Comedic Relief: Intellectual Froglegs “Tar and Feathers”…

Joe Dan Gorman has produced another edition of intellectual froglegs “Tar and Feathers”:

Visit Intellectual Froglegs HERE

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98 Responses to Comedic Relief: Intellectual Froglegs “Tar and Feathers”…

  1. Question Everything says:

    This is another great video by Joe Dan. As usual spot on with plenty of laughs.
    This guy has bee a lifesaver for me ever since the primaries with his humor when I most needed it. From one natural born smart azz to another…. Thanks Big League Joe Dan!

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  2. I’m so ready for November 6, 2018!
    I promise you – I will once again be first in line to vote in my precinct.

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  3. wheatietoo says:

    Love it. Love it. Love it!

    Thanks, Joe Dan…one of your best ever.
    Masterful editing.
    Great comedic timing throughout.
    You really have a brilliant talent for this!

    Thank you so much!

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  4. Shark24 says:

    I’ve been enjoying Joe Dan’s stuff from the first time Sundance gave me the heads up. I would love to go to his party in Nashville on Aug 5th but alas, I am yet again on the other side of the world for work.

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  5. JAS says:

    Outstanding!! Happy Birthday Joe Dan!

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  6. Sherlock says:

    Thanks for posting. I love this guy!

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  7. The best part of waking up is Hillary lost to Trump. Now I can’t get that Folgers tune out of my brain. Funny stuff.

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  8. MM says:

    Just what the doctor ordered a little comedy to take the edge off.
    Thanks Sundance

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  9. 17CatsInTN says:

    Any Treepers going to the party besides me?????? I can’t believe I’m actually close enough to something like this (hour and a half) to be able to go. Lol!

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  10. You guys are the best. Thanks Sunny D! (Sundance’s Rap name)

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Joe Dan Happy Fifth Birthday! This was one of your best so far! You did an incredible job of making me cry from laughter as well as your anecdote about our President embracing our Lord now in every speech. Also loved the fact that you put the name of the seven POS that voted against the Repeal Only Bill! Their names will be etched in our memory until we finally primary their asses out of the Senate in 18′, 20′ and 22′!

      Gave you a birthday donation as well! Keep up the great work!

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    • Wend says:

      We love you-and you have great taste in music!

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    • quintrillion says:

      Happy High-5 to Intellectual Froglegs University! You kick progressive butt & maga time after time. You’re the best too. At the intersection of Sundance & Joe Dan; intelligence, common sense and humor shine! God Bless the truth makers.

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    • Orygun says:

      Thanks Joe Dan! You have kept my wife and I sane in an insane world. The left coast is too far to drive but hope you all have a great time!

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    • Bebop777 says:

      You have serious talent there, Joe Dan, and I can’t wait til the next one! 🙂 I’m a NY-er, stuck in libtard country (shit happens) and your vids are a true big breath of fresh air to me. Thanks for so many laughs —and for the great choice of music, too! Congrats on your 5th—and hope you all have a rip roaring time at your party!

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  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    This is the best one yet. I hope in the future these will be shown in movie theaters. So funny, love it!

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      One of my favorites in the Awesome World of Joe Dan Gorman is the music video playing at the end of an earlier episode to the tune of “I Want to be Like The Donald”.


      • Wend says:

        If I recall that looked like Eleanor Powell dancing in that clip. She was supposed to have the fastest tap and twirl of all the great dancing girls in the Golden Age.


  12. GaryT ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ🇺🇸 says:

    ♪ ♫The best part of waking up is Hillary lost to Trump … I liked that part!

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  13. ditzee58 says:

    Hi frickin larius- never had seens Joe Dan until tonight. All I can say is I’m happy that I had no abdominal stitches because I would have busted every one from laughing so hard. Thanks, Sundance!

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  14. Curry Worsham says:

    Ok. Everything is back in perspective now. Thank you, Joe Dan!

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  15. Gov Jay says:

    Bravo!… Joe Dan Gorman hits another one out of the park!…

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  16. Patriot1783 says:

    Congratulations Joe Dan on your Five Year Anniversary of Intellectual Froglegs!

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  17. Pam says:

    A big thanks to Sundance and Joe Dan for helping us all to maintain some sanity in this crazy mixed up world we live in.

    Happy 5th Joe Dan!

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  18. realcapedcrusader says:

    The best yet. If I lived closer I would sure try and go to the Cook Out. 🍔🍗🌭

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  19. fedback says:

    Tar & Feather (and other fun American traditions)

    Love it, so funny and creative

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  20. wodiej says:

    This was awesome! I’d never seen one of his videos before. Very funny and unique. Love the music. Thanks for posting!

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  21. elleb77 says:

    Oh, the part about George Stephanopolis’s legs. OMG. Hilarious !

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  22. TwoLaine says:

    Franklin, TN looks like the place to be.
    A little history.,_Tennessee


  23. TwoLaine says:

    Congrats Everyone!
    You Got GRUBERED!
    It was ALL a BIGLY LIE.
    He told you so on 29 Jan 2010.
    At the House Republican Conference.
    Rep. Pence was even there.

    Yet the LIES were continuously repeated by everyone for YEARS.

    Go to 00:49:06 – Listen to Marcia Blackburn, Rep. from Tennessee ( and watch Shroom Boy 🙂

    Disregard the crap in the left columns of this link. Google had done their absolute best to try and bury these lies any way they can. We don’t want the American people knowing the truth about

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    • TwoLaine says:

      SOMEONE should be using this for commercials to the American people.


    • Carolina Girl says:

      Biggest liar in the world. Not sure Satan can lie more than Obama. I actually wasted my time listening to Obama after he was elected. I stopped when I realized that virtually everything he said was a lie. No, I did not vote for him. I have mostly always voted for Republicans, often holding my nose and dragging myself into the voting booth. I knew what Obama meant when he talked about transforming America. On another note, how any decent human being could vote for him after the Reverend Wright debacle, I will never understand. My best friend, who is almost always wrong about politics but won’t listen to the informed, admitted around 2013 that she had voted for Obama in 2008. (I am still flabbergasted about that. She admitted her vote was motivated by white guilt. Why do people feel guilty about things they have never done? I truly believe that white guilt is the reason Obama won.) My friend said she had not heard about Rev. Wright!!!!! Makes me marvel that the USA has lasted this long.

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  24. KittyKat says:

    “Failed Investigators Club”



  25. fuzzi says:

    I needed and appreciated the comedic relief from Joe Dan.

    Too many people I know, like coworkers, relatives, online friends, are just spazzing 24/7 about how Trump is causing the End of the World, aka “the sky is falling”. I mentioned to some of them on another (non-political, supposedly) forum that it’s been 6 months, the world has NOT crashed and burned, and it’s time to take a step back and breathe. Stay away from the 24/7 “news” cycle, the MSM, and talk radio, as they all are whipping up controversy in order to get rating$$$.

    Step away from the television/computer, keeping your hands in sight. 😉

    My dh listens to Rush and Hannity, and is worked up all the time. It’s not good for his/our blood pressure or general health, or sleep (!). I’m down to just reading CTH and browsing Twitter, and it’s helped me relax a bit.

    Thanks Sundance and company.

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  26. ed357 says:

    Any thoughts on the makeup of the Senate……

    If the 17th Amendment (popular election of Senators by the states) had never been enabled or was repealed?


  27. Papoose says:

    Congtats Cuz! Another great show!


  28. says:

    I’m an advid reader of TCT. This site is way ahead of most other sites I read and I have to admit I look forward to every new intellectual frogleg episode. I always laugh out loud at least once…jokes are the funniest when there’s a grain of truth to it….keep it up!


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