President Trump Rose Garden “Paris Treaty” Announcement – 3:00pm Live stream

President Donald Trump is scheduled to announce the decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Treaty during a rose garden speech scheduled for 3:00pm:

UPDATE – Video Added:

WH Live Stream LinkAlternate Livestream #1RSBN Alternate Live Stream #2

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910 Responses to President Trump Rose Garden “Paris Treaty” Announcement – 3:00pm Live stream

  1. Donna in Oregon says:

    Here in Oregon the Loons in Portland will go ballistic. Every year they send millions and millions of gallons of sewage into the Columbia and Willamette rivers (environmentalists don’t understand that it is bad to poop in your water supply).

    But forget about that–they must fight for the future, and break windows and burn stuff. So demented.

    There must be something in the water….

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Ha, ha, Donna! You made me chuckle.

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    • Regina says:

      They figure it will be diluted by all the crap flowing down from Hanford – and all the meds peed off and fed back in the river.

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    • Memo to Sec. Pruitt:
      Crap Credits to be paid by Portland to cleaner Red States like Oklahoma.

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        Now that’s something I could support–“Crap and Trade” taxes!

        Large urban centers can pay extra to the rest of the country for having to put up with their whiny, progzi crap and especially their stupid wind turbines, that are never in cities–they should put ’em on top of every big building in NY, CHI-town, ATL, LA, and SF and see how they and their bird populations like it.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      The biggest loon in Portland is its liberal mayor who warned about potential violence
      by a group of conservatives holding a Free Speech / Pro Trump Rally in a downtown federal park, then turned right around and approved a permit for Anti-Trump Protesters to hold their rally the same day in the city park right across the street from the Pro Trump Rally. Talk about being two-faced. What a moron. He even tried to con the feds into recalling the Pro Trump Rally permit, but the feds said it would be unconstitutional (1st Amendment) to do that. And, they’re right.


    • drdeb says:

      I love WTP’s President more and more every day! God Bless and Protect our Republic and Donald J. Trump as well as everyone he cares about!


  2. Pam says:

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  3. Howie says:

    9th Circuit lawsuit in 3…2..1.

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  4. Pam says:

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  5. rumpole2 says:

    CNN have gone WAY beyond VERY FakeNews….

    This is hysteria… false information intentionally broadcast to TERRORIZE the masses…. CNN need to be designated as Terrorist Propaganda Organization.

    They say.. pulling out of Paris agreement will have dire effects on the world.

    That is a bare-faced lie!!

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    • rumpole2 says:

      BTW… I KNOW Science… THAT horseshite is NOT SCIENCE!!!

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Yah, The same dire effects that were around before the Paris Climate Agreement.

      I call them acts of God – high tide/low tide, droughts, most extinctions, hurricanes, tornadoes — stuff like that.

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      • rumpole2 says:

        When I was a boy we had “weather”
        We bitched about it…. sure… but did not waste time effort and money trying to do much about it.

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        • A.D. Everard says:

          When I was a kid, the weather was considered to be the one “safe” topic of discussion, meaning one could not offend anyone by talking about it… Not so true these days… Stupid globalists wanting to literally tax the air we breathe!

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        • allhail2 says:

          Hold on to your hats, but I learned something in science class around, oh, let’s say second grade.
          We have climate change four times every year.
          E-v-e-r-y y-e-a-r. At some point in time, those changes were given names: SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, and WINTER.

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          • rumpole2 says:

            Yeah.. we called that “SEASONS”

            One of the reasons I love Singapore is… no seasons (mostly)
            It’s 32 deg C and 90% humidity 365 days a year 🙂


            • allhail2 says:

              We are in Cent FL, inland. We generally have hotter than hell most of the year and less hot in Jan, Feb.
              However, we migrate back and forth to the WNC mountains a couple of times a year for “real” seasons, er, um, climate change

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        • Rebcalintx says:

          Rumpole2 , because you were smart enough to know you couldn’t change it !!!

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        Progzis and the elitists they serve have, in their own minds (aka, colons) substituted themselves for God. Ergo, that which was once an act of God or nature is now miraculously deemed and act of man. Yes, they are that deluded and it is probably really that simple. The so-called “science” is just for cover/self-confirmation. That’s why there’s no testing the hypotheses or engaging in debate or further investigation and research allowed.

