If You Follow President Trump’s Healthcare Path Here’s What You Get…

Before explaining I must state this is written with a servant’s heart.  It is not my intention to debate the arguments or merit of legislation, only to point out the logical pathway if people hang tough, support President Trump and stay out of the traps laid by special interests (and their special-interest paid troll army).

There’s a parallel, comparative and representative example of what President Trump’s smart policy team is trying to do with healthcare; it lies within another set of economic policy objectives.  However, it takes elevation in thinking to understand the approach.

The comparative example is within the banking and finance industry.

For those who have read all the statements, watched the hearings, listened intently to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, you might have already noted their approach to working around the ridiculously burdensome Dodd Frank regulations within the banking and finance sector. – OUTLINED HERE

Essentially, instead of trying to untangle all the complexities of decades long DC constructs enmeshing and enlarging the bureaucracy around banking, Trump’s team is constructing a parallel system.  Cliff Noted for Brevity:

[…] The goal of a 21st Century “Glass Steagall”, ie. Commercial division -vs- Investment division, is created by generating an entirely new system of banks under different regulation. The currently remaining ten U.S. “big banks” operate as “investment division banks” per se’, and the lesser regulated community banks/credit unions (new), with under $10 billion in assets, operate as would be the “Commercial Side”.

Instead of firewalling an individual bank internally within its organization, the Trump/Mnuchin plan looks to be firewalling the banking ‘system’ within the U.S. internally. Hope that makes sense.  (read full outline)

Instead of trying to fix a mess of institutional bureaucracy, and nightmarish legislative complexity that might take years, Trump’s “America-First” economic empowerment financial mechanism works around the existing programs by leaving the existing burden of compliance upon the banking and financial entities that created the need for the bureaucracy in the first place; and simultaneously eliminates smaller financial enterprises from those regulations.

As a consequence the lower tier, middle-class financial system, is unleashed and free to operate.  This parallel, and much more efficient pathway, is the same approach Trump’s Healthcare Policy initiatives are taking toward the health insurance marketplace.

Stay with me….

Like the financial system, there are too many complex special interests enmeshed within the construct of ObamaCare to generate any reasonable consensus on a one-size-fits-all rebuild.  Right now there are legions of paid actors, paid interests, all trying to secure their own individual stake within the aggregate healthcare market.

Big Pharma, Big Labor (unions), Big Corporations (U.S. CoC) and Big Ed (finance and delivery) all have stakes in ObamaCare.  That’s a bazillion lobbying interests, representing massive institutional systems, containing trillions of dollars, all simultaneously dispatching their Big Gun Lawyer/Lobbyists to protect their financial position.

♦Unions don’t want health insurance back in/on their liabilities.  ♦U.S. CoC Multinational Corporations (Wall Street) don’t want the liability of worker health insurance back on their ledgers. ♦Big Pharma does not want limits to how much they can charge (profits) and they want a small group of decision-makers they can purchase and influence. ♦Big Ed doesn’t want government to lose control over college education subsidies. etc. etc.

{{{Yikes – Piranhas}}}

The initial goal of ObamaCare was manipulatively sold by controlling interests as a program to insure the uninsured, approximately 30 million people (2009).  However, that was a farce clearly visible in hindsight. The actual goal(s) were established by all of the aforementioned interests.

Unfortunately, the ObamaCare scheme enmeshed, became self-actual, and weaponized itself -as predicted- against the ordinary middle class American.  150+ million people  punished. Essentially, if you are not on medicare/medicaid, or eligible therein, you got screwed on the individual market scheme.

But that’s hindsight. Done is done. That horse has left the barn, rode out of town, and is long gone….  Previous healthcare insurance toothpaste is not only out of tube, but dried, encrusted and licked away by the horse that galloped by… Done is done.

So… understanding the system has self-actuated, Trump’s team has a new approach to reversing the damage to the individual healthcare market similar to the parallel track approach of the economic financial and banking market.

The medicare (federal health insurance) and medicaid (state health insurance) systems will remain the government safety nets for older and lower income populations.  [Medicaid income eligibility qualifications in a 0 to 30-50k range depending on dependents.]  This should have been the original approach all along; to cover the uninsured by giving them access to medicaid and the entire mess could have been avoided.  Alas, that wasn’t the intent of the takeover for all of the aforementioned reasons.

Under Trump’s long-term (3 step) approach – the non-government healthcare market, the majority of the population, will break free from almost all of the ObamaCare government regulations; and the insurance market will be empowered to provide an insurance product that fits the individual needs of the person purchasing the insurance.

