BREAKING: Otto Warmbier Has Died…

In a statement from the Warmbier family they announce the American student, Otto Warmbier, who was detained by North Korea, and released last week while in a coma, died today at 2:20pm EDT.

It was less than two weeks ago when the Warmbier family first found out about Otto’s condition – that he was in a coma for over a year.  Now, less than a week after reuniting with their son, he has passed…

Family statement below:

(Media Link)

If you have not seen this interview it is well worth the time to understand the back story and the strength of the family.  June 15th 2017 Tucker Carlson heartbreaking interview with Otto’s father Fred Warmbier.


I can’t even fathom how heartbroken the Warmbier family must be.

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261 Responses to BREAKING: Otto Warmbier Has Died…

  1. Kaco says:

    Very sad tragedy, so sorry for the parents. I’m glad they were able to bring him home for their sake. May God comfort them in their lifelong grief.

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  2. Dear Otto, your courage will not be forgotten. Nor will the courage of your family. I will not forget you young man.

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  3. winky says:

    Just cried when I heard this….I remember one evening when he was going to be sentenced and these two stone cold Koreans brought him into the courtroom….his legs were just flopping and flailing and his head was just dangling. thought it was weird

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  4. jello333 says:


    Maybe this isn’t the right time to ask this question, but… I wonder if things could have been different if Obama would have even TRIED. Yes, I know the doctors think Otto was injured early on, within the first few weeks after his conviction. But what if Obama had IMMEDIATELY tried to work out something? Would that, perhaps, have stopped Otto’s captors from doing whatever they did to him? We may never know, but I gotta tell you: I think the reason Barack Obama didn’t lift a finger, is because Barack Obama didn’t CARE.

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    • Ned says:

      Obama only rescues Muslim or Muslim converts like Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, .
      I can’t think of ANY other rescue attempt by Obama, can you?
      Obama’s top priority was getting MUSLIMS here and leaving Christians over there to be slaughtered.

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    • Itsme says:

      IF a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass every time he jumped, that being said I wonder why he was in a hostile country to begin with? Was he there for the fine cuisine, maybe the superb site seeing? Who knows he may have been an obammy spy left hung out to dry. Either way he should not have been in that particular country at all.


  5. Ned says:

    Warmbier had gone to North Korea in early 2016 on an adventure tour of the rogue state, under the auspices of the China-based Young Pioneer Tours, which preys on the curiosity of young westerners by offering
    “Budget tours to destinations your mother wants you to stay away from!”

    Warmbier was arrested during his visit for allegedly having attempted to steal a communist propaganda sign and forced to confess to the “serious crime” on North Korean television in February 2016. Warmbier pleaded guilty to taking down a political sign from a staff-only area of his hotel. “I have made the worst mistake of my life, but please act to save me,” he said at the time.

    WHY did he go there?
    WHY steal a communist propaganda poster from the hotel room?
    Hopefully others will be discouraged form going to a Communist country that HATES the U.S.!


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      You answered your own question about why he went there. Intellectual curiosity as a UVA student interested in foreign affairs. I’m sure he assumed it was safe – young and idealistic.

      We don’t know that he really stole that poster. That could have been staged afterwards – they are known to produce all kinds of propaganda like this. Under duress he would have had to comply. And that’s IF it was really him in that video as I recall the person had a hoodie on obscuring the identity.


  6. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    Submarines. I keep thinking about them after the news about Otto. Norks have some, and I imagine ours are vastly better.
    Maybe a nice way to send a message to Fat Boy. Stealth kill at least one, preferably two of his subs, (second one so they know for certain it was no accident) hopefully before they even get a chance to report that they are being chased or under attack.
    No publicity. No admitting the US did it. Just a one shot kill from outta nowhere, like the movie Predator.

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    • Blaze says:

      One kill shot under water would be instant death for a sub crew. I don’t think North Korea has the technology to retrieve a lost sub so it would be possible the North Koreans would not have the slighest clue what happened to their sub(s).


  7. Robert W says:

    Sundance, any thoughts into what Otto stated at his NK hearing? He exposed the Friendship United Methodist Church in collusion w Obama administration, CIA, and exposed the Z-Society. Is it probable that he was killed in purpose?


  8. keith says:

    You go to another country with its own set of rules. When in Rome do as the Romans do.
    Terminal stupidity, as bad as it sounds, Warmbier made a bad choice in a place where bad choices can be deadly. Sometimes there aren’t second chances.

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  9. Blaze says:

    Remember seeing this clip about over two million cell phones have been ballooned or smuggled into NK along the border and they mentioned South Korea has conveniently located cell towers right on the border that can reach 25 miles into the north.


  10. recoverydotgod says:

    Otto’s dad speaks in a way that points the way to Otto’s story. That is beautiful and inspiring to me. His dad and his mom are not about themselves. They are for Otto. My deepest sympathy and gratitude are with them.


  11. Jimmy Jack says:


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