Donald Trump Jr. Releases Email Chain on Russian Contact…

Today Donald Trump Jr. released a chain of emails detailing his 2016 communication  after being contacted by a music producer expert from The Box Tiger Music (acquaintance) to set up a meeting with a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya who claimed to have political opposition research information on Hillary Clinton.

Rob Goldstone is a music producer who represents a Russian pop star named Emin Agalarov.  Emin Agalarov’s father was a business contact who coordinated bringing the Miss Universe pageant to Russia in 2013.  Goldstone contacted Donald Trump Jr. to set up a meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya. The email chain is below:

The New York Times is unhappy with the release, as they were planning to write a story about it.

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  1. SPMI says:

    The one and only conservative media is:
    Direct TV 347

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  2. Howie says:

    Another shot of Stoli please. it takes two to stand this pile of cow manure.

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  3. pageoturner says:

    Another nothingburger. I would like to know more about the DNC meeting at the Ukrainian Embassy for oppo research on Trump, however. Who was there, who set it up, how much money changed hands, how many meetings, etc.

    The Awan brothers probably have all those details.

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    • Jo Gregg says:

      I read the entire email chain, and it is absolutely nothing. And a NYT reporter worked on this for a year? Utter nonsense. And in addition to the Clinton campaign’s Ukraine doings, what about Obama using our tax money in an attempt to defeat PM Netanahu? And what about that menace George Soros (who is close to the Clintons) using his money to try and overthrow democratically elected governments? The left are nothing but total frauds.

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    • whoseyore says:

      It’s where the pee story was birthed.

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  4. jmclever says:

    The best part of this whole thing may be the NYT “reporter” meltdown!

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  5. Killdozer says:

    CNN is reporting that the honorable Tim Kaine, said crooked Trump Jr. committed treason and perjury, And I knew it ,I should have stayed on the Jeb train actually I’m jumping on in as we speak , I’m with Jeb again and putting back on my “Plez clap for Him” T shirt , your a bunch of crooks and perjurers ,we had a good group of guys back then too we were like a gang ,Our blog site was “The Conservative Farm house” we were a may tag bunch of conservative rejects ,and we were nice guys not like you treason crooks here , I’m outa here ! Vote Jeb !

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  6. Is it clear/established that this Russian lady lawyer Natalie Veselwhatever was /is employed by Fusion GPS or was a free agent/ contractor working with them in some way? It sort of looks like a sting of some sort using that goofy Goldstone guy as a dupe. But if it was, that lady lawyer would have baited the trap more at the meeting. Why did meeting turn into nothing so quickly? Hard to say but certainly was nothing more than fringe noise on the edge of a campaign, Hyped- Media hysteria mainly to detract from all the G20 positives, Obvious and disgusting .

    Other play was perhaps to set a perjury trap for Trump Jr of some sort down the road , like way they got Scooter Libby , he never did do the stupid Valarie Plame leak ( the purpose of the investigation and they knew it), but they let him talk himself into a pretzel and then called it .perjury.

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    • Howie says:

      The entire clown posse media and establishment is in an uproar over nothing at all. They have become a clear and present danger to themselves and others.

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    • there’s a photo of the russian lawyer, sitting just behind obama’s abassador to russia, over at gp. which sort of points to the fact that she was probably a dem operative all along.

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    • G. Combs says:

      “Is it clear/established that this Russian lady lawyer Natalie Veselwhatever was /is employed by Fusion GPS or was a free agent/ contractor working with them in some way.”

      Well she was really really fast ( July 11 at 12:16 PM) about giving an interview to the Washington Compost heap ERRrrr newspaper and getting on NBC television.

      “[…]On Tuesday morning, Veselnitskaya defended herself in an NBC television interview. “I never had any damaging or sensitive information about Hillary Clinton. It was never my intention to have that,” the lawyer said.

      Veselnitskaya said she met with Trump Jr. to press her client’s interest in the Magnitsky Act, a wide-ranging Russia sanctions bill.[….]

      Some one some where in that e-mail chain was telling porkies.

      AHHhhhh here it is:
      “[….]Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA; CMCSK) and General Electric (NYSE: GE) yesterday closed their transaction to create a joint venture[….]

