James Mattis: “ISIS is Surrounded There is No Escape” – “The defeat of ISIS is a foregone conclusion”…

Important Stuff – Watch how the actual (non fake) news cycle from the administration rolls out in coordination with President Trump’s trip to the mid-east.  There’s a larger, coordinated, geopolitical strategy message being sent to the world by the peace coalition President Trump has assembled over the past four months…

WASHINGTON DC – Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is crediting changes in tactics ordered by President Trump for increasing the pressure on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and leaving the beleaguered fighters with no avenue of escape.

“He directed a tactical shift from shoving ISIS out of safe locations in an attrition fight to surrounding the enemy in their strongholds so we can annihilate ISIS,” Mattis said Friday during a Pentagon briefing on the counter-ISIS campaign.


Mattis said that by making sure foreign fighters can’t get away, or return to their home countries, “We don’t simply transplant this problem from one place to another.”

[…] The only thing that has delayed the coming offensive, said Mattis, was the vagaries of the battlefield.

Mattis said the defeat of ISIS is a foregone conclusion.

“West Mosul, in accordance with tactics changed by President Trump, is surrounded, and our Iraqi partners are in a stiff fight,” Mattis said. “There is no escape for ISIS.” (more)

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141 Responses to James Mattis: “ISIS is Surrounded There is No Escape” – “The defeat of ISIS is a foregone conclusion”…

  1. M33 says:

    I love all this winning!

    The fake news MSM can crawl away and die somewhere.
    Then from their remains we can make compost to grow real news sources.

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  2. boojum says:

    The economy is turning around. Jobs being added. Manufacturing returning. Possibility of a Middle East peace. Isis defeated. Let’s impeach this guy!

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  3. TwoLaine says:

    BRAVO to our Commander in Chief Donald J TRUMP, Defense Secretary General Mattis and all of our armed services. God Speed. May each of you come home safely soon. JOB WELL DONE! SO PROUD.

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  4. Surround ’em and destroy ’em. No more Whack-A-Mole!

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  5. Lunatic Fringe says:

    “Our Iraqi partners.” Would love to have something to show for the blood and treasure we’ve spilled there.

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  6. fred says:

    “Demonstrate to the world there is ‘No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy’ than a U.S. Marine.” Gen. Mattis

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    • Question Everything says:

      “The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some a–holes in the world that just need to be shot. There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim.”

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    • sobriquet4u says:

      The “Warrior Monk” has a place of honor in this family.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      To every Marine God bless you and Gen. Mattis. Thank you Gen. for making us feel safe.

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  7. sturmudgeon says:

    IMO… our law enforcement MUST deport the mullahs HERE, and ASAP, so that the danger within our borders diminishes quickly… then ‘drone’ strike as many ‘over there’ as we can, to diminish the hate education over THERE

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    • Common sense is a wonderful thing. Now if we can only get the insane out of our way, it may happen…

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    • Dave Radetsky says:

      The problem is that the hate education over there is taught by a lot more than just ISIS. Many, probably most, Muslims teach it. That includes those who the U. S. has deemed as allies. The lies they teach their children will continue to be a major problem unless we can educate them to understand the truth. But they are teaching what they’ve been taught in their culture for centuries. This will be a major task. Eliminating ISIS is excellent and I hope we can complete that job. But there are still many radical Islamists that aren’t part of ISIS that need to be dealt with. Hopefully, if we can defeat ISIS, it will send a message to the other Islamists so they will start rethinking their beliefs.

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      • MK says:

        Not a problem. On day they’ll awaken to the fact you can push Americans to a point, then we come and bring hell with us. Rinse lather repeat rinse lather repeat…until they’re all dead or should they chose live in peace.

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      • nontroll says:

        They will NEVER start re-thinking their beliefs. There are no moderate muslims. If you follow and believe the koran, you ain’t gonna change your ways.

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      • MVW says:

        Mohammed. Mohammed created Islam. What did he do, say, and command? Violent Jihad. Pure and simple. Saying ‘Radical Islam’ as if it is different from Mohammed’s Islam ignores 1400 years of Islam’s history. Mohammed is inseparable from Islam. In Islam there is no room for churches. Count the number of churches in Saudi Arabia, Sharia does not allow it.

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        • dbobway says:

          I don’t like to disagree on this wonderful sight, but I believe in human nature.

