U.S. Officials Withdraw From Australian Refugee Resettlement/Relocation Scheme…

Refugee activists are apoplectic because U.S. officials have withdrawn from interviewing economic migrants on the Australian island of Nauru.  The entire relocation and immigration scheme was  set into place by President Obama during his lame-duck period after the 2016 Presidential election.

Incoming President Donald Trump was not happy when Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull informed him of the secret deal.  President Trump reluctantly agreed to consider the 1,250 asylum seekers and established conditions the refugees would have to pass rigorous checks.

SYDNEY/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. officials interviewing refugees held in an Australian-run offshore detention center left the facility abruptly, three detainees told Reuters on Saturday, throwing further doubt over a plan to resettle many of the detainees in America.

U.S. officials halted screening interviews and departed the Pacific island of Nauru on Friday, two weeks short of their scheduled timetable and a day after Washington said the United States had reached its annual refugee intake cap.

“U.S. (officials) were scheduled to be on Nauru until July 26 but they left on Friday,” one refugee told Reuters, requesting anonymity as he did not want to jeopardize his application for U.S. resettlement.

In the United States, a senior member of the union that represents refugee officers at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a Department of Homeland Security agency, told Reuters his own trip to Nauru was not going forward as scheduled.

Jason Marks, chief steward of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1924, told Reuters his trip has now been pushed back and it was unclear whether it will actually happen. The USCIS did not respond to requests for comment.  (read more)

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  1. Jim Peters says:

    Turnbull is the equivalent of a RINO. He’s an elitist, progressive globalist who has done all he can to ridicule and direspect Trump since the election. He’s disliked in Australia, in big trouble within his own party and may not survive.

    Trump has no respect for the guy and this is payback.

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      Exactly, and in true Trump fashion –
      Don’t get mad – GET EVEN! ❤️🇺🇸

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      • louche9 says:

        Maybe this will sink it into Turnbull’s skull that Trump will not be disrespected on the world stage, and then run to do Turnbull’s bidding. That last hot mic incident in which Turnbull was overheard mocking Trump was the last straw. I love this, because it’s classic New York Trump: say nothing, do nothing, keep his own counsel, and then out of the blue say, “Oh, by the way, f*** you and your phony refugees! We’re not taking them!”

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        • Will Janoschka says:

          The Aussies saved the US ass in the south pacific. Perhaps time to repay the Aussie citizens; not their corrupt government or the phony refugees!

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          • Bob McManus says:

            Aussies saved US? Thought it was basically the other way around.

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          • brenrod says:

            deport the refugees home to save the aussies and the USA

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          • maiingankwe says:

            I know the Australians have been with us fighting strong. They have some mean and nasty Special Forces that have supported us through the years. I don’t know a lot about WWII, but I do know about them in Vietnam and the ME. Their men sacrificed a great deal too.

            While I was in a dinky, little town in Australia, where opal miming was big hit, I spoke at length with a Veteran of Vietnam who had lost his leg. Okay, we got drunk together, but still, I learned quite a bit back then. I have the utmost respect for their Special Forces. So yes, I understand our gratitude should go to these Warriors and their families rather than their government. I hear what you’re saying.

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        • Sunshine says:

          Majority of these refugees are from Somalia, Soudan, and Afghanistan. All Muslims. One should wonder how did they travel so far from their homeland and where did they get the money?

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    • Greg says:

      Turnbull negotiated the plan with Obama after the election knowing full well Trump would be against it. Turnbull is a cowardly snake who knifed our previous PM. At the G20 Turnbull’s office gave an anti-Trump briefing to Oz journalists to the effect that the US has abdicated world leadership to Russia and China as shown by Trump’s failure to even lobby for a joint statement on North Korea thus leaving it to our ‘courageous’ PM to stick it to the Chinese. The briefings were the source of an anti-Trump ABC Australia news video report that went viral last week. Trump should know Turnbull is a narcissistic snake and deal with him accordingly.

