HR McMaster White House Press Briefing – 11:45am Livestream…

National Security Advisor HR McMaster will be holding a press briefing momentarily.

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link

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390 Responses to HR McMaster White House Press Briefing – 11:45am Livestream…

  1. hippielouie says:

    if OBP was never briefed on this leaked info…how could he even talk bout it at this meeting? how could anyone sitting in that meeting hear it? how could anyone leak that info if they never heard it? hmmmm


    • sudsy49 says:

      What is OBP????

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      • hippielouie says:

        lol our beloved president


      • RG says:

        I do believe that the protocol for using acronyms is to first write out the words “our beloved president (OBD)” and then use the acronym throughout the comments, essay, or story after that happens. That makes communication sense because many people are not acronym savvy. My hope is that this bit of wisdom travels far and wide. Common acronyms like FYI, NCAA, and others may get a pass but new ones need explanation.


        • THANK YOU for this post! The ignorance of journalistic rules of composition are ignored so badly in the media that the general public and academia have picked up the sloppy writing habits of the Main Street Media (MSM) and the general public. In order to save a few seconds of their precious time and the almost infinite space allowed for most essays, articles and comments on blogs, these people waste cumulative hours of other peoples’ time trying to figure out some cliquish acronyms used by these writers.

          Such usuage is fine for their own journals and notes, but are a pain in the butt for most of their readers.

          I apologize for the rant, but this is an easily avoided, but very common, error in a badly educated public.


    • xyzlatin says:

      Please stop using obscure initials.

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  2. Rainy says:

    Pathetic brood of vipers!!!! Meanwhile in other news…..SETH RICH!!!!…………….and cue the criketts!!!

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    Knowing few, if any, agree w/me, which is normal, further thought –
    “On May 8, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov held consultations with Acting US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas A. Shannon, Jr. in New York.”

    Kisylak most likely made an off-the-cuff remark to the State Dept guy, to the effect, “Ya, Trump bragged about his great intel, told us Israel give him this info,” knowing full well that Israel also gave Russia the same info. Kisylak/Russia knew how the US Very Fake News would react. So did Israel, it would seem.

    Shannon ran to the NY Times and made up this great fairy tale, and the Very Fake News ran it at the appropriate time, so as to suppress the Seth Rich story.

    Shannon was the guy in charge of State until T-Rex was confirmed, after the resignations of Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy and acting Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Thomas Countryman.

    Shannon accompanied Our FLOTUS to the 2017 Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award, possibly an endeavor Shannon considered beneath him, after having served as Acting SOS.

    Can i prove it? Not yet.

    The NY Times has been lamenting for weeks about how the State Dept is now understaffed and “marginalized” under Our POTUS, probably coming from the State Dept themselves crying in their expensive wine to the NY Times.

    In Jan 2015, the State Dept hosted a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, celebrated by the NY Times, opposing the government of Egyptian Pres el-Sisi.
    Some cannot be happy with the recent turn of events happening with Our POTUS and the Middle East.

    Yes, the Very Fake News took this fairy tale and are using it to marginalize Our POTUS for POTUS’ upcoming trip. It will fail, you know. No apology tour this time.
    Outside the Beltway Bubble, No One Cares, let alone believes it.

    And still believing Our POTUS took the correct path in blaming the Very Fake News for this fairy tale.

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  4. McMaster looks like he is lying, IMHO.

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    • miketrivi says:

      McMaster is a bad man. Keeps calling jihadis “extremists” and he keeps calling violent islamic terrorism “criminal acts”.

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      • OK, I’ll bite…


      • And he is blurting the old mantra of the “world’s three great religions”, which historically are Judeaism, Christianity, and supposedly Islam. I’m afraid McMaster is a detriment to our American security. That in the face of the fact that almost all Muslims believe in jihad for some Muslims, they may not have the stomach for it like the jihadists.

        In spite of that, Koranic scripture repeats the call often to all Muslims to engage in and give aide to jihad. There are a few “moderate” Muslims, but there are ZERO CALLS IN THE KORAN FOR MODERATE ISLAM.

        Because it seems very unlikely that McMaster is ignorant of those facts, I find him very untrustworthy to be in any position of power in our government. He is either a starry-eyed fool or a traitor.

        Trump better dump him soon, or we will all have hell to pay.


  5. jeans2nd says:

    Today we hear of Putin giving Our POTUS an “out”, offering to provide transcripts of the Kisylak-Lavrov-Trump mtg.

    Remember when POTUS dropped 59 missiles on the deserted Syrian airbase? Our POTUS gave Putin an “out” at that time, saying Syria probably acted w/o Putin’s knowledge in bombing that village that contained chem warfare.

    Tit for tat? Or payback? Still think Putin is manipulating and laughing at our Very Stoopid Very Fake News. Our POTUS will deal with this, in his own good time. Sometimes, one just needs time to think. or take a nap. hmmm…


  6. pooteeweet says:

    Comey has put himself in a no win situation and the media and democrats have thrown him under the bus!! If there is a memo confirming obstruction of justice and he failed to report it he has committed a criminal act. If he leaked it to a friend to leak to the press, that is a criminal act. Both he and the friend would be leakers and criminals. His friend would also be guilty of a criminal act if he failed to report a memo that purports obstruction of justice. If he can’t produce such a memo then he just confirms that he is a liar. Waiting for his hearing to see how he either chooses to indict himself or admit the memo was a lie. He can’t win and loses any way he chooses!!


  7. tonyE says:

    McMaster is an active duty Army General.

    If he gave an order to the Marines in duty to eject some Corporate Propaganda dolt out of the room… the Marines would have to follow the order right?

    I’d love to see General McMaster do that someday.

    “Get this dolt out of here and don’t let him back in until he apologizes for his loutish behavior”


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