The Rift Between President Trump and AG Sessions is Very Real and Very Valid…

When President Trump made his initial remarks reflecting disappointment in Attorney General Jeff Sessions it was initially unnerving.  The subsequent fallout from the public criticism has united the NeverTrump crowd, Cruzbots and professionally GOPe, to defend the honor of the much beloved former Senator.   The opportunity to bash Trump is simply an ancillary benefit.

Conversely, the MAGA community has largely portrayed the rift as if the Presidential critique was part of a larger strategy between the President and Attorney General. If we wait long enough some mysterious master plan is eventually to be discovered.

However, the subsequent POTUS tweets and comments do not indicate any joint strategy at all.  What they do actually show is a genuine disappointment and frustration with the focus of Jeff Sessions; and the cabinet member’s apparent unwillingness to confront the corruption within the DOJ and by extension the larger DC swamp.

It is not accidental the frustration and disappointment surface as the various opposition groups to the Trump presidency begin to target the entire Trump family.   Despite some opinion to the contrary, Donald Trump does have a nuclear trigger point; target his family and you’ll find it quick.  Just ask anyone who has known him for any substantive amount of time.

President Trump affirms his ‘confidence’ in Jeff Sessions’ ability to do the swamp draining and simultaneously expresses ‘disappointment’ that AG Sessions chooses not to.

Confidence and disappointment are not mutually exclusive sentiments.

Under the former administration the Department of Justice was weaponized politically and legally by the executive branch against ordinary American citizens.  A political example was the joint effort between the DOJ and IRS to target political opposition, the Tea Party and organizations like True the Vote.

The legal examples of DOJ weaponization extend from “Fast and Furious” gun running ops to the targeting of the manufacturer of Gibson Guitar, and to legal cases involving local police departments like Ferguson Missouri, Baltimore Maryland and individuals like George Zimmerman.  These are only a few examples; there are many more.

Attorneys’ General Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder did not participate in these examples alone.  Under their guidance there exists a myriad of corrupt officials, black hats within the DOJ, who participated in all aspects of the weaponization and the outcomes therein.

This underlying corrupt architecture is what Jeff Sessions is choosing to ignore.  This is the source of Trump’s frustration and disappointment.  These deep state black hats within the DOJ are transparently not being confronted; meanwhile AG Sessions is running around the country with Rod Rosenstein holding pressers and proclaiming victories.

Yes, it’s great to finally have a law enforcement agenda with border policy, drug enforcement, and the capture of criminal enterprises with pedophile rings and human trafficking.  Yes, all of that is great – sans the ridiculous civil asset forfeiture continuance.

However, there’s a larger issue at DOJ central where the refusal to confront the corrupt aspects within the organization only serves to fuel and enable the continuance of a corrupt swamp in Washington DC.

Examples: Where’s the justice upon those who weaponized the IRS?  Where’s the investigation into the leaking of classified information?  There is a great deal that should be dealt with and accompanying messages delivered. Alas…  The behavior of the swamp today is the same behavior of the swamp on January 19th.   The corrupt administrative state is thus far unaffected.  Why?

To make matters more urgent, the corrupt institutional system that AG Sessions is apparently refusing to confront are now targeting the personal family of the presidency.  What usefulness is there in winning the small stuff if Sessions is refusing to confront the larger and more dangerous systemic corruption.

Trump is shouting “broken arrow” into the handset and the response is ::::static:::::!

President Trump is an existential threat to the entire apparatus of the DC swamp. And so far AG Sessions appears content to ignore, or at best is prioritizing confrontation with the swamp at a much lower level of importance.

The commentary by President Trump should be considered against the totality of this backdrop.  Winter is here; the time for confrontation is now. Mild mannerisms are not a valuable skill-set when engaged in epic confrontation.  President Trump was not elected to nibble around the edges nor does his possess such a tempered disposition toward half-measures leaving the effort to someone else.  Sessions needs to get tough.

As a consequence, President Trump won’t let up on the pressure being applied to Jeff Sessions until the Attorney General agrees to clean his own house (and neighborhood) before journeying off to distant needs and righteous law enforcement endeavors.  The most important battle is in Washington DC.

