North Korea Test Fires Another Ballistic Missile – President Trump Tweets Response…

Kim Jung-Un has test fired another missile.  President Trump responds:

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171 Responses to North Korea Test Fires Another Ballistic Missile – President Trump Tweets Response…

  1. Media is/ has been shilling for a war with DPRK. No government is.

    We (USA) test fire more missiles in a month at Fort Sill and elsewhere than DPRK (aka OMFG “North Korea”!!!) does in a year.

    Notice how foreign-controlled MSM conflates North Korean “missile launches” (which every nation does routinely) with nuclear testing, which DPRK has not done since President Trump has been in office.

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    • scott467 says:

      “We (USA) test fire more missiles in a month at Fort Sill and elsewhere than DPRK (aka OMFG “North Korea”!!!) does in a year.”


      We (USA) have had a nuclear arsenal for 72 years, We (USA) are the greatest (and only) super-power in the world, and We (USA) are not threatening to nuke anybody.

      North Korea is a Stalinist tyrannical dictatorship developing nuclear weapons and the capacity to deliver them across the world, and are openly threatening to do so.

      So enough with the comparisons of We (USA) to the train wreck that is North Korea.

      A professional knife-thrower can throw knives at a pretty lady and make an outline with knives all around her without ever nicking her skin.

      That doesn’t mean you let a psychopath from the crowd have a go at it.


      The threat is not complicated to understand.

      A) North Korea has nuclear weapons

      B) North Korea has a very unstable and violent leadership

      C) North Korea has threatened (repeatedly) to attack America

      D) North Korea is developing, as fast as possible, the capacity to mount one of their nuclear weapons to an ICBM capable of reaching Hawaii or farther

      E) given all of the above, the president would be grossly derelict in his duties and obligations to protect the United States if he allows a crackhead like Kim Jung-Stupid to acquire ICBM capability

      F) the clock is counting down to that capability becoming a reality

      G) an intervention of some kind MUST happen before that clock hits zero


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      • georgiafl says:

        E. North Korea has spies and agents acting all over the globe. Example: the poison assassination of Kim’s brother.

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      • vincent cuomo says:

        It is amazing how some people still do not get this; it is a pity that you even have to post this comment and even more of a pity that the previous comment comparing us to North Korea was posted.

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      • SafeSpace says:

        And the very same points should be made about a nuclear Iran.

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      • I guess we’ll just have to disagree, as friends. I admit my perspective is unusualy, but consider:
        A) I don’t believe they do. No video, no photo, no indications of fallout or radiation. Nothing but their claims. I take North Korean claims without evidence with a grain of salt.
        B) The leadership has been quite stable since 1948. You may not like them, but North Korean is anything but unstable.
        C) DPRK’s bellicose statements have been selectively reported in US media; the conditional “if the US attacks us” is always omitted, leaving only the “we will strike the US.”
        D) Perhaps. But game it out: in what circumstances would DPRK launch a missile at any country, especially the USA, knowing that to do so would be suicide?
        E) Do you have any evidence that Kim Jong Un uses crack cocaine?
        F) Perhaps, but so what? DPRK has zero motivation to attack an orders-of-magnitude stronger USA.
        G) Must?

        DPRK is a very emotional topic for many people. I operate on the assumption that something other than missiles and nukes is the issue. Many countries have both, take China for example. Because we don’t freak out over the fact that (nominally communist) China has both, the fact of (nominally non-communist) DPRK having both cannot be the source of our freaking out. Both of those realities existing at the same time mean that there must be some other reason for our making such a big deal out of a country that has no territorial ambitions and can barely feed itself.

        The same people that told us Trump would never win are telling us about North Korea. I don’t know what the motivation behind media hysterics about North Korea are, but I do note that North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Cuba are not members of the IMF/World Bank. Always follow the money…


  2. MOA says:

    Ideal time for some international therapy courtesy Don T.
    Japan and Sth Korea have been sponging on US power, spitting on the US in international forums (= abstaining on anti US votes) doing the UN cheer squad thing ….”we’re good little internationalists”…. for many decades.

    Lets leave NK to them.
    You mean a couple of thumbsuckers have to actually, errr….act in their own defence?

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  3. georgiafl says:

    President Trump’s tweet signals the US is not going to act alone, but expects Japan, South Korea and China to deal with the North Korea problem.

    The US may provide the crayons and refreshments, but the teachers and students have to do the work.

