Anti-Trump Media Quickly Maneuver To Diminish Trump Leverage and Policy Victories Over North Korea…

The Real Battle is the Battle For Your Mind…

CTH takes a different approach at significant world events.  We share the untold stories as they shake out, in real time, in granular details not noted by the MSM.  Readers here know the back-story behind the most consequential headlines when they happen.

♦We outline the policy approach and the intent of each sequential step in achieving a larger objective never discussed by the MSM; ♦we share the results as the significant horizon moments are encountered; ♦and then we share how the MSM shapes victories in the best diminishing way possible.  The latter point is specifically how the biased media shapes the mind of the consuming audience while the audience doesn’t actually notice it happening.

Cue today’s audio visual demonstration.

Everyone knows the first North Korean missile test was conducted during Bill Clinton’s presidency. That was over 20 years ago.  It would be intellectually dishonest in the extreme to think that after two decades, and with modern technological advancement, North Korea would not have missile capable nuclear weapons.  Of course they would.

Today the Washington Post, together with the “intelligence community” (note such leak and narrative partners are not accidental – they act in synergy) maneuver to diminish the hard won and historic policy and security advancement of the Trump administration -that could not be achieved by Bush or Obama policy- by pushing a “NEW HEADLINE” that North Korea already has nuclear missiles.

See what the media objective is there?

The left-wing media goal is to take the strategic policy win from the administration they oppose, and position it such that no win is actually worth celebrating.  See how they do that?

WASHINGTON – […] North Korea has taken a major step forward in realizing its goal of becoming a nuclear power, according to a Washington Post report on a confidential US intelligence assessment that concludes Pyongyang has developed a nuclear warhead capable of fitting inside its missiles.

The Washington Post first reported details of the assessment on Tuesday just hours after North Korea threatened ‘physical action’ in response to punitive sanctions unanimously passed by the United Nations Security Council over the weekend.

“The IC [intelligence community] assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” the assessment states, in an excerpt read to The Washington Post.  (read more)

What jumps out to discerning political weed travelers is the intent of the story is to diminish the effectiveness of the Trump administration and to water down any credit that would be given to the strategic economic national security approach taken by President Trump.

The liberal global policy think-tanks will never give their opposition credit for security a national security victory with strategic policy initiatives that are fundamentally against the worldview of the policy and media elites who claim to know better.

President Trump and his strategic economic policy and national security team have done something every think tank said was impossible.  Look at all of the pundit talking heads and policy officials in the past three months prior to Trump’s fully executed national security approach reaching fruition.  They all said China and Russia would be thorns in the Trump approach toward North Korea.  In essence, they said he would  never succeed.

But Trump did succeed.


What CTH wants to emphasize here is how the ‘Deep State’, and their media co-horts, are positioned against the Trump administration, and by extension against the America people, no-matter-what.

What President Trump was able to do with the approach he took with North Korea is jaw-droppingly smart. Stunningly so.  Economic leverage works.  We have been led by stupid people who never applied leverage in a way that would matter to secure the best interests of the U.S. President Trump and his team did.  And they won…. and ‘Deep State’ and media need to stop the American electorate from seeing/understanding  that victory.


Again, for emphasis, here’s how he did it. Here’s how Team Trump pulled it off:

♦First: The review of the enhanced sanctions against N-Korea should be incorporated with the larger issue of policy toward the DPRK’s enabler, China.

President Trump, Secretary Mnuchin and Secretary Ross have positioned a severely consequential trade reset between the U.S. and China.

[Trump and Ross delayed an announcement on trade sanctions against China which was scheduled for last Friday.]

♦Second: The enhanced U.S. energy export initiatives, in conjunction with lower oil prices, an outcome of U.S. energy policy and a mutually beneficial relationship between President Trump and Arab states in the GCC, have severely weakened the economic position of Russia.

Russia’s energy export economy is dependent on energy prices remaining high. President Trump has brilliantly worked the geopolitical economic relationships to leverage influence over a large portion of the Russian economy.

Combine these two points and you discover the leverage President Trump’s team has created.

It was a situation where China and Russia’s best economic interests are enmeshed with supporting U.S. sanctions against North Korea.

The Bear (Russia) and Red Dragon (China) were drawn into an economic battle space controlled by the Eagle (Trump-USA).

President Trump can offer a ‘better’ trade outcome (definitions variable) for China if they comply with Nikki Haley’s sanctions. Similarly President Trump can negotiate with Russia on ‘better’ or “more favorable’ terms (definitions variable) for U.S. energy shipments to Eastern Europe, again if Russia complies with Nikki Haley’s sanctions.

Previously, President Trump’s visit to Poland, and the Three Seas Summit (Baltic, Black and Adriatic Sea States), along with France and the G20 members, established economic relationships and agreements for energy export between the U.S. and Eastern Europe.

Add all this to the personal relationships developed between Trump and the Gulf Cooperation Council; then factor in the larger geo-strategic economic realm; and then overlay the leverage needed over Russia on issues unrelated to the EU,… and damn Trump’s foresight on this is incredible.

