is their plan B.

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  16. Molly says:

    I just finished Dan Bongino’s book “Life Inside the Bubble” (NYPD, FBI, Secret Service to Bush & Obama – he’s on FOX a lot) … and a chapter on Benghazi is fascinating! I tried to copy of few statements but Kindle won’t let me. :\ Highly recommended read. I am so excited about this news!!!

    I bet Hillary hit the vodka early today. 😉

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    • Heh, Hitlery probably is drinking straight grain alcohol by now.

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    • joanfoster says:

      I hate to burst your bubble but Hillary is chillin right now. She has no worries. The deep state has it all covered. We spend a lot of time here salivating over new developments in any investigation involving the Clinton Crime Syndicate, but the truth of the matter is that it’s going no where. I am done spending energy on hopes that will not materialize because the corruption is so deep in this country. No one posting on CTH will live long enough to see a Clinton behind bars. It’s the unvarnished truth. It will not win friends here, but none the less the chances of seeing Hillary prosecuted, let alone behind bars for her crimes is less likely than my winning a multi million dollar lottery.

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      • Molly says:

        All my bubbles are intact, so no worries. 😉

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      • piper567 says:

        So, joan, what you are saying is the USA has no further use for The Rule of Law, and, that being the case, the USA is over and done with…because, you know, if The Rule of Law is hung out to dry, permanently, we are a Banana Republic. Is that right?
        Not sure I agree.
        imo, the advent of Trump signals an attempt to re-institute this Rule, yet I do not expect this to happen in the twinkling of an eye.
        Bannon said, at a CPAC Convention, “If you expect these people to give you back your Country without a fight, you are sadly mistaken.”
        The Rule of Law is the spine of our great Country. If we expect to regain the Rule of Law without a fight, we are sadly mistaken.
        We are now, more than ever before, aware of the depth and reach of the lawlessness which has been allowed to permeate our Government.
        I believe even Trump may be surprised at how truly evil every aspect of this lawlessness has proven to be, although I may be wrong.
        But Draining the Swamp cannot in any way be seen as a simple endeavor.
        Here at CTH we have discussed a bewildering array of offshoots of this evil which has been allowed to spread unchecked. Just imagine how much we do not know. Then attempt to imagine how small the proportion of Real Investigators is to those intent on preserving this evil amidst us.
        This unveiling and bringing to light the extent of the evil is, in fact, a long process.
        imo, we must be willing to surrender much of our legitimate concern for our great Country to our great God, especially if we are convinced, as are many, that God has placed Trump at the helm of USA.
        We must pray for His persistent attention to this matter, and view all around us from this perspective.
        This does not mean we cannot continue to be aware of reality; read David’s Psalms, and you will see his continue pleas for God to attend to his enemies.
        Perhaps we may do the same.
        This view may be only my attempt to calm myself, but we do seem to be at a mutually agreed upon juncture in history, and such junctures do seem to be a specialty of the Bible, which I believe is Truth.

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        • joanfoster says:

          No where in my comment did I imply that I am willing to give up the rule of law nor that I do not believe in it. I do not understand how you could read that into my comment. What I tried to express is that I have zero faith in the institutions, i.e., DOJ, State Dept., Congress, FBI, etc. So far, we have seen absolutely nothing done to a vast array of villains who have testified before congress and not one charge has been brought against them. The best example is Lois Lerner of IRS fame. I am disappointed in all of the Obama holdovers and can’t understand why after six months there has not been some serious housecleaning. Don’t think for a second that Obama didn’t take a magic broom and sweep these agencies clean when he arrived at the WH. I simply decided to take my rose colored glasses off and stop listening to the 3D, 4D, 5D chess bs. It’s beginning to sound like the opening of a large sinkhole.


  17. MaineCoon says:

    state.gov is DoS email domain. They didn’t search it?

    Has to be criminal intent behind that decision.

    Suggest: TRex, fire all DoS employees in the DoS FOIA department. Get some Treepers in there.

    No more cover ups of Hag & Co. criminal activity.

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  18. Chuck says:

    “Suggest: TRex, fire all DoS employees in the DoS FOIA department. Get some Treepers in there.”

    Heck, I’d work there for free.

