Jane and Bernie Sanders Under FBI Fraud Investigation Begun During Obama Administration…

Details are beginning to surface of a fraud investigation that began in 2016 as a result of complaints about Jane Sanders and her role in obtaining multi-million-dollar loans for a now defunct (closed in May ’16) Burlington University.  Many people might remember the origins of this story which began long before the presidential primary season last year.

BACKSTORY – At the end of 2010, Mrs. Jane Sanders took out $10 million in loans on behalf of Burlington College to purchase a 32-acre swathe of land from the Roman Catholic diocese, which put the land up for sale to help cover the costs of a $17 million sexual-abuse settlement

As Ms. Sanders pursued financing for the land acquisition, she repeatedly said that Burlington College had received more than $2 million in fundraising commitments and pledges, according to numerous records. However, in fiscal year 2011, Burlington College raised only $279,000, though the college had earlier claimed to have secured $1.2 million in confirmed pledges.

The college almost immediately fell short on its financial obligations as the fundraising pledges and commitments Ms. Sanders cited in loan agreements never materialized. Less than a year after leading Burlington College into massive debt, Ms. Sanders resigned, taking with her a $200,000 severance package.  The college was forced to close in 2016.

In January 2016, just prior to the college closing, Vermont lawyer Brady Toensing, who is also vice chair of the Vermont Republican Party, wrote a letter on behalf of Catholic parishioners to the U.S. attorney in Vermont, as well as the inspector general of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), seeking a probe into whether Ms. Sanders fraudulently secured the loans.  The U.S. attorney, Eric Miller, confirmed that he had received the parishioners’ letter but would not comment on the status of any investigation.

CBS reports today that an FBI fraud investigation did actually begin, and now Jane and Bernie Sanders have hired a high powered legal firm to defend themselves against any potential criminal or civil charges.

(Via CBS News) Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and his wife, Jane Sanders have hired prominent defense attorneys amid an FBI investigation into a loan Jane Sanders obtained to expand Burlington College while she was its president, CBS News confirms.

Politico Magazine first reported the Sanders had hired lawyers to defend them in the probe. Sanders’ top adviser Jeff Weaver told CBS News the couple has sought legal protection over federal agents’ allegations from a January 2016 complaint accusing then-President of Burlington College, Ms. Sanders, of distorting donor levels in a 2010 loan application for $10 million from People’s United Bank to purchase 33 acres of land for the institution.

According to Politico, prosecutors might also be looking into allegations that Sen. Sanders’ office inappropriately urged the bank to approve the loan.  (continue reading)

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226 Responses to Jane and Bernie Sanders Under FBI Fraud Investigation Begun During Obama Administration…

  1. This is all well and good, but how the heck is Hillary not under investigation for doing 1,000 time worse?

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    • Bull Durham says:

      No proof that there are not several Federal investigations of Clinton.
      These are done for keeps and in secret until indictments are ironclad.

      Ever been involved in any Federal case? It is always a year or more in the “making”.
      I’ve been in on several. Both that went to trial were over a year in the investigative stage and both took weeks of trials.

      Think of the size, scope, geographies and States and Countries to cover for the Clintons.
      And when you throw the book at them, you are throwing a library of books.

      Haiti alone would take two years to prepare.
      Russian uranium deal would take several years to prepare.

      Plenty of time left on the clock.

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      Hillary abused her position as SOS and obama hid everything, including his own malfeasance. The FBI looked the other way under the protection of Comey. The Sanders problem is a private one and Comey is not there to protect anyone. In any case, the Sanders were not under the Clinton fraudation umbrella. Too bad for them.

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  2. NJF says:

    As my Bernie loving 20 year d daughter said after the convention, “what a sell out!”

    She was heartbroken. I feel bad for a lot of these kids. Unfortunately the Soros funded part of the party turned many of these kids into violent idiots.

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    • keebler AC says:

      At some point, youth lose their naivete and in majority of cases this time around it was due to Bernie. He used them. An octogenarian now driving a fancy red sports car. Very sad.