      The new company is 51 percent owned by Comcast, 49 percent owned by GE,[…]

      J.P. Morgan was lead financial advisor to GE with Goldman Sachs and Citi acting as co-advisors[….]

      JP Morgan and GE have a long history together, and then there is GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt:
      “[ex-]President Barack Obama announced Friday that General Electric (GE) Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt will chair the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

      The new council was to replace the Economic Recovery Advisory Board… (wwwDOT)

      …Immelt, who will now have the president’s ear in an advisory role, has consistently supported the same failed trade policies that have cost America millions of jobs. As the leader of one of the world’s largest companies, he has been at the forefront of the outsourcing movement.

      “You would have difficulty finding a company that has outsourced more jobs and closed more American factories than GE,” Scott Paul, Executive Director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing writes. “While they have slashed their American workforce to fewer than 150,000, GE has dramatically expanded its global presence, now employing over 300,000 workers worldwide.”

      India is exciting for American businessmen today: Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman & CEO, of GE

      ET Now caught up with Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman & CEO, GE, for his views on a number of issues, including the significance of 200 American CEOs landing on Indian soil, outsourcing and GE’s plans for India.

      What’s the significance of 200 American CEOs landing on Indian soil, exploring the big Indian market once again?

      …I am a globalist. So I am a big believer that basically it is a win-win game of global trade. But strategically for the United States, a great relationship with India is a real prerequisite and very important and I believe the President sees it the same way.

      If you were to think as American Inc and not just GE’s head, what is it that American CEOs today can give India?

      The biggest need that India has from an economic standpoint is infrastructure. That is something that the United States and companies like GE can really invest in – both in technology and also in financing and capital markets and things like that. In so far as that is the main trigger that can really sustain the growth in India, we can offer that.

      Beyond that, we are good partners. The American business people, America Inc, have been good partners to global business leaders for generations[….]

      “[…]On the issue of shipping jobs overseas, GE’s actions are particularly glaring. The company regularly tops the list of transnational corporations ranked by the size of their foreign asset holdings, as it receives more of its revenues and profits from abroad than from its U.S. operations. Also, the majority of its 304,000 employees are based overseas.

      Between 2005 and 2009, the U.S. employee share of GE’s total workforce dropped from 51% to 44%. In 2009 and 2010, GE shuttered 28 manufacturing plants in the U.S.

      Dave Lindorff at This Can’t Be Happening says GE “is not an American company. It is a foreign company that happens to be headquartered in the U.S.” (wwwDOT)

      NBC globalist anti-Trump? Of COURSE!


  7. rsanchez1990 says:

    Donald Trump’s twitter account beats the MSM again (Jr this time).

    The left has a perpetual war against truth.

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  8. Howie says:

    If Russia has evidence of a democrat crime and is willing to proffer it, why not use it? The source of the evidence is irrelevant if it is true. So what if releasing evidence affects the election. I say good. Stops the voters from electing criminals.

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  9. tommylotto2 says:

    The dog has caught the car!!! Now what.

    Don Jr. just gave them the smoking gun of collusion (sort of). But guess what? Like we have been saying these many months. There is no there there. Even if TrumpWorld was guilty as charged, there was no crime committed. Talking to Russians is not against the law. Assuming the Kremlin wanted Trump to win, that is not against the law. Even if the Kremlin fabricated false oppo research on Hillary and fed it to TrumpWorld, that is just not against the law.

    The only possible crime that I can imagine would be if someone in TrumpWorld knew of the supposed DNC hack* BEFORE it took place and aided that hacking effort in someway.

    Wake me when you find evidence of that….

    *This assumes of course that it was a hack and not an inside job — not something I have seen any persuasive evidence of.

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    • NYGuy54 says:

      Looks like Trump Jr thought the information was nonsense and moved on. How can you collude when you don’t use the information?

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    • Sherlock says:

      That will never happen, but they try to get you on tricky tack stuff, like some form you filled out denying talking to anybody who’s ever been to Russia, etc. etc. That’s the game. The rest of this is just MSM show and dem red meat for their commie base. As someone said earlier, it’s all about “process crimes”, not substantive misbehavior which they can’t prove because it didn’t occur.