          I saw a documentary about a Palestinian bomb maker. He was an expert on suicide vests using mostly children bought from their parents to die for Allah.
          The bomb maker had 23 children with several wives. His 23 Muslim kids were never offered up to wear a vest from dear old Dad.

          The leaders of these awful evil people are the indoctrinaters of hate. They want people to kill for them but they have no intention of dying while they murder viciously and have no regard for human life except their own.

          So you cut off the head of the snake and the snake will die. The key is don’t wait for thirty years to do it. You have to kill them, kill their families, with no mercy.

          We can never stop evil completely, but you can keep it in hiding or on the run. If you draw a line when crossed will bring hell to their door step.

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    • kpm58 says:

      Take them to the coast. Point to Mecca. And tell them to leave.
      Too bad, I don’t think their guy could walk on water.

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  8. What a difference competent leadership makes.

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  9. fred says:

    “what we will do to you here, your survivors will write about for the next 10,000 years” General Mattis

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  10. rebel53blog says:

    That’s My President, Donald J Trump
    God Bless

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  11. Chuck says:

    “Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”
    Gen. Mattis

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    • Travis McGee says:

      I can think of a whole bunch of people within our own borders that are the enemy and want to end this experiment. What say you General Matiis?

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  12. average Joe says:

    The only thing i disagree with my PREsident on,is i aint tired of winning. ……..

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  13. Lulu says:

    It’s amazing what happens when you stop arming and funding ISIS…

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  14. C. Lowell says:

    CK: “Obama’s Creation ISIS is Surrounded There is No Escape” –

    “The defeat of Obama’s Brothers is a foregone conclusion”

    Apparently outcomes are more successful if one actually tries to succeed…

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    • MVW says:

      ISIS was created by the CIA. Weaponizing Islam which is a political scourge that employs violent Jihad, Jihad commanded of all muslims by Mohammed, now with 1.5 billion muslims in the world, what could go wrong?

      Defeating ISIS without addressing the more successful political war ongoing through CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood is celebrating early. This is a 1400 year political war. Get smart. Islam is an ideology that believes in slavery, murder, subjugation until extermination of all non muslims.

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      • George Dixon says:

        Er… no:

        The Telegraph, UK
”ISIS Terror Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Released By Obama from Camp Bucca in 2009″

        “The FBI “most wanted” mugshot shows a tough, swarthy figure, his hair in a jailbird crew-cut. The $10 million price on his head, meanwhile, suggests that whoever released him from US custody four years ago may now be regretting it…”

        Washington Post
“The current ISIS leader was captured by American forces in 2005 and spent the next four years a prisoner in the Bucca Camp in southern Iraq. The Obama administration released the ISIS leader in 2009″


  15. Walt says:

    Sounds good to me!

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  16. Running Fast says:

    THIS IS the biggest news in a decade! Can you imagine if President Trump is able to negotiate even half of what he wants in the middle east?!

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  17. I really liked the term “Defeat isis Campaign”. Very refreshing from the terms used in the past by globalist tools to glorify it all.

    Now if we can just make sure deep cia/state dept. stops creating things like isis. Yep.

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  18. fleporeblog says:

    Folks the fear is palpable! This visit and agreements are about to shake up the ME and the world. The reception he is going to get in SA and Israel will be breathtaking. General al-Sissi, King Abdullah and the Saudi King have been waiting and hoping that this gift from the heavens would one day come. The last 8 years with Barry gave them a first class view of hell on Earth.

    President al-Sissi will call our Lion “Your Excellancy” throughout the visit. That isn’t him kissing the ring but showing the greatest admiration you can show another leader. Beyond the great possibility of peace between Palestinian and Israel, there is real hope of the formation of a NATO type structure between Egypt, Jordan, SA and the UAE. SA will be signing a contract to purchase $100 billion worth of military hardware with also a possibility of it reaching $300 billion after ten years.

    Lou Dobbs had Kiron Skinner from Carnegie Mellon University to discuss the ME trip and the great possibilities it can accomplish.

    Segment starts at 29:05 in the video below:

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  19. maiingankwe says:

    There is one thing that really bothered me from what General Mattis said. None of the Rules Of Engagement (ROE’s) have been changed. He is saying it is to keep the innocents safe, however, from my understanding it has put our military in harms way. Our enemies know of our ROE’s and they use them against our boys mercilessly. It has caused so many deaths of our fine young men and women fighting.