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    • Mike says:

      We don’t need anymore flotsam either. Australia has a huge marginal land area to dump or process these people, give them work and some breathing time, and find any keepers.

      Sooner or later, whether 3, 5, 10 or 20 years later, Oz should ship them back (near) home if they can’t find any takers. Stories just don’t always finish like a fairy tale…

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      • Bendix says:

        They already had one who was allowed to set foot on the mainland, sue to remain.
        She lost, btw.
        It seems under Western law, foreigners have no particular right to enter a country.
        BTW, I posted earlier on this thread, NGOs go around recruiting these people and then attempt to dump them.
        That’s how the people get there. They know from the get-go they won’t be allowed in, just as we know we can’t just up and demand entry to any country, so they create a phony humanitarian crisis to get what they want.
        I just had a thought, that really is starting my blood to boil.
        The woman who sued, the test case – she was free to leave the country she was a citizen of, and try to barge in on another country for medical care. She was permitted into Australia for treatment.
        Contrast her “rights” with little Charlie Gard. There’s a hospital here in the US which wants to treat him, our president is on board with him coming here, even will assist, yet Charlie doesn’t have the right to seek medical care where it is offered.
        Notice they used a woman to try to get a foot in the door.

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    • edward o'neill says:

      GREAT! It’s about time we put a stop to this BS….if these refugees are so great why doesn’t Australia keep them? It’s just the case of a tiny country trying to screw the “Great Satan” in their eyes!


  2. Lucille says:

    It’s fairly well obvious that Obama’s policies weren’t and aren’t good for our Republic. This forcing of jihadists on America by useful idiots like the Australian prime minister (sorry, Aussie Treepers) with the collusion of lame duck Obama is one of thousands of examples.

    The world-wide desire of Islamic adherents to rule the world via Shariah is a fact. Those who say it isn’t a fact, such as CAIR, are simply practicing the Islam-approved taqiyya–lying to further the cause. The Muslim Brotherhood, which Obama hoped would take over Egypt, and Hamas, which is a proven terrorist entity, work hand-in-hand with the “moderate” political jihadists to achieve the same goal.

    This hard-hitting vid is excellent and dovetails right into the Australian “refugee” goal in wanting to come to our shores.

    EXPOSED: Insider Proves CAIR is a Terror Group! | Louder With Crowder

    We dare not let jihadists push it even a smidgen if we value our freedoms not only for ourselves but for future generations. If you like your Western Civilization, you can keep your Western Civ, if you fight against the invasion.

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    • Minnie says:

      Red-Green Axis.

      That’s all for now.

      This video is fascinating.

      Headed back to resume watching.

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    • Minnie says:

      “Early Christians were killed for professing their love for Christ –

      Early muslims killed for people for professing criticism of Mohammed”

      One faith evolved while the other escalated. It is one giant collision course.

      I will never understand snowflakes and libs 😐

      “The more we learn of Sharia, the worse it is”.

      Thank you for this post, I will follow Crowder.

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    • Actually the illegals remaining on Nauru are economic migrants, not jihadis.
      The exchange of these illegals may…MAY…have politically benefited both administrations but the duplicitous Turnbull stuffed up the deal and doesn’t deserve a break. It’s a shame because Nauru (and Manus Island in PNG) have become our Gitmo. A political helping hand from a long time ally would have been good.
      On the other hand, sending these illegals to the US would have sent a signal to others to take the risk of trying to attempt entry to Australia.
      Short of their home countries taking these azzholes back, we have an intractable problem.

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      • Lucille says:

        My friend, 4,527 miles is the distance from Christmas Island, where the “refugees” were originally housed, to Iran. Economically distressed people finding the wherewithal to travel nearly the distance from New York to Los Angeles? How did they get there with no passports…certainly not on the high seas for any distance? Who enabled them?

        As for not being jihadists, did anyone with knowledge of Islam try to make a determination as to the real purpose of each man seeking asylum? Kurdish Iranians could easily have gone to fight with Kurds near Iran…that’s a job with food provided…to hard, perhaps? The other Iranians could have attempted asylum in Muslim countries such as Indonesia perhaps. What kind of work were they seeking if they were economically distressed in their home country? None of it makes sense. Choosing Australia…what was the actual purpose? IMO, it was the faithful doing what is commanded of them.

