Controlled Opposition Trey Gowdy Discusses Current Capitol Hill Events….

The swamp fights back.  Predictable Flak and Countermeasures deployed, right on time, by the UniParty. You can almost set your watch to it.  Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never go back to a time when you didn’t see them.

House Intelligence Committee member Trey Gowdy discusses Jared Kushner, the controversy with attorney general Jeff Sessions and the ongoing Trump-Russia probe. etc.

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262 Responses to Controlled Opposition Trey Gowdy Discusses Current Capitol Hill Events….

  1. JIM says:

    All Gowdy does is front.

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  2. SharkFL says:

    “Yes sir. Thank you.” says Trey at the end of every interview. What a polite southern gentleman. I used to believe him.

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    • Orygun says:

      My BS detector has served me well over the years and he doesn’t set it off. If you are looking for action from the government don’t look at Congressional hearings.
      At best they serve to entertain and influence the public opinion.
      Within the limited scope of a Congressional hearing he is at least asking some of the right questions and I still like him but he is not in a position to indict anyone.

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      • seventhndr says:

        The fact that we are still having congressional hearings on this sets off all my BS alarms. Particularly in light of the fact no one has any definitive proof of anything, with the exception of the Hillary Campaign and Obama’s involvement in kicking off this complete farce and setting people up.

        The fact we are not going down the road the evidence is leading us to, means there is nothing to trust with any of these people. The fact that Gowdy (or anyone on the “intelligence” committee) has never complained or even questioned any of that reality is all you need to know.

        They just keep digging in the sand looking for that hole. It’ll show up eventually! /sarcasm


      • paulyho39 says:

        That is no doubt true…but I still feel he is non-effective with all his talking, because tho’ HE cannot indict or convict anyone…something should come out of these hearings to help bring justice..SOMETHING! But, it never seems to happen!


      • honor78 says:

        Seems your BS detector isn’t working.


  3. Mickturn says:

    Gowdy, All talk and NO HAT!

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  4. freddy says:

    Complete and certified swamp thing. He’s the cleaner to give out alibis after he can’t get to the bottom of anything..Funny cause Judicial watch always makes trey look like a child….

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  5. olds mo william says:

    The UniParty: Fake Oversight.


  6. Peoria Jones says:

    Is it just me, or is Gowdy looking cuckier every day? Shame. I used to really like him.


  7. michael says:

    Is that a skunk on his head or a rug?

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  8. Steven Hitt says:

    Gowdy use to impress me but, as many have said, all talk. Had the chance to step up to AG and withdrew. Wish Trump would fire Sessions and give Cruz a try. Everyone hates him so he would be unbiased and go after all the SOBs on both sides!!


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