Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Modernizing The U.S. Federal Government…

Modernizing government might not sound sexy as a political agenda item, and definitely doesn’t carry the interest of MSM headlines, however it’s actually a key tenet to reducing the size, scope and expense of government.  The utilization of modern technology to downsize government is a policy initiative.

The Trump administration is quietly putting private sector operational efficiencies into place within the federal government, as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross outlines:

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79 Responses to Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Modernizing The U.S. Federal Government…

  1. Hoosier_friend? says:

    The abuse our POTUS endures is horrendous. I thank God every day for him and I think I’ll start praying for him more often.

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  2. Harry Lime says:

    The way it was supposed to be. The way it was supposed to work…

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    • R-C says:

      LOVED that president!

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      • spren says:

        The greatest American in my lifetime, only behind Washington in our history. He completely changed my life and pulled me over from the dark side (liberal Democrat). I hope Trump will be added to the category of those two great men.

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        • R-C says:

          Mr. Trump is already on my ‘short list’ of Greatest Presidents Evah.

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          • spren says:

            I was raised in a Republican family but my brother was killed in Vietnam and I blamed it on Nixon. I voted for Carter in 1976, but the convergence of his failures, my promotion into management, and having a child changed my perspective on life.

            I changed my registration to Republican in 1980 just so I could vote against Reagan hoping to give GHW Bush the nomination. The failed rescue mission in April of 1980 of the Iranian hostages was one of the darkest moments of my life (other than losing my brother). As I started to listen to Reagan after he won the primaries (initially to my horror) I began to see life anew. He gave me hope and made me look forward to a future that I now saw as what he called “Morning in America.” I began to see that life was what I would make of it. I became energized. I went to night school to earn a Master’s degree. I started pole vaulting again and went on to increase my personal record well above what I had done in college. I took piano lessons. I used my successes to inspire my young children to aspire for their best. I owe so much to that great man, Ronald Reagan.

            My energy during those years rubbed off on my children who have since accomplished great things in their lives. And now we have a grandson who will benefit from this spirit as well.

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            • piper567 says:

              thanks, spren, for that little anecdote.
              your little story is about what was once accurately known as a role model having an actual effect on a young person’s life.
              this role model concept is yet another phrase which has been appropriated by the agenda driven left.


              • kp3ace says:

                I just barely got my ballot in on time. That was also the first time I’d ever voted republican. It’s been 20 -30 years since I voted for either party. I voted for Ralph Nader, Ross Perot. My soon to be ex would vote democrat because his father voted that way. He was part of Romneys 47%. Both of my son’s voted for PDJT. I don’t believe my daughter voted. PDJT changed a lot of peoples minds.


            • R-C says:

              And THAT is a very powerful personal story. Thanks for sharing.

              I was in high school, graduated in 1980. Carter came to speak at my high school during his thankfully ill-fated re-election bid. I despised Carter’s weakness and dithering.

              I was among a small handful of students who were lined up to meet the president. What an UNDERWHELMING thing it was…Carter’s handshake was as limp and moist as a wet dishrag.

              When Reagan spoke, it resonated. Luckily, I was able to work in very close proximity to President Reagan just a few years later. That man walked into the room? The very atmosphere changed. He had PRESENCE; and commanded RESPECT. (His successor did not have the same effect.)

              I see the same traits in President Trump that I saw in President Reagan.


  3. Julie4Trump says:

    Can you imagine any of President Trump agenda being utilized by HilliAry? His cabinet picks are A one, and now another Supreme Court Justice, wow, MAGA

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    • I just finished reading a book called The Other Woman, about Dolly K. The long time mistress of Billy….Im telling you guys we have dodged an even bigger disaster than we realize. She would have destroyed us all trying to cement her place in history.

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    • bkrg2 says:

      funny… I was thinking the same thing listening to Wiburine!
      Who would have been Crooked’s Commerce Secretary? Martha Stewart? Oprah?
      Secretary of State? Podesta!!! I had to go look it up – we dogged some massive bullets (actually nuclear missles!)

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      • RG says:

        Those you mentioon are still alive and still a threat. Elections have consequences and there is no more proof that the Prez election of 2016.

        Trump is my answer to many prayers.