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  19. sundance says:

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  20. kinthenorthwest says:

    This song says it all…..Any time I hear the words Benghazi..

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  21. Sylvia Avery says:

    You know, I must be suffering from Clinton Fatigue.

    Intellectually this is interesting, but I am unable to summon even an ounce of passion or intensity. Is my “give a dam busted” as the song says? I don’t think so, maybe just exhausted.

    I have so little faith that anything will ever be done to these crooks and hoodlums. I want to see them pay, but the constant teasing followed by disappointment leaves me feeling like it just isn’t worth getting excited about it.

    I have reluctantly come to believe we now have institutionalized a two tier system of justice like all the best banana republics. My faith in our American system of justice has been destroyed. It is possible that could be restored with few well placed indictments and convictions, but that seems as remote as the moon.

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    • You need a break.
      Some soothing music, a glass of your favorite wine, a neck and back message, and then a nice long bubble bath, and a good nights rest.

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    • mimbler says:

      Exactly how I view it as well,

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    • LM says:

      Since God answered prayer and gave us President Trump, in spite of the best that several million illegal alien votes, the joint efforts of Obama and his Muslim buddies in the government and elsewhere, the corrupt intelligence agencies, the Clinton machine, George Soros, and a corrupt dishonest media–I don’t think we should give up on seeing a return to the rule of law.

      I admit, daily I search for some sign that this mission is being accomplished, but I have learned that even if I see only discouraging news I should not give up on God–and I won’t give up on President Trump either.

      Besides, they went after his family. That was dumb.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        Okay, excellent point. Return of the rule of law would surely be part of God’s plan for us. I didn’t think about that. Thanks!!!

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        • piper567 says:

          Sylvia…please read my post, above, and see if you agree…or please comment.

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          • Sylvia Avery says:

            I just found your comment above and I liked it. I have been reminded gently by several here that the Rule of Law is a key piece of who we are as a Republic, and since I believe President Trump was chosen by God for this job to restore this nation I have to believe that somewhere in that big plan includes restoring the Rule of Law.

            I sure don’t see it happening. I have my doubts that Jeff Sessions can do it. But having faith means believing what your eyes can’t see. So, I don’t know how, or when, or even if the DOJ will do what I think it should but I am going to meet this with the faith that God has a plan for this just like He does everything else.


      • kinthenorthwest says:

        This has never been just a nice post for others to re post…
        This has been my belief that keeps me believing everyday is what is happening in America everyday.
        Trump was given to America from above in answer to our many prayers.
        God never said the road would be smooth.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        LM, Treeper Evelyn posted this downthread and it fit so perfectly I wanted to be sure you saw it. It strengthened me, and hopefully it will you as well!

        Deuteronomy 32:35 New King James Version (NKJV)
        Vengeance is Mine, and recompense;
        Their foot shall slip in due time;
        For the day of their calamity is at hand,
        And the things to come hasten upon them.’

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    • janc1955 says:

      My anger is what exhausts me, I think. I realize our new admin has its hands very full, but the idea that a judge has to order this to be done by the State Dept, now operating under T-Rex, just makes me crazy. Similar to the redacted Lynch-Bubba tarmac meeting notes out of Sessions’ DOJ.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        Yeah, I know. I think it really just illustrates the size and strength of the Deep State. The corruption and grime of the Obama years can’t be removed by just scraping off the surface of our federal government.

        It is going to require deeper surgery, and yet I’m afraid our leaders haven’t been provided those tools.

        For example, when you hear that Dr. Carson is all alone at HUD because he has no political appointees confirmed to back him up so he is just working with the careerists hired and/or mentored during the Obama Admin.

        DOJ is just about that bad and the lawyers over there are the hardest left activists to be found and who is more clever and fiendish at causing trouble than a lawyer?

        And as much as we’d cheer if they just fired everyone, these federal employees have union protections.

        Still, there are things that could be done if the Administration has people who can figure out how to use the system against itself.

        I have some hope that Jared Kushner who is looking into efficiencies in government or something vague like that might be overseeing something that would help.

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        • Dixie says:

          Still, there are things that could be done if the Administration has people who can figure out how to use the system against itself.

          This takes TIME and a lot of it. Maybe by the time our youngest grandchildren are old enough to vote and when Hillary, Bill, Paneta and Soros are dead?

