Tucker Carlson Asks President Trump To Think More and React Less…

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  1. tempo150101 says:

    The entire underground right wing media has started beating the drums for Sessions to resign. I could be wrong, but to me this confirms that something big is up. Trump doesn’t need the media to force Sessions out, he could just ask him to resign if he wanted.


    • kiskiminetas says:

      THIS! Tempo you hit the nail on the proverbial head. The underground right wing would like nothing better than for Trump to have Sessions step down. They are never trumpers whose goal is to block any and everything DT does. Jeff Sessions is bringing people to justice and Donald Trump is bummed out about his recusal. Yeah Right!

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      • BebeTarget says:

        Kiski . . I am NOT a member of the underground right wing nor am I a never-Trumper. I have always admired Jeff Sessions as perhaps the most decent man in D.C. but he has to go. He has made too many missteps which have resulted in Mueller being appointed and the loss of the most important AG power POTUS needs. Our president is facing the most crucial adversary who has the power, money, time and personnel to go on a massive witch hunt until he finds SOMETHING that will be grounds for impeachment..
        The blame for that lies at Mr. Sessions’ feet when his recusal cut himself off at the knees. He is powerless to help his boss and always will be. He may LOVE his job but it’s not about HIM. An employee’s first job is to make his boss look good. He is the one responsible for the position POTUS is in and he should do the only thing that can help his boss. . . . resign.

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  2. Bert Darrell says:

    Mr. Tucker Smartypants Knowitall, who, I’m told, specializes in ridiculing stupid pundits and terminal progressive lunatics, thinks that he knows what PDJT needs to do. What a disappointment. Let him run for office if he’s got what it takes. Those who know, do!. Those who don’t know, tell others what to do! Go figure.

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    • marcyo13 says:

      Tucker Carlson defends Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the middle class who elected Trump, and then ends by saying Jeff Sessions is one of the few friends Trump has in Washington. Well, with friends like Jeff Sessions, who needs enemies? When the going got tough, Sessions threw up his lily white hands and recused himself. Oh, no! I can’t get involved in the Russia plot. I’m too holy and pure to touch it with a ten foot pole. Yeah, old Sessions hung his boss out to dry instead of standing by him and fighting the good fight to the end.

      And Preppy Jerk Tucker, who purports to defend us rubes out here in the heartland who elected Trump, seems unaware of how dire our situations are in the middle class. Most of the young people I know can’t afford to go to the dentist, are risking their lives every day driving old, unsafe cars, doing horrible low paying jobs, scared, hopeless, struggling and defeated. But somehow, six months of Russia crap is an okay way to waste time and money. Let the kids suffer, because as long as the preppy rich friends of Tucker aren’t hurting, we can just go suck an egg. 

      We expected an attorney general who would stand by the man we elected through the terrible fight he’s making. What a glad handing, good old boy Sessions turned out to be. A traitor, not even willing to do the job his boss gave him.

      No sane person in this country believes Trump colluded with the Russians, not even the Democrats, who have spent millions and millions on lawyers, television and in all their media outlets, lavishing money on their cohorts. We all know it’s nothing but a stalling tactic, a way to hold back success for Trump’s policies, policies which this country so desperately needs RIGHT NOW if not yesterday. The Democrats are a swarm of flies who are hell bent on making life miserable for everyone if they can’t have their way. Even the Russians are making bathroom jokes about it. 


      I’ll tell you what I know, I know that neither of those two wimps are who’d you want at your side in a fight. They’re worse then useless, they’re in the way. TRUMP IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

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  3. tempo150101 says:

    Submitted for your review:

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  4. chbailey says:

    Again with the media hyperbole and senseless exaggeration. I didn’t know Tucker did opinion pieces. Pretty bold to assign motive to the President (prolly “how all this happened” was pressure and stress), then pontificate to him (”lay off Jeff Sessions“, ”very few friends in Washington” [?!]). The recapping of AG history and accomplishments from Tucker, all true, didn’t mitigate the blind alley he took me up.
    My opinion: The POTUS did not and was not “lashing out”. The President, in the context of hiring a person for a position, stated that ‘if he had…then I would have’. How can hiring practices be an “insult”/“stinging”/“shoot(ing) the friendlies”? Come on, if President Trump were to “go after” and “to attack” …it would look like the Comey intervention. The President is calmly and deliberately unifying the Republican Party…better say what you mean and mean what you say with preparation in advance of decisions or you’ll be held accountable.

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  5. freddy says:

    You will look back in history and see Sessions decision to recuse will be a bellwether event that makes or breaks the Trump Presidency. Maybe an innocent mistake but….it allowed the heathens and hyenas into the gate and will be really hard to get them out…..he deferred to Rosenstien who gave the key to Muller on behalf of Comey to assemble a small army of Hillary Obama creatures to run wild with no limits and hell bent to destroy Trump…….Big mistake if that’s what it was………

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    • Paul Keller says:

      I remember that day he (Sessions) looked like the cat that swallowed the canary I too believe hammer coming down on something big


  6. FTWPhil says:

    The construct of Session resign cheers is according to the assumption Trump goofed.

    Hardy, har, har.

    Rope a dope.

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  7. sedeuceter says:

    I suspect that the whole Sessions thing with the New York Slimes was by design. People seem to keep thinking that we have a dumbass President who doesn’t know anything about politics or the media and that the people in his inner circle – Bannon, Conway, Miller, Pence – don’t either. This little piece of chum seems to be keeping the fish in a frenzy quite nicely. What it is distracting from, I suspect we will find out soon enough…

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      That is the correct word “CHUM.” Every time DT throws them some chum they think they got blood in the water and swallow it hook, line and sinker. DT is an expert when it comes to trolling these people.

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  8. Dan says:

    OK, so maybe Trump is a genius at trolling the media. Or maybe Tucker and CTH are right in pointing out that our president is too impulsive and needs to think more. After all even this site was taken aback by this latest episode of Trumpian bizarreness. Who am I to questionthe much higher analytical skills of Tucker and the Treehouse. However, that said, I really don’t care. What I do care is Trump getting stuff done. If he’s a dealmaker, it’s beyond time to accomplish something by now. Cut our taxes, save our jobs, kick out the buerecrats, and defederalize our education system. I thought I elected a president, not a media troll.


    • kiskiminetas says:

      No this site was not taken aback but rather many folks were. The heard what Tuckers said and also what Donald said about Sessions. They chose to side with Tucker and took Trump’s words as factual truth irrespective of the fact they were most likely used to get a rise out of the corrupt media.

      DJT is an expert when it comes to trolling those who come against him and I applaud him for doing so. Yes Trump is a dealmaker but you do understand the milieu he walked into in DC? Why do you think they call it a swamp, it’s because nothing gets done if the dwellers don’t want it to be done.

      The man is doing the best he can and will continue to do so. He has done many good things for his administration and the people of this country. As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day.” Such is the case with raising this nation from the swamp these corrupt legislators and their cronies have wrought on the people of this nation.


  9. redsequin4 says:

    Tom Fitton/Judicial Watch expounds on Jeff Sessions and the recusal, the President’s recent NYT comments, the out of control Mueller “witch hunt/hunting expedition” and much more!

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