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        • Bazza McKenzie says:

          In fact most of them came to Australia via Indonesia. They had to possess passports to enter Indonesia. Without them the Indonesians would refuse to allow them to enter the country.

          So they had money and passports to fly to and enter Indonesia, and money for the people smugglers, but strangely the passports went missing by the time they were caught by Australian authorities.

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        • Jedi9 says:

          The actual purpose was propagated by the Central Banks in order to create more debt slaves. The other purpose was to keep people like Turdbull in power by using the strategy of optics, as such virtue signaling was calculated to win points in public perception. It is the same reason Canada is doing it, and the same reason Germany and the rest of Europe, ie: the EU member states are doing it as well. The countries with the most household debt Canada, Australia, China, Eu member states, just to name a few, understand that by creating such crises they stand to benefit from the distraction that it creates among the masses.

          Not sure if such social engineering by the elitists had accounted for the broader implications of dissension, chaos, and terrorism was part of the blueprint, but it certainly could be argued that it was in order to not only create more debt for the banks to balance their cooked books, but a mechanism for distraction so the banks and politicians can continue their hold on power and their blatant thievery!

          This is good news for America and Democracy loving people around the world!

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        • mztore says:

          Absolutely. They are all mudslimes, therefore they all lie and are all jihadists in hiding. All mudslimes HAVE TO LIE.

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        • Summer says:

          Iran has very tough immigration laws and does not provide benefits to the “refugees.” They actually imprison anyone who illegally cross the border.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        Do we know that their countries of origin won’t take them back? Have they been asked?

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        I get so tired of everyone saying, “IF their home countries will take them back…” when it comes to these illegal migrants. Somehow, countries invaded by these folks should find acway to send them back, period. If they have to be set down in the middle of nowhere, so be it, and the non-compliant country should receive no visas, no nothing until it admits its own citizens back without hindrance.

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  3. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Hold on a sec there are reports of a series of explosions…..

    Nebbermind. It’s just the splodey heads at CheNN. Carry on winning Mr. President.

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  4. mcfyre2012 says:

    “Jason Marks, chief steward of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1924…”

    So…are we supposed to be concerned a union steward is upset that he can’t go on a lucrative trip to Australia at tax-payers’ expense?

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  5. filia.aurea says:

    Oh, this is delicious news! Australians don’t want to give their country a bad name either! Turbull is a “spineless whimp, skunk xxxxxx” according to my cousin down under. Whatever Tunrbull and Obama cooked up, there are rumors about a quid pro quo ($25M) and dumping “Trump’s a$$ in the fire for spite”. That’s heresay.

    Australians believe Turnbull should have repatriated the camp occupants to their home country many moons ago. These people are economic migrants. That has always been seen as the logical course, instead of pandering to “refugee” agencies on the one hand, and following Australian law on the other. Like a typical politician, Turnbull plotted to palm them off on the opposite side of the globe, figures. The best laid plans just blew up.

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  6. nimrodman says:

    Somalian skinnys not their only problem:

    Give me your tired, your poor…your ‘starving’ Muslim asylum seekers – BARE NAKED ISLAM

    AUSTRALIA, Christmas Island: Here are some of the so-called ‘asylum seekers’ from the hordes of Muslims who have been washing up on the shores of Australia and demanding asylum, even though most are not political refugees, but economic parasites.

    Do these Iranian illegals look like they are starving to you?

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  7. kimosaabe says:

    Make the destination Hawaii.

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  8. Wayne says:

    Oboma was entering into illegal plan . America has no business accepting any economic refugees. This has already been established according to my understanding

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  9. OmegaManBlue says:

    Did the illegals stay in border states?