          Even if the knot finally starts to unravel, it will be too late to punish them. We’ll have to make ourselves satisfied with the fact that they’re all either old and/or sick and won’t be around much longer and will soon be visiting the lowest level with Satan? IMHO, vengeance is not ours to inflict but eventually they all will surely suffer.

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    • decisiontime16 says:

      Honestly, where would we be without Judicial Watch. Not that justice is served, but the crimes are brought to light to inform interested citizen voters.

      Also gratitude to Sundance for in depth well written articles. Very much appreciated as so many people benefit from this time and effort. Valuable treasure.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Feel your pain Sylvia. Guess my only conclusion is that in the end, they will get their just rewards.

      Just like the news today where FBI raids Manafort. Yet blatantly it’s hands off on the Clintons and the super elite.

      As treepertrapped says below, take five. Hang in there, you are one of the good ones.

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    • Sylvia, remember Trust. Read this link of a tweet series by Thomas Wictor, and read him daily like we do CTH. You will learn so much and gain insight to what may be happening on all topics.

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  22. rumpole2 says:

    A firing squad is called for. Volunteers?
    I suspect limited places will need to be decided by drawing lots. 🙂

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  23. Had Enough says:

    How the H_LL did Trey Gowdy and his committee investigate Benghazi without access to this information? Why did no committee member bring this up or tell the public they were denied information from State? Something is horribly rotten.

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  24. Patriot1783 says:

    Go thru all State Dept associated emails from 9/1/2011-12/31/2012
    (Or best date range based on previous hearings etc) and pull all correspondence from those whose ids are not listed in its employee database via employee W2s, 1099 or other proof of employment. That’s how you will find aliases. Follow the isp’s.
    Unmask so to speak in reverse.

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  25. Minnie says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for the time and effort presenting your research brief.

    I will go back and read it, even if my stomach and heart already feel sick recalling the bare facts already known.

    As for this new development – it’s about dang time!

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  26. Evelyn says:

    Deuteronomy 32:35 New King James Version (NKJV)
    Vengeance is Mine, and recompense;
    Their foot shall slip in due time;
    For the day of their calamity is at hand,
    And the things to come hasten upon them.’

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  27. PDQ says:

    The administration of the last 8 years – all aspects and all levels of it – was a facade.
    There was no intention of governing a nation – only the appearances thereof.
    What really went on, the personal gain and treason, would probably blow our very minds.

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  28. bluegirl says:

    Sylvia I feel the same. She’s the gift that just keeps giving…….just won’t go away. Methodist minister, I can see the donations rolling in.

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  29. bofh says:

    (Likely) The indictment of HRC or BO, and definitely their prosecution would tear this country into pieces. I believe that PDJT is trying to avoid this at almost all costs, but as a result, he (and his administration) are trying to thread the needle, which requires quietly disarming the Clinton and Obama forces without visible open warfare. They (HRC/BO) may force the point, however, since civil violence does not seem to be objectionable to HRC and actually fits into the plan for BO.

    I believe that the absolute best result that we can hope to see would be a quiet neutering of the entrenched forces of HRC/BO and prevention of their recrudescence after PDJT’s term(s) are finished. I do not think that a fair level of revenge will ever be assessed, and that we will just have to accept that.

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    • LM says:

      This is so strange.

      The Left are trying and trying to indict (or remove, or impeach) President Trump and anyone near him and have no worries about tearing the country into pieces.

      They make up things and smear people, let terrorists into the country and elevate them, break the law, and topple governments for personal gain.

      Why is it that only embracing lawlessness would bring the country together?

      I guess the mothers of all those dead children the Left has killed–that we let them kill–are just going to have to take another one for the team.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I am not so sure bofh.

      I think we are a strong country with a huge belief in law and order.

      Our leader, Pres Trump and his administration, can not ride the fence.

      They must move carefully but I believe that most of us can handle having the biggest lawbreakers our beautiful country has ever seen indicted, prosecuted and hopefully jailed.

      A traitor is a traitor even if they have been President of the United States or Secretary of State.

      I think if these people are NOT brought to justice it will tear our country to pieces.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      The best way to fix America is to rip off the old, dirty BandAid and let the sunlight in on the seeping wound.

