Healthcare Legislation is Stuck Amid The Big Club Administrative Lobbying Network…

President Trump is the first political entity in our lifetime that not only comprehends the faces of the false arguments (the fallacies of false choice), but more importantly sees the administrative architects behind the Potemkin villages represented by those faces. When it comes to domestic economic policies, the architects are the BIG CLUB.

So, what is “The Big Club“?


..What “Deep State” is to intelligence, military intervention and foreign policy – The “BIG CLUB” is to matters of domestic economics…

Politicians do not write laws. Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer do not sit in their offices writing out scripts of laws and legislation; no politician does.  Politicians are faces who sell legislation that unseen hands create. The Big Club are the administrators creating the legislation.

As such, it makes no sense to argue about the salesmanship of Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Ted Cruz or Elizabeth Warren when none are originating the legislative constructs they are selling and branding in the media.

It simply makes much more sense to focus attention on the unseen hands that are never discussed, the administrative state.   These are the roots of the issues, the politicians are merely the expendable and interchangeable sales force.


The Big Club are massive and complex networks of lobbying groups who actually write legislation. The outcomes therein, depending on their own evaluation of importance, are payments to the politicians to go and sell the administrative construct.

The amount of payment varies depending on how valuable the construct is to the interests of the Club. Big legislative constructs that provide the Club large income increases are worth more than smaller ones.

This is the accurate background framework to consider ObamaCare, or Healthcare.

Example Pharmaceuticals

Within The BIG CLUB there are factions with interest: Big Labor, Big Wall Street (big crony-business), Big Pharma (example above).

There are other factions like Big Green (Al Gore) etc. However, for the sake of ObamaCare outcomes the two that matter are: “Big Labor” (AFL-CIO, SEIU, AFSCME, UFCW etc), and Wall Street (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue).

The Big Club has paid for ObamaCare’s construct, and they are not going to allow their sales force to walk away from it. From their position, this is a massive ‘multi-multi-hundreds-of-millions’ expenditure that has already taken place.

Tom Donohue (U.S. CoC) already lost hundreds of millions when his construct (his team actually did the writing) of TPP was lost due to Donald Trump. Donohue’s TPP loss followed the loss of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (2014 Dave Brat), and his loss of Common Core Education standards, again with Donald Trump (Betsy DeVos).

Tom Donohue spent hundreds of millions on: The Gang of Eight, Common Core, TPP and ObamaCare.

EXAMPLE […] Lobbying expenditures by members of a pro-TPP coalition increased to $135 million in the second quarter of 2015, up from $126 million in the first quarter and $118 million in the fourth quarter of 2014, according to Senate Office of Public Records reports reviewed by Reuters.

The chamber, Washington’s largest corporate lobbying group, led the pack in spending in all three quarters. From April to June, it spent $17.9 million, excluding subsidiaries, up 29 percent from the first quarter, the Senate records show. (link)

tom donohue 3

Donohue paid off AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka to get him to stop being public about his opposition of TPP. The quid-pro-quo was transparently most evident when Trumka endorsed candidate Hillary Clinton who was supporting Donohue’s TPP.

Having lost TPP, Go8 and Common Core, there was no way Tom Donohue is going to accept losing his biggest investment to date, ObamaCare.

♦ Big Labor support ObamaCare for a few reasons. #1 it granted fiscal stability to their retirement programs which were failing with the increased costs of providing healthcare coverage. #2 it creates additional profit margin space within union companies for more lucrative compensation contracts. And #3 ideologically it was constructed to eventually end up with a single-payer system. All three points are great for Big Labor.

♦ Wall Street supports ObamaCare because it: #1 removes the cost of providing healthcare from the cost of producing products in the U.S. [However, you’ll note the consumer price of manufactured goods never actually decreases, instead the savings go to the profit margin.] #2 allows the manufacturing cost equity to streamline globalization efforts.

Both primary factions within the BIG CLUB stood to gain substantially if they could shift the cost of healthcare from their individual ledgers into the personal checkbooks of the U.S. consumer. Hence, they looked at the lobbying cost of ObamaCare as a long-term legislative investment with a massive upside.

mcconnell ryan

After the GOPe wing of the UniParty was voted into the majority in both houses (2014), the Big Club sales people (politicians) needed to give the illusion of “repeal” or “removal”, but not actually do anything which would remove it. So long as Obama was in office the optical games were easy; with Clinton later in office the games would be no longer needed.