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      • mimbler says:

        Yep, like Scooter Libby who actually went to prison for a twisted interpretation of one of his statements, while they were investigating Valerie Plame’s “outing” while fully aware of who actually did out her,

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        • dayallaxeded says:

          And that Plame was already “out” and really had never been “in” but was always a borderline political crony hire, along with her hubby, the architect of “yellow cake” that fueled the Iraq war. I’ll never forgive Shrub for a lot of stuff, but near the top of the list, his failure to pardon Scooter Libby was itself unpardonable.

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          • mimbler says:

            Agreed. I never understood why he didn’t pardon Scooter. And you are right, she was driving in to CIA headquarters every day openly and was not covert.

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        • Sherlock says:

          Yep, crimes created in large part by the very existence of a phony, politically motivated and overzealous investigation in the first place.

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          • mimbler says:

            The only thing I fear about mueller. I could see him snaring someone who inadvertently commits a “process crime” while being investigated. That will encourage a lot of the investigated to take the fifth which the media will spin as proof of guilt.

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  10. JoD says:

    My hand is up….I have a question.
    The failing NYT was set to release all of these emails.
    Do we know where they got them from?

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  11. Midnight Rambler says:

    From behind curtain number three?


  12. Harry Lime says:

    There are longer videos explaining Obama’s interference in Israel’s election but this one will summarize nicely. Notice towards the end the Israeli pollster being interviewed points out how it was barely covered by the American press. This irritates me to no end. And curses on the Republican party for not only not defending the Trump administration but also for constantly looking the other way in regards to Uni-party corruption.

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  13. Pinkie says:

    I think it is too soon to say that there is nothing there. After all, nobody knew about the Don Jr. meeting a few days ago.

    Campaign finance laws are very complex. A presidential campaign could not legally accept a contribution from a foreign national or a foreign government. And that applies not only to cash but to “anything of value” including independent expenditures by the foreign national or government in support of a candidate — if the campaign was involved.

    The Trump campaign had smart campaign finance lawyers and filed their FEC reports. So this is not the type of thing that would have been done through normal channels.

    These things tend to come out in dribs and drabs, especially once the investigators start to squeeze people a little bit.

    That’s why it will take a while to come out — if there is anything there.


    • Nigella says:

      That’s why it will take a while to come out — if there is anything there.

      Which of course there is no there there so they’ll just make it up…

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    • Nigella says:



    • mimbler says:

      They’ve “had a while” and they have nothing. With every reporter in America and 99 percent of the people in our intelligence agencies digging for dirt on the trumps, it would have come out by now.

      This meeting was known because it was self reported by several of the participants (not Don jr. because he was under no obligation to report it.) If there was anything untoward about his meeting, it would have been leaked by deep state long ago.

      Meanwhile, media leaking debate questions to Hillary, giving interview scripts to her ahead of time, the pay for play clinton foundation, selling off our uranium, Bill getting 500000 from the Russians etc. etc. etc. have no interest to what we humorously call “journalists” today.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      See my post on previous page which has a series of tweets that outline the Fusion GPS money flow.

      This all relates to the “dossier” and creating the setup to match the dossier.

      Do not be fooled.

      This is absolutely nothing except a failed attempt to smear Donald J. Trump and family.

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    • deborah foster says:

      It is an Obama set up. Over at Gateway Pundit, there is a video of this Russian lawyer lady sitting behind Obozo’s Russian Ambassador. No coincidence that is.

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    • James F says:

      Nobody knew until a few days ago?

      Who are you trying to fool?

      Sexton form the NYT time admitred he knew of this a year ago in a whiny tweet.

      The real question is how did Sexton know about this a year ago, why did he sit on it for a year and why did they decide to finally release it now?

      The most lokely explanation is that Dirty Rice unmasked these communications and leaked them to the leftist media a year ago in a conspiracy to help Clinton and hurt Trump,

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  14. railer says:

    This is just another empty bite of the nothingburger, and we’d have to assume this is the last flailings for these Uniparty clowns. If this is the best they got, and they went with it, then they have absolutely nothing left after this and they darn sure know it. Trump Jr. seems to thinks so as well, judging by his response.

