Broward Sheriff Arrest 16-year-old In Pool Party Attack of Elderly Woman…

A 16-year-old who body-slammed an elderly lady and threw her into a community swimming poll has turned himself in to the Broward County Sheriff’s office.

NBC6 is reporting the woman is recovering from her injuries and the local residents and neighbors are very upset over the entire incident.

FLORIDA – The teen surrendered to Broward Sheriff’s Office Monday around 5 p.m. He faces one count of battery on a person 65 years of age or older. Footage showed the 16-year-old, handcuffed, being escorted into the Broward Regional Juvenile Facility.

The video shows the 68-year-old woman, identified as Nancy James, walking with her two dogs as she approached the group to ask them to turn down their music. A group gathers around James as someone is heard saying “throw her in” in the background.

[…] According to a BSO report, James and another woman went to the pool, where they said there were nearly 200 kids in the pool and surrounding area.

Mrs. James was “very frightened and upset” and was “drenched in water from her shoulders down,” a deputy wrote in the report. She also had a bruise on the bottom of her leg.

The report said James had her cellphone and house alarm key fob in her pocket when she was thrown in the pool.

“Several unit owners called us, the sheriff’s office was called. One of the ladies on the board of directors went over there to break up the situation and the sheriff’s department took quite a while to get there,” property manager Glen Sugarman said. Mrs. James is the director for the group of town homes (read more)

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301 Responses to Broward Sheriff Arrest 16-year-old In Pool Party Attack of Elderly Woman…

  1. Unprotected Class says:

    What about the animal abuse? Will they charge him with that too? They should, he dragged those dogs along with the woman.

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    • Ryan Butler says:

      Thank you. They should be charged with animal abuse as well. We humans mainly tend to just care about ourselves. Glad someone thinks about animals as well.


  2. Rickster says:

    I finally forced myself to watch the video. A few conclusions. One, the Genie is out of the bottle. The young generation is so addicted to cell phones, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc. that they are like moths to the flame. Even at the expense of being caught in the act of such a heinous act they will smile and pose for the camera as they carry on. The second thing that comes to mind is our education system that is pumping out graduates that barely have a 3rd grade education. Third and last need I even mention the parenting aspect. We are heading towards a reckoning my friends.

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    • larry outlaw says:

      You are so right,the day is coming.The sad part is they all ran off like a wild herd of idiots. Left the woman in the pool,someone with half a brain should of helped her out.

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    • LKA in LA says:

      Rickster you are so correct. New Orleans is riddled with these ignorant feral gangs. They even have the kids in tow. They contribute nothing but expect everything. I had an elderly black lady tell me that they all have weapons and abuse the elderly in the projects. She said if you look at them wrong, they explode. She was afraid of them. She said 4 yr olds cuss out the parents and the parents hit the children. I felt sorry for her because her story was gut wrenching to hear and know she (with dementia husband) had to live around these characters.The receckoning will take the Natl guard.

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      • Rickster says:



        • cmscarpa says:

          It will take the dissolution of “white guilt” AND the National Guard. It’s way past enough already. This society has completely transformed itself to offer these people every imaginable opportunity, and after 50+ years they still can’t get off the starting block. Obviously something congenital is in play here. Not an absolute, obviously, but too overwhelming to ignore.

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          • cmscarpa says:

            one too many obviouses 🙂


          • nimrodman says:

            cmscarpa – I’d seen your “starting block” comment before and copied and saved it the first time.

            Incredibly accurate, succinct, and incredibly telling. And, no, that’s not too many “incredibly”s.

            One of the best-phrased summations I’ve ever seen in a single sentence. Thank you.


    • Ploni says:

      What the Leftists continually dismiss, reject, and evade is a simple truth:

      Not all cultures are created equally.

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    • Old Codger says:

      Two words : GHETTO. CULTURE.

      I almost feel bad for the kid. ALMOST!
      He knew he was wrong and turned himself in; half a humanity point for that, but sheesh! Gotta learn how to behave and the black culture of single family moms and peer pressure from other animals, led to this kid’s demise.
      Afraid sending him to the joint will only act as a “Finishing School” for continued criminal and anti-social behavior!!!

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  3. GSR says:

    As the great John Derbyshire wrote (and lost his job at National Review), avoid areas of high concentrations of Africans. Their primal instincts come out.