        Go around with one’s head up one’s azz far enough, long enough, and it’s a guarantee, that one will wind up thinking, walking, talking like nothing but an azz. Just look at <0bunghole–I rest my case.

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    • Venus says:

      People who say having a penis doesn’t necessarily make you male are teaching us “science”

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    • Oldschool says:


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    • FL_GUY says:

      What a large pile of manure. Every one of those points is bogus and have been proven bogus over the last 40 years. I live in a town that is on the Gulf of Mexico. I have lived here for over 50 years. There has been no rise of sea levels in over half a century; half a century and no evidence. If it were true, it would be noticeable in that length of time. However, there has been a massive increase in the polar ice caps during this time. Those two factors alone demonstrate the lie of Global Warming. And of course, sending our wealth to elitists bank accounts will never change the weather, just turn us into a poverty stricken (I’m already there thanks to O) third world country.

      I would like for President Trump to send out the transcript of each speech to his e-mail lists. People need this information and the corrupt propaganda machine laughingly called the media, is not reporting the truth, only their Globalists masters’ lies.

      And as the say, COVFEFE Rules!

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    • ferret2 says:

      Fake Science + Fake News + Fake Leaders = Paris Accord

      It’s all in the math not the science.

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    • caileag09 says:

      Rising seas, deadlier heat waves! Oh nos! And along with that, there will be dragons breathing fire and sulphur.

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    • Numbers and models. All telling us the same thing.
      But ask someone what they all mean and you get a blank stare.

      Co2 levels rising. The end is near! The Earth’s atmosphere is 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen and 1 percent other gases, including about 0.04 percent carbon dioxide. And yes, Earth’s CO2 concentration stood at 400 parts per million in May 2015.

      I’m not a crazy person. You should recycle. You should do what you can to help or clean the environment.
      But spending hundreds of billions of dollars is not the answer. Have a select few travel from all over the world by private jets to get to some exotic destination only to be carted in large SUV’s by the hundreds to talk about it, isn’t an answer either.

      If everyone is so concerned in talking about it at special meetings every 6 months, why not invest in Go to Meeting software and stay the hell home? Why not dump your private jet and fly commercial?

      For all I know, maybe the polar Ice caps are melting so fast because countries and environmental groups send so many people there to measure what they are creating, they are melting the ice caps themselves.

      If people exited our planet, would the earth cool or heat up? The answer to that is yes.
      Because for millions of years that is just what happened. Then came man and guess what, it’s going to happen again.

      The other side of this is even more confusing. Unless there is an upside to cutting back jobs, starving people, poorer nations, and no technology?
      And why do we have to pay to be in a group when you can do it on your own? Or better yet, pay to be in and have someone dictate to you what you pay and what you need to do, but others pay less and have less restrictions.

      Should we all do better, every nation do much better? Yes.
      So why do we have to be part of a club that charges a fee? Makes demands that are almost impossible to meet? And cannot force anyone to comply? And allows some of our biggest competitors the advantage of not participating for many years?

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      • trialbytruth says:

        Don’t mean t be a downer but most recycling is a scam. Paper can be recycled and clear glass not brown and not mixed color glass other then as aggregate (gravel is cheaper)post consumer plastic? Almost all of it goes to land fills.

        The theory always was reduce re-use recycle. Recycled last on the list because it rarely is effective. Do a study on what happens to your mu icipal waste and then compare the costs…. normally waste management companies bid as spa page so it’s hard to break it do.

        That said your post is spot on

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        • JoseB says:

          Philadelphia makes you sort and gets a grant but then they burn it all in the same incinerator S garbage. True.

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        • LCSmom says:

          Recycling is only good to keep some things from ending up in landfills, but it costs so much more than the end products are worth.

          Here in California we pay the sanitation department government workers to sort through all the non-recyclable stuff that ends up in the bins, and then we pay Chinese companies to transport our stuff to China on gigantic barges, and then and recycle our stuff with their slave labor because American companies can’t make a profit doing it.

          Then we pay them a second time for the recycled stuff because people want to feel better by using something that has been recycled.