♦Dual System Approaches – Much like Secretary Mnuchin is proposing leaving government (via Dodd-Frank) attached to the “too-big-to-fail” group of banks and cutting all else loose from the regulations, so too is Secretary Price proposing to leave government attached to the “at risk population” (Medicare and Medicaid), the group 99% of all political talking points are structured around, and cut everyone else loose from the regulations.

•Step #1 establishes the ability (decouples ObamaCare).   •Step #2 allows HHS to frame the parallel system (deregulation). •Step #3 establishes the broader parameters for the non-government health insurance market.

The House passed their Step 1 version. The current Senate bill is their side of Step 1.

It’s challenging to see the sunlight at the end of this complex tunnel, but it’s there.

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342 Responses to If You Follow President Trump’s Healthcare Path Here’s What You Get…

  1. mari says:

    Thank you Sundance for your insightful explanation. Many Trump supporters on other websites are confused and upset. I was too until I came here. People need real information in regards to healthcare because it is such a personal need. The only thing I ask of the President is to not sign anything that will hurt our movement. I have no health insurance and don’t expect to be able to afford any, anytime soon. I make too much money to be considered poor and not enough money to the afford premiums. My only expectation is that I don’t get penalized for not being able to afford the premiums.

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  2. G. Combs says:

    areyoustillalive says: “….I do not see much in the way of reeling in costs. Or how that can be done….”
    I do and so does President Trump. In 2014 the CDC reported “Per capita national health expenditures: $9,523” That is a healthy chunk of change ~ $40,000 for a family of four. So how do we lower those costs?

    One way is American First. The USA needs to STOP paying for the healthcare the rest of the world uses.

    #1. STOP benefits including health and DENTAL care for ILLEGAL ALIENS and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Patch them up and send them home with the bill/

    #1. STOP USAID.

    #2. STOP $$$ sent overseas to other countries as ‘aid’ It never makes it to the actual people but instead ends up in the pockets of the dictators. (Better to leave charity to Churches.)

    #3. BOMB the poppy fields. Build the Wall. Round up Drug dealers at all levels.

    In 2000: ( link )
    Substance Abuse Costs USA More than $484 Billion per Year
    Diabetes costs USA $131.7 billion per Year
    Cancer costs USA $171.6 billion per Year

    “Annually, about one in every six U.S. healthcare dollars is spent on cardiovascular disease.”

    #4. Tackle Obesity/Type II Diabetes/Cardiovascular Disease by promoting milk not soda for kids, TAXING HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, SODA AND CANDY ==> pay for Medicaid. Placing iodine back in salt, milk and bread. Remove bromines from sodas and baked goods like cookies, cakes and bread. (Bromine displaces iodine in the thyroid and causes all sorts of problems. SEE: Boron and iodine deficiency discussion Sabretoothed puts up a lot of other scientific papers and video on health in ChiefIO’s tips pages.)

    So if you can cut way down the $$$ spent because of Drugs, Obesity/Type II Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease you put a YUGE dent in US health care/economic costs.

    Then go after all the $$$ spend because of illegals and migrants using our health care AND dental care system FOR FREE. Toss out the illegals and make migrants pay for their health care or get the heck out of our country.

    Re-instate the health inspection of persons and products entering the country that the WTO removed.


  3. G. Combs says:

    A bit more on the mess the WTO made of our food and health. I wrote this over a decade ago.

    One of the ideas incorporated in the WTO Agreement on Agriculture is
    “The Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures…Aims to ensure that governmentsDO NOT USE QUARANTINE AND FOOD SAFETY REQUIREMENTS as Unjustified trade barriers… It provides Member countries with a right to implement traceability {NAIS} as an SPS measure.” (This was my political wake up call.)

    Traceability only lets transnational corporations place the blame and liability on the farmers. It does NOTHING to prevent disease from actually entering a country. OOPS sorry that Tuberculosis that you eradicated years ago has just been imported via live Mexican cattle…

    The IPC (International Policy Council on Agriculture, Food and Trade) was created by the Agri-corporations in 1987 explicitly to push their agenda at the 1986—1994 Uruguay Round of Trade negotiations. Dan Amstutz, VP of Cargill, wrote the draft “Agreement on Ag.” and Robert Shapiro, chairman of Monsanto, was strategically placed as leader of the President’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations at the time to see that WTO was ratified by Congress in 1995.

    The IPC wanted and got open borders and no quarantine.

