Part I: The Defeat of ISIS – Jake Tapper -vs- Dr. Sebastian Gorka…

Two highly connected video segments -necessary to review- surrounding the current state of U.S. efforts to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

In the first video the constitutionally insufferable comrade Jake Tapper (CNN) beats the Russia, Russia, Russia horse (merely to maintain his DC limo-liberal bona-fides and invitations to the best echo-chambering parties), until finally Dr. Gorka is able to get him to focus on the more important and consequential issues surrounding ISIS in Syria and Iraq and the coalition progress therein.  WATCH:

In Part II – we will share the intensely consequential current state of events AGAINST ISIS as described by the U.S. State Department.  The important stuff the media is not sharing.

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82 Responses to Part I: The Defeat of ISIS – Jake Tapper -vs- Dr. Sebastian Gorka…

  1. Jlwary says:

    Tapper looks like hell.

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  2. md070264 says:

    I will put up Ben Rhodes credentials against yours( Gorka’s )…. Jake you jackwagon……

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  3. appadoo9 says:

    Jake, Deputy Dog, Tapper

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  4. Tonawanda says:

    Jake keeps proving he is not a bright man.

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  5. mikebrezzze says:

    Fake Yapper proves how unhappy negative people are , he looks like he was pulled through the keyhole backwards…….I could go on!

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  6. missmarple2 says:

    I always like to remind people that Jake Tapper’s degree is in “popular culture.” You should have seen the meltdown he had when Michael Jackson died (on Twitter).

    I followed him on Twitter since his days writing for Slate or Salon (can’t remember which) and when he went to CNN he got mad that I criticized some of his statements, so he blocked me. HA!

    What a schlub.

    Gorka is like a MOAB to the press. I think he should be on TV every day. I saw a reporter on Twitter call him a Bond villain.

    Works for me!

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    • Maquis says:

      He’s a Bond Villian’s NIGHTMARE!

      Ya wanna talk about Bond Villians? Let’s see, Soros of SPECTRE, Obama of a Caribbean Voodoo Cult, Hillary of Octa…genarian… What? What did you think I was gonna say? For Shame! 😁

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  7. joshua says:

    Why is Jake Tapper still getting attention?

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  8. seabrznsun says:

    The “News casters” remind me of bots.
    Dr. Gorka is really fun to watch. He can add me to his “fan” list. 😉

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  9. rf121 says:

    Tapper owes me 9:35 minutes of my life back. I would rather watch Mr. Magoo re-runs.

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  10. cyn3wulf says:

    Insufferable just doesn’t do Jake Tapper justice. It is refreshing to see a Republican administration decline to put up with such nonsense.

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  11. mikebrezzze says:

    Gorka got the f’ng memo!!!

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  12. oldtoenail says:

    Pitting Dr. Gorka against Jake Tapper is like pitting Superman against a child and Tapper is the child.

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  13. dayallaxeded says:

    Crapper is an insufferable azz. Good to see Gorka nailing him on the idiotic, partisan muh Rooskies BS vs. achieving positive, life-saving results in Syria and elsewhere.

    Relatedly, WTF are PDJT-appointed IC heads doing unqualifiedly affirming muh Rooskies’ “interference” in the last presidential election?! What utter and complete BS. Unless they’ve got hard evidence that Vlad’s cyber-babushkas hacked state or local election servers or paid for massive campaign expenditures, they’ve got less than squat! Let’s get real!

    Back room shenanigans with the Clintons are not interfering in our elections. It may be criminal conduct by the usual Klintoon Krime Kartel suspects, but since a too-narrow majority of the USA citizenry still have a minimum level of discernment, HELLary’s antics, whether fueled by Vlad’s mystery gas or not, had no effect on our election at all. So no, muh Rooskies didn’t “interfere” in our election–they may have attempted to do so, but they failed, as PDJT’s present position soundly demonstrates!

    Every one of those IC heads should be responding to all muh Rooskies questions by demanding that DNC submit its allegedly hacked, unaltered servers for IC inspection and further investigation, without interference by Crowd[Clown]Strike, along with all computers ever touched or accessed by Seth Rich, Abedin, Wiener, HELLary, Combetta (“Stonetear” of bleachbit fame), and PEDOsta. Until then, they have no evidence to support their idiotic parrot, “yes”es.

    Much as I love watching the progzis gin themselves into criminal stew, this carp is seriously pissing me off! It is a disgusting and irritating distraction from PDJT’s overwhelming, nearly-but-not-quite-exhausting WINNING!

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    • Maquis says:

      As Wolf Tzu said, everyone messes with everyone else, always, non-stop. It is like the wind, it is always moving, it is never fully still, denying the wind is blowing is always false, affirming it is so moving is the only truthful YES OR NO answer an honest man can make. To deny something that by it’s very definition is always true is foolish, even suicidal, for they will be found out and discredited, it is a trap, one these men refused to step into.