The Outcome – Now we see China and Russia holster their U.N. Security Council veto power, and actually support the sanctions against N-Korea because it is in their economic interests not to oppose the U.S. sanctions. Brilliant strategy:

When it comes to the use of economic leverage to create U.S. national security outcomes, well, we are learning at the knee of an economic master player.  The media will do everything they can to stop people from realizing how effective President Trump is…

“complicated business folks,… complicated business”


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237 Responses to Anti-Trump Media Quickly Maneuver To Diminish Trump Leverage and Policy Victories Over North Korea…

  1. The Boss says:

    Something is getting weird with this leak-story. We surfed several dinnertime news shows. While they led with with NK “capability” story, none of them really dwelt on it. Instead, they went next to the Google (Goolag) story or the manhunt in Missouri. This afternoon, the story was non-stop, and President Trump’s comments got the story through to the dinner hour. I wonder if the ultimate canary trap was just sprung. Anyone else notice this?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. jello333 says:

    Headlines in major American newspapers, the day after Israel and the Palestinians (along with other nations) sign a historic peace deal, brokered by Trump:

    Did Putin and Trump Conspire to Force Concessions from Parties to the Peace Accord?

    Are there Racist Undertones to the Israeli/Palestinian Agreement?

    Experts Ask: Does the Treaty Prove Trump is Antisemitic?

    Experts Ask: Does the Treaty Prove Trump is Islamophobic?

    Liked by 7 people

  3. Sunshine says:

    I think there will be major FIREWORKS. Kim Jung-un is not a sane person. A major psychopath.
    North Korea threatens to attack Guam http://nyp

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  4. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    “There’s a war on for your mind.” ~ infoWARS


  5. val66 says:

    This video seems appropriate here:

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Jedinovice says:

    All good but…. with North Korea threatening Guam and claims they now have a miniturised nuclear warhead AND China pulling out all the stops on military exercises in what appears to be a message to SE Asia regarding the ‘South China sea’ and that they *will* defend North Korea in a war…

    Does it not seem that war has been decided? I get the impression now that Kim has decided to war it will be and China reckons it will run with it.

    I hasten to add, I do not KNOW! I am asking. Sundance, what do you think? It seems North Korea has run out the clock successfully and Kim is pushing. I grant that is North Korea really ABSOLUTELY wanted war NOW, it would have struck. But it _seems_ now that North Korea has decided, “It’s going to war so we are going to be ready and we are going to get China on board.” Of course, we all know that China can agree to any amount of sanctions it likes but then ignore them and it seems likely China are taking that path. It then gives them the ‘moral high’ ground when war comes.

    It seems to me that a line has been crossed and that there isn’t time for sanctions to work. I also seriously doubt that Kim’s generals are going to knife him. He ***is*** worshiped as a God.

    Thoughts? Anyone?


    • jello333 says:

      This is just my assumption, but I suspect his generals (the older ones, anyway) are NOT brainwashed like the average citizen. So I suspect that they’ll only allow Little Crazy Boy to go so far before they step in and stop him. I HOPE that’s the case, anyway.


      • Jedinovice says:

        Thanks for the response. I am grateful. I need to chew this one over – and fast apparently!

        I would like to believe you but….

        1) We’re in trouble if this is the only way to prevent war.
        2) The older generals I understand have already been purged.

        I suspect Kim, being a total psychopath, may have figured he is going down anyway so he will take out everyone else in the process.

        I fear. I do think a line has been crossed and if the generals and China were going to stop Kim it would have happened by now. It certainly seems that China has decided to fight to protect North Korea which may also give Kim confidence.

        Xi is a total anti-Western hardline Nationalist Communist. He HATES the West and is unlikely to side against Kim… no matter what. It’s ideology with Xi.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Does anyone believe that the NorKs can hit a small island target that far away in the middle of the ocean? Even without anti-missile interceptors involved? LilKim is talkin’ out his but.


    • oldarmyblog says:

      If NK was really going to start a war we should be seeing signs of extensive preparations for a ground attack. There should be an increase in special forces infiltration into the south by air, land and sea. Reserves should be mobilizing and regular and reserve forces moving to attack positions along the DMZ. Don’t see any of this going on. Seriously doubt that there will be just nuke strikes alone.
      Every picture I have seen lately of Lil’ Kim, always has a few generals in it. All look old enough to be his father. Are they afraid of him? Of course, but that doesn’t mean that if Kim is going to risk it all that a few of them might get together and off him. They like their positions of privilege and they would prefer the status quo rather than fight a war they can’t win.
      Whatever China does will be in line with what they think their best interests are. While much of what they do is driven by ideology, they also have to think of the economic impact if all exports to the US suddenly stop and the internal dissatisfaction. They don’t have as tight a lid on information as they used to.
      Given how NK has done business in the past, I see more threats, blustering and pressing for a better deal. Kim is a wild card to a large degree because he is pushing offensive use of nukes, which is a departure from previous Kims. I don’t think it will go that far.


  7. SpanglishKC says:

    I could read this piece over and over and never get tired of it… it’s that good


  8. vinchenzer says:

    Trump is da man!


  9. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Washington Post, New York Times are staffed by journalists recruited in college by the CIA. They function as perpetuators of propaganda for the “safety” of the United States. This began during the Cold War and escalated during the Kennedy era. Look it up.


  10. not2worryluv says:

    Well thank you Obama for using billions of our tax dollars to fund Iran with enough hard cash to set up Little Kim in NK to do their dirty work – annilate the USA. Conquer Europe and string Russia and China along until they become the nexus nuclear power demon of the world. Drowning people in cages, cutting off heads and throwing folks off high buildings will just look like child’s play.


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