Top Five Facts and Examples Showcasing Comey’s Political Motives…

After watching James Comey and crew (Brennan, Yates, Clapper, etc.) testify for more than 11 months (July ’16 through June ’17), hopefully we don’t have to see any of their faces broadcasting false narratives on TV again.  That said, here’s the top five facts that showcase how badly James Comey politicized the FBI:

Number FIVE – James Comey stated under oath, and included in his written statement, that it was his decision to speak alone, one-on-one to President-Elect Trump on January 6th in Trump Tower as Comey asked everyone else to leave the briefing.  Comey held no issues with a private  conversation with the incoming President.

However, a month later on February 14th, in the oval office, when President Trump asked everyone to leave the room for a one-on-one, James Comey testifies it was “inappropriate” for a private conversation.

Number FOUR – James Comey stated to congress on March 20th, he intentionally did not brief congressional intelligence oversight/leadership of the counterintelligence investigation, that began in July 2016, until March 2017.  He intentionally kept congress in the dark.

There was no reason to keep congress in the dark, unless Comey held a political motivation to do so such that he could operate his agenda without any oversight.

Number THREE – James Comey told President Trump he was not under investigation three different times from January 6th through May 2017.  Comey also notified the congressional oversight Gang-of-Eight in March and April that President Trump was not under investigation.  However, Comey intentionally refused to tell the public the same thing he was telling President Trump and congress.

However, worse yet, James Comey was telling President Trump there was no factual or substantive foundation behind the ‘Russian Pee Dossier’; yet simultaneously Comey was using the ‘Russian Pee Dossier‘ as evidence to gain FISA warrants against Trump Administration officials.

Number TWO – James Comey admitted to congress than he personally leaked information to a friend with instructions to deliver to the media (New York Times), despite his own prior assertions to congress and to the American electorate, that leaks to the media by officials was toxic and damaging to the integrity of the FBI.

There were several avenues available to Comey to deliver the content of his memos to congress including directly delivering them to oversight; or holding a press conference.  There was no reason to manufacture media leaks, to accomplish a political goal, unless James Comey held a political motivation to do so.

Number ONE – James Comey justified in his statements that on February 14th he did not inform his recently confirmed boss Attorney General Jeff Sessions, of the content of the oval office meeting with President Trump – or his suddenly overwhelming feelings of impropriety, because he anticipated Jeff Sessions would be forced to recuse himself from anything to do with the Russian investigation..

There was nothing known on February 14th which would establish a need for Sessions recusal. There’s no reasonable basis for such an assumption on February 14th, unless it was Comey’s intention to leak FISA-granted surveillance of Russian Ambassador Kislyak, having an innocuous meeting with Senator Jeff Sessions, to the Washington Post.  A disingenuous, albeit politically framed, leak did factually surface on March 1st.

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542 Responses to Top Five Facts and Examples Showcasing Comey’s Political Motives…

  1. StormyeyesC says:

    Prior to yesterday, the last time Comey testified, he was asked if he ever leaked and he said he never had . He said that under oath. I hope someone rats him out and throws him under the same big bus he has been trying to run Trump and his team over with.

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  2. Travis McGee says:

    Phoney Comey/Lynch will not be prosecuted for anything. That’s not the way the “Swamp” rolls. They circle the wagons regardless of party. After listening to Burr’s et al welcome to Comey yesterday I felt mildly nauseated and couldn’t watch any more. You can make book that Comey is inundated with book deal offers and is smiling behind closed doors.


    • Joe Walker says:

      I am not so sure, I think Comey may become toxic, things can be leaked against him now, I will wait to see who hires him first.


      • mcnorman says:

        He has burned Lynch. There will be more information on more meetings that he had with her. Lynch, like the rest of Bam’s cabal have no allegiance to Comey. You are correct, he is mega toxic.


        • Aguila2011 says:

          No allegiance is absolute correct. He was just a house boy in the ‘bammy WH for the Moose Limb Brotherhood and the Black Liberation Movement. He ain’t got long on this rock.


