Legislative Branch

The last federal budget was signed into law in September of 2007 for fiscal year 2008 by George W Bush. It has been almost an entire decade since the worlds largest economy, the United State of America, had a federal budget to control spending:

Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Ben Sasse, Senator Chuck Schumer

Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Ben Sasse, Senator John McCain

Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Ben Sasse, Senator John Cornyn

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287 Responses to Legislative Branch

  1. TONYA PARNELL says:


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  2. Howie says:

    Making America Look Stupid Again…..pathetic ain’t they.
    House May Be Forced to Vote Again on GOP’s Obamacare Repeal Bill
    House Speaker Paul Ryan hasn’t yet sent the bill to the Senate because there’s a chance that parts of it may need to be redone, depending on how the Congressional Budget Office estimates its effects. House leaders want to make sure the bill conforms with Senate rules for reconciliation, a mechanism that allows Senate Republicans to pass the bill with a simple majority.

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  3. average Joe says:

    I wish my President would tweet that out ,about it being a decade since we’ve had a budget.

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  4. I’m at the point now when we need to make these critters accountable for their obstruction. They were elected to do a job and somehow, someway we must make them pay. Can Trump make an executive order to do this?

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  5. 1IreneFlick3 says:

    Sasse is a nass. He needs to go. I don’t understand why Nebraska puts up with a cow chip artist like him.

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  6. uvaldegirl says:

    I wonder if Sasse works out with Paul Ryan?


  7. Katie says:

    I know things were not perfect back then, but how did we get from the Founding Fathers and how they formed our government to how DC is now? It makes me sick, furious and so depressed.

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    • Cliff says:

      The worst of it (corruption) started around the passing of The Federal Reserve in 1913
      as I understand it. Which has nothing to do with our gov. It’s a privately held banking org
      that controls our money from outside the country (this is where you hear about the old europe familys, the Rothschilds, etc). If I’m incorrect, I’m sure someone will correct me.


  8. The Defiant One says:

    Never forget Ben Sasse is NeverTrump and supported and defended a known Pedophile!


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  9. rumpole2 says:

    Barstool Blues….
    Cotton, Sasse, and Schumer

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  10. William Ford says:

    If Hillary had been elected, the deficit would be over $35 trillion by end of her admin. Her slogan should have been Make America France.

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  11. zephyrbreeze says:

    Speaking of budget, i have family members hyperventilating over deVos rolling back loan forgiveness after 10 years of payments for teachers. Can anyone explain this. The WAPO says they found the detail in a proposed budget.



  12. Jack says:

    Is that a creepy ghost watching from the window?


  13. Binkser1 says:

    What a group of fem pansies!!!

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  14. Steven Hitt says:

    Pretty good depiction of the swamp at play. Disgusting. At least Tom Cotton looks the part of a politician at work. Disgusting!!


  15. sukietawdry says:

    The Republicans don’t care about a budget and they have no desire to cut spending. Think about the power derived from redistributing over three trillion dollars a year.


  16. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Sasse trying to look athletic, like a guy looking for a pick-up game. What a phony.


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