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    • Wayne Robinson says:

      These idiots have been promising end of world in five years and renew the promise every five years for approximately twenty five years / they are worse than Jehovah’s Witness about changing dates / and all of this is not based on any statistical analysis but science fiction rather than science . If you haven’t herd the latest the false science is now claiming alternate realities on different planes is a proven fact / what a bunch of bullshit

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  6. MaineCoon says:

    TPP & Paris Climate Agreement — gone with the wind!

    Next up – NAFTA.

    Does Our President make it look easy or what?

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  7. Pam says:

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  8. ExPat_en_CR says:

    Instead of using the word, ‘globalists’, it seems the President slipped in a ‘sly’ term – (it has to be a Stephen Miller coined-term) – ‘global activists’! Our Prez is always ‘one step ahead!’

    The ‘msm’ will be in hysteria, “WHO is he talking about? Only environmentalists? Is he dissing the global banking system? Is he mis-speaking again?” And K Street, Multi-Nationals, and Euro-Pussy-Hats will run to the fake-science community (AlGoreRhythm) to declare immediate environmental disaster.

    But, China, Germany and the Middle East get it: The USA is finally back! (Not so sure, BoyMacron and BoyTrudeau understand, though).

    For 28 years we’ve had Presidents who scored A’s.

    A = Apologies.

    We finally (once again) have a leader scoring a C.

    C = Courage. (And NOT the way Dan the Rather meant it, either!)

    Mr. President, YOU are with US!

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  9. Ron says:

    The funniest part of this whole thing is, Liberals are trying to convince you, that since we pulled out of an agreement that went into effect in October, 2016… that the world is going to end.

    So think about it; the world will end, because in June we don’t have what we didn’t have in September.

    They could not get more stupid. I mean if they were brain lobotomy patients they would be smarter than this.

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  10. elleb77 says:

    #Winning #MAGA

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  11. spaulj67 says:

    It so nice to finally have a President thats looking out for American interests. Now how do we get a simple majority of our elected representative to do the same?

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  12. Michelle says:


    I would also add, we are not the “forgotten” men and women. We were the ignored men and women. The elites didn’t forget us. They purposely ignored us.

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  13. Running Fast says:

    What a historic day to visit and do business in DC! For anyone else planning a trip there is a new National Monument that opened today… The Giant Swamp Flood Gates National Memorial. It is best experienced by closing ones eyes and listening to the sound of draining waters!


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  14. citizen817 says:

    Krauthammer finally telling truth!

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  15. not2worryluv says:

    President Trump thank you for promises kept.

    Today you gave us a 10+ Covfefe!

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  16. LCSmom says:

    That speech was insanely good. Everyone should watch it.

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  17. NJ Transplant says:

    President Trump did a great presentation. He defined how insane the Paris accord is. The US would have to be crazy to agree to something that costs us a fortune and destroys our country (especially the middle class). That is why Obama supported this piece of garbage.

    Obama did everything he could to destroy this country. He did promise to fundamentally change the country. I will forever be grateful that Donald Trump ran for President. He didn’t have to. It cost him a lot of both money and grief for himself and his family. People around him have also been destroyed – Mike Flynn comes to mind.

    Thank God for President Trump. I had no idea this agreement was as bad as it was. It is a monumental transfer of wealth, as the TPP also would have been.

    Thank God for Sundance for having a place to get correct information about our government.

    Obama and all his minions really belong in jail. At least Obama rammed this piece of garbage through on his own without Senate approval, like his Iran deal. It makes it easier to get out of these ridiculous agreements. No wonder the rest of the world likes the climate accord.

    The part about India really drove me nuts. Doesn’t India make enough off us? Between the outsourcing and the H1B visas, they have taken a big chunk out of our economy. What really makes me crazy is that Indian immigrants get jobs, especially government jobs, ahead of Americans. They get affirmative action in hiring and school admissions even though they just arrived in the country. Something really needs to be done about that. How did affirmative action turn into something for foreigners to get over on Americans? Sorry about going off subject, but it is so unfair. I have seen many instances of Indians being able to use affirmative action to get jobs and promotions.

