Defense Secretary James Mattis Arlington Memorial Day Speech…

Defense Secretary, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, delivered a touching tribute to honor our nations finest on Memorial Day 2017 in Arlington:

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16 Responses to Defense Secretary James Mattis Arlington Memorial Day Speech…

  1. marblenecltr says:

    We have an American President and an American Secretary of Defense.

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  2. Stihlgirl says:

    I can’t hardly stand to watch any of this, for it breaks my heart and fills me with love for them, their families and our leaders who fill my soul with pride. Many tears, and much thanks to all…

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  3. Southern Son says:

    I Love This Patriot!
    Why are there not More American Patriots coming to America’s Defense?
    We are at WAR!
    The Domestic Enemies are more Dangerous to Our Survival, than Daiesh, and Certainly more of a threat, than the Russians.
    I’m Ready!, to Follow General Mattis and President Trump!!
    We must Save this Country, to Fully Honor the Treasure we have Lost.
    Happy and Safe Memorial Day, to All those that Serve of Constitution.
    Thank You!

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  4. Socrates says:

    What more can be said?

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  5. quintrillion says:

    The most poignant & beautiful 3 minute speech I’ve ever heard. God Bless the military heroes & their loving families. God, please protect those who sacrifice to keep us safe from evil & treachery.

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  6. Alison says:

    Thank you so much, Sundance, for seeking and posting these videos today & T-Rex yesterday. We would never be sharing these touching moments without you. God Bless our Treehouse and all who inhabit.

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  7. India Maria says:

    Welcome home Joe… words……..

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  8. Michelle says:

    I encourage everyone to listen to this short yet beautiful speech. A description or recap wouldn’t even do it justice. How he described the field that is now a cemetery was already so unexpected and emotional, but the rest of the speech was equally beautiful. He has so much heart and cares so much, even though he’s a “tough guy.”

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  9. Old Lady says:

    I sleep better at night knowing he keeps everyone up because he’s in charge of defense.

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  10. WeThePeople2016 says:

    General Mattis seemed to be a bit surprised at the warm reception and cheers that he received before he delivered his speech. It is obvious that he is well liked and respected.

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  11. Derek Hagen says:

    He mentions Plutarch and Plato. There’s more here than meets the ordinary eye. I’m so impressed with President Trump’s team.

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  12. maiingankwe says:

    This is by far one of the best speeches besides our President in a very long, long time. I never knew he had such a way with words and insight. Shame on me.

    My Dad may not be one of our Fallen, but he was a Korean Veteran. I too carry his picture in my wallet/money purse. He is on the outside, so I can always see him. It is a picture of one of my fondest memories. We went on a three day ice fishing trip to Lake of The Woods in Minnesota. The picture is of us sitting and laughing after a good, hot meal. He is pointing behind him to the larger walleye on the wall and I am pointing to the smaller one, both fish were behind us hanging next to each other. The bartender had caught the magical moment of us both laughing out loud together. It is a picture I will always treasure.

    I put this picture in my wallet while he was alive. He used to love holding my wallet and looking at it. He remembered through the fog of his dementia. He was as proud of that picture as I was.

    Yesterday I was scrolling through my notes on my phone that I sometimes I write. I found one I had forgotten. It had said, “I really like you with me.” Below had a description of the day. My Dad and I were both sitting next to each other on his bed enjoying each other’s company in silence and me rubbing his back. We did that a lot when I visited him in the Elderpy home. It was September 17, 2016.

    He always said he never understood why people always have to be talking just to fill the air. Sometimes silence is best. We fished in silence, we of course hunted in silence, we drove a lot in silence. He taught me a valuable lesson. If I don’t have anything worth while to say, and if I just want to fill the air, just be quiet.

    The times of silence that we spent together were beautiful. A smile here and there, a nod in the others direction, I think it’s what called companionable silence. One can have just as much fun. It really is a beautiful experience.

    So even though I did not lose my Father in battle, I deeply understood what our Mattis meant by keeping a picture with us. Our Mattis had me stop the video for some time to contemplate on all of his words, they were quite powerful and moving. He honored all of our Fallen and their families. It is not something one can do who doesn’t have heart for all of our loss. He’s experienced it too.

    God Bless all of our Fallen, all of our Veterans, all of the families who sacrifice, our Secretary of Defense General Mattis, our President, and all the good people of this Earth.
    Be well, and have a Blessed day,

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  13. Horsesoldier says:



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