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    • AM says:

      “She was heartbroken. I feel bad for a lot of these kids. ”

      I’m from Vermont. I remember when Bernie was the mayor of Burlington. I wish I could have warned each kids personally, not that they would have believed me.

      He’s sincerely for socialism and the little guy, but it’s not motivated and he’s not bright.

      He likes making speeches and VT gave him that platform, in part because the state has filling up with Bernie Bros of varying ages since the 1960’s. He doesn’t want anything more than that and perks of the office.

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      • Labouroflove says:

        Hello neighbor,

        I’ve read your posts and we’re almost lock step on diagnosing Vermont.

        The influx of landed, well healed MA, CT, and NY retirees and second home owners has skewed our politics and radically changed our demographics. These ‘haves’ seek aesthetic beauty, zero change / growth and quiet roads above all else. Vermonters, working Vermonters, have been flosssed off the Green Mountains.

        The shift in political balance has seen strict and onerous regulation on business, agriculture as well as new or rejuvenating construction. My region, Rutland, VT or central Vermont has seen the loss of dozens of substantial employers due to frustration with regulations.

        Metro mail, 365 employees, delay in act 250 approval (two years) for a needed addition of 10,000 Sq ft to house machinery necessary, moved out of state. All jobs lost.

        Omya, Company Headquarters in Proctor, VT, ran into issues with new state regulations limiting it’s granite slurry trucks coming from its quarries, the state wanted to limit them and double road taxes. Omya said back off or we will move. Omya moved their headquarters to Ohio, 200 jobs that paid over $100,000 per gone.

        Rutland Plywood, 400 employees, their plant suffered a major fire, act 250 and its process denied rebuilding, the owners closed the doors.

        The list can go on…….. but decorum prevents me from going postal here so I’ll stop.


        The loss of thousands of high paying, skilled jobs has decimated the region.

        It’s still beautiful though.

        Cheers rant over.

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        • AM says:

          I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t say I’m surprised.

          It’s beautiful, but like so many, we’ve left, too. We’re in the South now. Rutland ironically has kept some local community because the retirees/trust funders don’t care about that area.

          We just threw in the towel. Between the jobs and housing, we need a place to really raise our family and not try to deal with the scraps the urbanites left over for us. 😦 I love our new home too, but it was hard to say good bye.


        • Sounds just like California! It was great once too, till the socialist took over.


          • greenmakescents says:

            Then when they tired of the mess their do as I say not as I do policies created, they moved on to Colorado and have done the same thing here. Now they have Georgia on their mind and have put it in high gear there. Happy to see the socialists and Hollywood are getting push back from the South!


        • It’s not just VT and it’s not just outsiders moving in. It is the horrible education system, nationalized some years ago via textbook and curriculum adoptions that has led to this.

          How do I know? Because the same thing has happened here in Oregon. And many other states, too, I bet.

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          • Indimex says:

            You took the words right out of my mouth. We are out in the gorge. Red county. I consider the public school system here lost to the insidious virus of leftism. We stay for the beauty and the recreation. Always considering relocating; but, is there anyplace left uncontaminated? We cover our children in prayer and fully count on Gods grace to get them through.


      • Nunya Bidness says:

        Mrs Sanders socialized Burlington right out of existence.


    • Rick says:

      They say when you’re young if you’re not a liberal you don’t have a heart.
      However they also say when you are old if you’re not a conservative you don’t have a brain.

      Hopefully, our youth will develop their brains quicker than normal and have enough of a heart left to know the difference between good and evil.

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    • WSB says:

      I think you should also remind your daughter that Bernie’s new vacation home was purchased with cash and put in his wife’s name…apparently using her retirement hoard and Bernie thus did not show any new toys while close to the campaign.

      I wonder now if the deed has been changed?


  3. Will Janoschka says:

    Who now h


  4. michael loehrer says:

    Who does Bernie think he is, John Edwards?

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  5. Will Janoschka says:

    Oops Who now has title to Burlington College? This all seems like another FBI distraction. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke need be appointed to drain the FBI.. 🙂

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  6. waicool says:

    too bad hillbags lost the election, the bern-outs lost their cover with that one. maybe Mueller can still steer a few bankers boxes into the shredder room for the ol’ coots


  7. The Boss says:

    A well-timed announcement of a fraud investigation of Pochontas by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the FBI would be a welcome development. Watching for smoke signals…..

