President Trump Interview With CBN Pat Robertson…

President Trump full interview on the Christian Broadcast Network:

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39 Responses to President Trump Interview With CBN Pat Robertson…

  1. Johnny Bravo says:

    Now that’s how to get the best out of your interviewee, well done Pat R.

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  2. wodiej says:

    Isis=starve the beast. It’s nice to see PT in an interview where he is respected. He should not settle for anything less nor any of his staff.

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  3. Pam says:

    Posting tweet again for pic purposes. 🙂

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  4. smiley says:

    Pat Robertson actually LISTENED QUIETLY to what Pres Trump had to say instead of trying to dominate intimidate ridicule stone-wall smear sabotage lie-to talk-over interrupt cut-off .

    D-E-C-E-N-C-Y goes a long long way.

    thanks for posting something from CBN

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  5. WhichWayWesternMan says:

    Trump’s on a roll. He needs to capitalize on the momentum by wrapping the ISIS thing up ASAP. The neocons and the Israel lobby will fight him on this, because they’ll want to escalate US commitment to contain Iran, which is perceived to have chewed through the Sunni meat shield provided by ISIS et el. However, fighting this war, cold or otherwise, is not in the interests of the American people. 99.99% of terrorist attacks carried out in the West are by Sunni Muslims, not the Shia. Playing king maker in Syria is an inherently unsustainable endevour for Uncle Sam, short of full blown war. Check this map of the civil war out:

    Assad is smashing through ISIS toward Deir Ez Zor while US proxies are bogged down in Raqqah city, and the American base at Al Tanf is completely hemmed in. He’s also reducing that pocket next to Damascus block by block. Thanks to the Russian implemented ceasefire in Idlib, and the new one in the South west between Trump and Putin, he’ll be able to concentrate sufficient forces to take back Eastern Syria. Once that is accomplished, those battle hardened units will take out each non-ISIS jihadi pocket one by one. Then the Kurds will cave to the combined political pressure of Damascus, Tehran, and Turkey and come to an understanding with Assad, arbitrated by Russia. In other words, the long term effect of the Iranian and Russian interventions are paying off. The Syrian Arab Army is building up strategic momentum because instead of having to fight on multiple fronts, it can now implement the economy of force principle.

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    • If you think Israel opposes a cease fire, you are completely unaware of Israel’s greater investment in a peaceful Northern front. Israel has engaged both Russia and the US in turning down the temperature of the conflict. Your anti-Zionism is irrelevant to Trumpism.

      Israel has never needed the US to engage Iran militarily. Israel wanted to do it alone, and Obama deliberately sabotaged the Israeli effort on multiple occasions and via multiple fronts.

      And while Sundance has not yet disclosed this, United States engagement on North Korea, as well as its energy policy as a staple of foreign policy, has everything to do with the North Korea coziness with Iran and is de facto engagement of Iran. You had better believe this diplomatic approach has full Israeli support.

      Stop using the pro-Israel sentiments of certain warmongers (Hillary is a warmonger too, and no friend of Israel) to make broad and divisive and factually inaccurate assertions about Israel. It’s nonsense like that that gives America firsters who appreciate Israel a bad name.

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      • Ad rem says:

        Sorry for the late posting…you were in the spam bin. 😦


      • WhichWayWesternMan says:

        The Syrian front has been peaceful for years, but Israel is worried about the growing power of Hezbollah in Lebanon thanks to (a) their experience in Syria, and (b) consolidation of links with Iran. As this Syrian war winds down, Israel finds itself in a qualitatively new security environment along the Syrian and Lebanese border. And what is this position? That they are no longer in a super dominant relationship with their neighbors. Israel most certainly does not want a ‘peaceful’ Syria chock full of Shia militia, and providing safe strategic depth for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

        Israel cannot handle Iran alone. Iran’s forces are too large, too powerful, and too distributed for the IAF to neutralize. Any Israeli attack would draw in the US anyway, since Iran would retaliate against US assets scatted throughout the ME. A large scale attack on Syria would draw in the Russians, and result in Hezbollah retaliation form Lebanon. Therefore, it is very clear Israel will want the same trillion dollar levels of commitment to the ME by the US practiced by Bush and Obama in order to balance against Iran and Russia.