So long as Sessions ignores the need to confront the swamp draining the pressure from Trump will remain.  Notice POTUS is not telling Sessions what to do, he is merely stating his opinion on what action is not being done.  Again, it’s not about AG Jeff Sessions, the issue is with action not being taken, the outcomes or results.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to accept that not all people have the inherent ability to confront adversarial issues.  Trump is asking AG Sessions to confront a system that Senator Sessions is very familiar with; yet there is no progress.

Why Public?  Well, according to the recently espoused rules provided by congress, media and the swamp hierarchy, the President is not allowed to speak privately to his attorney general lest he be guilty of some nefarious collusion type thing.  Yes, that is an absurd presentation by all the aforementioned groups; alas it is the reality of their narrative.

Rather than feed the media cycle with dictator Trump and the secret nefarious collusion narrative, President Trump just applies the swamp rules of communication and states publicly what he would state privately.   The message is the same, perhaps with a modicum of generalized nuance as a result of each public messaging format.

Eventually, if the historic track repeats, Jeff Sessions will tender his resignation and an important heart-to-heart meeting of purpose will follow.

Whether that resignation is accepted or not will be entirely dependent on the disposition and willingness of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to confront the corrupt enterprise that has encircled Washington DC and metastasized its bile.

The Attorney General might not actually possess the skills, the instincts, to lead that disinfecting endeavor; or he might simply not desire to participate in an epic battle of such a politically adversarial nature.  After all, he was/is familiar with all of these people.

Winter is here.

The choice will ultimately be his.


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1,137 Responses to The Rift Between President Trump and AG Sessions is Very Real and Very Valid…

  1. gary says:

    Maybe Trump has to use MSM in dealing with Sessions because if he met with Sessions and said the same thing in person, it could be considered that Trump is trying to subvert the investigation.

    So I expect Trump to get tougher and tougher in language and tone in the MSM if Sessions doesn’t resign.

    Trump should NOT HAVE direct connect with Sessions at all until after Sessions unrecuses himself and publicly states on the record that he made a mistake in recusing himself and give good solid answers why it was a mistake.

    The thing is Sessions himself has to come to the sincere feeling that what he did was wrong in recusing himself, and examine the matter with fresh eyes and with people that understand the dynamic of what his recusel has has done to inflict un-neccessary pain and suffering on Trump and others in the administration the last number of months.


    • lanahi says:

      There was nothing wrong with Sessions except that he is old school and still trying to be a southern gentleman in his actions. He plods along, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”, and I’m sure he has built up cases that are so solid they could never be overturned. He was called the “silent executioner”. But now we need a bold fighter who gets down into the gutter to go after the crooks who need it, and it isn’t Sessions. Prosecutions are about to start.


  2. 4sure says:

    Sundance is 1000% on target w/this commentary re Trunp and AG Sessions. 99% of the time most think Sundance is spot on and believe what he says. However, w/regards to Sessions, you are clinging to some fantasy that this is all some 55D chess move w/Trump and Sessions fooling everyone. I know you admire Sessions. He is an honorable man. I get that. He was the only Sen. in DC that I would support. But, he is not doing the job of draining the swamp. He has exposed Trump and his family as Sundance wrote. Anyone can do the job of enforcing the law. There are many in the doj who can oversee that. Sessions is supposed to clean up the sewer in DC. He is awol.

    I am with Sundance and Trump. The rest of you can join w/Schumer, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the never Trumpers in being against Trump. If you ain’t fer him, you are again’ him. I’m not a johnny come lately to this support of Trump over Sessions. It has been pretty obvious for a long while. Yes, Trump made a mistake in appointing Sessions. That is done. But he is now trying to rectify that mistake. Don’t abandon him for Sessions. Sessions has chosen his fate. He could have chosen to do what he was appointed to do, but chose to ignore that which he was supposed to do. Drain the damn sewer. Trump has been adamant about that from day one. That’s one of the big reasons we love him. That’s the biggest reason he is hated by the sewer dwellers in DC.