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  10. Honest Abbey says:

    How do you say CRIKEY in Arabic? 😂

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  11. Di says:

    No – Turnbull should Man up & send them home. They are fake refugees & Turnbull is so scared of the left press in Australia that he won’t make a decision that hurts anyone other than the supporters of his own party.
    He should resign, he is worse than Justin Trudeau.

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    • @ Di: Worse than Justin Trudeau? Hard to believe. JT, on top of giving Omar 10.5 million dollars, has also recently given millions of our taxpayer money to….the Clinton foundation.

      Here’s the kicker: JT’s inheritance is still held in a trust fund. His deceased father. Seems to have not trusted JT with money….otherwise why was he not given the money when JT reached a certain age? Canadians’ taxpayer money is being used in a frivolous way by JT. …Clinton Foundation…?

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    • @ Di: Worse than Justin Trudeau? Hard to believe. JT, on top of giving Omar 10.5 million dollars, has also recently given millions of our taxpayer money to….the Clinton foundation.

      Here’s the kicker: JT’s inheritance is still held in a trust fund. His deceased father. Seems to have not trusted JT with money….otherwise why was he not given the money when JT reached a certain age? Canadians’ taxpayer money is being used in a frivolous way by JT. …Clinton Foundation…?

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  12. Donna in Oregon says:

    Another Obama legacy crashed and burned. Is it wrong to feel giddy with joy?

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  13. The Defiant One says:

    It would just be cheaper and easier to send them back to their home countries or just send them to the HUGH UNUSED refugee camps in Saudi Arabia.

    Sending them to Libtard bastions doesn’t punish the Libtards as they always wanted more refugees and they usually live in gated communities to avoid the consequences.

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  14. MfM says:

    I’m thrilled that it looks like Trump and his crew have found a way out of this really crappy deal Obama left him with.

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  15. Dazza says:

    Further proof that Obama was a globalist, Manchurian candidate in office to undermine America at every turn. What a bloody farce, as if th USA needs any “refugees” from that region. The only people who would enter into that kind of deal are self-loathing SJWs. We now have one as PM up here in Canada. Yeah, we have our own Odumbo alright.
    Never again, America, never again!

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    • Covfefe-USA says:

      His plan was to fill America the Beautiful with Islamic hordes, the taxpaying middle class picking up the tab. Overwhelming our communities, our resources; creating chaos; bringing disease and crime. FUBAR hates us and the country that lavished wealth, comfort and plenty upon him and his faux family. Hate is his persona; lying is his way. One day, however, he will bow before the LORD Jesus Christ to give his account. For those of us who are born again believers, we all know what awaits him and his ilk.

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  16. MOA says:

    So my original overriding “Rule of Trump” applies again… as always.
    You can’t con a billionaire twice, that’s why he’s a billionaire.

    Muscled “downtrodden” illegal muslim “refugees” (OMG) are an existential threat to the US, our Constitution and our cultural values. Stop importing people who hate our guts asap. Thanks Donald.

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  17. DebbieUK says:

    The previous Australian PM was very tough on immigration but got knifed by Turnbull.this pictures are of the muscled men are truly ridiculous.
    A bit like the so called “child ” refugees who turn out to be grown men in their twenties.No one has the guts to send these people back .

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  18. yakmaster2 says:

    If someone is seeking “asylum” for economic reasons he/she is NOT a “refugee.” Why do we tolerate the propagation of this obvious lie?!? Those who erroneously use the term, which is legally defined in the USA, should be called out for it. Every time.

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  19. Those losers down under gave up their guns with out a whimper. Screw them and that sinking ship Europe. America first. Build the Wall.

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    • MOA says:

      It’s a common American misconception.
      In no way were Australians disarmed.
      There are many more privately owned firearms and gun owners now in Australia than in 1996 when the semi auto “buy back” happened. Yep, not ideal, but the money received for the semi autos went to buying more bolts and levers and UO shotties.
      The NRA do good things but they should stop spreading their BS that Australia is disarmed.

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      • Eskyman says:

        Yes, some Aussies are allowed to own firearms.