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  4. James W Crawford says:

    This story is being carried this morning by KPTV TV in Portland. Perhaps the main stream media is no longer in denial?

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  5. Tejas Rob says:

    A lot of this behavior is due to lack of discipline. These are kids who have grown up with none. What we really need to do in this country is instill some military type discipline in the young people today, especially young men. Young men without respect and discipline are a very dangerous thing, and they will often bring the young women down with them.

    Another problem is no adult supervision. There needs to be adults with respect and discipline to prevent this type behavior. Every kid still in school should be in a military type bootcamp. Time to stop the moddly-coddling and to hell with the bleeding hearts, they are destroying todays youth.

    I grew up learning respect and discipline through my dad, who was a military man. You’d better not address another person without yes sir/ma’am, no sir/ma’am. You’d better not act a damn fool either. My dad spanked me ONCE! Thatw as all it took, and that was for laughing at the dinner table. Not that it was forbidden, but I laughed at my brother and sister after he had just got on them for acting up at the dinner table. I pointed at them and said “HaHA!”, next thing I knew I was in the bedroom getting a whoopin’.

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    • MC227 says:

      Lefties have created every problem in this country and it’s only going to get worse. The plan was to destroy the nuclear family- check, destroy Christianity-check, take guns from law abiding citizens- not yet, import wild animals from 3rd world countries that we have to support- check, get women to be sluts and tramps- check, lower admission standards for college so blacks can get into positions of power in the gov’t.-check, take over public schools and indoctrinate young children- check, completely take over the media- check. Now the punks and radical troublemakers are in every level of gov’t., courts, police, military everything. They have infiltrated every facet of society and the country is swirling down the toilet.

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      • Southern Son says:

        If you Check, the Communist Manifesto, you will learn that the Only Objective of the Communist that has Not come to be in America, is Disarming Civilians.
        Don’t worry, at least 3% of us American Patriots will stand firm and stand against the at least 47% that are Destroying America.


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      • What you describe is from the Communist plan. They have almost reached their goal.


  6. GOUSAAMER114 says:

    I love the nincompoops on some other sites that are like: “Way to start by taking responsibility.” Umm, no.

    Lock up those animals for 25 years. It’s a shame and outrage that this lady has to share an apartment complex with these thugs. Outrageous that they undoubtedly break all rules by having pool parties when every non-thug resident doesn’t want them.

    I hate what our so-called elites have done to our lower-income people.

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    • dginga says:

      I wonder how many of the thugs at the pool actually live in the complex. I have lived in apartments that were predominantly white, where the apartments were fairly expensive, but it only takes a few people who invite a lot of friends – who invite their friends and so on – before you end up with an out of control mob scene at the pool. In our complex it got so most of the white people just didn’t go near the pool on the weekend evenings because they didn’t want to deal with the wild party people.

      Did you notice too that the crowd seemed to be cheering for the thug who threw the woman in the pool? It’s kind of scary what passes for acceptable behavior in some circles.


      • Diogenes says:

        Colin Flaherty has been documenting this kind of behavior for many years in print and YouTube videos. Watch if your stomach is strong enough.

        My conclusion is “orcs gonna orc, they cant help themselves.”

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  7. Mist'ears Mom says:

    He should have an animal endangerment/cruelty charge also. This vermin will most likely get probation, bc dontcha know his is a protected class. He’s a juvenile so therefore can’t have the rest of his life impacted by his natural instincts to hurt someone who has the nerve to ask the group of thugs to turn down their music or do something they don’t want to. Entitled selfish brats this country of progressive liberals has saddled the rest of us with. Sad state of affairs.

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  8. beaujest says:

    The beat of the “Jungle Drums” rolls on !

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  9. Liz Demure says:

    I.D. them/ parents or lack of parents/ cut the welfare off! Hate Crime!

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  10. free2313 says:

    A sixteen year old boy, trying to earn his creds around the pool’s clique, pick up an elderly lady and apparently she was to heavy for the 16 year old weakling, that he fell with her still in his arms awesome. But then, not to be deterred he semi-picked her up and semi dragged her to the edge of the pool and then he threw her into the pool…
    The whole gang of them should be barred from the pool for the rest of the summer…


  11. dreadnok89 says:

    It doesnt matter. His father is in prison for murder. More wastes of life

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  12. jmsvoice says:

    So he says he didn’t body slam her or dindonuffin to da old lady. Tape don’t lie. He’s guilty of assault and battery. What insane judge gave him a serve at home sentence – he should be locked away for a while with similar thugs who can show him a thing or two about bodyslamming people.