      Lock them up. It’s business, not personal. We got ripped off, we need to identify the thieves and liars and give them the justice they deserve.

      We can sort out any feelings later.


    • piper567 says:

      bofh…a level headed assessment. thanks


  30. PDQ says:

    Like this from WikiLeaks?

    Abedin, Huma

    While I was there I saw this…

    From: Russo, Robert V
    Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 10:58 AM
    To: H
    Cc: Marshall, Capricia P

    Subject: Gift Rules

    As to the scarf and book from the Hermitage, we were mistaken yesterday as to the proper classification of the donor. Since the museum is owned by the Russian government, it would be considered a foreign government source, and subject to the higher $350 limit. This means you can keep the scarf and book without having to pay because their total value was $130.

    Curious…don’t ya think?

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  31. Peter says:



  32. BebeTarget says:

    Judge Napolitano said the State Department and the DOJ have blocked access to retrieving those emails. If that isn’t true, why the need for a judge to intervene and force the departments to comply. This stinks.

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  33. Risin'Tide says:

    Appoint another special prosecutor of better choosing for Benghazi and the emails. A counter to the Mueller witch-hunt gets lots of attention! And these have actual crimes associated with them. Then start searching for Mueller’s attachments to these people in all this (and his staff) and they probably start crawling for a hole. Russia – done and done…

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  34. I hope FOIA request also covers aliases. We’ve seen how Crooked Hillary, Loretta Lynch, and others used aliases. Very important.

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  35. TwoLaine says:


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  36. Lester Smith says:

    Obama must of been a sleep when dominating this judge. How did this judge slip threw the cracks. A liberal judge with a heart surely a mistake. I hope this judge sees it threw. Seems like every time someone looks for the truth they never get to speak. The Clinton’s have contributed a lot of names to back milk cartons. Any way the lost souls of Benghazi and their families desire justice and closure. May God finally avenge their murders. For our hero’s have joined the embodiment of our father in heaven. When justice is served they can finially rest for their journey will have been completed.

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  37. Jim Peters says:

    A covert policy that went disastrously wrong, resulting in US arming ISIS/AQ – and USAF personnel being KIA by islamic terrorists armed with US weapons.

    Diplomatic staff left abandoned to die horrible deaths in foreign lands.

    A US Govt that lied to the people to cover it all up and even worse, framed a US citizen for the deaths of said US diplomatic staff.

    Now? Hillary Clinton & Obama walk the streets, free as birds, making millions.

    I am beyond tired of the criminality and corruption.

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  38. Brant says:

    We must remember which state dept forgot to look…….John Carry the water just didn’t have the time dontcha know.

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  39. TreeperInTraining says:

    I just read a quote today from Judicial Watch attorney who stated he was essentially stunned that he had to fight both Obama’s AND Trump’s DOJ regarding these emails. Evidently, Sessions’ DOJ was attemting to block access to these emails.


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  40. phoenixRising says:

    Gateway Pundit reporting that Sessions’ DOJ IS blocking access to these emails


    “… Judge Andrew Napolitano reveals the State Department and Department of Justice are blocking access to the emails. “


  41. Donna in Oregon says:

    Watched OANN interview with one of the Judicial Watch attorney’s involved in this new order.

    Interesting that even with President Trump, T Rex, and changes in the State Dept. there is still a firewall for Hillary Clinton. In this interview it was established that the information requested should be fast and easy to obtain…….

    Waiting. Patience is a virtue.


  42. BebeTarget says:

    Yes, Phoenix, including when Sec. Tillerson and AG Sessions were in charge.


  43. JIM says:

    And just who will be conducting this search? I suspect the usual suspect, deep staters which include Republicans who want the progressive agenda moved forward stealthy.


  44. I will summarize the Bengahzi brief:

    Obama and Clinton hatched a plan to topple the Assad regime in Syria by covertly arming the “rebels” (in fact, ISIS and al-Queda and a whole host of jihadist nastys). The whole sorry affair was a bad idea, poorly executed, and when it blew up (predictably) the scum in the Obama administration lied about it and covered it up.

    That pretty much covers it. And a long, long list of who’s who and knew what when.


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