        If they have a licence, of course; and a “genuine reason” for wanting to own one. And they may even be allowed to keep their rifle at home, if they allow access at any time to the police, whenever the police want to inspect that rifle; and naturally they cannot have that rifle ready to fire, oh no. The rifle should be disassembled, ammunition kept in a separate location, and the gun safe that is required must meet high standards.

        Aussies are even allowed to own certain pistols or revolvers (there’s a list of what is allowable, but many handguns commonly available here are not among them.) Of course you can’t have them at home, but you can keep them at your authorized gun club, of which you must be a member of at least 6 months standing, and you must be a regular attendant. Otherwise, you don’t get to “own” a pistol.

        What you CANNOT do is use a firearm for defence, of you or your family. So your statement may as well be from CNN as far as the truthfulness of it is concerned. Australians are indeed disarmed, even though some Aussies are still allowed to own some firearms under the watchful eye of the State.

        I’m most familiar with Western Australia, as that’s where I lived for 30 years. There, the firearms regulations are found in the “Firearms Act 1973” and “Firearms Regulations 1974” with particular regard to Schedule 4 for firearms storage; also all States come under the 1996 NFA (National Firearms Agreement.) Check the Net for more info. (Yes, the dates are correct, those laws are current.)

        Some people may be surprised to find that Australia has a Constitution (adopted in 1901) that was closely modelled after our own, but modified to suit a parliamentary system. One of the big differences is that the Australians did not include a Bill of Rights in any form. In Australia there are no Constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech, religion… or the right to keep and bear arms.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          Thank you Eskyman, you said it far better than I would have, but I was about to try until I read your post. Well done. And as far as I’m concerned, they have been disabled when it comes to owning guns. Heaven forbid if an Australian ever used a firearm to protect their family or home no matter how heinous the crime is being committed. Plus, they’d have to run from one room to another just to get the gun and ammo together. The Australian government made sure to screw its people over as best they could, which I find to be more than sad. In addition, their crimes have gone up as expected.

          I didn’t spend thirty years there, but I did spend one little semester over there and I carry some of the best memories ever. I was especially lucky, and the friends I made were out of this world. And for the ladies reading this, Australia has some of the best looking men on the planet. I am not lying. Wow, and I’ve travelled and lived in a few countries overseas. I certainly have some funny stories involving them, maybe I will post one or two on the Open Thread for all to have a good laugh.
          Again, thank you for your post, far better than I ever could in explaining the truth about their firearm laws and disabling the public.
          Be well,

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        • MOA says:

          Yep, there are restrictions not applicable in the US. They are a pain.The point remains there are many, many more firearms and firearm owners in Australia in 2017 than 1996.

          You have made exaggerations or misstatements in every second line there. Maybe WA is different from the rest of the country, my knowledge is about NSW.

          “What you CANNOT do is use a firearm for defence” Nonsense, if you’re the legal owner of a firearm self defence with a firearm is no problem legally at all. In fact NSW has a better “castle law” than some US states (thanks John Tingle).

          “The rifle should be disassembled, ammunition kept in a separate location, and the gun safe that is required must meet high standards.” Nonsense, a rifle can be stored with the bolt installed and not “disassembled” in any way. A legal gunsafe in NSW can be a wooden cabinet that serves to keep children out but nothing else, far from “high standard”. Ammunition at a “separate location” is misleading, ammunition is kept in the same storage
          cabinet, but in a separate container. Mostly within 1′ of the firearms.

          “Of course you can’t have them (handguns) at home, but you can keep them at your authorized gun club,” Nonsense. My handgun owning friend has three in his home safe storage.
          “if they allow access at any time to the police, whenever the police want to inspect that rifle.” Nonsense. the NSW police must give reasonable notice, understood as 7 days.

          Maybe you should have moved to NSW.

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          • Eskyman says:

            I am glad that NSW has more lenient firearms laws than WA, that’s definitely good news; but you say, “…if you’re the legal owner of a firearm…” and therein lies the rub.