    The result is that the USA exports 700,000 tons of quality beef while importing 1,500,000 tons from countries with: Naegleria fowler, Encephalitis, Vesicular Stomatitis virus, Leptospirosis, Trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease), and foot and mouth disease. The US imports 2.5 million live cows from Canada with BSE (now found in USA) and from Mexico with tuberculosis (now found in USA), brucellosis (now found in USA) cattle tick fever, (now found in USA) Trypanosoma cruz (now found in USA), and Bluetongue (now found in USA).

    Wide open borders, reduced disease surveillance, the closing of testing labs, slaughter vs first point (live herd) testing all seem to be designed to invite disease into the country and allow it a good foot-hold in wild and domesticated species. Is this good for American citizens or for corporations who will profit from the chemicals and medicines needed to fight imported diseases and pests? Is it good for corporations interested in replacing natural organisms with expensive “bioengineered” organisms?

    Bovine Tuberculosis
    This chart shows how USDA cut back TB testing after WTO was created in 1995. Note the significant drop in testing.

    Summary of Tuberculosis Surveillance in California Cattle
    Number of Cattle Tested …1995 …1996 …1997… 1998 …1999 …2000 …2001
    Animal Health Officials ..10,576 ..5,100 2,861 ..3,530 1,425 1,967 .2,500
    Private Veterinarians …15,921 17,100 19,930 18,189 22,863 19,930 19,587
    Submissions at Slaughter 39 …….58 …….64 ……..39 ……58 …….64 ……385

    FROM: UC – Davis

    The USDA turned over cattle crossing facilities to private firms. The largest, accounting for 25% of the cattle imported from Mexico, is at Santa Teresa, NM, This border crossing is operated BY Chihuahuan cattle producers [Mexican] NOT AMERICANS! Before 1995 cattle imported to the USA were quarantined and tested. In April 2001, the USDA published a “rule requiring Mexican feeder steers to originate from herds that had recently been tested [in MEXICO] for TB. The USDA then agreed to grant waivers to whole-herd testing.

    What are the effects on Bovine TB of the USDA implementing the WTO/corporate policies?

    “Effect April 1, 2002… Dr. Logan… said, the disease is extremely rare in U.S. herds. However, more TB-lesioned cattle are being detected at slaughter, and ear tags indicate that many of these animals are of Mexican origin.” ~ TAHC state of Texas: (wwwDOT)tahc.state.tx.us/news/pr/2002/302TBMx.pdf

    In 2007 American herds in Oklahoma and New Mexico were found TB positive and the cattle slaughtered. Additionally, it is anticipated that both New Mexico and California will lose their TB “free” status in 2008. ~ TAHC state of Texas meetings minutes: (wwwDOT)tahc.state.tx.us/agency/meetings/minutes/Minutes_CommMtg_7-29-2008.pdf

    The present policies are playing Russian roulette with American livestock and crops.


  4. joninmd22 says:

    A concurring opinion with more detail.


    “Addressing right-wing complaints

    Some on the right are complaining that the Better Care Reconciliation Act doesn’t do enough to repeal Obamacare, echoing those on the left in 2010 who complained that Obamacare wasn’t a single-payer bill.

    Full repeal was never going to be possible in a Senate where Republicans did not control 60 votes. And furthermore, we have learned that moderate Republicans in both the House and the Senate have no appetite to fully deregulate Obamacare at the federal level.”

    Sound familiar?


  5. John Denney says:

    Rand Paul is saying that health insurance should only cost $1 a day.
    $365/year per person for a U.S. population of 350 million people is about $128 billion per year if my math is correct.
    Is that a big enough pool of money?


  6. kiskiminetas says:

    Sundance as usual you are spot on with this post. The swamp dwellers have for decades used all media platforms to indoctrinate the minds of Americans. Yes, it has always been a battle for their hearts and minds. Once one has been won over it becomes a belief system which in itself becomes a core value. These accepted core values are not easily discarded. They are followed religiously by their adherents, a fanaticism not easily shaken.

    Such is the case with Trump’s Healthcare Path and all things Trump. Sadly for many in America the light of personal freedom has been dimmed by the merchants of power. It’s what they do and no doubt it has been done since the advent of the printing press, it continues to this day and will do in the future. It’s what they do.


  7. MOA says:

    This poor woman is apologising for being unable to afford quality health insurance.
    She writes as if she’s guilty of something. The USA in the 21st century. Go ahead, screw her.

    “I have no health insurance and don’t expect to be able to afford any, anytime soon. I make too much money to be considered poor and not enough money to the afford premiums. My only expectation is that I don’t get penalized for not being able to afford the premiums.


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