Sunday Talks: Rod Rosenstein -vs- Chris Wallace…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosentein, appears on Fox News Sunday to discuss leak investigations and the ongoing Mueller probe into the 2016 election.

If special counsel Robert Mueller finds any crime outside the scope of the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, then he’ll have to seek permission, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said.

If there’s evidence of a crime that’s found within the scope of what they have agreed, then Mueller has free rein, Rosenstein explained. If it’s outside the scope of the probe, then “he needs to come to the acting attorney general, at this time me, for permission to expand his investigation,” he added. Rosenstein noted this as a precedent, which was also followed by independent counsel Ken Starr during the Clinton years.

Reports have come out over the past couple months about how the probe is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, and that Mueller has impaneled grand juries, capable of issuing subpoenas.

These reports and more have relied on anonymous sources, against whom Rosenstein cautioned could be unreliable. He dubbed these reports, “speculation in the news media.”

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335 Responses to Sunday Talks: Rod Rosenstein -vs- Chris Wallace…

  1. Dale Robbins says:

    It is WAY PAST TIME to take action against the criminal leakers. DO IT NOW or shut the hell up!!! Well Mr Rosenstien, since you’re the #2 cat at DoJ and not just a pundit, were is the investigation, grand jury and indictments? I want to see if he reins in Mueller who has already gone way beyond his original parameters. Doubtful. I do NOT trust Rosenstein. Rosenstien will only go after Trump supporters or conservatives who leak. Any RINOs, Never-T, Obama hold overs are all safe –bet on it. Rosenstein is no friend of The American People and should not hold any position of power. There is also a clear conflict of interest in this case, being best buds with Comey and all. Unfortunately, Mueller is not way beyond his parameters. Rosenstein’s order creating the position is vague and comprehensive and can be read to go after anyone for anything. He knew what he was doing. Precisely why the “special counsel” should immediately be dissolved. The blank check Rosenstein cut this Mueller cat is unprecedented – not to mention unconstitutional. I don’t mind one being appointed, but good god man, it has to have clearly defined parameters. There was never any grounds for an investigation. Comey said Mr. Trump was NOT under investigation, and there was NO evidence of wrongdoing!!!
    I don’t believe for a second that Rosenstein chose Mueller the day after Comey leaked his memos…it would have been planned in advance for Mueller to accept so quickly. He did it based on illegal leaks and since he wrote the letter to fire Comey he would also be a witness…how can he also be in charge of the investigation? Now Trump should work on getting Rosenstein to recuse himself as Rachel Brand would take over the investigation. She was confirmed 52-46…the democrats don’t like her. What worries me about the new FBI director was that he was confirmed 92-5..and is almost as popular with the democrats as Rosenstein.

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  2. jnearen2013 says:

    Rosenstein needs to be fired forthwith.


  3. lfhbrave says:

    Any one who wants to know what the other side is thinking about the Mueller investigation and their expectation, Maureen Dowd has a piece yesterday in NYT. It makes very clear what they expect Mueller to do and I am convinced that is what the Deep State/Swamp, via Sessions(?)-Rosenstein-Comey-Mueller’s perfectly timed joint venture, wants to accomplish. And they finally get to work on it without any impediment, thanks to DOJ and Congress.

    It appears POTUS’s only defense now is his voters.

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  4. trialbytruth says:

    One more thing before i say.goodnight.

    Please remember Tbe poiticians you are expecting to pull off all this intrigue have proved over and over again they are spineless weasels.They could not swing an election and they d9 not have the cahones to pull off a coup.

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  5. ray76 says:

    The scope of Rosenstein’s authorization is wide open.

    Rosenstein has violated regulations governing the appoint of a special counsel – 28 CFR 600.1 which requires a CRIMINAL investigation, not a counter-intelligence investigation which is what Comey clearly described, and which is what Rosenstein cited.

    Rosenstein has violated regulations governing appointment of a special council He has demonstrated incompetence and has disgraced himself.

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    • ray76 says:

      Rosenstein’s authorization memo appointing Mueller does not state the grounds for the authorization:

      • what violation(s) of law are suspected
      • what evidence exists to support those suspicions

      Rosenstein is incompetent.

