Congressional Black Caucus Refuses White House Invitation for Meeting…

Three months ago the congressional black caucus met with President Trump, discussed their goals, objectives and interests, and agreed to a follow-up meeting.

The White House extended the invitation for the follow-up, and the congressional black caucus now refuses to meet.

Apparently the entrenched political identity games of the CBC are stronger than their responsibility to represent their constituents.

(read letter – pdf)

Oh well...  Looks like we all have to keep on MAGA without the divisive interests of the race-baiting congressional black caucus.

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282 Responses to Congressional Black Caucus Refuses White House Invitation for Meeting…

  1. Steve in Lewes says:

    Oh did their feelings get hurt! boo hoo hoo!!
    I believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen black snowflakes!

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    • Ted D Bear says:

      Do they melt faster?


    • carrie2 says:

      And Lewis does have a pig face and obstinate and way too long, along with Maxine Waters and Lee to still be in Congress as they get rich and their constituents don’t make any progress. Frankly, I do not see why any color or race should be given privileges and that includes even meeting with our President. They needs their little (but huge) butts whipped for the little children they are. They don’t want progress because they would no longer be able to return to Congress if their constituents are awakened to be robbed by them. We definitely need term limits such as only 2 3yrs in Congress, not benefits because we did not authorize them, and the right to remove their behinds when not representing us and if taking donor dollars immediately fired. They were elected/hired to represent American citizens and yet they are the ones taking care of themselves and screwing us. We MUST drain the Congress swamp asap!


    • Sayit2016 says:

      What “issues” – is he referring to that President Trump ” ignored” ??? That is pretty vague language. Do black people have different issues then that the “American people “do ? If so what are they ?

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      • Maybe they would prefer to meet with their Democratic leaders of Illinois who have finally succeeded in running their state into the ground? President Trump is their best hope for a life raft in the middle of the drowning state, and yet they would rather hang on to some illusion of the LBJ to Obama administration’s handout freebeeies than to confront any tangible means to right their ship, so generously offered by Trump.

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  2. Vince says:

    Just as the mainstream media still sees itself as a gatekeeper between the president and the citizens, the CBC sees itself as the gatekeeper between black votes and government. Unfortunately for the CBC, President Trump can go around the CBC just like he does the mainstream media.

    The president has already cut illegal immigration by 70%, opening up more opportunities for US citizens. He has also created the apprenticeship programs, which can allow people to learn currently needed skills. This is not aimed specifically at black people, but they benefit along with everyone else looking for work.

    Dr. Ben Carson at HUD is going to be very important in the MAGA effort, along with the EPA and Betsy DeVos at the Dept. of Education. As employers build factories, one logical place would be to tear down old abandoned factories in the cores of the rust belt, and rebuild new factories. These parts of the cities do have black people living in and around these areas, and will be directly affected by the infrastructure rebuilding, maybe more than anyone else. The areas are often “brownfield” areas with polluted soils, which will have to be remediated. Then construction will build new buildings, and finally new jobs for workers in the buildings. This will be incredibly positive for those black people who take advantage of the opportunities. Any entrepreneurial black person can start a company in these areas and have a great chance at success, from construction, to service companies providing services to new people moving into the neighborhoods.

    If the CBC does not want to contribute to this, there are other leaders in these cities that will be glad to step up and work with the administration. The CBC doesn’t even need to be invited to the ribbon cuttings of the shiny new factories in their districts. From these leaders, a new generation can replace the CBC.

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    • Gavinsdad says:

      Vince; what profit motive is going to drive companies to build new factories in the burned out areas? Also, do you have any understanding of the level (lack of) education and personal initiative instilled in the black youth in these types of areas? Getting an education and striving for creating a better life, for yourself, is considered “acting white”. I do not see the rainbows & unicorns you’re espousing.

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      • Ozzie says:

        One word” Illinois “. Cater to people who will not look up.
        What if trump said “I won’t see the lack caucus”? Would anybody blame him?

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      • hellinahandbasket says:

        I would also imagine if ever, and if whatever construction is initiated (again, if ever) – unless there are armed-guards present at every construction-site 24/7/365, the place would come under rapid-fire thievery – copper piping, fixtures/appliances, sheetrock, lumber, tile, etc. Not to mention the “community” aka culture of dysfunction would burn them to the ground. Sorry but, the track-record of these down-and-out areas don’t look like good investment areas.