      • Southern Son says:

        His appearances before Congress, especially yesterday, Did seem like a Job Interview.
        But I think his Sworn Testimony, is much more Damaging to his Prospects, as many of these may be Prosecuted.
        Kinda like when a persons Social Media history is examined.
        A recent example would be miss Winner.
        It’s out there for Every one to see.
        Thank You Sundance and Crew!
        Y’all never Disappoint.

        Press ON!


    • Eagle61 says:

      Comey is probably howling with laughter behind those closed doors, with no phones, no laptops and no smart devices being present.

      I remember quite distinctly hearing him say that we should cover our cameras on our laptops.

      The surveillance state has been deep into spying on everyone they deem to be a threat, not to just our country; but most importantly, to them.


    • Contrarymary says:

      That’s just a given. That’s how the left launders the money to those who protect them. Have noticed this for decades. Even if they go to prison, when they get out they have speaking gigs that pay big money and big book deals, even tho those books sit on the dollar store shelves.


  3. DeWalt says:

    The gang of eight knew all along this was Kabuki theatre and played along to perpetrate this false narrative. How long have they known about unmasking of private citizens? Or the illegal use of FISA courts to spy on political opponents? The court itself stated it was blatantly illegal and unconstitutional. When was this reported to oversight? How long have they known? THIS IS WHO WE NEED TO GO AFTER NOW!

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    • Aguila2011 says:

      Have you seen whose in that Gang? Can you believe that our collective fates are tied to a bunch of bozo’s like that, and it used to be worse with Feinstein making CA the heavyweight in the group. Out of 50 states, (note to Barry, 50 not 57!) just how does CA rate so much pull? And idjits at that!


  4. Joe S says:

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  5. ZC says:

    Pathetic P O S. Indict him.

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  6. CC Reader says:

    I believe the reason that Comey kept detailed records of interactions with Trump was that he was trying to build an impeachment case.

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    • TPW says:

      If you think about it Comey being fired with no access to computer files and notes he knows Trump would find the evidence of what he had been up to. He had no choice but to testify and admit to some of his wrongdoing but in his own carefully selected words. Also the reason for playing the pussy was to further attempt to portray Trump as a pressuring bully. Comey carefully planned this show.


      • not2worryluv says:

        Trump has had plenty of experience dealing with this kind of slime ball over the past 50 years.

        Comey’s firing wasn’t a spur of the minute knee jerk reaction by President Trump. It was likely in the works since the day after President Trumps win.

        All bases have been covered and Comey and his possee never saw it coming.

        Draining the Swamp, Keeping Promises and Making America Great Again.

        Thank you Mr. President!

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  7. Trump confirmed that this POS was part of the attempted coup attempt and fired him. Comey took his shot and got the special council. Muellar is in on the coup in my opinion. Trump needs to be very careful.

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    • Sherlock says:

      I wouldn’t bet against your assessment.


    • margarite1 says:

      Why do we even need a “special counsel” when it has finally been confirmed that this was all about nothing? This whole thing was a setup by the rats and the MSM to get rid of our POTUS. So now we have Mueller, friend of Comey, who will investigate until he can pin something on somebody? Can’t Sessions declare that this is over, nothing to investigate and no need to spend the money?

      Rightfully those trying to take down a POTUS and illegally unmasking Americans ought to be the ones to end up in jail but it’s hard to imagine that will ever happen.


      • Esperanza says:

        This is such a waste of time. And ressources. Yet they can’t keep us safe from being stabbed in the street. Can’t or won’t. Every day it looks more like won’t.


        • Maquis says:

          It’s been “won’t” for a long time.

          Arm up, always carry, don’t let them finish Allahu Ack…before you drop them. No need to allow innocents to die to prove their intent before saving lives.
          Especially yours.

          Tell PDJT to appoint Sheriff Clarke for FBI Director!

          As for the waste of time and money…aborting a Coup is worth everything we’ve got.