Big Club spends to make sure Clinton wins the Presidency.

#NeverTrump making sense now?

Rut Roh.

Now, fast forward to 2017 and President Trump is in office on a promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Oh snap, NOW what is the Big Club going to do?

Stall for time…. Quick construct plan to deal with the unexpected. Stall, block cabinet and down-stream confirmations… Activate astroturf to provide Sales Force cover… Paul Ryan lies to Sean Hannity… etc.

More things reconciling now?

Meanwhile, President Trump understands exactly what they are doing.

trump-and-trumka-2President-Elect Trump met with Richard Trumka and outlined larger administration pro-jobs objective assurances.

Once in office, President Trump worked around Donohue and went to the manufacturing and business community directly.

Now Trump is highlighting how deregulation, tax policy and other pro-growth America-First objectives will more than compensate the business community for any ObamaCare recall.

The battle/negotiation visible in the media is the stuff going on amid the Big Club’s sales people, the politicians.   However, the REAL ObamaCare removal negotiation is going on behind the scenes where the Trump Administration is taking on the administrative state, The Big Club, directly…

Once you see the strings, it’s almost impossible to watch the marionettes and not see them.

However, that doesn’t mean the puppet show has to be less enjoyable….

….Specifically because we have President Trump, it is entirely possible to simultaneously watch the show, and yet still look up toward the scaffolding and see the shadows of the hands controlling them.

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231 Responses to Healthcare Legislation is Stuck Amid The Big Club Administrative Lobbying Network…

  1. TheWanderingStar says:

    When are “We the People” going to start insisting on a government not controlled by special interests, lobbying, political action committees (PACs) and a BLOATED bureaucracy?

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  2. Tim prater says:

    There must be a tactical reason why President Trump hadn’t been hammering away away at exposing the Big Club.

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    • fangdog says:

      Trump has a lot of irons in the fire right now, but he has the correct people manning the irons. Trump and his people are not leaving anything to chance. There is a strategy in place. So much has already been done so far and beyond thought possible. An example; ongoing destruction of ISIS, illegals crossing our borders, reduction of business killing regulation, better trade balance, exposing crooked corrupt Major Media, etc.

      IMO, two major obstacles to go; Tax reform and health care. Correct those main two American changing barriers and all Americans can breathe a sigh of relief. It will happen eventually.

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      • kenmar1965 says:

        I Believe Trump is waiting until the midterms to go to war with the “Big Club.”

        Imagine if Trump tweeted “xxxxx senator took $200k from yyyy lobbiest…. TERRIBLE!”

        What would that do to that persons reelection chances?


      • lady4trump says:

        Pray for this brave President of ours. Instead of standing behind him, let’s stand WITH him!

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  3. deplorablegracie says:

    We shall see what the GOP “conservatives” are made of. All the money in the world cannot buy you a good name. And can no longer with PTrump buy you a seat in power.

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  4. highdezertgator says:

    The Big Club requires everyone to have a “wrist band” to enter their “Globalist Zuckerberg World”… the air you breath, the food you eat, the water your drink is “theirs”… the Totalitarian State is where freedom dies.
    “All mankind… being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions.” John Locke

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    • “All mankind… being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions.” John Locke
      ‘No one ought to harm another’; great for theoretical philosophy, but in no way addresses this physical ‘is’ ! All\each mankind; being clever while unequal and dependent, always must screw over any other, just to survive!


  5. gildie says:

    I’d love to see the vampires pulled out into the light. 1000
    protesters marching in front of the home of, oh, I don’t know,
    pick a name from the list…say Catherine Bennett. See how they
    like it when Americans know their name. Start a movement called
    the Leash Holders. Graphics with collars around the necks of
    Senators being walked like dogs by their owners.
    Think we might get an Circa News crew banging on Catherine’s door
    asking how it feels to own her very own Senator?
    Get a congressman to introduce a bill requiring a collar with
    the corporate owners name on it to be worn by each Senator for
    easy identification.

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    • peace says:

      Great idea – love it – perhaps we could start with Maxine Waters and her multi-million dollar estate which costs mega bucks just to maintain it.