    If these Uniparty clowns had anything, they’d have either used it during the election or shortly thereafter. They didn’t, because they knew it was a nothingburger. Further, if they had anything solid right now, they’d have invited Trump’s people to comment on it beforehand, and not just set a trap (which Trump Jr. has quite deftly sidestepped).

    This is the surest sign of weakness in their position, that they were desperate enough to go with this nothingburger apertif. In the process, they’ve provided valuable intel to Trump… they got nothin’.

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  15. cheekymeeky says:

    Nails it!

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  16. tempo150101 says:

    This is why I read Gateway Pundit, even if there is a lot of trash on there:

    “Well Lookie Here=> Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya is Pictured with Obama Ambassador to Russia – 8 Days After Trump Jr. Mtg.”

    The “attorney” is a ringer, with pictures and all (at the 49 second mark):

    Another fail and NRO, French, Graham, McCain are all part of a coordinated hit. What a surprise!

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  17. maggiemoowho says:

    Rob Goldstones company is Oui 2 Entertainment.

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  18. Brant says:

    I trust Trump (and family) in all aspects. Please read me out here. However, perception becomes reality regardless of the flimsy nature of things (Scooter Libby). Remember, we have a media that is all too collusive with the Democrats and a democrat base that soaks this junk up like a sponge. Even though they may not be half plus 1 of the electorate, there are always the Trump folks who might be just weak enough to get off the bus. Yes, he got 306 electoral votes, but some of those state wins were about 10,000 or less.

    While I’m sure Trump wants the best for Jared and he is part of the family, he isn’t family like Donald Jr. Remember, perception has a way of becoming reality. Does President Trump want Donald Jr to wind up like Scooter Libby? I trust Trump (and Sessions) to strategize this long drawn out nothing burger to maximize the outcome, but at some point he/they do need to drop he sledge hammer and hard.

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  19. Bo3484 says:

    Russia didn’t change my vote.

    I like many American citizens were sick and tired of politicians and the national media who have been influenced by special interests and foreign governments. We still are.

    Donald Trump speaks without strings, acts with a single purpose and has put together a team of accomplished men and women who are doing amazing things. Things like putting America’s interests above others for the first time in 30 years.

    Donald Trump Jr. did nothing wrong. He accepted to attend a meeting. That’s not illegal and nothing illegal was conveyed in the meeting.

    The opposition needs to quit while they’re behind.

    American’s voted for President Donald Trump for what he stands for and what he represents. Period.

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    • Brant says:

      I know nothing of it is illegal and I know all on CTH know that too. And I really like the straight talk/tweet of Trump. But I do venture to other comment places like YayWho (icky) and I see the vitriolic nature of those comments 95+%. Others on CTH mention other places like CBS, etc. I just think there needs to be something very big, very visual, and very obvious (and hopefully very soon) to cut thru the very thick fog and haze in the minds of the left. It has to be quite visual either literally or very simple terms. Not lawyer speak.

      Liberals get their “news” from visual emotional driven sources (immigrant mommy and baby…….. never the 20-30 year old rough guy). Thus TV has always been the realm of liberals. You just gots to have that picture of the mom and child when talking about immigrants. Conservatives are a much more thinking group. Not driven by emotional visuals. Thus, talk radio has always been the realm of the right.

      Sorry to carry on. I just hope something happens soon. It also needs to happen soon to get his domestic agenda going forward.

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      • mimbler says:

        I know I’m a cynic, but I think we are just going to have to soldier on through the next 7 years.

        Nothing big will cut through the media hatred of PDJT. Look at his great success at G20, and it just inspired the press to focus on whatever negatives they could (russia, tweets, Don jr.)

        The optimist in me says that they have jumped the shark, and people will increasingly tune out the MSM as they tire of breathless Trump exposés that turn out to be nothing time after time.

        We can help by pointing out to our friends that the news “isn’t”. It is just rumor, innuendo and gossip. Nearly every story is based off of anonymous sources.

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        • G. Combs says:

          I just showed a friend who knew nothing of the CNN – kekistan kuffle the following vids and she was roaring with laughter.