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    • trapper says:

      Actually, what I think Pres Trump is signaling is that the US may not act at all, leaving the Nork problem to their neighbors Japan, SKorea, and China to solve, or perhaps (shudder!) the Russians who actually share a border with the Norks. What would they do if the US just walked away? What would Japan do once the Norks launch an ICBM that can hit Tokyo? Japan and SKorea don’t want to be attacked, China and Russia don’t want the refugees that would result from a defensive first strike against the Norks, and all of Asia still fears a re-militarized Japan. They’re all supposed to be so smart, let them figure it out. WE don’t live anywhere near there.

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      • scott467 says:

        “Actually, what I think Pres Trump is signaling is that the US may not act at all…”


        That’s not an option, it’s not even remotely conceivable, when the perp is reaching for his gun and telling you he’s going to shoot you and your whole family (all 330 million of us).

        Maybe he’s lying.

        Maybe he’s not.

        But one must consider that this perp has executed hundreds of his own people — high ranking people within his own government — he has over 200,000 of his people tortured and brutalized in gulags, and he starves his own population. So torture, mass-murder and genocide are very much a part of Kim Jong-Un-hinged’s psychological profile.

        Our President’s primary job is to protect and defend the United States (and that includes ALL 300+ million people living here!). That’s why we HAVE a president. If he can’t get THAT part of his job right, what else matters?!?

        So the President can’t afford to take the chance, when the perp reaches for his gun — and if he thought he could, then he would be finished, and we would find someone else to protect and defend America.


        “They’re all supposed to be so smart, let them figure it out. WE don’t live anywhere near there.”


        There is this thing, it’s like a rocket, but it’s called a ‘missile’, and with proper engineering, that missile’s range is intercontinental. That might even have something to do with why it’s CALLED an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

        You don’t NEED to be anywhere ‘near there’. You can just ‘reach out and touch someone‘ from wherever you are… even from the other side of the planet.

        Are you getting this?

        If Kim Jong-Nutcase acquires ICBM capability, it no longer MATTERS that ‘we don’t live anywhere near there‘, because Kim Jong-Shortround can have a nuke sent from his doorstep to ours, signed, sealed and delivered, in under 30 minutes.

        For all practical purposes, ICBMs remove “geography” from the equation, and effectively gives North Korea the same proximity to America as Canada.



        • Marc says:

          If you actually think NK wants to put a nuclear tipped ICBM on US soil, I’ve got some beachfront property to sell you in Idaho.


    • jmclever says:

      I thought the tweet might be a tacit approval to China to do what they must.

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      • Sherlock says:

        China will not act, IMHO. They will try to talk us into an unenforceable deal, like the Iran crap, where N, Korea pinkie promises not to be bad, and we remove all carriers, etc. from the area and let China keep merrily building militarized islands. Russia will nod and say “Great deal, US, snap it up!” It’s a non-solution.


  4. Howie says:

    4 miles up for 1 mile downrange. Up over 1000 miles. Hold everything. That is almost straight up and down.


    • Sherlock says:

      Normal ICBM would reach no more than about 7 or 8 hundred miles high in actual use I think (keeping in mind that no one has actually used one in battle, but that is theoretically how high one would go on a long range attack). This one went higher, very steep angle. I assume this is because the lay of the land over there–longer range test would result in striking land somewhere. So, they are testing by going higher, not further.

      Much higher than the International Space Station this time, for comparison purposes.


  5. A2 says:

    Pres Xi is now meeting with Putin to make sure they are on the same page before the G20 meeting. During the phone call with the President, “Mr Xi told Mr Trump that Sino-US relations have been hit by “negative factors” following days of US actions that have vexed Beijing.”

    “China has been angered by US arms sales to rival Taiwan, American sanctions against a Chinese bank over its dealings with North Korea and, most recently, the sailing of a US destroyer within the territorial seas limit of a Chinese-claimed island in the South China Sea.

    The US State Department also gave China a dismal grade last week in a new human trafficking report.”

    Xi also issued a statement that China and Russia are opposed to Thaad deployment.

    China and Russia are playing the delaying game over North Korea. It can not be more apparent that Kim is their geopolitical tool, despite the fact that eventually, both China and Russia may be targeted by the fatboy. There are three people in this unholy marriage. The game is afoot.

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  6. drocity says:

    Notice how the insane dictator is the only one smiling in that quaint family portrait. And the guy in the uniform is physically separated from the rest, as if he does not want to be included. The poor woman in the front left looks as if she has a literal gun to her back. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in such a place, and am ever thankful that God blessed me enough to be born in the USA.

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  7. Mike diamond says:

    Pray every day that north Korea can get rid of this evil dude,Kim Jung un !


  8. velvetfoot says:

    “Heavy move”
    I like it.

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    • jmclever says:

      I’d be willing to bet that the definition of “heavy move” in the mind of communist hardliners is a lot different than it is in the minds of free Americans.