        However, wasn’t it Slick-Willy Clinton who said he would like to inject the refugee/economic infestation into these communities of dysfunction (Detroit for instance), build them up with investment dollars/infrastructure, which would allow our ISIS segment (er, um I mean Islamic) to have a place all their own, and something to grow off of…?
        Yeah, he said exactly that (without letting us know of his nefarious agenda of course)

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      • Linda says:

        Black people are almost all poor. You need capital to start a successful business and they have none. I don’t see them benefitting from this at all.


        • Linda, I think you must mean Black people in urban ghettos are almost all poor. There is actually a hefty Black middle class of white collar people all over the US. There are blue collar Black people working as individuals (not forming a neighborhood) who would love factory jobs again, although a few seem to be migrating into the middle class.

          You are highly unlike to see any rich Black peope except celebrities and athletes. The other rich Black people are hard at work running their companies or in upper management at publicly traded companies. Again – all over the US.

          As far as demolition of factory hulks – I don’t know how it is in the rest of the US, but in my rural Oregon county the bankrupt factories stood around for 10 or 20 years, but lately have been razed to the ground, ground made ready for any use – schools, another factory, homes on forested lots, warehouses, whatever.

          When the economy turns around the economic revival occurs with blinding speed!


    • sturmudgeon says:

      ” This will be incredibly positive for those black people who take advantage of the opportunities.” Let us all hope that through Dr. Carson and others who are truly interested in the idea of self-improvement, finally take advantage of ‘the American Dream’ and rid themselves of lib dependency on government.

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      • carrie2 says:

        Every legal American citizen has the same rights and nobody has special rights, altho blacks seem to think they do and are finding out the hard way that they don’t but must operate under the same rights as we. If they reject that premise, then no welfare, no goodies, and with many criminal illegals being removed from our prisons, there will be plenty of room for them there. Time to grow up and be adults in a Republic rather than sell yourselves cheap to the rich blacks.


  3. drocity says:

    Wow, pretty convincing argument by the CBC. We met once, you didn’t do everything we asked so we are done talking. Sounds like the negotiating tactics of a hostage taker.

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear the CBC talk about how to engage the Black Community to allow them to grow and flourish in a way that benefits all Americans. Create a blueprint for all communities who feel marginalized to engage in a positive way that is mutually beneficial to all of society? Instead of we want stuff for “Our” people!

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  4. What a foolish action by what are supposed to be representatives of black Americans. They should be ashamed of themselves. They had nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking to the President. I feel sorry for people that they are supposed to represent. A caucus of fools.

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    • Any/all white constituents in their area need to move – NOW. They are obviously not being represented.

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      • hellinahandbasket says:

        White-Flight continues all across the nation, Europe & Australia for that matter.
        South Africa is the outlier since Whites there are just murdered, set afire within tire-rings, raped, pillaged and plundered because they were unable to leave their homes/farms.
        White-Flight always leaves cities destitute, in all cases where the black culture of dysfunction demographic is in charge – and if we really take a closer look, boiled-down – these American and European cities become Little South Africa’s – destruction without the murder of Whites …but we’re not supposed to notice.
        I would like to see Sundance do an expose on the brutality taking place in South Africa, our media is certainly NOT going to let us know of the tens of thousands of Whites murdered there, and for the most part, everyone I have mentioned South Africa to – has no idea what is happening there either.

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        • In AZ says:

          Not only ildo Caucasians leave but Blacks with money leave also.

          Blacks who make millions of dollars do not go back to their communities to help but move to Caucasian gated communities.

          These filthy rich Black grifter politicians do the same……. move out of the Black community and use the very system they bash to get rich.

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  5. Duhders says:

    130 pages they submitted. Their list of grievances is too long to a man who has proven he lifts up all people. I wouldn’t have replied back either, just keep on doing. Let’s get more Trump supporters in Congress. MAGA!!

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  6. Lburg says:

    Every president gets this treatment from the Congressional Black Caucus ~ Obama didn’t meet with the caucus for over a year after his first election.

