Sunday Talks: Nikki Haley on Russia, Russia, Russia – North Korea and China Squeezed In…

Good grief these insufferable beltway pundits are stuck echo-chambering their cocktail party conversations on ‘muh Russia’, and just can’t put it down to even begin to discuss more important issues du jour. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley proposed an emergency set of U.N. security council resolutions last week to deal with the North Korean aggression, but John Dickerson wants to discuss ‘Muh Russia’.

Seriously, this continual Russian drum-beating is the absolute personification of how media has detached itself from any semblance of normalcy, and presents themselves as factually incapable of advancing any discussion beyond that espoused by their own tribe of like-minded media associates.  It took more than half the interview to get to the important stuff.   Sheeesh…

Eventually, Dickerson gets to an issue that matters with China enabling North Korea, and that part is the only part that provides value.

If you are interested in the North Korea and China issue, CNN doesn’t help when they have the opportunity to question Nikki Haley.

It actually gets worse with CNN:

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35 Responses to Sunday Talks: Nikki Haley on Russia, Russia, Russia – North Korea and China Squeezed In…

  1. ALEX says:

    I don’t know anyone who watches these shows anymore or believes these people including FAUX News…It’s tiresome, boring and just plain stupid now…Bravo on the tweets Sundance…

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    • Lunatic Fringe, Phd. [undocumented] says:

      That may well be true but there are millions of people who do watch them and riot err, PROTEST based on what they see on these yellow journalism television shows.

      You know when the MUH RUSSIA crap will end? When the DNC subpoenas start rolling in and the Hills and Bills indictments hit. At that very second, colluding with Russia will instantly switch to a worthwhile and completely LEGAL activity to have taken part in.

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      • Mike says:

        Soros needs to be shipped to Hungary or Russia, and executed. The Murdocks need some jail time, and to be shipped to Australia and named persona non grata.

        The Obama gang members need multiple prosecutions.
        Muh Russia needs consequences.

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      • Colluding? Meddling? Exactly WHAT did “Russia” actually do? I’m still waiting for details and hearing nothing from Administration, opponents, Dems, Reps, etc., etc. Getting very tired of this.

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    • Stringy theory says:

      I have never watched these Sunday shows of Beltway drivel and doubt few people in flyover country do. Nor do I watch any TV “news” shows or read the newsprint rags and haven’the in years. Life is too shortired to waste on fake news.

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  2. First Last says:

    Except for click bait, I’m not sure why the Russia “conversation” continues. Proof or STFU. That was easy enough.

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  3. Sanj says:

    For years I was taping all the shows and watching them in their entirety. About 2 years ago, I fast forwarded it down to 30 minutes. This year, I fast forwarded 4 shows to 10 minutes and tweeted impression to Bluto. Now I don’t even care who is on. I can get my excerpt from here if I want, but nothing newsworthy is ever discussed and I certainly cant stand watching panels of Asshats telling me how to think.

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  4. filia.aurea says:

    Recycling b.s. – two incompetent b.s’er. Up next, replay of the pee pee dossier – brace yourselves.


  5. Ghostrider says:

    These programs are called Sunday talk shows for a reason. They are plain and simple talk shows. Why are they viewed as being so important? Seriously, why wouldn’t Trump people just refuse to go on them? Why subject themselves and the Administration to this insufferable nonsense?

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  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    Exactly, 100% correct! This is why I don’t watch the Sunday talks anymore. It is beyond annoying, and they cannot seem to stop themselves. Zero intellectual stimulation.

    If it wasn’t for CTH, I would just scream in a pillow.

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  7. webgirlpdx says:

    Take heart Treepers and look on the green and golden horizon of about February 2025 (right after President Trump retires from office), and the Trump son’s announce the new endeavor of Trump TV.

    You know in their heads they are crafting it. Talk about a market niche.

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  8. Disgusted says:

    Am I the only one being completely confused by Haley’s remarks about the election re: Russia? Is she saying the outcome of 2016 was affected by this supposed “meddling” she claims Trump discussed with Putin? When if EVER did President Trump say this was true?


  9. georgiafl says:

    Here’s the whole d4mn 8 years of the last administration in one ‘toon:

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  10. Piper says:

    Thank God I am not the only one sick of hearing this verbal diarrhea!!!

    This tired, old lie is ENOUGH to make someone seriously “fall down”

    I got rid of cable so I didn’t pay to support this crap against my will and I’m very, very close to losing the internet too! They are pushing us into a corner and poking us with spears of lies- I’m ready to take on the left, sor@ass, and stupid antifa in the streets- I’m almost ready to forget about “cold anger”… THAT is what they are looking to provoke-

    At least if Marshall law is declared, I’d go along gladly with Trump holding the reins of power- he has the executive power to dismiss the corrupt congress and disband it- I say go for it Mr President-

    Let’s fry the left, the protesters, the reporters, Anyone who practices deception against our side, in FEMA camps!!!

    Lord forgive me, for I DO know what I do!

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    • carrierh says:

      Piper, I agree and we must help him drain the Congress swamp of those blocking and twisting what Trump wants done. They ignore us and do what their almighty donors want done, and some have even taken corporate paying positions! That must all stop. There are a few honest and America-loving members, but on the whole maybe 98% needs to go, and especially the way too old, demented, and way too many terms sucking up our money and nothing getting done. If we can take Congress over, then no more benefits/perks we did not vote nor authorize for them. Let them live with what we have and nothing special. Better yet, have them work from their home state/city and do business by today’s modern electronics such as real time videos and this would save a lot their crimes, cheap food and haircuts, junkets, etc., etc. because they would be under our eyes and ears and if any rallies, then don’t shut anyone out! Enough already. By the way you can contact our President via or and let him get your suggestions, ideas, thoughts, and compliments because this is first time in my many years on this earth that a president has been connecting with the people and actually not a politician and working for US!