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    • camulla says:

      Foreign workers don’t just get government jobs, the visa holders have taken over large corporations while Americans don’t get jobs at these large corporations because of applicant tracking software that screens out applicants who could be good workers. Corporate headquarters here often are full of foreign workers who come here on visas while Americans don’t get jobs and aren’t considered for these good jobs because of what is termed the skills gap resulting from no training for American workers.

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  18. teaforall says:

    Make sure everyone sends a big thank you to President Trump at
    Great Day for the American People

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  19. El Torito says:

    best POTUS ever!

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  20. I think a lot of Folks, got RED-PILLED A few Libs today with this XD XD

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  21. kimosaabe says:

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    • In very typical fashion for the left, Elon Musk is leaving Presidential Councils.

      Whenever someone isn’t exactly the same as you, libs tend to take their ball and leave.
      Not only because they whining little crybabies. It’s more than that.
      They can’t stand when people disagree with them because then they will have to sell their point of view. Defend what it is and why.
      They cannot act like an adult and continue to contribute.

      In another way to see it. Climate Change is honestly so important to him, he’s decided to voluntarily walk away from one of the few places he can make a difference.

      How important is it to him?


  22. Joe Blow says:

    Just saw my local (fake) “news”. They went out on the street & asked for people’s thoughts. Naturally every single person they showed thought it was the worst thing in the world & couldn’t understand why President Trump wanted to “hurt the Earth like this.”

    So many uneducated lemmings. It’s truly frightening.

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  23. kimosaabe says:

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    • fangdog says:

      There is no way in ten times of hell can one be a Libtard and be an American. other than name only,

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    • Mariainohio says:

      Exactly! When my teens want to talk about “climate change” and co2, I just ask them about the meteor that killed the dinosaurs and the pyroclastic cloud that followed. If the earth could survive AND recover from that, it will be fine even without the Paris Climate Accord!


    • SR says:

      Elon , how much money Tesla and other startup are stolen from taxpayers? Tesla still can’t survive without taxpayer’s money.


  24. All American Snowflake says:

    I listened to President Trump’s Paris Treaty Announcement twice. I may just listen to it every day for the rest of the summer. I did NOT believe that I would live to hear so much honesty in one speech or love for the American people by our own President!

    I think that as Americans we had gotten used to hearing only the lying, criminal element; that is, Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, and the most dishonest people in the world ─ the lying Media being in complete control of our country and at the same time trying to gain control of the rest of the world thru some kind of globalist agenda masquerading as “global warming” or so-called “climate change.”

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  25. pam2246 says:

    I don’t know what’s better…..

    Dodging the climate ‘donation’ bullet or skipping stones on puddles of melted snowflakes.

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  26. decisiontime16 says:

    Honestly, when was the last time any President cared about the American people particularly the taxpayers.
    A great day in history today…

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  27. Jlwary says:

    Can anyone shed light on the rules for exiting?? I heard that it won’t actually take effect right away and I think that is BS. This isn’t a real treaty approved by congress and I feel POTUS
    ‘ comments in his speech were unequivocal. I am confused.

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  28. ivehadit says:

    One other thing that our beloved and strong Donald has done is end the con job…no more putting lipstick on this pig and telling us it’s a homecoming beauty. And that is like a breath of fresh air. Our boundaries are no longer being violated with the LIES of the con job. WE AIN’T BUYIN’ WHAT THEY’RE SELLIN’ ANYMORE!
    A great national sigh of relief is heard around the land, even if many don’t really understand why.
    There will be many more tough fights but this is a day to celebrate our brave warrior president who loves us so!!


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  29. Anyone want to “Make a investment”.. I got Land that *Maybe* Beachfront property in about…. Heeermm 10K years? XD X XD interested?

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  30. herbie says:

    This is why I voted for President Trump. He spelled all our greatest fears that Obama would agree to in this lousy deal. I love Daddy Donald too much.

    Agreeing to this deal from Obama/Bush would be like continuing to funnel cash to Iran for interst due on the money funding we halted.

    Night and day folks. Be proud we are going to Make America Great Again!

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  31. NOT to let good post(s) or some, (then great) Magazines(s) covers to into the Trash Bin… 1979..,16641,19791224,00.html

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  32. Miss America says:

    Climate change, shlimate shange. God will not flood the earth again. He will over His people.
    I’m all for being responsible with our resources but God is in control.