      “The wind is blowing.”
      – Wolf Tzu

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    • Tegan says:

      Also saw and loved his interview with the always smirking, rolling her eyes and rude Erin Burnett. Talk about Peter Principle role model…well, on second thought there were quite a few “Peters” in the Obama administration starting with the current mayor of safe and financially secure Chicago. Really…a ballet major?

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  14. fleporeblog says:

    Dr. Sebastian Gorka is one of the best spokesperson for our President! He loves our President and our country. I can listen to him say over and over all day, “President DONALD J. TRUMP”. It puts the biggest smile on my face. He has such an incredible way of destroying Barry from Hawaii in every single interview without ever mentioning the POS’s name. If god forbid Sarah and Sean are both sick on the same day, Dr. Gorka would be an incredible replacement. He will have the press running out of the room because of the MOABs he would be dropping on them.

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  15. Can we strap Jake Keep-your-Trap-Shut to the next MOAB please….truly an insufferable, insideous, deranged bafoon…plz forgive me but he truly is insideously full of his own self-righteousnous

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  16. I could handle 1/2 of this. And to think I bought his book The Outpost. I’d like my money back….loser

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  17. doubledenvy says:

    Jake Tapeworm got GORKA’D. Winning 👌💯

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  18. Sedanka says:

    Bottom line – Jake Tapper wants ISIS to win.

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  19. The Boss says:

    Tapper is the absolute poster child for journalistic constipation. Hence the pained look on his face as he tries and fails to force his load of ‘muh Russia’ on Dr. Gorka and us. He lost any chance of getting relief with his brush off of any substantive discussion of the SW Syrian ceasefire.

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  20. No one on the left can answer the question about Russian interference and what should be done.
    They all want to talk strong but in reality they can’t get to step two.

    Let’s just say the Russians interfered with the election. And now what? Sanctions? War? What is the next step? You cannot make them stop doing it. All you can do is protect yourself from what they are doing.
    Logically if Putin, is who the Dems all say he is, why would sanctions stop him? Wouldn’t that just make him more pissed off? More likely to do it even more?

    It’s the nonsense of fake news. Can you ban it from being reported? If you’re to stupid to know the difference between what is fake or real news, how can anything or anyone protect you from being ignorant and gullible?

    I don’t know what the POTUS and Putin talked about in their 2+ hour meeting. But I see a Syrian cease fire. The only thing I know for sure is this. Trump called the Russians out in front of the world for interfering. Putin denied it. Move on.

    Call me cynical, but I don’t care if you sign something or if you pledge not to rob my house. I’m still looking the doors and setting the alarm.
    Whatever the Russians did, we allowed that to happen. Thats the one part of the story no one wants to brings up.

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    • Kaco says:

      If you saw Tucker tonight, he had on another Dem hysteric, talking about how they interfered with the election. I yelled at the TV, what? you mean RT, and perhaps some bots? And then the guy goes on to say RT and bots. Talked about the “fake news” they put out. I’m like what? When Tucker asked, he talked about the fake news of Hillary taking money. But that’s not fake! Tucker also asked him RT has WH press credentials, should they be pulled? Should Larry King testify before Congress? This guy had no answer.

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        RT’s reporting stands up to first-person ground truthing and documentary/photographic corroboration, plus common sense a whole lot better than Clintoon Not News’ and the other LSM do. It’s been an incessant drum beat from many quarters for a very long time–if you want “real” news, you have to go outside US LSM. The only thing that’s changed is, you now have to also get beyond international LSM, too, with Reuters, BBC, Fox and other once relatively reputable sources falling into the same scum-sucking mode as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS.

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    • todayistheday99 says:

      I can’t believe anyone would actually believe that Russia actually influenced the election. What they really mean when they bring it up, is they can’t believe that Trump won so they use the “muh Russia” hogwash instead. So when they say “we can’t let this Russian election tampering ever happen again” they are really saying “we can’t let Trump or anyone like him ever win another election again”.

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      • Maquis says:

        Indeed. So how would they do that? Hmmm, attempt to discredit 50 States’ election processes? Federalize elections? Federal Electoral College. Has a nice Soviet ring to it.

        We need to be watching for any initiation of such an endgame. Soros is still out there.

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  21. robertnotsowise says:

    I guess the Midol hasn’t been helping him with his cramps.

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  22. deepriver2017 says:

    Jake Tapper makes my butt want to smoke a cigar…..

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  23. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Good grief! That “interview” was 3/5 listening to a Hillary flack and 2/5 listening to Dr. Gorka.

    Jake Tamper’s questions are ALL just opportunities for him to pontificate. Nothing more.


  24. MVW says:

    Jake wants to punish Russia. Huh? There has to be something wrong with him.

    Jake, with that logic should be punished. So, Jake, with the fake and fraud nuz, you should be punished? How about that?


  25. tim glave says:

    When it comes to traitorous propagandists does Tapper remind you more of Tokyo Rose or Jane Fonda.