        The years we spent under Obama, George Bush, and Clinton total 24 long years. Those who were born just before the criminal Clinton regime and those born during that 24 year period are still wild cards. Who knows what the future will bring but our education system needs to be overhauled as much as roads and bridges need to be rebuilt. TV, films and video pose a looming threat as most actors are bad actors in the vein of Johnny Depp. Look at our college system today – a total mess, especially with the Ivy Leagues. A famous motto of Pearl Harbor is “Lest we Forget.” Our motto now needs to be, “Never forget the Obama years and how close we came to losing our country to liberals and Islam.”

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  4. On the “Reconciliation” silver bullet:
    Why the hell can’t Congress change the Reconciliation rules?
    THEY CAN – with 51 votes in the Senate, if they decide against filibusters.
    They can change their rules anytime they want – nothing in the Constitution prevents them.

    Congress writes its OWN RULES:
    They can use reconciliation anytime they want for anything they want.
    Let it apply a change to the rules to “this one budget” if they want.
    They can change reconciliation to dump ObamaCare.
    They can change the FAKE 10-year horizon to 15 years.
    They can incur deficits to reignite the economy with Tax Reform.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Congress is now a CHARADE of CHARLATANS.

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    • booger71 says:

      You aren’t wrong.I don’t think the Founding Fathers ever envisioned anything but a simple majority in any vote. The filibuster rule is a crap rule to make the Senate seam more important than they are.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      Congress/ politicians Do Not write any bills …… Politicians just enact the laws and paid to push the agendas that special interests ( google, Soros, Big banks etc.) Unelected people want pushed through and lobbyists lobby for them ……… Politicians wouldn’t know How to write a bill if their life depended on it….. They are just the paid, elected puppets for these big donors, bought and paid for ……… THIS is why i was so attracted to PDJTRUMP…. He did not accept ANY donors except from we the people …….. He was the first ever to walk into the Whitehouse with no IOUs………. THIS is why they can’t stand him because he could not be bought ……… And this is also why good, honest decent people will not and can not run for office and it’s a shame, BUT also why I love and respect our President even more because he refused to be bought to do right by the American people and this Country we love ……….

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      • The Trump Administration is NO DOUBT moving on three fronts against LEGISLATIVE CORRUPTION:
        • Tracking the Lobbyist AUTHORS of every major piece of Legislation.
        • Tracking the Legislators’ DELAY TACTICS and VOTES for major Legislation.
        • Following the CORPORATE MONEY to finger Pay-to-Play criminals.

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        • Then come those Offers they can’t refuse … White Hat Team … or … Black Hat Prosecution.

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        • RG says:

          There is nothing more dangerous than the Black Congressional Caucus. Well, maybe the total of 535 who are splintered but when the BCC pulls a Colin Kaepernick on this country, they send a strong and wrong message to many younger people of color.


      • 4sure says:

        Yes, SD wrote about this. Pols. do not write the legislation. Lobbyists do. All one needs to do to see how incompetent these pols. are is to watch them in their hearings. They are as dumb as rocks. They only know how to do one thing…..lie and steal our money. Well, make that two things.

        They (pubs) can change the rules anytime they wish. It would only require 51 votes to pass anything in the senate. The incestuous uniparty does not want to change the rules because they don’t want to do our business. They are there to do the bidding of their masters. The globalists who own them. By keeping the rules as they are, it gives them a ready made excuse to blame the other party. They then have a way to keep us divided and on the plantation.

        They are evil. Pure evil.

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      • QuestGirl says:



    • Carl H says:

      When can we replace politicians with self service kiosks?


    • katwoody99 says:

      So well said – thank you! We finally have a LEADER who will help us hold them accountable. We’ve got to get Term Limits in place for Congress.

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    • WSB says:

      If I am not mistaken Cruz was mentioning this very strategy a few weeks ago. I am wondering if this is going somewhere with Cruz being a hold out now?


  5. Sylvia Avery says:

    My experience within the bowels of government accounting bears witness to Wilbur Ross’ statements.

    I loved his example about owning a ten year old car and you start having to face huge maintenance costs and you have to determine whether it is cost effective to maintain or replace.

    Wilburine clearly understands the secrets of government accounting which is amazing since his experience is all private sector. Things are done very differently in government budgeting and accounting, and Wilburine has already got that all figured out. Good for him. Smart man.