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  8. beaujest says:

    Lock her up !

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  9. youme says:

    So she lied to get a loan. So did the owners of Solyndra (and millions of home loan borrowers precipitating the 2008 financial crisis, btw.)



    After a 4 year FBI investigation, no indictments. 4 YEARS!!

    A couple of New York City first grade detectives could have wrapped it up in a week.

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  10. BAM says:

    Now we know what the Dems had on Bernie. They surely weren’t going to pit someone against HRC that they didn’t have some dirt on. He got a little extra payola at the end; and I wondered why he settled so cheap. Obvious now.

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  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    OMG. What if they lose everything?!? What if…..oh, this is horrible…..they become “middle class”? The horrors, the shame of it all. (SNORT)

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  12. harrietht3 says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer couple — or almost none more worthy of the honor.

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  13. Alison says:

    So fishy – bank loans $10 million on university’s assurance of $1.2 million in commitments?? First, that loan to receivable ratio makes no sense. Second, bank could not have done proper due diligence on the commitments or else some fraud was involved in confirming them. Third, the whole thing looks like a bank perpetrating some money laundering. Fishy fishy fishy.

    And that’s before we even get to Jane’s involvement.

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  14. Donna in Oregon says:

    Karma. Baghdad Bernie. Remember this? Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Sanders sabotaged VA reform.


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  15. Labouroflove says:

    Vermonter here, Mendon, VT

    Students were harmed. This scheme, initiated by Ms. Sanders and Bernie, caused severe economic hardship on the college. They knowingly overextended the college for profit. (Search close relationship with Local real estate developer and Bernie Sanders supporter Tony Pomerleau, who helped broker the deal, provided a $500,000 bridge loan)

    As the college struggled to meet their new obligations it, with Ms Sanders as president, began getting creative with the budget and scholarship funds. To meet operational needs ‘escrowed’ scholarship funds, funds to be drawn on only as the student matriculated, were spent. When the college closed those students still working toward their degree were left high and dry. They couldn’t transfer their unused scholarship funds to another institution to complete their studies because the college had illegally commingled their funds into the operating budget and spent it.

    Not all scholarship funds were converted to the operating budget. Many scholarship organizations didn’t allow Burlington College to manage the scholarship funds, they used Peoples Bank’s trust department. Those funds remained intact.

    The totals are still unavailable to the public but one scholarship organization filed suit for $50,000. Others filed lis pendens but have gone no further, it’s a lost cause, there is no money left just a mountain of debt and law suits.

    “College leaders found their financial practices under scrutiny. The college used $50,000 from a restricted scholarship fund to pay operating costs, VTDigger reported. Plunkett said donation terms did not declare the money an endowment. The college used the funding to pay for student scholarships and met the donor’s wishes, she said. Nonetheless, she pledged to replenish the funds and proceed to treat the money as an endowment.​”

    Of course those funds were not repatriated.

    The really sad part of this, aside from the students that lost independent scholarship funds, is the story of the colleges inception.

    “That beneficiary is Steward LaCasce, who founded Burlington College in his living room in 1972, who led the school for more than two decades, and who now lives in Arizona. Reached by phone, LaCasce said he received no salary for about half his tenure and that he effectively bankrolled the school.

    For its first 20 years or so, LaCasce said, “the debt the college accumulated was owed to me.”

    Contrast LaCasce’s labor of love with Sanders’ egregious mismanagement, toxic environment and $200,000 severance demanded as Ms. Sanders was expelled from the floundering school. Says it all about what type of people the Sanders are.

    It cannot be justified.


    A good backgroud:


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    • AM says:

      Eh, another VTer who has moved out of state.

      Burlington College was one of those flaky, hippie colleges as was noted, was created in 1972. No serious scholar went there, as far as I knew from any of my high school class. Nor did they offer serious degrees. UVM and St. Micheal’s college are less than 20 minutes away, and if I remember correctly you could walk from Burlington College to the community college campus.