  9. Dave says:

    Everything North Korea says and does is a warning of increasing hostility and intent. Listen and see. Sometimes the sound of hoof beats is a stampede.


  10. georgiafl says:

    By what authority – and – for what purpose???

    Is O setting himself up as an alternate US government or going to run for President of Indonesia?


    • trapper says:

      An excellent question. Glad you asked. But to fully understand my answer you must go back a little.

      A few months back Newt Gingrich lamented that Pres Trump should have surrogates take on the media and talking heads rather than do it himself. What Newt failed to grasp is that Trump has turned EVERYTHING on its head.

      Trump has assembled a serious team of American nationalist heavy breathers in foreign policy and national security. What Trump does is create space for them to work.

      Jump back to Obama. I have no doubt Obama’s outsized ego does indeed harbor pipedreams of running a shadow government, an “other” presence in Washington. But where is all the coverage of it?

      For the past almost-week it has been nothing but nonstop “Mika, Mika, Mika!” Trump sucked all the oxygen out of the room with his tweets, leaving Obama’s Asia tour to suffocate and die, and creating working space for T-Rex and his team to lay the groundwork for G20 free from second guessing and constant monitoring by the press. Not too shabby.

      Now that you know this, keep it to yourself. But don’t worry, the press doesn’t come here.

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      • georgiafl says:

        OR….the press could be covering for Obama’s (and McCain’s) undermining actions in foreign countries.


        • trapper says:

          Perhaps, but the press seldom has the self restraint to forego printing anything it deems anti Trump. They are remarkably silent as to Obama/McCain.

          The thing is, other countries know who our president is, and while they are polite to McCain/Obama, I am sure no one wants to piss off Trump or his team. Smiling and shaking hands with a FORMER president or a FAILED presidential candidate, but taking calls from and doing deals with the CURRENT president, and his Sec State who ran the largest oil company in the world and has real credibility. There’s polite, then there’s business.

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          • georgiafl says:

            Well, if there’s skullduggery going on, it will be dealt with.

            America is angry and disgusted with people like Hillary, Obama and McCain getting by with no rules, spending America into ruin, starting disastrous wars….


  11. trapper says:

    In an article I read somewhere the author made the point that Fat Boy Kim may not be crazy at all, but may be doing the correct calculus.

    Watching while Gaddafi gave up his nukes to buy peace with Bush, only to be betrayed and murdered once Obama/Clinton came to power (“We came, we saw, he died,” in Hillary’s words) Kim correctly reasons that his only defense against another globalist in the White House is a nuclear weapon capable of hitting us. What other reasonable conclusion could Kim come to? There is none. If I were him that’s the course I would take. No nukes means dead Kim.

    So, how do you craft an America-first nationalist American foreign policy to make a pipsqueak nation feel safe from … well … from us? THAT is the question that must be addressed. It is the ONLY question that must be addressed. Answer it, and you also solve the Iran problem.

    Perhaps the answer is the exact opposite of what we are doing. NO sanctions, open trade, get the populace hooked on cheap consumer products and cable TV and iphones. Look out Fat Boy, here come Walmart and JayZ.


    • trapper says:

      Yeah, I know, correction: Gaddafi only gave up his nuclear program, not nukes.


    • Jedinovice says:

      Unfortunately, that will not work either because Kim lives in a solid ***Communist*** country. He does not want free trade with anyone least of all the US. Indeed, improving the economic lot of North Korea by any kind of free trade would only lead to more data on what freedom actually is (bear in mind that Most North Koreans have absolutely no idea and think their misery is actually normal) and that would lead to major unrest.

      Ultimately, North Korea will collapse in on itself. Kim is locked into a no win. If he continues to starve the people they will eventually rise up. No Communist country can sustain itself for that long. I think 70 is the maximum so far and North Korea is near the end of that rope. But, if Kim opens the borders to free trade he destroys the narrative of him as God and the provider of plenty.

      So he is already desperate. But, that, in turn, means there is nothing to give him. You cannot offer Kim anything he wants. Free trade = the end of his dynasty. Pulling out of military agreements will only embolden him and will confirm that might = power and will confirm his reign. Bringing might to bear only confirms his paranoia and his narrative that nukes are needed against Western Imperialism. Whatever you do or not do Kim will conclude he needs nukes not trade!

      You could win the Norks over with food and smartphones but Kim will not have it.

      I fear this will go to war because Kim CANNOT be offered anything to make him stopped. If he cared for his people there might be a chance but Kim is desperate to preserve his status as the Local God. Pray that the North Korean people are enlightened BEFORE it goes to war. Bribing Kim is not going to fly.