          I’m pretty hot-to-trot on perp walks and hangings myself, but it would seem PDJT has his own plans in work. What a brilliant man he is. He carrys on with determination and grace, you wouldn’t even know he was/is the target of an Attempted Coup.


    • mitrom says:

      I agree. That’s why we all need to support Trump and keep contacting Republicans in Congress and tell them that if they take out Trump, they can kiss their political careers goodbye.


    • Aguila2011 says:

      Yes, my question is why did Mueller meet with Comey before his testimony? Isn’t that like tampering with evidence or witnesses? Makes no sense to me but then I’m a regular guy not a weasel lawyer/attoorrrnnneeyyy!


    • dawndoe says:

      Then so is Rosenstein who was appointed by Trump, right?


  8. StormyeyesC says:

    I never heard about Lynch and “matter” until yesterday, but strangely, the same author that published the Comey memos at the failing NYT published this way back in April


  9. B Woodward says:

    Circa News states that reports about more meetings between Comey and 0bama’s AG Lynch are going to be coming out.

    If Lynch was attempting to hinder Comey from investigating Hillary’s crimes and/or the Clinton Foundation crimes (whatever happened to the FBI investigation of the crooked Clinton Foundation???), then it may be the case that Comey violated federal laws by not reporting that to a judge.

    18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony
    Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.


  10. Plain Jane says:

    This was on Kevin Jackson’s Blacksphere:
    “Trump Has Dirt on Comey: STRATEGIC FIRING of Swamp Rat James Comey
    The narrative came to me on Facebook, and I think it’s well worth posting.

    “The narrative of the Left is that former FBI Director James Comey is a good guy caught in bad circumstances.

    “Nothing could be further from the truth. Comey was a leftist plant, and President Trump knew it.

    “As Mark Howard Lewis writes:

    “There are very few crime/mystery novels that approach this true story for compelling drama, intrigue and brinkmanship (with the nation in the balance)
    “James Comey is a poisonous snake of the highest order.”.


  11. recoverydotgod says:

    IMO, It was Jim Comey’s duty to have stepped aside (recused) himself from the FBI counterintelligence investigation into Russian meddling in the election on January 6 before he pulled President Elect Trump aside to brief him on alone on the fake Russian Pee Dossier. Comey has testified that he started taking notes because of the nature of the man. That is unacceptable. You either take notes as a matter of practice or you don’t. The leaking of those notes after he was fired show what they were there for. Jim Comey did not exercise healthy independence…nor did he act with integrity in not stepping aside early on due to his stated personal conflict with the duly elected leader.

    IMO, the only reason we are at the Special Prosecutor stage with the Democrats now using Comey to call for an independent special prosecutor is because Comey didn’t step aside when he knew he was compromised personally. Instead, he felt he could control the investigation. IMO, he needed to control the investigation.

    Maddening…and sad.


    • musicdoc2020 says:

      My one observation, whenever Comey says “good question” you know a lie or a fib is coming or he hasn’t quite thought it through.

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    • Maquis says:

      That stuck on my craw too: “the nature of the man.” Whose judgement established in his mind that “the man” had a “nature” that required regarding him as a habitual felon itching to create mischief and havoc at every turn? That infuriates me!

      And why did not one of those congressional clowns challenge or even query his odd presumption that America had elected a reprobate as our Chief Executive? They were slobbering all over him even as he threw his own feces at our beloved President.

      A pox on the lot of them.


  12. chick20112011 says:

    LOL at the “He broke me” text above. Is Comey using the “Kathy Griffen” defense? Spot on points in the POST and comments. Perhaps he should retain Gloria All-red as counsel?
    Thanks for the great work!

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  13. Some very interesting history on Comey and Mueller – I am not familiar with the second site so the usual caveat applies:

    The Inside Story on James B. Comey

    James Brien Comey: How did the FBI Director make #1 on America’s “Most Wanted List”?


    Investigations into the financial holdings of James B. Comey and former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller reveal astounding conflicts of interest. These relationships would have stopped anyone else from being offered the top law enforcement job in the country.