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  26. milktrader says:

    Quite frankly I’m a little surprised at how forcefully Tapper is advocating for war with Russia. Would he be happy if we dropped a nuke on Moscow? Would that be a good enough punishmnet for alleged tampering for him? We’re is he going with this? Does he even know?

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  27. wondering999 says:

    I was pleased that Mr. Gorka brought up the Syrian innocents killed or starved, caught in civil war circumstances far beyond their control.

    So much of the time I get the feeling that McCain & Co. and the news jackwagons don’t ever think about the victims of their greed-fueled enterprises.

    Some day we will all answer for what we’ve done or not done — thank you Mr. Gorka for focusing on Syrian people and the need for a ceasefire that holds. God sees them even if the media doesn’t

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  28. tony5460 says:

    Did Russian really interfere the last election? From the media, it sounds like a foregone conclusion. The strange thing is even the Trump admin officials agree that conclusion. Whether Russian did it or not, the Russian narratives appear to be very effective.


    • Deb says:

      They can never say definitively how they interfered. This isn’t lost on the viewer.

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    • Esperanza says:

      They tried. Just like Obama tried to interfere in France’s. Différence is they had no influence. Obama succeeded. I just had an idea, maybe Macron likes Trump because he is free. Because Obama interfered with our election, he would have been beholden and possibly blackmailed by Hillary. With Trump he knows he plays clean. Also maybe Trump is Rubio ing him. He has potential, but is immature.

      I also think having an adult in the White House is a relief. Mitterrand and Thatcher got on very well. Despite being very different. The worst thing about the Hillary emails for me was the total amateur hour ness unseriousness of them. I could do better. The yoga line about summed them up. Having someone as US Sec State run by Huma/Wiener et al was not a reassuring thought.

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  29. I love Dr. Gorka’s accent.

    And, Jake Tapper, that stupid expression on his face. Just makes me want to… I can’t even say it…

    Does the Media understand our current poor relations with Russia, are because they, the Media has been screaming, paranoid about Russia?

    Whenever this stupid ‘Russia hacked the election’ is brought up, I want someone to demand specifics. How specifically did this take place. Are you talking about Wikileaks? Or, do you mean to imply (wrongly) that Russia or one of its agents altered votes? If you don’t mean the last, all you have it meaningless hot air.

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  30. OverWatch says:

    Crapper sp? has woken from an 8 year coma and is asking questions that go beyond ‘What is your favorite color?’ or ‘What enchanted you the most in the first 100 days?’. Now he is asking the questions that totalitarians ask when they are in attack mode. So encouraging the press is back on the job…

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  31. MOA says:

    Hee, hee….the basis of the Democrat’s Russian “involvement” in the election is that someone, probably Wiki received the info, hacked DNC / Hillary emails that revealed the squashing of poor old comrade Bernie’s chances at the Democrat Convention. The rotters! Good job.
    This seems to have been forgotten as the source of how this rubbish got started.

    Do Russia and the USA and China “interfere” in each other’s political processes and strain for maximum advantage?
    Yawn. Of course they do, to the maximum extent possible.
    The media thinks this is news.

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  32. Mike diamond says:

    Jake tapper acts like he is on heavy meds! Dear Jake what about Obama and the bad Iran deal??? What about Obama and john Kerry not respecting our good friend Israel,Hillary bleach bits her computer, lorreta lynch meets with bill Clinton on her private plane ! You are fake news Jake! And you know it! Russia this and Russia that is the liberal smoke screen!

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  33. G. Combs says:

    I wish — JUST ONCE — Sean or Sarah when getting MUH Russia, would ask the press what the heck they want. For the USA to declare war on Russia so Russia can drop nuclear bombs on NYC, DC and LA???

    It is time to drag these doggies over to the mess they are making (bad relations with Russia) and shove their noses into the consequences (Nuclear war)

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  34. 6x47 says:

    Compared to the others, Tappero actually did a pretty decent job. He could follow a conversation, and not just chant the mantra “Russia Russia Russia”.


  35. dave says:

    It amazes me that fake crapper is still employed.
    But the way cnn is trending, that may not be very much longer.


  36. So what Jake is saying is that Obama was WEAK in his sanctions punishment against Russia and that Jake wants MORE punishments against Russia, crying to daddy Trump to take charge because Obama did such a crappy job dealing with the Russians. Yeah, I agree with Jake that Obama was WEAK…in EVERY THING, except screwing with the Middle Class.

    Two points I wish Gorka made. Punishment against Russia?
    1. Giving Poland missile defense…something Obama stripped after a promise was made to the Poles. That’s AGAINST Russia…get it Jake?
    2. Exports of ENERGY to Europe from the U.S….Trump’s deals and promises to never use energy as a blackmail in our new energy export phase with Europe (hint, that’s what Russia does to Europe). Where do you think Europeans are going to turn to for energy now? The USA, NOT Russia. THAT is a severe blow (or for Jake, PUNISHMENT) to Russia.

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