    One way or the other, Sessions must do his job or be replaced. This is not about Sessions. This is about getting rid of the corruption that is in the process of overthrowing an election and has taken over the country and the rest of us be damned

    Sundance is as usual spot on. A million thank yous, Sundance. You and Lou Dobbs are the two most ardent supporters of Trump. And not afraid to show it. God Bless both of you.

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  3. joshua says:

    Trumps’ secret weapon now rolled out of the warehouse and onto the playing field.
    Now the WH starts to win and the dems and MSM get hoisted on their ow Petard…

    play it loud, play it plain, play it often

    Anthony Scaramucci


  4. Tommy Tunes says:

    Sessions needs to go . He was deemed worthless when he caved in on the Russian BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. gfgustav says:

    Good analysis, SD. Illustrates the fact that one can make a fairly credible case for either movie: Honest Frustration or 4-D Chess. The fact is, we don’t know. Perhaps time will tell.

    Here’s another fact: The Don will win in the end, with either movie. I agree with Scott Adams. He may well be on the verge of victory right now, and most people can’t see it.

    I loved his speeches at the jamboree and in Ohio.

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  6. RodS says:

    “Why Public?  Well, according to the recently espoused rules provided by congress, media and the swamp hierarchy, the President is not allowed to speak privately to his attorney general lest he be guilty of some nefarious collusion type thing.”

    This explains the tweets perfectly. With a special prosecutor roaming the halls and looking under desks, there is no way Trump can admonish Sessions in private. The other methods of communication — emails or memos — would be even more damaging when they are leaked. So if the information is going to be public, then why not do it in a series of tweets and control the message.

    Sorry, Sessions, but this messy, public humiliation is the only messaging option you left your boss when you abdicated your responsibility to run the DOJ.

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  7. blessdog says:

    i’d like to re-post 2 comments i made at Breitbart this morning…because they articulate exactly how i feel about the Jeff Sessions scenario –

    my tone can be a bit harsher at breitbart than the Last Refuge for obvious reasons…
    but i’m feeling comfortable to express myself here, so – nothing personal to the good posters at the CTH
    written from the point of view of an absolute supporter of the President…FIRST : : :

    ” i can’t believe the number of people feeling sorry for jeff sessions here – the guy did MASSIVE damage to the President, his agenda , the constitution, the American taxpayer and freedom itself…by bending over and recusing 5 minutes in to his term when cryin’ chuck and them TOLD HIM TO…without INFORMING the President
    that is grounds for dismissal right there…
    hamstrung the Trump presidency before it HAD A CHANCE to get started

    a pit bull AG and DOJ is CRUCIAL to any admin but exponentially so for this one
    and people want to defend this guy??
    “poor little jeff” “mean Donald Trump”
    good grief! this is a war for America’s soul
    my prediction? sessions is history / nobody survives the zero confidence publicly expressed by a sitting president, that Trump has for sessions
    Trump must clean house NOW, starting with the AG, if MAGA is to have a prayer of success –
    otherwise the thug puppet psychopath globalist swamp creatures (of which sessions is a card carrying member) win

    and before that, directed at Breitbart itself : : :

    “dopes from the left love to complain and whine about about “president Bannon”
    and now dopes from breitbart are clearly in love with “president Sessions”, which aligns them with the current whining from the left, who are crying about “poor jeff sessions” and “big bad mean Donald Trump”
    pathetic – just pathetic behavior from the obstructionist ideologues at breitbart”

    that’s just the way i feel about it…thanks ;o;o;o


  8. Hutzpa says:

    Just now on Fox, Melissa M. while interviewing Joe Trippi just suggested that the Presidents attack on Sessions may be designed to provoke SUPPORT FROM THE LEFT FOR SESSIONS! if so, IT’S WORKING! Wow, that could be a brilliant move on his part. Senator Schumer (among many Dems and Reps) has come out in PUBLIC support of Jeff Sessions intergity!!!

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      That’s not possible because that would be “4D chess”!