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      • lfhbrave says:

        IIRC, he said there was some sort of understanding between Mueller and DOJ as to the scope of the investigation and Mueller needed to get permission from him if he found something that might be considered outside of the scope.
        I found this arbitrary at the best. He is using Starr’s investigation as a reference point.


  6. pmdea says:

    On a note with Mueller, re dropping off some uranium (from a foreign country) on a tarmac, to give to Russia, per Secretary Clinton. Can someone tell me if this is normal for the FBI director to be doing this…. Or would CIA, National Security or some other department normally have been involved in this unusual plot. Just wondering how close or what Hillary has on him.

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  7. OK, fair enough, reports with anonymous sources, allegedly revealing the secret proceedings of Grand Juries, are “speculative” and “might not be reliable”.

    Pre Rosenstein, Mueller is looking for criminal acts uncovered by the FBI’s “Russian election hacking” counter-intelligence investigation.

    In that case, Mueller can only be looking for “Russians” acting in some official, covert capacity conspiring with Americans to commit illegal acts related to the 2016 Presidential election prior to Nov. 8, 2016. To our knowledge, there is no evidence of any such “collusion”. Furthermore, we know for a fact that the only member of the Trump campaign/Administration alleged to have done ANYTHING unethical/illegal is Gen. Flynn for failing to properly disclose lobbyist work for Turkey. Turkey is not Russia, and anything Mueller uncovers is beyond the scope of his investigation.

    Mueller’s army of lawyers, widely reported to be “Democrat operatives”, is heavy on financial crime prosecutors. The anonymous sources tell us these investigators are looking for illegal funds coming from Russian sources to Trump personally, or the Trump organization. Presumably within the scope of Mueller’s investigation, but easily outside of it as well and this would only be an issue for Trump (and family) if it was found that they knowingly helped Russians launder “Kremlin money” (the ability to prove that seems very doubtful).

    The subpoenas reportedly issued to Donald Trump, Jr. regarding his meeting with the Russian lawyer (i.e. lobbyist) regarding “adoptions” isn’t illegal, or even unethical.

    All indications are that Mueller is coming up with a dry hole, and Rosenstein is making noises that indicate he is keeping Mueller narrowly boxed in regarding what he can investigate. The likely outcome is that the Grand Jury will “no bill” and Mueller’s investigation will come to a close.

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  8. Mike says:

    Seems to me Rosey’s statement is just to keep the heat down for now and give rino’s cover with the fig leaf about a boxed in mandate, while laying the foundation in the narrative that when Mueller ends up way outside the original ‘narrow box’ it’s still legit.

    Does anyone really think that Rosey will put the brakes on anything Mueller brings to him? They will rationalize shamelessly and prosecute anything they come up with as if it were the reincarnation of benedict arnold.


  9. adombom says:

    Rosenstein: “what was the potential harm caused by the leak, what were the circumstances? That’s more important to us than who it is, who is the leaker.”
    folks, these are weasel words spoken on Sunday w/Chris Wallace on FOX. He just broadcast his intention NOT to prosecute a leaker based on whether or not a harm was caused, not the crime of leaking. My contention is that a leaker should be prosecuted whether any harm was done or not. THE LEAK IS THE CRIME, not how serious it is.


  10. ej says:

    The problem is that the Scope includes anything “directly” resulting from the investigation. Seems circular to me. Basically, anything they find, is in scope.


  11. Mike says:

    I’d say this interview is a great opportunity for Trump to fire Rosey (if he wants to). Not getting max tough on leaks is an insubordination that is totally arms-length from the Mueller investigation, and Rosey’s comments are basically an invitation for leaks to continue (despite a few sound bites to the contrary), that Rosey is business as usual on leaks.

    Backstabbing Rinos would have little leg to stand on when the issue is lack of aggressiveness about plugging leaks that hurt the country.

    IMO breaking up the Rosey-Mueller racket is key (unless somehow Trump wants them both to stay in some kind of long-game trap for all the marbles). At the very least Mueller needs to answer to someone Trump can trust.


  12. Mike diamond says:

    I’m so glad Chris is not in charge of anything !!!


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