    If you search around on the big bad internet for CBC and any president name in recent memory, you’ll see the SSDD constant whining and ‘our people are disproportionately’ fill in the blank. Mostly it’s about “Our community will wither without our usual ration of free stuff.”

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  7. Frede says:

    So what will the large black woman reporter ask about at the Press briefings, she spent a lot of time trying to imply the PDJT didn’t want to meet the CBC because of their complexion

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  8. TigerBear says:

    Their mentality is that of an elementary school child. “If you don’t play/do as I want…..I’m taking my ball and going home”. ROFL

    Cut off your nose to spite your face. LOL Oh yes, that will be very beneficial for the people, NOT!

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  9. JRD says:

    CBC = Corrupt Bastids Club

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  10. kimosaabe says:

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  11. stillers213 says:

    This country spent many years trying to desegregate yet groups like this one are trying to bring the country back to segregation. Identity politics takes it’s toll on the feeble-minded I suppose. Many good black folks are waking up to the failures of the democrap party and see Mr. Trump as an agent of change. If DIms lose the overwhelming minority vote, they are finished.

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  12. mailmannz says:

    You would think that any President that makes law and order a key part of their policies would be a positive thing for the black community. You know, that keeping them alive as much as possible angle??

    But no, these clowns are like Palestinians…they just can’t pass up an opportunity to pass up an opportunity!

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  13. Wayne says:

    Obomma got caught funding these guys and other evil groups and money stopped flowing so they think it will come back if they can get democrats in office but that ain’t gonna happen. It would be so good if we could look into bank records of all past and current members bank records under oboma eight years. I got an idea you would find unjust gain . It’s a cinch these people haven’t done anything to improve the life’s of black Americans anymore than oboma did . WHAT COULD OBOMA HAVE DONE TO IMPROVE ANYTHING ? WAVE A MAGIC WAND . He doesn’t believe you or anyone else can build anything only someone else can do it . When he said that I almost messed myself what an idiot in all fifty-eight states he is an idiot


  14. TheLastDemocrat says:

    This group is smart to decline the invitation.
    Everyone who meets up with Trump thinking they are going to get the best of him gets bested.

    They are smart to avoid this.

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  15. pageoturner says:

    What can CBC bring to the party? Demonstrate where one of these bewigged, crooked, loud mouthed, self-important bozos has improved their district one iota. I can show you how each self indulgent, fast talking, hand-in-your-pocket CBC member has become fabulously wealthy as the ‘representative fo’ da po’.

    Maxine Waters has represented the Watts area of LA for decades. Watts destroyed itself and has never found the personal gumption to get off its knees, so millionaire Waters took the money she got from ransoming her office and lives with the other – mostly white – millionaires in Hancock Park.

    Even celebrated “elder statesman” John Lewis represents a part of Atlanta that descends ever further into the sewer while the rest of Atlanta, the city too busy to hate, grew into THE vibrant business and cultural center of the south. Every black owned business that was successful when Lewis was elected (and there were major insurance companies, food companies and colleges) has fallen on hard times or gone out of business with his “nurturing”. In truth, the city of Atlanta is a giant black slum propped up by the spending that comes from being a county seat, state capital and federal operations center. The 1st world working people live outside the city limits and outside of Lewis’ district.

    President Trump tried. CBC wants to use Jesse Jackson’s BS trick – pay me lots of money or I’ll throw a tantrum.

    Now it’s time to ignore the ignorant. Moynihan’s “benign neglect” comes to mind.

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  16. Jimmy Jack says:

    Don’t play their race hustling game Donald. Good for you.

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  17. Deysis pissd! Makes my day! 😬


  18. livlovely101 says:

    Trump should hire two of his biggest fans-Diamond &Silk-to act as liason with the CBC.

    They are awesome and speak the lingo…

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I’m really glad they’re still making videos and defending Trump!

      I hear you, but the fact is, the CBC would have no intention of listening – they would just try to “convert” Diamond and Silk to their radical leftist script, for propaganda purposes. It’s what they do. I can predict their every move. Mama Pelosi barks behind the curtain, and they say “Yes, ma’am.”