      It’s loss was nothing like the loss of Trinity College, now 2 decades ago.

      It’s the loss of Camp Holy Cross that was something. That an out of state hippie type took down a hippie dream college is frustrating but it was almost collateral damage.

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    • Nunya Bidness says:

      But there was no intent. She did it for the children. Anyway, Trump is like 1000x worse. Did you hear that Mueller is about to leak a blockbuster report that will end Trump’s
      Presidency. For sure, this time. Really.

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      • kp3ace says:

        Three republican house oversight committee members on Friday called for investigation into former FBI director James Comey and special council Robert Mueller for acting in a partisan manner and applying double standards….
        Breitbart. I’ve also seen this in Fox news Sunday!


  16. PDQ says:

    ah, the millionaire socialists have a sickness when it comes to money…

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  17. TONYA PARNELL says:


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  18. Sayit2016 says:

    You watch—…they will claim they did not “INTEND” to defraud anyone and that it was a mere decimal issue….they meant to tell the banks ( “However, in fiscal year 2011, Burlington College raised only $279,000, though the college had earlier claimed to have secured $1.2 million in confirmed pledges.) they had raised 279 K the 1.2 M was a typo – they meant to say 120,000 K at the time they asked for the loan. So lets see Bernie walked off with 600 K and she 200 K —


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  19. 4sure says:

    Socialist elites ALWAYS fleece the ignorant peasants who are so gullible. Socialism lulls the stupid/lazy into a false belief that the socialist elites are going to be successful in forcing someone else to work their azz off to keep provide everything for them from cradle/grave. You have to be pretty damn dumb to believe that lie. Of course, the lie has to start by making you hate the one’s who are going to eventually provide everything you are entitled to have.

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  20. Sean Supsky says:

    To the schemers and the criminals, we say; your fruits, ill-gotten, shall be the shackles around your ankles and the yoke upon your necks, so that when you gloat and prosper, swiftly, suddenly, your deeds will consume you.

    Proverbs 1:17-19New International Version (NIV)

    17 How useless to spread a net
    where every bird can see it!
    18 These men lie in wait for their own blood;
    they ambush only themselves!
    19 Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain;
    it takes away the life of those who get it.

    Proverbs 6:12-15New International Version (NIV)

    12 A troublemaker and a villain,
    who goes about with a corrupt mouth,
    13 who winks maliciously with his eye,
    signals with his feet
    and motions with his fingers,
    14 who plots evil with deceit in his heart—
    he always stirs up conflict.
    15 Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant;
    he will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.


  21. Sean Supsky says:

    Methinks the spam bin has eaten mine post again.

    Adrem, could you perhaps please return the post to it’s rightful home?

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  22. Robert says:

    Go to https://vtdigger.org/ for updates on the Sanders clan. Bernie’s wife’s family member runs a furniture making school that that received 6 figure payments from Burlington College before it closed. More nepotism.


  23. Skelly says:

    Considering he’s a Jew can’t say I’m surprised. It’s ok to cheat the Goyim.


  24. p'odwats says:

    C’mon folks. We know what Sanders and his wife did is pretty bad, but compared to the Clintons and the rest of the Democrats in the House and Senate this is nothing. This is one of two things. One, this is payback from the Clintons for making the primaries much closer than they should have been. His strong showing made her a weakened candidate in November. Second, the Deep State knows that any investigation of the Clintons opens up a whole can of worms that ends up toppling them from power, and throwing Bernie to the wolves takes the investigators off their backs. Bernie knows this is payback on him for Hillary losing the election and also clearing the way in 2020 for the Deep State’s candidate, someone like Kamala Harris. The big question to me is how the Berniebots will react to all of this. They are a significant part of the Democratic Party, and it will be interesting to see who they blame for this investigation. A few Berniebots I know here in California that I’ve spoken to speculate it’s Hillary behind all of this. If enough of Bernie’s people figure this out we could have a full blown civil war in the Democrat ranks, not that I would mind no would any of you if this happened.

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  25. Dale Fontana says:

    Maybe Bernie and his wife could tap Debbie Wasserman Shultz for some advice or legal counsel……………

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