    • Augie says:

      That reminds me … I’ve been puzzled for quite a while why President Trump, in response to a question, said something like — we do not envision a future where the Assad family governs Iraq. (Please correct me if I got that wrong.) I had expected that our focus would become only those things in our national interest. How is this in our interest? I’m not arguing it’s not, I just don’t understand. Not trying to be provocative, but I’m curious.

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  6. MTeresa says:

    Senators (McConnell in particular) – you are on notice. You had better get off your butts and get something accomplished on healthcare.

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    • R-C says:

      We saw a hint of President Trump’s frustration in this interview, right about the 15th minute.

      ROBERTSON (on the topic of health care): “What’s the hold up?”

      TRUMP: (Heavy sigh) “You have…very good people. These are very good people.” [P45 is discussing the useless GOPe senators, and he goes on to explain the break down of votes in the Senate, and how “we need almost all of them”. He then rightly calls out the 61 ‘show votes’ put up by the swamp to fool us into thinking they want it repealed, when they do not.]

      President Trump’s answer indicates to me that he is trying to be civil when discussing the useless GOPe ‘leadership’, which can’t or won’t lead in the direction that We, the People demand them to go. The pause indicates to me that he likely thinks the exact opposite. He doesn’t want to publicly lambaste the useless GOPe ‘leadership’–yet–for its obvious lack of enthusiasm in repealing the dead-on-arrival ‘health care’ debacle which their sugar daddies LOVE, and insist be perpetuated despite its obvious failure, and the fact that We, the People DESPISE the act. It’s making them MILLIONS, so they force their puppet politicians to prop it up.

      I suspect that President Trump, the quintessential leader, is fully aware that McConnell isn’t capable of leadership. I also suspect that there will come a time when P45 will have had enough of the useless Saboteur McConnell and his shenanigans.

      61 ‘show’ votes to ‘Repeal and Replace’ when it doesn’t count. And now that it counts? NADA. THERE is your problem, America: it’s the useless puppets occupying seats in OUR senate.

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  7. MTeresa says:

    You know, when President Trump talks about growing out of the economy…………this is basic economics. The pundits do not understand where the money will come from to pay for things like infrastructure, because they don’t understand basic economics.

    If you’ve ever owned land and have been able to withstand the ups and downs, you understand that good investments pay off in the long run. Someone like President Trump is a Master of taking something and GROWING it into something that PRODUCES.

    I hope and pray that he can do this for the country.

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  8. Jimmy Jack says:

    Some of you may not know this but Pat Robertson is a Marine and a Yale educated attorney. He’s very smart as well as patriotic.

    The CBN news reports are usually outstanding. Well sourced and thorough.

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  9. joshua says:

    Just ban CNN from the WH press corps and do not go on any of their programs…or any staff on CNN either…and tell everyone in admin that going on CNN or leaking to CNN will result in serious job discipline. Conquer without a single blow.

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  10. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Fantastic interview.

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  11. 17CatsInTN says:

    “Iniquitous” Obamacare. Love it!!! There’s a word you don’t hear much any more. Thank you, Pat!

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  12. MaskOfZero says:

    I kept looking at Robertson, aged 87, expecting soft ball questions, but Robertson is mentally sharp as a tack, and the questions were wide-ranging, covering most of the important issues for Americans.

    It was a great interview!

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  13. waltherppk says:

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  14. maiingankwe says:

    “I’d never count him out because he’s a winner.”
    ~Pat Robertson in reference to our President.

    Darn skippy, he sure is, and he’s fighting for every single one of us and to me, that is simply a beautiful thing.
    God Bless,

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  15. Sadness. Only 8,029 views on YouTube. I don’t own a TV. and don’t know about how many watch it, It’s sure that the communist press will be unable to find this.

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  16. Donna in Oregon says:

    Watched it on my local channel. Great interview, very laid back. Excellent job by both men.

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  17. waltherppk says:

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