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  6. Bendix says:

    I am so glad to see that in writing, out where people can see it – “false choice”.
    Way back when we first started having the non-discussion on “health care reform”, I tried to get that
    through a number of thick skulls. Not only this issue, but this is the biggest one recently. People have a belief in “sides”, Liberal vs. Conservative, ‘Dems’ vs. ‘Reps’, and they will argue to the death over which “side” is right or wrong, hurling stupid talking points and slogans as if that passes for debate.
    “People will die” is the latest slogan.
    Obamacare isn’t “reform”, it’s a big fat giveaway to corporate interests. However, it is an entirely false choice that we either accept the insurance model we have, or else we have to install the in many ways inferior single-payer model.
    We can do better, much better.
    Politicians have no motivation whatsoever to reform anything, and they also lack any real knowledge of how to do so.
    False choice. Say it loud.

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  7. rashamon says:

    How about the DOCS figure this out. Oklahoma Surgery Center and others of their ken appear to be thriving on a cash only basis. Post prices and let the patient select. $200/hour x 35 hours/week x 48 weeks/year = $336,000 per year gross. Fiddle with the figures, then share offices, staff and incidentals with others. Tort reform just might bring down insurance costs for malpractice.

    Back in the olden days, my great-grandparents and grandparents received excellent care and lived well into their 90s (two into their 100s) without all the fancy insurance policies. Somewhere the system has failed and is now killing more patients than does who die for lack of care.

    “Is Someone Worried About Consequences?” by Karl Denninger at:

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    • thetinfoilhatsociety says:

      I have a practice. I’m a nurse practitioner. It runs VERY differently than a normal practice, so much so that sometimes new patients are a little freaked out at their first visit. I’m basically it. I do the referrals, I take the vitals signs, I do the documentation, I answer the phone after hours, I go to people’s houses for visits if they can’t get to me, I draw labs if they want me to or can’t get to the lab. I do have someone who answers the phone since I won’t answer if I’m with a patient, she’s a retired nurse and works from home.

      I’m paying the bills month to month. I’m not taking a salary yet, but my patient load is growing, and most of my patients are absolutely dedicated to my model. They like the fact that my practice is a lot more similar to something from 70 years ago.

      I do all of this while taking insurance. It takes a LOT more work but it’s worth it. I don’t need to see 20+ – 30+ patients a day, and most of my visits are 20-30 minutes in length, because patients actually get things explained to them and their questions answered with more than the Reader’s Digest version.

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    • Brant says:

      I’ve been following Denninger for several years. Reading. Haven’t ever posted. I like his posts. I like his healthcare take (with my minimal understanding). As far as my energy understanding goes (little bity), he also has a good approach to energy with the Molten Salt Thorium Reactor approach. I have been curious as to sundance approach to Thorium energy. Interestingly, I read in national geographic there is a young woman run startup in Boston looking into Thorium. I figured the demographic and location are perfect for “icky” nuclear (Boston, young woman, etc). Pardon the alternative red meat to the left vernacular. Not some old white guy from the hills of Kentucky.

      I have been wondering if there is overlap of CTH and market ticker readership.


  8. 6x47 says:

    There is an implication in this “Big Club” analysis that, once upon a time, legislators were akin to philosopher kings, regaling one another with profound orations as they debated legislation to promote “the public good”.

    The ugly truth is this is how it’s ALWAYS been. Factions and interest groups (and the occasional individual) have invested tremendous resources into capturing legislative influence and shaping public policy to benefit themselves at the expense of the general population.

    The trend has accelerated as the Federal government has woven its tentacles ever deeper into the economy, exponentially increasing the opportunity for “rent seekers” to ply their trade.

    And it isn’t a one way street, either. The democrats in particular use the threat of legislation and regulation as a shakedown racket to extort money from the “Big Club”.

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  9. Mike says:

    Medicine has HUGE biases toward new and expensive treatments that often are not more effective or cost effective.

    “Standard of care” doctors have no idea of generic and supernutrition therapies from elsewhere and usually a lot ideas based on negative pharma gossip and adversarial advertising to overcome.

    My spouse has a fatal cancer considered 100% fatal by five years ago. Commercial US medical options were full time torture at $50,000 – $100,000+ per month, for 1-2 years, all for a few months more. We found cheap generics and supernutrition answers in the literature (and some parts available overseas) for well under $1000 per month, feeling pretty well.

    We actually prefer limited amounts of insurance for some basics and emergency expenses.

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  10. wasntme says:

    It’s a Big Club and you ain’t in it – George Carlin

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  11. vfm#7634 says:

    Let’s hope old Tom Donohue croaks during Trump’s presidency.