            Stroll on down to your local constabulary and tell the officer there, “I want a firearm licence, to legally have a .45 cal. 1911 handgun in my home, for the purpose of self defence; which is my natural right as a human being.” You might even explain that some thugs have moved in next door, and that they make you very nervous, but that won’t help your cause.

            You won’t get a licence, but you may get a hearty laugh, if they’re in the right mood. No one in Australia gets a handgun licence for self defence, the law in all States is clear on that.

            Even here in California, which doesn’t even pretend to abide by the 2nd Amendment, I can keep a handgun or rifle, or both, in my home, loaded and ready to fire. If some thug should break in, I can legally shoot him. There’s no question of “proportionality,” as there is in much of Australia’s self defence law, it is- at least in theory- open and shut. (Though in either place a very good lawyer would be essential if you’re ever in this situation.)

            Our problem in America is that we have a Bill of Rights to guarantee the rights we got from God; but those provisions are not enforced, and too many States (and the Fed) ignore the parts they don’t like. In Australia, there is no Bill of Rights at all, and sadly very few people there seem to care. Or they accept the crumbs they’re given and are thankful that it isn’t worse; which to me is very sad.

            (I spent a lot of time at the Armadale Magistrate’s Court in WA and found the judges there to be very tough on anyone who attempted self-defence. One man had been stopped for a breathalyzer check when the officer saw a cricket bat in his back seat. When the man was asked about it, he said “Some thugs moved in down the street, and they know I’ve got this so they leave me alone.” His honesty got him charged with “carrying a weapon in public” or some such; he got a $100 fine and 3mo. suspended sentence, and his cricket bat was confiscated to be destroyed. He also now had a criminal record which would follow him the rest of his life. The judge told this miscreant that he “didn’t want to see Australia turning into the American wild west.” Just imagine, if you will, what sentence he would have received if he’d had a handgun?)

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            • MOA says:

              You are correct in that self defence isn’t a valid reason to legally own a firearm anywhere in Australia. That doesn’t stop 900,000 Australians owning firearms that can legally be used in SD.

              There is no overt mention of “proportionality” in Australian SD law. The criteria for SD are simple though. If you genuinely believe you or anyone else is in threat of their life OR serious injury you can act to defend yourself and or them and shoot to remove the threat. In NSW you may assume anyone who breaks into your house knowing you are there and threatens you triggers the castle law. A young fellow shot such an intruder dead about 10 years ago. Automatic SD.
              ” saw a cricket bat in his back seat.” The individual in your example example isn’t that bright. The response should have been its my son’s/nephew’s.
              It’s not a brilliant set up, but every mass shooting in the US just hardens the anti gun lobby in Australia. Most people are absolutely uninformed about firearms politics, they think the look alike “assault rifle” is personally responsible for mayhem in the US instead of the reality of the very small incidence of it’s use. Port Arthur gave the anti gunners free reign.

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  20. Sylvia Avery says:

    Eep. Not on the mainland!

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  21. Ned says:

    Can’t do it.
    There is no way to force them to live in Hawaii or Seattle otherwise, I’d agree!


  22. John says:

    Doesn’t Barack have a few extra rooms in his new gated mansion?

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  23. MOA says:

    Say what you like about Australia, but there is no way on earth that the Australian Parliament could vote themselves “special” health insurance rules like the US political elites do.
    The Australian politicians have exactly the same Medicare cover as a homeless person on the street.
    Anyone can insure to get faster elective surgery etc but that doesn’t give you better access to a heart transplant….that stuff is based on medical need in Australia, not on how much money you have.
    There’s a shock to the US insurance industry.

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    • Eskyman says:

      A long time ago when Peter Keating was PM, I remember the news vultures going mad: Keating had been caught in his official limosine, being driven down the highway- but he wasn’t wearing his seat-belt! What a shock!

      IIRC there was a huge stink about it, in the papers & on TV, which I recall only because I (as an expatriot Yank in Australia) thought it amazing that this was considered news. I was impressed that people in Australia really did expect their political elites to obey the traffic laws just like regular folks! (I’ve tried to find this story on the Net, but without success.)