    Comey has been the FBI director since 2013 when he replaced 12-year director Robert S. Mueller who was chief counsel for London-based bank HSBC which was exposed in 2015 for sheltering $100 billion in client funds in murky offshore tax havens populated by drug dealers, money launderers, and arms traffickers.

    Comey also served as chief counsel for Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world. In 2012, Comey’s Bridgewater salary was $6,632,616 just before taking over the helm at the FBI. In his first year at the FBI, he received another $3.3 million in Bridgewater severance cash outs. A year later, his net worth jumped up to $34 million. Comey also disclosed direct holdings in IBM Eclipse Foundation members: Verizon, Intel, Emerson Electric, Microsoft, Qualcomm, AT&T, Apple, HP, Morgan Stanley, Lockheed Martin, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, none of which has ever been disclosed or caused him to recuse himself in any case.

    Comey was a director of the London money launderer extraordinaire, HSBC. Even the Clinton Foundation website boasts about HSBC donations. This fact alone disqualifies Comey from involvement in any Hillary Clinton investigation.

    JAMES COMEY’S SALARY WENT FROM $206,000 IN 2002 UP TO $33.5 MILLION IN 2012.

    Robert Mueller’s salary went from $1.8 million in 2001 to $7.0 million in 2011.

    Mueller held Defenders Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund LLC and Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fund LLC. These “funds of funds” invest in other hedge funds. Mueller’s exclusive funds were not open to the public. The minimum investment in several of the funds of funds is $10,000,000. But as HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani revealed in 2015, many are secret havens for money laundering, arms trafficking, and tax evasion.

    Both Mueller hedge funds were managed by Mellon Bank of New York (BNY). No less than ten (10) BNY directors were shared between Mueller’s Defenders and Mellon Optima funds. Tellingly, the FBI never prosecuted any of these BNY Ponzi schemers associated with Mueller’s Defenders hedge fund or Comey’s actions with Bridgewater.

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  14. Bonitabaycane says:

    Lying, Leaker, Traitorous, Cowardly Snake Comey has interfered with the American elective process, not the Russians.

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  15. botvinnik says:

    May 3rd:

    Grassley: “Director Comey, have you ever been the anonymous source of news reports about matters relating to the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation?”

    Dirty Comey: “Never.”



    • StormyeyesC says:

      semantics he gives them to friends they become the source


      • Maquis says:

        That won’t hold water. They didn’t leak documents he entrusted to them. They delivered documents at his express direction, from his very own hand, hell, written by his own hand to boot.

        The “professor” was the mail man, the fed ex guy, the friendly brown truck fellow. Nothing more.

        The weasel can’t parsel-tongue this one.


  16. botvinnik says:

    “…somewhere beta males are whining, and somewhere libtards pout; but there is no joy in Swampville; Dirty Comey has struck out.”

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  17. Rob says:

    Comey thought he was J. Edgar Hoover – complete with the crossdressing.


  18. whoseyore says:

    I just can’t wait to gaze upon the decor of Comey’s three mansions (subsidized by the Clinton Foundation).

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  19. jbrickley says:

    Forget everything you have read and seen regarding Comey. Now imagine instead someone like General James (Maddog) Mattis was the FBI director and was being questioned like this. Can you imagine him weasling, waffling, lying, using evasive speech, releasing his comments before the public interview, etc., etc. like Comey did? Can you see him posturing politically like Comey did? Do you think he would have been complaining? IF and it’s a big IF, Trump tried to sway him he would have politely resigned on the spot and walked away. I don’t believe Trump tried to sway Comey in any way nor was there a threat. Comey was fired for very good reasons and none of them involved the Russia investigation.

    In fact, if he was the FBI director, I firmly believe he would have raided one of the Presidential Debates with 100 FBI agents and frog marched Crooked Hillary out of the room in cuffs and leg irons! Delivering the warrant personally right on stage. There would have been no warning and there would have been no press conferences. There would have been no claims that since she didn’t have malicious intent there would be no charges. There would have been no “Matters”. There would have been no cowardice.


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