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    • camulla says:

      Thank the Lord for blessing us with this administration. We have a reprieve, and we need to be thankful for it. I also think a political action committee needs to put together all the violent remarks from the left, put them in an ad, and start using it on television so low information voters see how radical Democrats are.

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  6. NJF says:

    Love me some Wilbur the Wolverine!!!

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    [Proposed solution in the absence of details from the Administration]

    Create a “Special Class” for PARTNERED INFRASTRUCTURE DEBT.
    • Set the Special Class as JOINTLY-funded debt with States & Industry.
    • Limit the Special Class to CRITICAL Infrastructure Investments.
    • Put that Special Class at the FRONT of the LINE for REPAYMENT.

    Permit States and Industry to earn fees for the use of this Infrastructure according to (1) their share of the investment, (2) the performance of the infrastructure and (3) the durability of the Infrastructure.

    These approaches should reduce interest rate requirements, reduce debt levels, drive higher-quality infrastructure and maximize public benefits.

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  8. Janice says:

    We are so blessed! Devine Intervention is what I tell friends. Many of them are seeing the light. Thank you Father God! 🙂

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  9. Aintree77 says:

    Wilbur! Wilbur! There has never been a better Commerce Secretary in the history of the USA. Maybe Last Refuge can help Wilbur expose some of the egregious waste of taxpayer funds.
    The people have a right to know how their taxes are being spent or wasted at will by Dems and anti Trumpists.

    Why not have a daily, weekly or occasional LR Cost $$$ Tabulator or Cost Clock on your site that tallies up how much the faux Russian- Trump Collusion campaign has and is continuing to cost taxpayers. This tactic has been a very effective method of revealing the true costs of something wasteful or misguided in other countries.

    If you added up all the billable hours and costs that the various Congressional Committees and all of their aides have wasted on this issue (rather than doing other things) as well as the total costs of the Comey-Rosenstein Mueller investigation including office space, computer equipment, Dem lawyers salaries, Mueller’s salary and whatever else you decide to add to the hefty tally. Then most importantly, you can compare these enormous expenditures to other programs or initiatives that could have used the money like veteran’s bonuses, kid lunch programs in poor areas…(just a few examples but LR could think of better comparisons.

    Visible evidence of how much money and time has and is being wasted on this fiasco would be illuminating.

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    • Aintree77 says:

      Ken Starr’s Clinton Whitewater Special Counsel lasted 4 years. Imagine how outrageously high Mueller’s tab will be in today’s dollars if the naive-Comey-duped Rosenstein allows his pal Mueller to continue hiring all the available Dem and Hillary lawyers he can find and to continue siphoning much needed tax money at will from the DOJ budget or other areas over a span of years. Utter Madness!

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      • rashamon says:

        Odd isn’t it; the Clintons have been running a lawsuit tab on either the taxpayers in Arkansas or the taxpayers of the U.S. since Whitewater Development Corporation, incorporated in 1979, and they’ve never suffered one thin dime thanks to all the people who have covered for their multiple frauds. Who knows what Slick Willy pulled off before that to get into the governor’s chair. Perhaps ignoring the activity at Mena Airport while he was Attorney General of Arkansas earned him some points.

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    • Will Janoschka says:

      “Visible evidence of how much money and time has and is being wasted on this fiasco would be illuminating.”
      I agree wholeheartedly! Start by having the office of EACH and EVERY CONGRESS-CRITTER; report every month on money spent salaries, travel, and miscellaneous; vs what was accomplished by that critter!! Finish by electing only those that pledge to do ‘more nothing’ at one half the price! It is up to the citizens of this USA to force that upon congress.

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    • piper567 says:

      sounds like good raw material for Tweets.
      why don’t you send this to the WH via email? (suggestions)


  10. BP_1 says:

    Please, US Gov, please…. go to the blockchain and smart contract technology so you can catalyze yourself into minimization..

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  11. kenmar1965 says:

    I am hoping that any efficiencies gained by this modernization program immediatly result in the Federal government “right sizing” it’s workforce. …. just like the private sector.

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  12. LafnH2O says:

    Each yearly budget MUST be bigger!
    MUST BE!!