    I have been fighting and sending letters to congress on this matter to no avail. It is them who have put our fighting forces in harms way and we seriously need to change our ROE’s to keep our military safe. Too many deaths over these ridiculous and idiotic rules of engagement.

    Feel free to ask our Soldiers who have returned what they think of the new ROE’s congress had passed.

    I’m sorry, I just can’t believe Mattis said this. It’s disheartening because of the lives we have lost. I would’ve thought he would have been the champion to demand the changes in ROE’s. Now I don’t know what is going to happen. I’m sure congress will now repeat these words to me when they reply, if they reply.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      They have made the rules of engagement mute.we aren’t sending out patrols to comfrount the enemy we are just bombing the he’ll out of them

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      The ROE has been changed with regard to ISIS.

      From his words:

      “He directed a tactical shift from shoving ISIS out of safe locations in an attrition fight to surrounding the enemy in their strongholds so we can annihilate ISIS,” Mattis said Friday during a Pentagon briefing on the counter-ISIS campaign.

      Mattis said that by making sure foreign fighters can’t get away, or return to their home countries, “We don’t simply transplant this problem from one place to another.”

      This means they will ANNIHILATE them, not give them a cuppa and ask if they can shoot them as in Obama era. Note the last comment in the above quote…

      ISIS are going to be dead.

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    • whoseyore says:

      I appreciate your knowledge on this. Most of us had no idea. I would suggest getting your concerns to the leaders of some Veteran’s groups who could get this information to the President. He is very concerned about every one of us and especially those who protect us each day. He is always bringing different leaders into the White House for discussions. Just need to find a way to get your message to him. I will pray about this.
      If you are a Veteran I want you to know that I appreciate you for your service and the protection of our citizens.

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    • duchess01 says:

      Don’t know if this helps, but it does give some insight on Rules of Engagement –

      Will Gen. Mattis change the rules of engagement?

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    • aprilyn43 says:

      Actually the Rules of Engagement have changed. Under Obama we could not fire unless our life was directly endangered. Mattis changed that, to allow sanity & less loss of life (of our troops).


  20. woohoowee says:

    Maybe now it won’t be too long until the mass movement of people is stopped.

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  21. Paul Keller says:

    Sounds like the rules of engagement are kill them!

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  22. Diane says:

    Now we need to surround the terrorists in our own country and eliminate them. All those blocking Trump’s travel ban should be arrested and shot or hanged for treason, especially judges and politicians.

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  23. Comrade Mope says:

    Imagine what could be accomplished if we gave Trump three scoops of ice cream.

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  24. This is exactly the time when the Trump’s travel restrictions are needed the most. My worry is that some bad ones will take flight here and cause death. Blood will be on the hands of the court and it should be shouted from every rooftop.

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  25. FLEEVY says:

    The last piece of Zero’s legacy is about to be erased.

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  26. Howie says:

    Now he will kill them all without mercy.

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  27. keeler says:

    One change I’ve noticed in the fight against ISIS since the Trump Administration took over is the increased use of Special Ops. The Tabqa operation, which just concluded with an ISIS surrender of the city, got kicked off with an airdrop. Yesterday USSO conducted a raid around Al Qa’im, supposedly targeting key ISIS leadership. There was the raid in Nangarhar which killed the ISIS leader of Afghanistan. There was also the Yemen raid, but that was an operation which was planned under the previous administration.

    It’s safe to say that in addition to trapping and eradicating the pawns, Trump and Mattis are taking the fight directly to the leadership itself. Al Qa’im is about as far from the active fronts as one can get and still be in the “caliphate.”

    The last numbers I saw regarding West Mosul was >80% liberated, with less than 5,000 IS fighters left in the city.

    While this video is about two weeks old, the discarded veils and sandstorm pretty much sum up the current state of the tumor which calls itself the Islamic State.

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    • keeler says:

      Apologies! The video won’t play outside of YouTube, but in any the thumbnail is the most important take-away.

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      • KBR says:

        Why in the world would a Muslim woman discard her veil, especially during a sandstorm, when it could serve to keep the sand out of eyes, ears, mouth?

        Or were the ISIS dressed as women? And discarded the disguises when they no longer served a purpose?