      Having lived there for 30 years I quite agree, the Parliament would find themselves out of a job if they acted like US politicians do. Why, they’ve even been known to be sacked because they didn’t keep their promises, believe it or not!

      Perhaps we should adopt this strange custom from Down Under; what do you think, should politicians have to obey the law just like us Deplorables? I say YES!

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  24. 4430lacey says:

    Australia’s PM thought he pulled a fast one on Trump, a secret deal, what a dammed “English cat”

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  25. Walt says:

    This whole thing was a setup by obama team. Thats why they we stillmonitoring his call with Australia and leaking them to force him into taking this group and every terrorist attack in US would have came from this group. Complete setup…..

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  26. PDQ says:

    another obama-legacy-America-destruction-plan removed from history.
    Thank you PDJT !

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  27. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    I love those refugee pictures. What a farce. Way to go Mr. Trump! Keep making us proud. The refugee thing infuriates me. In this community we have homeless living in their cars or on the streets and the refugees living in brand new apartments. I have a huge problem with that, especially in the People’s Republic of Portland. Apparently handouts and free stuff are only if you come from a Muslim country.

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  28. NewChum says:

    Nauru is not part of Australia. It is its own country and a long way from Australia. The illegal immigrants are on Nauru as part of the Australian government policy. Outlying islands closer to Indonesia than to the Australian mainland have been given special status legally. Christmas Island is the best known. Previously illegal immigrants would sail from
    Indonesia to Christmas Island and make a claim for asylum. They would then use the Australian legal system to claim appeals and clog up the process. The previous left government would fly them from Christmas Island to the mainland to make way for more arrivals. Over 50,00 Iranians and afghanis arrived this way. in the dying days of that government when the public were crying out for border control the then PM changed the rules and any incoming illegals were shipped to Nauru so that they could not use the legal system to extend their stay.

    This is why there are people on Nauru. The Australian government pays the Nauru government to house and feed them, and there is an open offer of transfer back to country of origin, which a few took up.

    The illegal immigration trade was stopped by the new government, which used the navy to intercept the people smuggling boats, then load all Ye passengers into lifeboats which could not be sunk, and towed them back to Indonesian waters. This stopped the trade but the people on Nauru remain.

    Turnbull deposed the elected PM and tried to get one over Trump by agreeing with Obama to unload the people. And here we are.

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  29. fuzzi says:

    But build a wall around Seattle first…

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  30. not2worryluv says:

    The Aussies like us Americans had no clue this deal was even made until last November!

    They too were appalled with the trade deal that Turnbull and Obama had cooked up. These “refugees” have been harbored in Costa Rica and an off shore island in the Pacific. The “deal” would bring the traded refuges into ore mainland communities!

    Thank you President Trump for uncovering and stopping this political masquerade on the citizens of each country.

    Liked by 4 people

  31. wodiej says:

    Anything obama has been involved with is easy to decide no on.

    Liked by 7 people

  32. jameswlee2014 says:

    “Refugee activists are apoplectic because U.S. officials have withdrawn from interviewing economic migrants on the Australian island of Nauru.”

    Liked by 2 people

  33. pcockroft says:

    This is happening as we speak. The possibility of rape, murder, or terrorist attack from one of 1500 very young muslim men is very high. This will be on Trump and will be easy to blame Trump and he could loose some of his base. Great way for the Dems to say he is really bad for America. Please if you know someone to tell Trump that this is or could be part of a plan to prove DACA is the same,or he really is a plant for NWO or anything to make him look a fool. The state department is not responsible just Trump as he let this idiotic deal stand.


  34. pcockroft says:

    This is happening as we speak. The possibility of rape, murder, or terrorist attack from one of 1500 very young muslim men is very high. This will be on Trump and will be easy to blame Trump and he could loose some of his base. Great way for the Dems to say he is really bad for America. Please if you know someone to tell Trump that this is or could be part of a plan to prove DACA is the same,or he really is a plant for NWO or anything to make him look a fool. The state department is not responsible just Trump as he let this idiotic deal stand.


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