  12. Troublemaker10 says:

    Steve Hilton’s swamp watch segment on big pharma and the big club…

    Swamp Watch: Health care and pharmaceuticals
    Jul. 09, 2017 – 8:36 – The real reason we’re in this mess on health care is because it costs too much


  13. setup2100 says:

    For those on here that do not think controlled opposition is real please read this from SD. Excellent article. Freedom Caucus, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee all are controlled opposition and will find a way to VOTE and support the UNIPARTY with the minor changes to look like they are the opposition.


  14. Pam says:

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  15. jbrickley says:

    Universal Single Payer Healthcare was a Leftist Democrat wet dream for decades. They had it all worked out. They knew they would never get single payer passed in the US. So they planned to implement the intentionally flawed ACA / Obamacare, watch it go up in flames and replace it with single payer. One cannot read the ACA without coming to the realization that it was doomed to fail. Yet they made it so big and so insane that to wrap your head around it took a very long time. Next came all the regulations and how to enforce it via the IRS, etc. The complexity was to hide things and despite lying to the American People about ACA it passed.

    Now the GOP Swamp wants a piece of the action except they have no plan and they are fragmented into factions all fighting for table scraps like a pack of hounds.

    I would be happy with a bare minimum law to cover those without insurance fairly. But it’s got to have anti-fraud teeth. There is no doubt a lot of fraud going on with ACA, where people are receiving subsidies who should not be receiving them. Same goes for Social Security disability fraud and don’t get me started on the illegals receiving taxpayer funded care. The numbers of disabled skyrocketed under the Obama Administration. Perfectly able bodied people are listed as disabled and unable to work for phony reasons and they are collecting social security and receiving subsidized ACA or Medicaid healthcare. They go to the ER with the sniffles, a cough and a mild fever for only two days and they don’t even want to buy over the counter Tylenol. They want cough syrup with codeine so they can make ‘Purple Drank’. Others show up complaining of extreme pain and demanding a wheelchair when the nurse just looked out the window and saw them sprint 500 yards for the door. The doctor looks them up in the narco database to find they hit up 5 other ER’s in the last six hours! Or they come into the ER driving a Range Rover and wearing more designer clothes and jewelry than the nurses can afford (even making $50+ / hr) and start making demands and that their ‘insurance’ will cover it. The staff look up the patient and find they are on welfare, disability and have Medicaid not insurance! It goes on and on and on. Ask any ER nurse or doctor, they will tell you fraud is rampant and we are all paying for it! Look at all the fraud committed under FEMA and hurricane Katrina.. There were thousands of con men and women from out of state picking up cash cards meant for food and clothing and other essentials. Or go to the supermarket on the day the EBT cards are reloaded to find scammers wishing to pay for your groceries with their EBT if you pay them cash at 50 cents on the dollar or less. Clearly, there are large numbers of grasshoppers taking advantage of the industrious hard working ants. I want to help those in need but truthfully, you give a man a fish and you feed him for a day but you teach him to fish and he can feed himself for life.

    It really isn’t that complex a problem to solve if you look at it objectively and with the American taxpayer in mind. What’s complex is everyone wants their pet project and everyone wants to somehow profit politically, financially, etc. The greedy slime of the swamp is what is holding back a GOP healthcare solution. Someone needs to out these dudes and shine a spotlight on them so the public can know how screwed up they are.


  16. dayallaxeded says:

    It’s well past time to take down Donahue. Anyone with that much interconnected influence peddling and with that much money under his direction has to have made a prosecutable misstep at some point. There should be a small task force of FBI, DOJ, and IRS agents assigned to hit CoC’s and SEIU’s books hard to take them down, like Capone. The smarmy hegemony needs it’s oil slick set on fire, before it destroys this nation any further.


  17. Troublemaker10 says:

    Pence endorses repeal and delay strategy on ObamaCare


    Vice President Pence on Monday said congressional Republicans should pass a “repeal only” bill if they can’t come to a consensus on legislation to replace ObamaCare.

    “If they can’t pass this carefully crafted repeal and replace bill – do those two things simultaneously – we ought to just repeal only,” Pence said in an interview with Rush Limbaugh.

    Pence’s comments echoed those made by President Trump, who last month suggested that he was open to repealing ObamaCare first and developing a replacement plan later.


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