    I have personally witnessed “Whole Offices” being “Thrown away or given to someone or something”
    Furniture, fixtures, electronics…everything.

    New costs more $… more $ available to be “Slush Funded”.

    $500 hammer anyone.

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for a real government reform administration. Trump really knows how to pick them! Best cabinet ever! Wilberine really knows his stuff.

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  14. delmarvajim says:

    Many years ago, I believe it was Senator Fulbright, (correct me if I’m wrong), that gave out the “Golden Fleece Award”. Could be something that should be revived.


    • Kathy says:

      It was Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin who issued the Golden Fleece awards from 1975 to 1987. His very first award went to the National Science Foundation for squandering $84,000 to learn why people fall in love.

      At this link, you can use the right-most column to navigate the archived materials. The Annual Summaries contain the most details.


      • senator lankford publishes a “federal fumbles” list re: gov’t waste. tom coburn used to speak about waste in gov’t, but he’s no longer in office.

        in addition to waste, with large $ amts. missing from state and hud, i am certain of two things: there was a lot of creative accounting going on to shift money around to entities not compatible with us sensibilities and 2) once the various cabinet members suss out their departments and start red-penning waste and schmutz, we’re going to have a much leaner gov’t. *and* various countries and activist groups can suck peanuts.


        • piper567 says:

          a budget will help too…remember sundance said we have not had a budget at ALL during ozero’s admin.
          the presence of the replacement, a “slush fund” omnibus bill, was how the $$$ was shifted around


  15. emet says:

    Federal employees were asked suggestions to cut costs. Federal employees who routinely see waste, but were powerless to halt it were anle to forward their ideas for review. The biggest waste is, in my observation, employee time spent on tasks that are duplicated, are of no value to the taxpayer ( I call them non-value-added tasks) or could be accomplished in a shorter time. There will be a great deal of resistance to the breaking of rice bowls, but with the push coming from the top it is inevitable. Traditionally, it was fairly taboo in the Federal govt to point out, for example, that a proposed program was, you know, really stupid. I’m looking forward to increased efficiencies.

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  16. Bendix says:

    Didn’t we hear something about Hillary’s State Department using floppy discs, or something?
    Jimmy Carter talked about instituting some reforms in this area, so Democrats should love it if Wilbur does some of that, it should be a bi-partisan hit.

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  17. emet says:

    Really, all of this should be done by the GAO. And as more and more ideas for saving money are put into practice, someone might want to ask why GAO did not implement the measures years ago


  18. snaggletooths says:

    This is another example of the last few administrations dropping the ball doing no updates just throwing money away 90 billion each year to maintain obsolete equiptment private enterprise sure would not be in business long if they operated like our government does.

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  19. G. Combs says:

    I for one like Zero Based budgets.

    Perhaps not every year but certainly every 4 years.

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    • spren says:

      Gail, I would be happy with just even having a budget. How many years has it been since a real budget was put into place. They’ve turned the entire funding process into a farce with their smoke and mirrors continuous resolution process. They use the previous year’s spending as the new baseline and add 7% inflation to it. The “infamous” sequester only reduced this inflationary increase by 2% and all we heard was that the sky was going to fall.

      I would push the budget process to be based on the tax revenue RECEIPTS of the previous year and every department would receive a set allocation based upon that. They would then have to prioritize their spending for each line item in their respective budgets.

      In the private sector company I worked in, our budget allocation was reduced every year and we had to prioritize our spending to meet it. And we were able to always accomplish more with less, and to still end the year in the black. There is no reason the federal government can’t do this and that we can expect/demand them to do it.

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  20. Mick Turner says:

    The reason for the archaic equipment in the govt. is simple. The govt. tries to move up in technology, a contract is putout and the company hired is the low bidder, the result is a failed program…the govt. is then stuck with the old stuff. How about hiring competent companies and Holding them Accountable, they mess it up, they PAY! Remember, if you are a parachute jumper do you want your parachute packed by the “LOW Bidder”? Govt. contracting rules are so stupid and political it spells failure before the project is ever started. We need to get rid of the BS politically driven rules and do business smartly!

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  22. beaupre03 says:

    Department of Redundancy Department


  23. Mike diamond says:

    right on Wilbur !!! A real man taking care of business !


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