    • kriseton says:

      Um, this is what I was saying yesterday in the first post here on the Treehouse. Does that mean I am smart enough to be on Fox as an analyst????

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    • Bob Thoms says:

      And why is PTrump doing this?

      Explain the strategic benefits of having the left support Sessions, please.


      • StrandedinCA says:

        Support from the left today – – – indictments of some of the left (Debbie Wasserman whats-her-name & others) to follow. I’m all in on the 4-D chess theory. I may be proven wrong, but I trust the President.

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      • Curry Worsham says:

        This is an excellent explanation:

        William Ray (@6williameray7) says:
        July 25, 2017 at 11:38 pm

        I disagree with this argument Sundance…remember what Trump did to Comey? He didn’t come in and just fire him…Trump got both sides of the uni-party to publicly denounce Comey, then when the time was right…BANG, Trump pulled the trigger. What could the Uni-party do? They were on camera saying at one time or another that Comey had no honor!!! BANG!!!!

        Notice how both sides of the uni-party have taken up for Sessions publicly? They are all saying what an incredible, honorable man he is, how big bully Trumps is beating up on wonderful, honest and humble Sessions?

        Look for Mueller to be fired in the next 30 -90 days by Sessions. Trump has gotten ALL of his detractors to love on Sessions publicly! When Sessions pulls the trigger on Mueller and this whole stupid investigation…there is now FOOTAGE of the detractors talking about how great Sessions is!

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      • scott467 says:

        “Explain the strategic benefits of having the left support Sessions, please.”


        In theory, the strategic benefit of the lunatic Left and the Creepy Cons (NeverTrump GOPe UniParty, i.e., just about everybody) coming to Sessions’ defense and praising his honor and integrity and independence and how he makes the best hot dogs and apple pie in the whole wide world, is this:

        When he drops the hammer on the Clinton Crime Cartel and the Obama Sedition Syndicate (and hopefully on the James Bond villain, Soros), which will invariably extend to the corrupt leadership of the GOPe and the DNC, they cannot then claim that Sessions is President Trump’s flunky (they all just praised his independence) and they cannot claim he is partisan (they all just defended his honor and integrity), so…

        They will not be able to employ Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals #12. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.“ Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

        All of the recent video footage and soundbites of the criminal political-class supporting Sessions will make it impossible to employ Alinsky Rule #12 against him.

        Of course, the fakestream news media wouldn’t expose their hypocrisy; and in earlier times, the criminal political-class could get away with ignoring their earlier statements of support. But today, with the Internet and social media, the fakestream news media doesn’t have a monopoly on communication like it used to have.

        And if the criminal political-class turns on Sessions, the Internet will be FLOODED with reminders of how all of these political crooks were singing Sessions’ praises just a few days earlier.

        That is the theory.

        I hope it’s right.


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        • Curry Worsham says:

          Comey in reverse.


        • jonvil says:

          If/when Mr Sessions lowers the hammer the liberals will immediately go after him, any ‘praise’ they may have had for him will be as if it never existed.
          “If liberals didn’t have double standards the would have no standards at all”

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          • scott467 says:

            “If/when Mr Sessions lowers the hammer the liberals will immediately go after him, any ‘praise’ they may have had for him will be as if it never existed.”


            That is certainly true!

            HOWEVER, all of their praise for Sessions has given US the ammunition we need to MOCK them into oblivion, and there is no one more mockworthy than the criminal political-class, especially the Leftists.

            And that leaves them WIDE OPEN to Alinksy’s Rule

            Rule #5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.“ There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

            And people LOVE ridiculing the criminally insane political-class:

            Rule #6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.“ They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.


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      • Hutzpa says:

        This creates great sound bites to replay every time they call for his resignation when he starts prosecuting the Dem leakers, unmaskers, Clinton scandals….

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    • sukietawdry says:

      Rush Limbaugh is saying the same this morning.


    • redhead445 says:

      I saw this on Fox and when I heard the opinion regarding the twitter fight about Sessions,I thought it could very well be because Trump is like the Ultimate chess player = CHECKMATE!

