Serious Winning: President Trump Has Actually LOWERED The National Debt…

Many people don’t call President Trump the Tea Party President for nothing.  For the first time in our lifetime President Trump’s fiscal policies, targeting growth in the economy, actually have the cumulative effect of lowering the national debt as measured by the U.S. Treasury.   –SEE DATA HERE

When President Trump took office January 20th the total national debt was $19,947,304,555,212, or nearly $20 trillion.  While there are fluctuating cycles of increase and decrease the debt reached a high of $19,959,593,604,841 on February 28, 2017, stalled, and since March 14th 2017 continually dropped:

Total U.S. National Debt has now decreased by over $100 billion.  *Note: That’s five times more than is needed to build the Southern Security and Border Wall.

And yes, this decrease is real and represents a long term reversal. During same 6 months in 2016 the U.S. National Debt grew by $450 billion (from $18,941,406,899,252.15 -to- $19,391,704,027,667.12).   [DATA HERE] The Trump trend is not connected to a temporary lowering of debt during tax collection season.  The ACTUAL ‘federal’ debt clock is now running backwards.

By instituting common sense “Main Street” economic policies of: pro business, pro investment, pro manufacturing, expanded jobs growth, lowered regulation, enhanced energy development, enlarged exports and reductions in actual federal spending, President Trump has reversed the debt clock and eliminated $100 billion in debt.

This is, yet again, affirmation of what can happen by shifting policy from focusing on Wall Street’s economic engine and emphasizing Main Street’s economic engine.

By growing the economy and creating jobs the benefits are two-fold.  More workers equals more taxpayers paying into the system; simultaneously more people working means less people in need of government subsidies.  You gain a dollar and have no need to spend a dollar, the federal balance sheet impact is doubled.

You might remember the second quarter GDP rate of growth also doubled the first quarter rising from 1.2% to 2.6%.  Trump’s goal was 3% for 2017.   Additionally, the stunning thing is President Trump is achieving these objectives DESPITE a congress that is dysfunctional and not supporting his pro-growth economic agenda.

Imagine what could happen if Washington DC actually got on the same page and agreed to get rid of the economic choking ObamaCare and delivered on pro-growth tax reform?

President Trump has decoupled the fiscal drags on the economy, he needs help from congress on decoupling the legislative drag known as ObamaCare.

Every economic pundit said Trump could never get 3% GDP growth.  Heck, if Washington DC would just support the Trump-Mnuchin-Ross-Mulvaney agenda the economy might get higher than 4 or 5 percent.

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178 Responses to Serious Winning: President Trump Has Actually LOWERED The National Debt…

  1. Ingolf Eide says:


    I think you’ve got this one wrong. The debt going down isn’t because of greater receipts or less spending. It’s the result of various extraordinary measures Treasury is taking to avoid hitting the debt ceiling. Here’s a reasonable overview of these measures;

    To see what I mean, look at the monthly Treasury Statements. In 2017 the cumulative deficit for the four months from February to May (the latest month available) was US$274 billion. The same four months in 2016 produced a cumulative deficit of US$247 billion.

    So, whatever the longer term outcomes may be, for now under Trump deficits continue at a slightly greater level.

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  2. Paul says:

    Trump is the ANSWER to the national debt!!!


  3. The Truth says:

    Is this real?? Actually looking at the National Debt:


  4. Paul says:

    Can’t wait until he sink his teeth into China.


  5. Sam Russo says:

    he could get the debt down to zero and these yahoos would say he cheated, or perhaps Putin paid off the debt or maybe the Trump family all kicked in from their ill gotten wealth…no matter how you cut it he will never get the credit…..Oh, by the way I personally thought that when Rambo(McCain)made his courageous appearance to vote for more Obamacare was the reason the debt went down.


  6. Robert says:

    Let’s just quit paying federal taxes until they get control of over-spending our money… 🙂


  7. mostlyogauge says:

    How about a 5% tax on derivative sales? The derivatives market is over $1 Quadrillion in value. If the US share of that is only 25%, that is still $250 Trillion. A 5% tax on that would be $1.25 Trillion. A 1% tax on that would be $250 Billion. Do the math. The national debt could be paid off in short order.


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