      • Piper says:

        Carrier- thanks for responding to my vent. I’m so frustrated.

        I do write the President quite often, and keep it sane too😉 Most exciting thing of it- he sent me a thank you letter last month, I was so happy to receive it!

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  11. starshollow88 says:

    I knew the fake Russia narrative wouldn’t die, it’s all they have and will hold on to it for dear life, not matter how insane. You can thank Maddow for that, she’s got a big audience salivating with mental illness and the neo-cons pouncing on anything they can drumming up WWIII.

    I think the WH should release everything and anything with Russia they can think of that can be misconstrued, including the times they Russian salad dressing (not kidding), if they ever bought a Matryoshka, or listened to Russian music, to take the power away from these leakers. They’ll have the MSM going crazy for a week while they do important stuff and can end this garbage.


  12. Piper says:

    I wish everyone who has spun up a Russia story had to be hooked to a polygraph for each and every story they spin up- or water boarded- whichever would be fine by me- then when it’s exposed as a lie, they be immediately shot in the face, with a flame thrower, let’s make them suffer as long as we’ve had too for this damn lie!


  13. stats guy says:

    I watched the whole Chris Wallace thing and half of KellyAnne. That’s a lot for me. We learned important information this week. The flaming outrage of the Left over Trump talking about the West.

    As Glenn Reynolds says: just think of these journos as left wing activists with bylines. And when we say left wing activists we know that they are anti-West. They are that stupid. Reince actually pushed back a little on Wallace…but actually, Reince needs to get is his face, push back twice as hard…Same all around. Get these guys to admit that they are international leftists who really don’t like the American people much.

    And, yes, Reince….Wallace does want ‘his’ president to sit in a chair and be lectured to by the Europeans…and everyone else for that matter. Spit….


  14. deplorabledooku says:

    Just because something’s been done a certain way for decades doesn’t make it a tradition worthy of keeping, which is what these one way narrative blab fests are. Way back in the days of 3 VHF and UHF channels, these “serious” news programs were literally the only place on TV where “serious” discussions took place. Of course over 60 years later these programs no longer serve their charter purposes. They are traditional by virtue of being old and venerated institutions, but they are no longer useful in information, they are merely tools of the Deep State to manipulate. It’s as if Martha Raddatz were hiding behind a Betty Crocker disguise.

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  15. In Az says:

    People do listen to the commie propaganda and believe it.

    That is why the commies keep beating the Russian drum, hoping something will stick. And it gets the Trump haters rabid. They also know it is dangerous, which is why they are doing it.


  16. fangdog says:

    As a result of greater awareness and the fact the Major Media news is by and large nothing but propaganda. The news and TV talk show format has lost its relevancy as well as a great deal of public interest.

    I look back and can’t believe at one time I had any interest.


  17. janc1955 says:

    Sundance: Good tweets to the leftist tool, Bash. I wish to God team Trump would simply stop responding to requests for interviews and appearances by almost all mainstream media, with the exception of a handful of patriots on FBN/FNC.

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    • old deplorable owl says:

      Those shows are really about the only exposure our side gets to the LoFos sitting on their couches with drool running down their chins, so it’s kind of a necessary evil.
      That said, what I’d like to see is for Pres. Trump to issue a sort of “fifth Amendment” edict:
      “Georgie, the president has ordered that we no longer may respond to ‘muh Russia’ questions, nor to questions containing your desired answer within them. Now, if you have something of substance to inquire about, ask away.”
      Hazmat teams would be likely needed for clean-up the first few times, but eventually they MIGHT get it through their thick heads 1

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  18. bkrg2 says:

    The tweets to Dana/CNN were worth another donation to the Treehouse. No Quarter!


  19. GSR says:

    I detest this woman. A middle of the road globalist”diversity” fetishist.


  20. G. Combs says:

    I just look at the last set of videos put up by Sundance since I could sneak onto Hubby’s computer and watch them.

    My Takeaway?

    JUST ONCE, I would like to see Kellyanne or Priebus or better yet Spicer at a presser say:

    We already have sanctions against Russia, kicked out 35 Russians and closed two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland. What more do you in the press want the President to do?


    I really think it is time that is put up front and center as the logical end of all this MUH Russia crap.


  21. Mike says:

    “Good grief these insufferable beltway pundits are stuck echo-chambering their cocktail party conversations on ‘muh Russia’, and just can’t put it down to even begin to discuss more important issues du jour.”

    It’s enough to drive a sane man mad and a sober man pick up the bottle, isn’t it. Not because it’s effective and threatening, but because it’s so jaw droppingly stupid. It’s like the fake news media can’t stop singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall,” over and over and over.

    “99 Muh Russian spies on the wall
    99 Muh Russians spies
    Take one down
    Pass it around
    98 Muh Russian spies on the wall…..”

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  22. Mike says:

    Sundance is clearly pissed in his tweets, and he has every right to be, They are literally blocking any information they can that people need to know, and that causes harm to people. They have an ongoing black-out of good news that is coming from the Trump presidency. For all practical purposes, these news orgs are criminal orgs and journalists are basically criminals. They lie about everything.


  23. Killdozer says:

    This poor pig`s plop (propaganda) stinks ,she told us she didnt have much time so she gave us a crap can interview ,,in her stall she said that “Everyone knows Russia hacked our election and can you pass me the toilet paper plez ” I was so disgusted with her that I shut the interview down on the spot , Cut !, , “call Saul” I told her as I was leaving


  24. If, God forbid, there is a sudden Nork attack on our forces or allies the same FakeNews outlets which are obsessing over “muh Russia” will proclaim that the Administration was caught unawares because they were distracted by the Trump-Russia Collusion scandal.


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