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  9. Mickturn says:

    Trump’s methodology is to pressure Sessions into doing his whole job, not just part of it. The AG directs others to do things. Hopefully Trump can finally use the Recess Appointment process to get rid of the Obama & Never Trumper Holdovers and bring in his own people. I also think that Sessions is the good ole boy in the room thinking his orders are being carried out when in fact they are being obstructed. WAKE UP Sessions, the scum that Obama brought to the table in the DOJ are there to Disrupt you, PERIOD!

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    • An American says:

      Mickturn, IMO we have had over two decades of our country going downhill. Now we have President Trump and his patriots. You cannot eat the elephant all at once. Jeff Sessions doesn’t even have a full staff yet 6 months in and what he does have, how many stand with our President? He is taking first things first and that is safeguarding our Country. He is getting rid of the gangbangers, going after sanctuary cities, etc. If you don’t have law and order you don’t have security. He will get to government crooks in time. They are not going anywhere as they think they are above the law. We must be patient. President Trump has got this.

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      • DD More says:

        ANAM – Right on the full staff.
        JUNE 12, 2017 NYT
        WASHINGTON — President Trump began on Monday to nominate replacements for dozens of United States attorneys whom he fired shortly after taking office, sending eight names to the Senate for confirmation as chief federal prosecutors in their regions.
        Democrats quickly pointed out that Mr. Trump’s White House had nominated candidates for only a fraction of the hundreds of positions that require Senate approval. In the case of United States attorneys, the president did not nominate a single replacement until Monday.

        Who is doing the hiring and why is no one on their case, since people like Swamp Man Rosenstein hasn’t been that much of a help?


  10. Katherine McCoun says:

    Sessions just can’t be the one that the GOPe/Uniparty put in place to get very close to President Trump only to knife him in the end, can he!?! When this thought occurred to me I immediately dismissed but it came back. A Brutus? No! surely not. Sessions track record is excellent on the issues of the Trump agenda. Could he be being used that way and not even know it? Let himself be paralyzed, side tracked from important issues? I still don’t believe this and think that Sessions is working over time behind the scenes and just not flashy in all that is underway. Trust and faith in him that he just can’t tell Trump all as it would damaging to the results as far as appearances.

    I have always wondered about RNC staff, former GOPe players and former Bush staff as well as Obama holdovers. I have never wondered about Sessions in this way before and have tuned out most of the comments re Sessions. I still 99% have faith in him and tentatively hold on to the thought of let Sessions be Sessions, work in his own style and professionalism discretely behind the scenes. But I am now having a few doubts.

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    • lanahi says:

      Nothing wrong with Sessions except that he is old school, continuing to be a southern gentleman while we need a rottweiler now ready to tear limbs apart.


  11. SharkFL says:

    Sundance for AG


  12. Pam says:

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    • kriseton says:

      Again, see what I said about Rush yesterday? He is not the end-all, be-all of analysis. I was saying this yesterday and the day before and the day before that. Sigh…

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    • Bob Thoms says:

      Rush has been wrong on Trump more than he has been right.

      For all we know PTrump may have asked for Session’s resignation and Sessions refused. P Trump does not want to fire his AG for obvious reasons.


      • kriseton says:

        He was never going to fire Sessions. You think Sessions just happened to get a report ready on leakers in a week? Come on, this was in the works for MONTHS. Trump probably used the NYT and the tweets as a signal to Sessions: put the report out now, start the arrests now. Sessions is not in the dog house, never was.


      • DD More says:

        Other way around – Attorney General Jeff Sessions offered to resign his position at one point in recent months, according to two people close to the White House. (Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)
        By Robert Costa and Sari Horwitz June 6, 2017

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        • ditzee58 says:

          Not sure how to post a picture, so I’ll just quote Bill Mitchell’s tweet,
          “If we wanted a President who valued politeness over bold leadership, we’d have voted for Jeb.”.