        • keeler says:

          Not every sect of Islam believes in wearing the same head covering, nor does ISIS distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims when it comes to enforcing its dress code.

          Female refugees fleeing the Raqqa area discarded these niqba’s once they had reached sfaety. There are other videos around showing liberated women burning their niqbas and men shaving beards they were forced to grow while in ISIS’ regressive grip.

          There have been reports of ISIS fighters shaving their beards or attempting to disguise themselves from escaping, but I don’t think that is the case here. This is tangible evidence of the collapse of the Islamic State strewn along one of the roads to Raqqa. These are broken shackles cast aside.

          As to the sandstorm, the footage was probably shot several days after the refugees passed through this area. Plus, the only things these nibqa’s don’t cover are the eyes.

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    • KBR says:

      Pray for our Special Ops troops and all troops! Please.

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  28. beaujest says:

    Colin Powell would let them go!

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  29. KBR says:

    “West Mosul,


    is surrounded, and our Iraqi partners are in a stiff fight,” Mattis said. “There is no escape for ISIS.”

    General Mattis quote.

    A real Commander in Chief at last! Bravo President Trump!

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  30. Bartsmydog says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere” trillions of dollars are at stake and the uniparty and msm will do anything to protect it” hence the unrelenting attacks that will ultimately go nowhere. Donald J Trump is MY President! MAGA!

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  31. The swiftness of this happening is all the evidence you will ever need to show that the previous administration had no intention of eliminating this threat.

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    • Lulu says:

      The previous administration funded and armed the threat. They had US vehicles, US dollars, and US weapons. Obama’s favorite foreign leader Erdogan helped ISIS sell Iraqi oil that we watched them convoy for miles of empty road.

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  32. Landslide says:

    “We’re gonna knock the hell out of ISIS!” Donald J. Trump

    I know they’re working on domestic threats every day also. Thank God. Victory over ISIS is coming. We will never rid the world of all terriorists, but we are going to be trying every single day of a Trump presidency!! I am so grateful. Bold leadership, brave men and women—thankful for all.

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  33. NJF says:

    Get ’em Mad Dog!!!!

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  34. fleporeblog says:

    This is what I have been waiting the whole week for! We are literally eradicating these animals off the face of the earth. We are destroying them all around the world. Our Lion promised us and boy is he ever keeping his word. I am so jacked up right know as I fly to be with my family in Jacksonville, FL. Just wrote my wife and told her their is a change of plans. I want to go to the shooting range and unleash some of my own firepower in celebration to this news!

    Fox News just reported that our Lion is going to sign a $110 billion dollar agreement with SA for military hardware.


    From the article linked above:

    The United States and Saudi Arabia have inked a $110 billion arms deal, the largest in American history, according to senior Trump administration officials who described the agreement as part of a major effort to counter Iranian threats in the region.

    The massive arms package is part of a larger effort by the Trump administration to boost U.S. allies in the region amid a growing threat from Iran, which has invested heavily in its own military since the landmark nuclear agreement was inked with the former Obama administration.

    That last sentence says it all! This POS Barry did everything he could for fu….king IRAN to destroy the ME, Israel and possibly us. Our LION is protecting us. Let that sink in for a minute.

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  35. lkjhgdt889 says:

    and on the domestic front……

    ((( Former Acting Attorney General Dana Boente told reporters that a newly “resolute” U.S. Department of Justice was working “to reclaim the streets.”

    Local and federal authorities have launched crackdowns against UBN and other gangs, including the killings of the Londons, dating back for more than five years.

    But Rose, a lifelong federal prosecutor who was appointed U.S. Attorney in Charlotte under President Barack Obama, said the Trump administration’s tougher sentencing and greater commitment of resources, have strengthened the fight against violent gangs.

    She used the occasion to warn gangs that the battle isn’t over.

    “We have come for you and we will keep coming for you,” she said. “We’re just getting started.”

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/latest-news/article151220982.html#storylink=cpy

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  36. Tazz2293 says:


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  37. ElGato says:

    Never ever forget that there is another fight in Mosul because of the ball-less, effeminate (p)resident we had that pulled our troops out of Iraq. All people that have died due to this dirtbags lack of leadership are on his head.

