Father of Imprisoned Student Otto Warmbier Thanks President Trump…

The father of Otto Warmbier, the American college student imprisoned in North Korea until this week, spoke today about his experience working with both the Obama and Trump administrations’ to free his son.

During a press conference at his local high school in Wyoming, OH Thursday morning Fred Warmbier outlined how the Obama administration told the family to sit and wait; and contrast against how the Trump administration took action on their requests.

Mr. Warmbier said the Obama administration told his family to “take a low profile.” When asked if the previous administration could have done more to secure the release of his son, Fred Warmbier responded, “I think the results speak for themselves.”

FRED WARMBIER: “When Otto was first taken, we were advised by the past administration to take a low profile while they worked to obtain his release. We did so without result.

Earlier this year, Cindy and I decided the time for strategic patience was over.

We made a few media appearances and traveled to Washington to meet with [Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Korea and Japan] Ambassador Joe Yun at the State Department.

It is my understanding that Ambassador Yun and his team, at the direction of the president, aggressively pursued resolution of the situation. They have our thanks for bringing him home.”

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262 Responses to Father of Imprisoned Student Otto Warmbier Thanks President Trump…

  1. AnyaArisohn says:

    When did Dennis Rodman make his previous DPRK appearance? November 2014…

    “Dennis Rodman Says He Helped Secure Kenneth Bae’s Release from North Korea”

    Coincidence I’m sure.

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  2. What a classy man, and I’m so happy that he and his family has his boy back home. I hope the young man pulls through, and that his family has closure.

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  3. Craig from Scotland says:

    Full Press Conference with U.S. Student Otto Frederick Warmbier in North Korea [only English]
    Published on Mar 1, 2016

    With fullness of respect, Otto Warmbier is a fearless hero.
    Fast forward to 16:00 mins and ‘Z Society’.

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  4. Diane says:

    Obama wouldn’t help him because he is a white man and therefore not worthy.

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  5. ej says:

    The Worm handing that idiot an Art of the Deal Book is classic. I about died when I saw that.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I’ve been laughing about it since yesterday. He also gave them a copy of Where’s Waldo and what looks like some Bath & Body Works bath sets (I think raspberry lemonade).

      Where’s Waldo – is the message here where are the other Americans, we’re looking for them?


  6. Jay says:

    This should wake up a bunch of lib snowflakes since one of their own has been released from prison by Pres.Trump & his Sect of State Tillerson. When their beloved prez zer0 & his secty of states clinton & kerry did nothing. Im sorry this kid is in a cima & it appears he may never be the same. But he went to a (very anti USA) communist country & took down a communist poster, then whined in court USA lured him into it. He prolly freaked out when taken to jail, guards either choked him to STFU causing him to pass out or gave him “sleeping pill” where he overdosed & slipped in coma. His parents are sick about the entire incident & angry w obama administration as they should be. Trump/Tillerson did the right thing, but lefties won’t recognize it.


  7. TreeperInTraining says:

    The Obama administration asked this family not to hang ribbons in their community for fear of offending North Korea? Really? I’m sick. From a Neuro perspective, things dont look too good for Otto. My heart hurts for him and his.


  8. V.E.G. says:

    Rest easy, dear soul. His name alone is German, but he is a Hebrew.


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