          These are the anti-dote for the MSM Psy-ops.

          #CNN : Losing The Meme War – BADLY
          Black Pigeon Speaks:


          CNN Messed With The Wrong Part of The Internet- #CNNBlackMail
          The Truth Factory: (I love the cat)

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      • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

        I hear you Brant, but I think the “fence sitter’s” matter not until summer of 2018 Primaries. Long way off.

        “They” are trying to separate President Trump from his Base and in my opinion that will never happen unless President Trump causes it to happen. And he won’t.

        Candidate Trump made a connection with his Base never before seen in modern politics.

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  20. Nigella says:

    So according to CNN, I know grain of salt, Mueller is now looking into Don Jr.


  21. MaineCoon says:

    I posted this on Prez Thread, but it’s relevant here too.

    Erdogan held out his hand & Macon promptly pulled out his checkbook.

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would not ratify the Paris Climate Accord unless Europe paid all costs to Turkey. France agreed to pay Turkey compensation for the cost of implementation when signing the agreement. If Erdogan does not receive any financial funds, he said that his Parliament will not ratify the treaty. Erdogan is demanding money from Europe for anything these days including to stop allowing refugees to travel to Greece.”

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  22. Greg says:

    So the NYT has been aware of this for a year. Was this meeting ‘surveiled’ by Obama and unmasked by Rice.

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  23. Digleigh says:

    The thing I’ve been noticing is even Fox with the WSJ anti-Trumper Steven Hayes whining about this… GPS Fusion was started by 2 WSJ guys, and hired by this Russian lawyer ( not affiliated with Kremlin according to her) Goldstone said meeting was nothing and embarrassing!! Goldstone was a British tabloid journalist and this Russian lady a lawyer… so how is this colluding with the RUSSIAN govt.??? Wasn’t the original info. to be oppo. research about how CLINTON was colluding with the Russian Govt?? Of course, Trump probably had support of the Russian people…as not many find Clinton to be much of a candidate just like here….. I think back then , before the Russian hysteria , Don did not think much about listening to a friend’s email…

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    • ray76 says:

      If someone told me they had information regarding a presidential candidate colluding with a foreign government I would want that info so that it could be turned over to the FBI. It would be my obligation.

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  24. WSB says:

    My apologies if I am posting this twice. I found this from Rainbow 4321:

    “Why is a RUSSIAN lobbyist also working at State Dept and involved with an FBI program?

    Bear with me.

    This list is from the Browder report that was sent to Grassley who in turn sent it to Boente in March 2017, basically asking WTF are you doing about all these Russian operatives/lobbyists. How many more Russian lobbyists are on the fed payroll?

    From the PDF entry:

    The following people have been involved in HRAGIF’s lobbying activities, but are not listed in their LDA filings:

    Chris Cooper, CEO Potomac Square Group
    Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer for Prevezon
    Anatoly Samochornov, Russian born professional interpreter and project manager for the US State Department

    The second name is the lawyer who Jr met with.

    That last name there. See how her job description is State Dept? I had seen else where she also was a “project manager” with some NY FBI project. So I googled some more.

    Tuesday, Acting Special Agent in Charge (A/SAC) Lauren C. Anderson met a group of 18 European international relations and security graduate students visiting the United States as guests of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program.

    Following the introduction by Program Officer Anatoli Samochornov, A/SAC Anderson gave a brief summary of the international scope of the FBI under circumstances relating to counterterrorism and criminal cases and the collaboration between various countries’ national intelligence services, based on her own extensive background and international cases she investigated. Discussing common security threats and teamwork between the U.S. and our European allies, Anderson provided insight on the FBI and our global reach in fighting international crimes and terrorism.

    I had shared the PDF elsewhere on DU but for those who want to see the source of the names, it’s on pg 9 of this huge 108+ page entry. The PDF spells her first name ending with a y the above ends with an I. Same job description and title. Same person.”

    Can anyone make heads or tails out of this? Is it possible that our ‘gubment’ has had Russian lobbyists on our payroll over at State? Do we already have a joint Russian/US counter-terrism cyber security project that may be colluding to remove Donald Trump from office? Does this have anything to do with President Trump’s discussions with Putin?