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      • trapper says:

        Probably right. Probably can’t be bought. So if Kim’s only concern is Kim, keeping his power and staying alive, then all he wants is to keep the music playing as long as he can. How would you give him assurances of that, because the only alternative anyone seems to come up with is to kill him, and everyone pretty much agrees that would mean catastrophe for SKorea. So, how would you assuage Kim’s fears?

        Or maybe, playing out all possibilities, and taking into account the math done by Mr. Crawford below, perhaps all possible scenarios reduce back to killing Kim and wiping out his nuclear program, and doing it sooner rather than later.


        • Jedinovice says:

          >So, how would you assuage Kim’s fears?

          Good question to which I think the answer is… nothing. I cannot think of a scenario where Kim will give up nukes. Bear in mind, also, that he is presented LITERALLY as God. How could God then go back on His Divine Word that North Korea REQUIRES nuclear weapons?

          I see only two possible solutions…

          1) Through prayer, sanctions and time, North Korea falls apart The words from what appears to be ever increasing defectors is that the country is starting to tear. It might just happen. North Korea is close to the historical 70 year limit of any communist system.

          2) War. Period. There is no way Kim can be bought off.
          Of course, there is just a chance that real military force MIGHT persuade the generals that Kim is, indeed, an utter loon and needs to be deposed… But there is so little data on the insane Kingdom that it impossible to be sure of what would ACTUALLY happen if it really came to blows.

          I am totally overloaded with work – am working through the night on ONE LAST emergency “It’s my exam tomorrow” assignment for a student and then I am referring anyone who wants any more damn help with their thesis, revision, exams, et all. I am burnt out from it all. Will be holing up in a hotel when ever I take a day off and I am being HOUNDED by parents and students… until such time as they realise when I say; “I am not working 7 days a week any more!!!” I mean it!

          I then need to recover but then… I am inclined to try and organise some mass prayer re: North Korea. If only because I feel the people have suffered too much for too long. And, I do not see the purely natural resolving this without mass bloodshed.

          OK, back to work… one last time!!


  12. TigerBear says:

    Maybe it is just me…but I get the impression China is actually behind NK . While NK is the focal point China continues its island expansions and military building. China is NOT our friend or ally! Imo

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  13. Donna in Oregon says:

    Trump team sanctions Chinese bank for helping North Korea nuclear program

    Building the narrative by catching the Chinese dirty. I see this as another economic move by President Trump to remove China’s MFN status. American businesses running home, chop-chop.

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  14. James W Crawford says:

    As I posted yesterday but people did not understand:

    “Reported 600 mile flight with 40 minute flight time. This was not s short range or medium range ballistic missile. This was an ICBM being tested with a lofted trajectory. Sort of like a mortar. If the simulated warhead survived reentry at such an acute angle, then NK definately has a functional ICBM.”

    This statement is based on a mathamatical understanding of ballistics. When you launch a projectile or rocket, it has a horizontal component to the velocity vector and a verticle compinent to its velocity vector. Whatever verticle component to there is to the velocity vector sends the rocket upwards until gravity slows it down then pulls is back down to Earth. There is some complication involving dmetails of missile accelleration rates which I will not go into to keep it simple. However; a first order approximation of the time that is required to slow the rocket as it rises is V/g where V is in meters per second and g is approximately 10 meters per second per second. (Standard value of g is 9.98 meters per second but that varies with lattitude, altitude and local gravitional anaomolies)
    The bottom line is that this rocket ascended for about 20 minutes (1,200 seconds) then descended for about 20 minutes. Burn out velocity was then about 1,200 seconds x 10 m/s or 12,000 meters per second or 22 kilometers per second! Earth orbital velocity is only 8 kilometers per second! If this rocket had been programmed to pitch over to boost horizontally, it would have gone into orbit! Typical burnout velocity for ICBMs is 7,000 meters per second.

    The North Koreans can now fiddle with this rocket to get whatever range and payload combination that they desire. I have no data on the gross lift off weight or burnout weight. However; it is not unreasonable to suggest that this thing could deliver a five ton payload to Tokyo or a one ton one ton payload to Washington DC. Depending on NK’s nuke technology, this means nuking down town Washington DC or metropolitan Tokyo.


    • James W Crawford says:

      Now NK is claiming that it was an ICBM.

      It is very, very credible.

      Given considerations of aerodynamic drag, it is unlikely that this was a small missile.


  15. Bronson says:

    It ends like this

    Trump— Hey China, you take out Kim sick un or we’ll slapp you with a 75% tariff, as simple as that.


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