      Diamond and Silk knew what to do from day one, when they got on YouTube – go around the “black leadership” and speak directly to the American people, just like a certain Donald J. Trump went around the media! And I love that Diamond and Silk leave race out of it totally. They know that the leftist game STARTS with the division, and works its way in after that.

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    • In AZ says:

      Bypass the CBC. More can be accomplished without obstructionists.


  19. wolfmoon1776 says:

    When the CBC screams, you know you’re dropping bombs on their white Marxist owners.

    I loved the fact that they actually cited horrifying Obamacare statistics showing how much of a massive failure it is, in its defense.

    They seem to have no clue that the economic wreckage caused by “medical socialism” is far from justified by the “dramatic” lowering of the non-elderly black uninsured rate from 18.9% to 11.7%.

    Note that they remove the elderly to achieve this drama, and that they left out the white comparison numbers which would make it even less actionable. Then add the fact that people basically got the insurance because they were ordered to do it by the government, and you have Obamacare in a nutshell – a scam which used white guilt about slavery of black people 150 years ago to force a bullying leftist government on America.

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  20. Is there a list of the demands/recommendations tgey originally med to Trump back in January?


  21. not2worryluv says:

    The lesson the BC has forgotten is they are no longer slaves they are free Americans!

    They are allowing themselves to be chained to the Democratic Party who didn’t want them feees in the first place.

    Please wake up and see the light – the Trump Train is the train to freedom for every American! It’s the ticket to success for everyone of us.


  22. McGuffin says:

    CBC: “We are serious about the work of advancing the interests of our people.
    .Trump is serious about the work of advancing the interests of all people.
    See the difference?
    Go to hell CBC!


  23. Jay says:

    Trump admin cutting funds to their pet hand-out programs , which clearly show w all the funds & perks, over the years, have done nothing to improve the plights of (poor) Blacks. CBC is just another group of arrogant racist blacks profiting off of poor Blacks.

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  24. andyocoregon says:

    The CBC is every bit as racist as a CWC would be. They just don’t understand how ugly their racist ideology is.


  25. GroundHogDay says:

    Yet they did not mention or list anything that the Trump Administration has done that hurts the black community. Getting companies back to investing in the US again, creating more jobs, pushing more internships versus 4-year degrees, etc., doesn’t help blacks because they like being taken care of by taxpayers I guess.


  26. Sayit2016 says:

    I want to properly understand this…..the CBC snapped their fingers and made demands and President Trump did not double-time on it ?


  27. Athena the Warrior says:

    The CBC are the real slave masters determined to keep blacks on the Democrat Plantation.


  28. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Last laugh is on them. Trump was in Mar a Lago that day.


  29. MOA says:

    Indeed, the CBC realises that they wouldn’t be in Congress without the mendicant black vote….so if blacks are no longer mendicant these hustlers would be replaced by a different quality of Representative. Hence the desire to make sure blacks remain dependent on govt.


  30. testpointwp says:

    “We took advantage of every opportunity to educate you on the needs of the Black community and provide you with the information and solutions necessary to act on them in good faith.”

    I would like to see a list of those needs, the information and the solutions provided.

    My guess is it boils down to mo’ money. We didn’ git mo money. We done talkin’.


  31. Steven Hitt says:

    When you take yourself out of the game or refuse to play you are guaranteed to lose. Don’t want to hear any whining from the CBC when they are left holding a bag of nothing.


  32. Karen says:

    Sounds like the CBC is afraid to rise up. They really want to keep their people on the big plantation, dependent on Uncle Sam for food & shelter. I think they’re afraid to ask people to work because they may lose government money. Guess what, I think they don’t want their people to work and better themselves because they might start thinking for themselves! How horrible that might be for the CBC! Their people would have respectable incomes leading to high self esteem. Guess what? No longer would there be a need for the Congressional Black Caucus or other organizations exploiting and promoting black propaganda because everyone would be equal, the same, color blind. Everyone in America would live & love in peace. I know this is the real reason they refuse to meet with Trump. They do not want their people off the plantation because their huge over inflated egos would or should become deflated.They might have to give up the power they see themselves having. If only their constituents would wise up to the plantation mentality. They would run as fast and far away from the CBC and the Democractic Party as possible! #MAGA


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