      • Cruella says:

        Bob T: Yes, about Rush. He is now fighting for relevance with the onset of much younger sharper competition. Rush betrayed his base when he was coming up by pandering to the Globalists. I remember so clearly when he mocked some in the movement as the “black helicopter crowd”….This was right after he had signed a 10(?) year $100million dollar deal. – ha So obvious what was going on. ……was about in the early 90’s.
        I still have two sharp questions in my mind about Sessions:
        1) why did he recuse himself??!! &
        2) why is he not going after the real law breakers where there is real evidence??!!
        Nobody is ever theorizing about those answers.
        His priorities are all catawampus ! ……….Why ?

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        • lanahi says:

          He did plenty behind the scenes. Our frustration was that we didn’t know what he was doing, if anything. But this is exactly how “The Silent Executioner” has always worked…behind the scenes and relentlessly. He is also a perfectionist and doesn’t feel that a case is “ready” until it has been gone over and over again long after others were ready to go. He seldom lost because of it, but I imagine this is not the first time people have been frustrated with him. It has reached the stage where action is needed NOW, and it has to be bold, “mean” action that Sessions, a southern gentleman, is not by nature able to sustain. He was perfect for Phase I, but we’ve left that behind now.


  13. tempo150101 says:

    They keep dropping bread crumbs, and tonight I found out what the significance of July 27th is. It is the day when Maximilien Robespierre, the architect of the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, is overthrown and arrested by the National Convention.

    He is summarily executed along with 21 members of his cabal the next day. And he was a leftist.

    July 27th was intentionally picked because of the historical significance of that date, and the symbolism and parallels between what is going to be going down and what happened during the French Revolution. A lot of money is missing and a lot of people in the Middle East were needlessly murdered. And in both events, leftists were behind the lawlessness.

    P. P. S. Last night on The Five they were talking about Trump’s row with Sessions. You could tell they were faking It when they were trying to gin up Trump’s faux hatred for Jeff Sessions and how mad Trump is at him. In other words, reading between the lines they know what’s going down on the 27th.

    One post said that the perp walks start at 6 a.m. with minor figures to be arrested the next day. I wasn’t clear on whether he was referring to the 27th, or whether the arrests were going to occur today.


    • kriseton says:

      What ‘post’ are you referring to here about the perp walk? Would like to read for myself. Thanks.


    • eagledriver50 says:

      I just read your url…if this is the case, the Anwan brothers HOLD all the keys to the servers and everything else. Also, the FBI and Federal Marshall’s Service have everyone under surveillance…The reason why I say this…They caught Anwan trying to leave the country…now bring that forward. The Obama’s are in Chicago town for unveiling of his library!!! Betcha’ the boxes get transported overnight on Federal Marshal’s plane…MAGA…Lean into Treepers, they Lion is bringing the house down!!! HOOO RAY!!!


    • Kathy says:

      Another historical tidbit … On July 27, 1974, the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee passed Impeachment Article 1, charging President Richard Nixon with obstruction of justice.


  14. saintoil says:

    Agree with Sundance 100%. How could Trump be happy with sessions when his own family is suffering because of his self protective quick recusal. We all good snookered by Sessions. He’s not going to put his buddies in jail.


  15. Sedanka says:

    From Bill Mitchell Twitter timeline


  16. snowchaser says:

    I think it’s very simple. We are the boss of the country, and we hired Trump to fix things. He appointed Sessions and Sessions isn’t doing as good a job as Trump had hoped so Trump is telling his boss (the American people) with full transparance what he thinks the problem is. Hopefully Mr. Sessions will step-up and do the job he was hired to do.

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  17. cyn3wulf says:

    A well presented case. Can’t decide if Sundance is correct here or if Thomas Wictor is. Time will tell. Here’s Wictor’s thoughts (there’s a whole tweet thread):

    And here’s another:


  18. Curry Worsham says:

    The question is: Is Sundance part of the decoy operation? Shhhhh!


    • Warrior1 says:

      I have to fully agree with sundance that this trump-sessions dialogue is very weird. I guess we will find out what is really going on sometime in the future. In the meantime it is entertaining rying to,guess whats up and whats down. The proposal by mo brooks re senator sessions adds even more weirdness to the scene.