    Thank you President Trump!

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  33. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Trump just took us out of the grip of the U.N. and the Globalists who wanted to drain our country dry while they get rich. On top of that, China and India got away with doing absolutely nothing in the Accord(Treaty) while the U.S. would pay in dollars and jobs. This deal was unconstitutional because it is a Treaty, and is supposed to go through the Senate to get approved. All of the other countries call it a Treaty, but Obama called it an Accord because he knew that he did not take it through the appropriate legal channels of the Senate. Obama sold our country down the tubes through back-door channels, and President Trump just saved it from ruin and reaching the point of no return.

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  34. Summer says:

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  35. dayallaxeded says:

    Two statements from PDJT’s speech really stick big ol’ spikes in the phoney baloney gas bag balloon of the PA and really all the glowbull wormening BS:

    If everything went exactly as the progzis and their elitist bankster rulers want, it would only reduce the alleged temperature elevation by .2 of 1* C.

    If China produces its quotient of “carbon” for 14 days, it completely wipes out any reductions provided by the USA (b/c the USA already is running much cleaner than most nations and the Red Chinese are being given ludicrously high allowances for crazily long times, if any of this BS is even remotely real).

    I have not seen those absolute killer statistics cited whether for or against on any panel discussing PDJT’s decision or even in comments here (the former, I find no surprise, but the latter amazes me!). Anyway, thank God that PDJT has the cajones to stand up to these idiots and the good advisers to help him.

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  36. Mr. Morris says:

    Thank you President Trump for your clear eyed decision rejecting the Paris “Climate” scam. I love our country too.

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  37. This was such a wonderful statement/announcement and so educational. I hope many people listen to the whole thing….I learned a lot.

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  38. mikeyboo says:

    Great speech by Pres Trump explaining why this action was necessary, the benefits to the US economy, and the destruction to the US economy had he failed to take this action. BRAVO!!!

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  39. Dora says:

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  40. Peter says:

    That Was the most American speech and rational in 30 years.

    And drudge is all negative headlines.


    To those who listened, Trump just saved America, singlehandedly

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  41. NoOneButTrump says:

    Elon Musk doesnt just get taxpayer $ for his Tesla scam. Look into SpaceX and John McCain. He’s a Canadian crook and McCain is his partner in crime.

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  42. JRD says:

    Governors of New York, California, and Washington announce the formation of the “United States Climate Alliance”.

    LOL, the new Confederacy, just like the old Confederacy – DEMOCRATS

    In honor of dweeb Macron “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”

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    • Summer says:

      They should have upheld the tradition and called themselves Weather Underground.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Here is an idea for them. Residents in each of these states ought to be taxed a surcharge for an above average carbon footprint. Above average size of house, larger cars and “extra cars” above the normal average for the size of household, for flights, even more for private flights, for pools, for 2nd homes, for more than average vacation trips, for international trips, etc. Limousine liberals of CA, NYC and Seattle ought to love all of these extra fees and be glad to pay their fair share!

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  43. mitrom says:

    That was one great speech by President Trump. If anyone with a little open mind listened to the speech, there is no denying they would come away with at least some understanding why the President decided to leave the Paris Accord. I’m sending my two daughters, now young adults, a video of this speech so they can understand. They already understand a lot more than a lot of their dopey friends.

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  44. Bravo President. Absolutely Bravo.
    Obama – But but but Ivanka and and and Jared has control over Donald so so and and and he will not back out of Paris Deal!!!
    MIchelle – Ozerooo!! Quiet. You also mentioned about him having any magic wand. Where is Val? We need more leaks.


  45. Lawrence says:

    I like how the President laid it all out. Nice and simple. And I’m sure he presented arguments that many people had not heard of, but wake them up.


  46. ConservativeInAZ says:

    Dear Obama…that’s for spying on us. Fyi…my next best seller will be titled “How to Erase a Legacy One Yuge Step at A Time”. Yours Sincerely, President Trump. P.S. please tell the wife the WH garden will be deleted soon as it has increased our water bill by 20%. I’m sure she will understand about saving water. Heh.


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