    We are either over a target or in a pile of weeds…

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    • Sherlock says:

      I’ve read the Grassley document twice, but I’m not seeing the indication that this lawyer worked at the state dept. If you can pinpoint the document, page, and line you are referring to for that conclusion, it would help.

      The entire document (Grassley document) and another like it sent to DHS, complains about a bunch of Russians lobbying against a Russian sanctions law without being registered lobbyists. One of these is the female lawyer. These documents are about 9 months after the Trump Jr. meeting.

      I read the Grassley doc. this morning when another CTHer posted it. It proves that the woman had been hanging around DC for a long time trying to get sanctions lifted, lobbying congress, etc. The sanctions bill resulted in Russia retaliating with the “no adoption” stuff. So, looks to me like she tried to get in with Trump Jr. for her usual goal–trying to get rid of the “Magnitsky Act”, passed by the congress a few years back.

      So, my tentative conclusion may be that she came up with a b.s. story to get into see Trump Jr. but was just doing her usual lobbying thing on behalf of Russia and/or certain highly placed Russians. Once her goal became clear, Manafort fell asleep, Kushner left, and Trump Jr. terminated the meeting.

      Those who are arguing dem setup should at least read and consider the Grassley doc.
      It’s hart to jive the “dem setup” theory with the Grassley stuff, at least for me.
      Hope people will read it and weigh in with their opinions.

      For example, people commenting on the photo of the lawyer sitting front row at a congressional hearing will be might confused unless they read the Grassley doc.

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  25. kittytrump84 says:

    I’m gonna campaign my ass off for him someday…

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  26. CBDenver says:

    It just gets weirder and weirder. Here is a recent article at the Daily Caller

    One of the guys you mentioned, Akhmetshin, has some interesting connections:

    “Patrick Salisbury, a lawyer for EuroChem, said in a sworn statement that Akhmetshin had “deep contacts” to reporters at prestigious news outlets like the Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. He also obtains research from Global Witness, a non-profit group that is heavily funded by progressive billionaire George Soros, Salisbury said.”

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  27. bearsgrrr says:

    Seems like an obvious setup of Don Jr. Russian lawyer who is probably being monitored by the NSA, CIA, etc, just happens to know someone who has some dirt on Hillary. Mentions “Russian government” twice in emails – bizarre. Contact knows nothing. But now Obama can also tap Don Jr to spy on and unmask. Also explains how the NY Times got the emails. Leaked again.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Certainly plausible. Don’t know what came first, chicken or the egg though. May absolutely be that at some point after they got their little FISA warrants they retrieved the email, worked back. The reason I say that is because I would bet big money that this same “Russian Lawyer” lobbied the Obama administration (the “Grassley” memo upthread so indicates) and I would also not at all be shocked that a search of DNC and Podesta emails at wikileaks would also show this woman’s name. She is paid to lobby to get the
      Magnitsky act scrapped.

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    • Craig Dominik says:

      Could this be the information that Devin Nunis originally saw that so alarmed him about people being unmasked!

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  28. AndrewJackson says:

    For those who havn’t read the emails, do yourself a favor and read it for yourself. There is nothing hear. The irony of it all is that the meeting was to discuss incriminating evidence of Hillary’s ties to Russia!

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    • Sherlock says:

      She lobbied the Obama administration too, for a long time. If you have time, please read the “Grassley” pdf posted a couple of times upthread. His committee made complaints in March that she was an unregistered lobbyist acting for quite some time in this country in that capacity. Obviously, during the O administration.

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      • G. Combs says:

        “…..unregistered lobbyist acting for quite some time in this country….”

        That gives the Obummer Admin a handle on the woman although the law is mostly ignored.
        From the Hill:
        “[…] Congress passed FARA into law in 1938, because of fears of Nazi propaganda infiltrating the United States and affecting public opinion, it was overhauled in 1966 to become the foreign lobbying statute it is today.

        It requires the disclosure of much more information than the domestic lobbying law, the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), and “foreign agents” must itemize each specific contact made on behalf of a foreign client. It also requires the itemization of additional expenses paid for by the client — like travel — and political donations by foreign agents.