  19. sundance says:


  20. Trumpire says:

    What some people are missing especially the “it’s 4D chess” people is that when Trump puts cheese in the maze he doesn’t lie.

    He might want people focused on over X so he can get things done in place Z. But he doesn’t lie about the issue in place X to do it. The issue in place X might just be more of a lower priority to him but he

    Ex. He might get people riled up over McCain, but he’s not lying about McCain. It just suits him to have the attention focused over there.

    Trump never lies. That’s the thing. He really have never publically lied that I can recall.

    He is legitimately and correctly pissed about Sessions.

    Some people just don’t understand the severity of Sessions actions and inactions.

    Again, Trump – the innocent party – is the only one who is being investigated. That is unreal.

    But the topper is – and it’s a doosie – THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF ANY CRIMES. Never, never, never has there been an investigation set in motion with out probable cause. This is worse than banana republic stuff. This is old Soviet Union stuff.

    Guilty until proven innocent.

    Sessions rolled over for the enemy. Even Alan Dershowitz said he need not have recused himself.

    1) Recusing himself
    2) Not informing his boss first
    3) Not conferring with his deputy explain that no special investigation should take place as there was no evidence.
    4) Not conferring and making sure his deputy wouldn’t roll over the way he did.

    He’s done untold damage to us.

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    • Trumpire says:

      And it’s clear Trump wanted afforded some small dignity to Sessions and let him resign instead of being fired but Sessions – just like every other Republican – has nerves of steel when it comes to fighting with their bosses (Republican voters & Trump) but turn into jelly fish when their real masters, Democrats, crack the whip.

      He’ll stand strong against his bosses wishes for him to resign but he’ll roll over and play dead like a well trained dog for the deep state and his honorable friends on the other side of the aisle.

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    • Trumpire says:

      And I believe that Trump is doing all this pubically instead of behind closed doors because he doesn’t trust Sessions anymore. I mean really would you? I don’t trust Sessions any longer.

      Trump is probably mystified as Session was not only with him on the trail he was an advisor too and when they went after Sessions and the Russian Amb. he would think, “See Jeff understands what it’s like to be falsely accused.”

      Instead, Sessions who was falsely accused appears to give credence that something happened when he didn’t vociferously defend not only himself but Trump too.

      Seriously, the betrayal of trust is astounding. I wouldn’t want to privately meet with Sessions again and if I couldn’t have private conversations with my AG why would I want him around? I wouldn’t.

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      • Howie says:

        Trump is going to have to fight them by himself I think. Nobody in the crooked congress will back him. DOJ will not help, they are Deep State command and control.. It’s looks like a coup, not biz as usual


        • Trumpire says:

          Yes. And that is why AG is such a key position. And why Sessions actions and inactions are a total disaster.

          And to all the people who say are acting like Trump wants Sessions to do illegal things like Holder and Lynch are so seriously wrong. Sessions is aiding and abetting the criminals by letting them continue their activities by turning a blind eye to them and letting Trump, the innocent party, take the hits.

          There should be no Russian investigation to begin with and if there was one it should be about illegal unmasking of American citizens, the illegal wiretapping, the illegal leaks, the illegal campaign spying, the illegal use of the NSA, FBI and DOJ. The list is endless but Sessions has to think about his perceived honor while the real criminals are drinking champagne on mega-billionaire yachts and negotiating their latest money laundering book deals.

          Brennan, one of the co-conspirators was advocating a coup on television. Another first in a long line of firsts. He should be in prison for sedition at this very moment. This is not some low level person just mindlessly spouting stuff, this is the former head of the CIA.

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          • psadie says:

            I wonder WHY Sessions NEVER told PTrump that he was going to recuse? What was that all about…Trump found out AFTER he did it!


            • Curry Worsham says:

              But it’s not true. Sessions said he would recuse in the confirmation hearing.
              Decoy operations are all about deceit.


      • kp3ace says:

        Didn’t it say somewhere upthread that the President and AG weren’t allowed to discuss anything in private.


