President Trump Delivers Commencement Speech at Liberty University (Video)…

President Donald Trump highlighted his commitment to faith, and to faith-based education, today with his decision to deliver the commencement speech for Liberty University and the graduating class of 2017.

President Trump delivered a wonderfully uplifting speech to the graduating class with a  genuine appreciation of faith and, of course, his customary humor.

The Full Liberty University Ceremony is below:

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135 Responses to President Trump Delivers Commencement Speech at Liberty University (Video)…

  1. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    But could’t they give him a better degree than a Law degree? Doctor of Economics maybe.

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  2. TONYA PARNELL says:

    TRUMP 2020

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  3. Sandy says:

    Totally awesome speech and respectful Students! California should watch how the students at Liberty show respect for the President Trump.

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  4. betseyross says:

    Nobody disinvited him at the last minute. It’s wonderful to have a bit of America back. Thank you for sharing positive news about our great President.

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  5. ediegrey says:

    We worship God, not government That’s why we love our President Trump.

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  6. Brenda Corinne says:

    Thank You for reporting good news on our PRESIDENT

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  7. CharterOakie says:

    Truly outstanding commencement address by our President.

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  8. Reading earlier posts this seems the spot to share or maybe confess.

    I was not brought up in a home of faith, and in fact my parents mocked believers. As a young child you learn from your parents and you mimic them. I repent, I am sorry and I am ashamed that I had similar thoughts. I was never disrespectful to people of faith, but would laugh with my parents.

    Back when I used to watch movies there was a line where someone who stayed isolated in their home recounted: ‘Imagine if you were told all your life that the sun is bad, then a friend comes over sez its a beautiful glorious day outside and to come out to play. The idea is so foreign to you and caused you great discomfort’ That is the best explanation i can give to what having faith was for me.

    Later in life I accepted Christ into my life and made it my mission to learn all the things that were not taught to me. My faith is unbelievably strong, and I choose only to press more and more into Him. I am graced by His love and His mercy. I turned my back on Him, He never left my side and He waited for me. I cannot express how blessed I feel and grateful I am to be saved in Christ. He is the way the truth and the life and all glory goes to Him. 💖💕

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  9. doit4atlas says:

    I was walking into Walmart this afternoon in Honesdale PA, wearing my MAGA cap, and this great older gentleman, about 70 or so, gave me the thumbs-up on my hat and we had a nice little chat right there by the shopping carts. He had seen the speech and said it was TERRIFIC. I came home, loaded up CTH, found the story, and watched the speech while wrapping my wife’s Mother’s Day gifts.

    That old guy was right, it was indeed a TERRIFIC speech!

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  10. Ecumenical Fundamentalist Dee says:

    My wife was overcome with emotion with tears streaming down her face after she saw the speech live on Fox TV. She was overjoyed at the genuine expressions of faith in God by the President.

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    • Doctor Fracas says:

      very cool to hear this…i got a feeling after Trump starts draining thje swamp in earnest you’ll see a lot of Congress coming to Jesus or going to jail….lol

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  11. Sylvia Avery says:

    This was a beautiful speech. Inspirational. Aspirational. Encouraging. Strong. Uplifting. Essential Trump. Just wonderful. How could anyone hear this speech and not love that man?

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