Michael Brown’s Parents Paid $1.5 Million in Settlement…

According to multiple media reports Ms. Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. will cash-in on the death of their son, Michael Brown, with a total settlement against all parties of $1.5 million.  [Ferguson, essentially, paid off a nuisance lawsuit.]

(VIA ABC NEWS) The family of Michael Brown, an African American teen whose fatal shooting by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, sparked large-scale protests, has settled its lawsuit against the city for $1.5 million, said Apollo Carey, the city attorney for Ferguson.

The settlement amount was paid by the city’s insurance company “on behalf of multiple defendants,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber’s order approving the settlement didn’t mention the amount, but he said the split of the amount between Brown’s parents, Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden, is “fair and reasonable” and “provides for a reasonable amount” for attorney fees and expenses, the Post-Dispatch reported.

The judge ordered the settlement agreement sealed, writing that its disclosure “could jeopardize the safety of individuals involved in this matter, whether as witnesses, parties, or investigators,” the newspaper reported. (read more)

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235 Responses to Michael Brown’s Parents Paid $1.5 Million in Settlement…

  1. Watcher says:

    This is what happens when a thug is elected president.

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  2. Can the officer and his wife sue this thug family, the MSM media, Black Lives Matter, etc. for making them give up their way of life, home, career and everything that was normal in their life.?

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  3. The Renegade says:

    Well I guess they’ll likely buy new hubcaps for their “ride.”
    Why are these tacky, poor “parents” getting a dime?

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  4. Davey says:

    And what is Rev. Als’ cut? 25-30-50%?

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  5. dandtoy says:

    Ferguson is a city. They probably have insurance. All Cities in Missouri rates rise… we all pay for it in the end….

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  6. jmclever says:

    what about the looted businesses? what do they get?

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  7. TeeJay says:

    I love the plaque showing the “scholarly” Michael Brown… and here’s the REAL Michael Brown..

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  8. jat says:

    oh how charming … compensation for being crappy parents.


  9. sgtrok13 says:

    Great. Having section 8 kids was lucrative in and of itself. Now they will be breeding them to rob stores and get killed. Their value just went up


  10. pointman12 says:

    cheaper to settle than fight…most cities would rather pay even though they would likely win in court…it’s cheaper, no or little publicity…but it rewards losers and sends a crappy message…

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  11. LKA in LA says:

    Ill gotten gains for losers. This lazy family spend so much energy on the con of others that it is sickening to watch.

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  12. chick20112011 says:

    He probably got more attention in death from his parents than in life. Sad

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  13. maggiemoowho says:

    Now all the businesses that burned and all the people who were injured in the riots, that the Mike Browns family started with their lies, can sue MB’s family and actually get something from them.

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  14. Bull Durham says:

    He committed half a dozen felonies in less than seven minutes and they get paid.
    The stupid people of Missouri deserve this ripoff.
    Race racketeering.

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  15. Frank says:

    That’s why it’s called the “ghetto lottery.” Have a bunch of sorry-ass kids (lottery tickets), let them grow up in the streets, and when their number comes up at the barrel of a cop’s gun, cry “racism!” and let slip the lawyers of war.


  16. Fatalerror094 says:

    And likely a BIG percentage of that settlement (blood money) will be gobbled up by lawyers and other fees.

    Michael Brown was a psychotic thug, but it’s easy to see why he turned out that way when his family treated his corpse like peace of meat to exact tribute from the city.

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  17. Howie says:

    I thinks there is more to these sebbledents for the famblies and lawyers of the perps than meets the eye. Collusion?


  18. Wow that’s it? Surprised it wasn’t more. This will be a story we will continue to follow next few decades. I’ll be watching & waiting for future news on the Michael Brown family. It would shock me if they turn out better than Duke Lacrosse accuser.


  19. burnett044 says:

    some people love being the victim……the divide is wide …

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  20. cbjoasurf says:

    IMHO, Michael Brown probably got what he deserved and his parents being awarded ANYTHING shows just how far off course our Judicial system really is.

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    • Kroesus says:

      “judicial system” other than allowing the filing of this frivolous lawsuit had exactly NOTHING to do with its settlement….you can lay the entirety of that decision on the city’s insurance carrier


  21. trumpsbamagirl says:

    So does this mean the family will lose their welfare, medicaid, food stamps and section 8 housing????

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  22. Doug says:

    All of the shop owners need to file civil lawsuits against these people for the destruction of their properties.


  23. Wingman says:

    After fake nails,hair weaves,cases of Remy Martin, a couple of new Escalades with 24in. Dubs and these grifters will have blown through that money.

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  24. Covfefe-USA says:

    So the BGI legal team(s) devour about 50%; there may be taxes here and there. Betting that when all is said and done, ‘parents’ get about $500K (if that); also betting daddy-o has unpaid child support orders for feral(s) – if so, the various county child support service agencies may eat into his share. The pair will be broke within 2 years, assuming no life style changes.


    • Kroesus says:

      no tax federally on a settlement as it is not considered “income”…..contingency for lawyers is 33-40% normally leaving the decrepit Brown relatives $900k – 1M to spend foolishly like they live their lives


  25. Jim Rogers says:

    Black Lives Matter! To defense lawyers……


  26. deanbrh says:

    Reality Wins, thanks for that great article. I never thought of the situation as an impossibility to assimilate. The Muslim culture….yeah, we all know they can’t assimilate, at the outset. But it never struck me that the Blacks can’t assimilate, no matter what! Very thought-provoking article.


  27. Dale Fontana says:

    Now if they can use the rest of their family as a revenue source like this, they can open up a hedge fund…..


  28. pjb535i says:

    Like most lotto winners, this money will buy them even more miserable lives than they already have. If they were principled people with even a basic knowledge of investing, it would represent a really nice opportunity to create some wealth and actually contribute to society.

    But alas, Mike Brown’s folks likely understand just one thing that having a few dollars is good for and that’s spending. Depending on how wide they open the spigot, I’ll give them 18 months, maybe two years before they return to having a negative net worth (OK, maybe I’m being generous here).

    Consider Rodney “Can’t we, can’t we all just get along” King. Even his $3.8 MM settlement wasn’t enough to prevent him from overdosing on drugs and being found at the bottom of his swimming pool – at the ripe old-age of 47.


    • dale fontana says:

      As it proves once again the unassailable validity of Scriptural teaching. All the money in the world can’t make any difference when the rot comes from the inside out. It can provide an opportunity to do some really constructive changes. But without character, individuals such as these are bound to fail….miserably. And that ties in to a major philosophical political debate: the Democrat sponsored left is always wrong. Flinging money at people with very serious basic problems without the committment to grow the character, add skills and treat the underlying problems is doomed to failure as the “war on poverty” has clearly proved. But to the Left it’s never about results or really helping people. It’s always about feeling good for the short term in a delusional way at the expense of others, while hurling insults at those who want real results and object. I am not sure whether this lesson will ever be learned.


  29. Rusty Shackleford says:

    GIBS GIBS GIBS, it’s always about the gibs.


  30. moe ham head says:

    they will blow the money in less than 2 years
    btw they will still receive ebt and snap benefits


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