        Also unlike the LDA, the law covers public relations activities and media contacts — not just advocacy before policymakers, diplomats and government officials.[…]”


  29. ray76 says:

    Depending on your browser you can right click or go to “tools” menu and select “inspector” or something similar. You can then “delete node” and the highlighted object is removed.


  30. Troublemaker10 says:

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  31. Mike diamond says:

    Trump Jr is clean ! Comey,Hillary and lorreta lynch,and many others are not clean,but the news media does not want to pick on them!


  32. Maquis says:

    The dude wasted a year on this story? And he got scooped by target? Bad investment, fire his hiney, fools.


  33. Summer says:

    This Goldstone character seems rather shady to me. He was emphasizing the “Russia, Russian” aspect in every email and misrepresented (intentionally?) that lady’s affiliation with the “Russian government.” Was he just a useful idiot, was he promised a commission by the “Crown Prosecutor” or was he part of the setup himself?

    Regardless, it all looks like the APPEARANCE of the goal was to “secure a promise to lift sanctions in exchange for the compromising information provided by the Russian Government.” There was no legit information and she was not even affiliated with the government, therefore it confirms my suspicions that it was all about APPEARANCES, i.e., a text book trap, just like a “meeting with Amb. Kisliak” etc. They established the “fact” that Don Jr. “met with a Russian lawyer” who he believed (at the time he was communicating with Goldstone) was working for the Russian government. That’s the crux of it.

    Remember, for the enemy it is all about “intent.” Hillary skated because the poor dear committed REAL crimes “unintentionally.” Don Jr. did not commit any crime but OMG stop the presses, he haz them intentez!


  34. jeans2nd says:

    Rob Goldstone is a music promoter who promotes major music stars, including Michael Jackson. Jackson is the connection to POTUS Trump.

    “In 1986, Rob moved to Australia, first as a journalist – as the only journalist chosen by Michael Jackson to accompany him on his tour “down under”(1999)”

    “He (Goldstone) also posted from Red Square in May 2016. He (Goldstone) visited Russia in July and May 2016, according to various social media posts he made.”

    Rob Goldstone was in Moscow less than 2 weeks before Don Jr. mtg.

    Rob Goldstone looked to be soliciting contracts with Hillary Clinton.

    Re: Don Jr email, page 5, 3 June 2015 10:36 AM Rob Goldstone references “The Crown prosecutor of Russia.”
    The “Crown prosecutor of Russia” is Yuri Chaika, Prosecutor General of Russia. Not Natalia Veselnitskaya.

    Aras Agalarov, father of Emin Agalarov, wrote a passionate defense of Russia’s attorney general, Yuri Chaika, in 2015.

    Emim Agalarov has branched into music festivals, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

    Rob Goldstone – useful id10t?


    • jeans2nd says:

      Emim Agalarov was amicably divorced from Leyla Aliyeva, the eldest daughter of Azerbaijan president Ilkham Aliyev, announced 30 May 2015, with two twin sons and her adopted daughter. Both are still working mostly in Russia, Moscow, with some work in Azerbaijan.

      Aliyeva is Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and is a social activist and “environmentalist.”

      Ilham Aliyev is the fourth and current President of Azerbaijan, in office since 2003. His father, Heydar Aliyev, was President of Azerbaijan from 1993 to 2003.

      This guy is corrupt as all getout. See Infogalactic article.
      The Two Faces of Azerbaijan’s Mr. Aliyev
      “He is also hugely corrupt, and his authoritarian regime has one of the world’s worst records on human rights.”

      Azerbaijan pays ‘extra fee’ to Podesta Group following Aliyev’s Washington trip
      “Yet it remains unclear how the Azeri officials with their poor human rights international records could convince top diplomats of the free world to remain silent about the brutal anti-US campaign that they launched at home.”

      “Podesta, which guarantees Azerbaijani government’s access to some of the most powerful people in Washington, has been receiving approximately $50,000 per month from the Azerbaijani Embassy”

      “Following Aliyev’s Washington trip, the Azeri Embassy rushed to sign another contract with the Podesta Group offering extra $70,000 for “additional services,” Justice Department records show.”
      View story at

      all done

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