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  38. All I can say is that this is just absolutely FANTASTIC NEWS! God Bless our military men and women for helping our Glorious President carry out on his campaign promise! You all deserve much honor and praise for your sacrifices.

    Now watch our Glorious President help establish peace in the M.E.
    Carry on, Mr. President! Carry on, Indeed!

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  39. jeans2nd says:

    Our POTUS has accomplished in three months in the Middle east what Obama could not in eight years. Very important stuff.

    Care for some weeds?

    Details, Joint presser with SecDef and CJCS, with Brett McGirk
    both United States Misguided Children, might one add? https://www.defense.gov/Videos/videoid/525943/

    Note – all accomplished with NO change to ROE. Listen to the first five min of presser.

    NATO really is being repurposed, joining coalition https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/1185905/dunford-counter-isis-coalition-would-benefit-from-nato-membership/#.WR3TKXPhfw4.twitter

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  40. libtardh8r says:

    Surround them in their strongholds? How would you deal with a concentration of highly entrenched enemies? How many more MOABs in inventory?

    MOAB strike was dress rehearsal.


    • aprilyn43 says:

      @libertarhdr8r – I think there are 12 more MOABs; & I would be happy to see them drop into the middle of an ISIS camp!
      I’m not the bloody type, but Jslam bloody Islam seems to bring out the defense in me.


  41. aprilyn43 says:

    James Mattis may be Sec’y of Defense (which is a civilian position), but Mattis is …

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  42. Ron says:

    Mattis has ISIS surrounded.

    It’s not a military operation, he just PERSONALLY has them surrounded.

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  43. Stringy theory says:

    Great news from a great SECDEF. This winning is habit forming. Give me more, more, more …

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  44. seabrznsun says:

    Thank God for giving us men & women of character to bring about the magnificent changes we have needed for so very long. I suspect it won’t be long before we see our troops home on American soil where they can enjoy this beautiful nation God has guided us in establishing and putting President Trump and other men of strong and righteous stature in our life as we move forward to MAGA!


  45. George Dixon says:

    As long as the US hobbles the military with Rules of Engagement which make victory, at best, more difficult, we will face long wars.

    War is inhumane in general, but such is the world.
IF a nation Must go to war, the only logical and humane way to prosecute that war is without restraint, without limited ROE, without the slightest thought given to collateral damage.
    Fight it, end it, go home.

    In contrast, a ‘limited war’ is not humane. It goes on, dislocating and killing, for years. 
See Vietnam, 
See Afghanistan
. A ‘humane’ war is one fought to as fast a conclusion as overwhelming force of arms can provide.

    Peace is not a process. 

    When one side is so utterly devastated that they can not and will not make more war… then, Peace ensues.

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  46. 6x47 says:

    “Not allowing the terrorists to escape is inhumane!” – Bedwetting Pajama Boy

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  47. oldarmyblog says:

    If we truly have them surrounded, then we must kill them to the last man. Don’t take any prisoners. This how to deal with radicals. Wipe them out and no one will push this crap for the next 500 years. We didn’t worry about collateral damage to Germany or Japan in WWII. In fact it was part of the strategy to defeat them. It will also serve as a warning to the Shiites/Iranian mullahs.

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  48. jeans2nd says:

    Some observations on the full presser, should anyone be interested –
    First and last five minutes say much about Our POTUS, SecDef, CJCS, and diplomats now, completely diff from prior eight years, and yes, we are winning

    3:45 CN&N put in their place
    Q: But in Somalia, the Navy SEAL that you mentioned who was killed…they were alongside the Somali forces, they were not behind them
    A: The lads know that they are not part of a life insurance corporation, they’re trained for this, and they go out and they do their jobs the best they can

    37:57 Re: Syria, Raqqua
    Q: Who pays for gov’t and svcs in Raqqua
    A: Unanimously, nobody wants the Syrian regime to come back…Syrians are going to have to work that out…we are not in the business of nation building…already being taken care of locally…int’l community not going to help in areas controlled by the regime…stabilization only, until political solution found

    43:40 Re: Media witchhunt going on in D.C.
    Q: Did POTUS share info w/Russians in Oval Office & has it strained int’l relations
    A: No, and internationally Nobody cares

    Q: What did obama admin do in Syria
    Translated – please, please, gimme something positive about Obama, pretty please
    A: Slow all progress in all campaigns, we fixed it


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