  21. ditzee58 says:

    I know this goes against sundance’s op but wondering what y’all think about thie Bill Mitchell tweet:

    “Sessions and Trump have been rope-a-dopin’ the Democrats into dropping their guard. It’s about to get ugly for #DeepState.”


  22. Kathy says:

    The President’s “AG” tweets unleashed a chorus of praise for Jeff Sessions — from every hall of Congress and across the MSM. Consequently, when the AG announces the criminal leak investigations (supposedly in a few days), these folks will look like idiots if they try to sing a different tune.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Howie says:

    Deep State is half GOP. The Swamp wars are on. Either they get Trump or he gets them.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Larry says:

    I’m all ears. I’m waiting to hear a valid reason for airing this whole Jeff Sessions thing in public….


  25. Donna in Oregon says:

    More Palace Intrigue…….sigh


  26. Bubba says:

    There is no 4D chess here on Trump’s part. Trump would not play 4D chess games with the reputation of a close ally/AG. That would hurt his AG in future situations. That would not engender trust among other Cabinet members & Trump either.

    This is simple. Trump cannot trust Sessions anymore. It doesn’t matter why the trust is gone – whether Sessions is compromised or weak or a Brutus. What matters is that Trump wants Sessions out. He’s doing this publicly because he can’t meet with Sessions privately anymore. Trump can’t afford another Comey situation with he said/he said and memos and leaks.


  27. Larry says:

    In my opinion, this article in no way made the case for the way this situation is being handled. Respectively, I think the article was mainly a bunch of redundant paragraphs.


  28. truthbomb says:

    The only thing Sessions did to really help POTUS was to wait until November 7, 2018, to leave office. Sessions greatest strength and his greatest weakness appear to be his alleged morality.


  29. Payday says:

    Must be quite a few in here feeling pretty foolish right about now. Oh well, we all have to learn from our mistakes.

    Hopefully…. MAGA!


  30. Payday says:

    PDT laid it all on the line in his briefing. If the loons want to work with him, he will. If not and they want to set up nothing but investigations, he will use his newly found power in the Senate to go after them all.

    My bet, they know better. Mueller wraps up with a milk toast report, RR resigns, and it all goes away. If not…there will be hell to pay for them all.

    I want indictments but I doubt any will come. Any one of those vermin will bring down the whole swamp with them and then it’s all out PDT/loon war. I just doubt it will happen.

    Guess we’ll soon find out.


  31. johneb18 says:

    He may very well have been the deepest of Deep State plants. Which is why he and Rosenstein always looked so chummy with each other.

    I say use the entirety of the NSA/C_A/FBI apparatus and reveal EVERYTHING that has ever been recorded on EACH and EVERY ONE of the ACTORS in this coup d’etat.which has been happening since July of 2016 and before.

    Full exposure to sunlight.


  32. apfelcobbler says:

    I wish PT had pinned the “separation of families” blame on Sessions and axed him after it became clear the press was drawing political blood with their campaign. But for whatever reason, PT must have felt circumstances weren’t quite right yet.

    We may never know the story with Sessions! He was “America’s Senator” before 2016. Then he had to be corrupted or incompetent. There’s not much else it could be is there? I lean toward incompetent (and probably egotistical/arrogant too). Whatever it was, it must have been a complete shock to PT. Maybe Bannon will drop a hint one of these days.


  33. free73735 says:

    Hi Sundance, sometimes it becomes necessary to “go back to fishing” (temporarily). Doing so can end up giving one a necessary reset. It can clear out information overload. Remember (for the disciples) the course of action taken (crucifixion) did not make any sense at that point. So, this day after election neither does this. ( Sessions, recusal, etc) However, 50 days later, there was a much better understanding. I spent time with ear phones listening to Rich Mullins earlier today. One of his songs has a chorus where he says to Jesus….”Help me Jesus I’m shaking like a leaf! You have been my King Glory, come and be my Prince of Peace!” (That song was written during a time in his life when the woman he was going to marry broke up with him. They had been going together about 5 years). Worship will help as we wait & watch…


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