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  13. Mike diamondm says:

    Got to respect the older people!!!!!! This young man should know that!

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  14. Mike diamondm says:

    Who are these people??? My gosh just saw the video! In the USA!wow!


  15. The one good thing about this case is that this happened in the US and not in Europe. The living braindonor in question is likely to be punished for real by the US court system. If he had been in Europe, his punishment would have been a slap on the wrist. The court systems here are so compromised by the Leftists, that a white local is often likely to get a heavier sentence for tax evasion than an immigrant would get for violent crimes short of manslaughter or murder.

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  16. Binkser1 says:

    My local news in Jacksonville, FL showed this story and you’ll be shocked to know that the race of the perp and victim were not mentioned. The double standard is amazing (but expected) as we all know if the races were reversed that would be the main point made and harped on by the ‘media’

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  17. Incidents like this is the very reason I CARRY A PISTOL IN MY BACK POCKET!! 8 years ago an 84 year old man was beaten do death by a “hoodie punk” teenager here on main street at 10:30 pm right next door to a Hardee’s restaurant! The “punk” was showing off for his girlfriend. The old guy was in town to attend his Granddaughter’s wedding at Liberty University.

    I’m too old to fight, too fat to run and too frail to take an a$$ whipping! If you threaten me or my wife, I will shoot your sorry a$$ and take my chances with a jury if I must! Better to be judged by 12 than carried to a grave by 6.

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    • Geaux Girl says:

      You sound exactly like my 78 year-old father, and you’re both correct. I joke that I’m the daughter of David Koresh. I’m sure that your children want you around as long as possible, just as I hope to have mine.


  18. starshollow88 says:

    These type of things have been happening for a while, I’ve witnessed too much racism on whites glad we have videos now and /pol. I’ve lived in this area and thought that lady was brave to do this, but also dangerously naive. Glad she and her puppies weren’t seriously hurt, she might be wise to move out of there now.


    • Geaux Girl says:

      It was an unauthorized party (code for the fact that these kids crashed the place). The elderly lady is on the complex’s board, had called the police, & and it was was taking them forever to come for some reason. Now, I wouldn’t have walked into that group, but there you have it.


  19. Joe says:

    Oh sure, dance around the real issue: race. Sure, “social media”. Sure, “parenting”. Sure, “education system”. Nonsense, Rickster.

    Folks, let’s be honest with ourselves and speak plainly. Blacks behave badly. They do in Africa and they do here and most everywhere. It IS about race. Of course it is. Blacks have lower IQ’s (fact) and therefore tend to be more impulsive (fact) and therefore tend to engage in acts which are criminal in nature and get jailed for said acts (fact).

    Yeah, yeah, I know, race is the ‘third rail’ of American discourse, so we all have to pretend the emperor has fine clothes on. But it simply is not true. The emperor is naked. Just say it. If not publicly, out of cowardice or fear, then at least to yourself, in your own mind and heart. The problem IS racial. And the facts speak for themselves. The black/African race tends to be more violent and criminal than other races. There, I said it. Inform yourselves, please. Read Colin Flaherty’s books: “White Girl Bleed A Lot” and “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” and learn something.

    And before I get branded a “Nazi” and a “white supremacist”, I am nothing of the kind. I am a normal, educated American man, married with kids, with two eyes in my head, the ability to read, and an ounce of common sense. Nothing more nefarious than that. I would never advocate treating blacks differently because of their well-documented impulsive tendencies. I would never advocate or condone racist attitudes or behaviors towards blacks. I have African-American relatives by marriage whom I love as family (because they ARE family). I even have an adopted sister who is African-American. And guess what? She lives in California, is a huge Trump fan, and we have had this conversation many times. She herself admits and agrees with everything I have stated here. Why? Because she’s a “white supremacist”?? No. Because she…has two eyes in her head, the ability to read, and an ounce of common sense. It’s not “racist” to recognize qualitative and quantitative differences between the races. It is science and simple truth-telling. Stop the fear-mongering and politically correct smears against normal people.

    Rickster (and everybody here who liked his/her comment): stop lying to yourselves. Stop cowering before political correctness. Blacks behave badly and assault others because that’s what blacks do and have always done. It’s how their race behaves. Period.

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    • Realist says:

      So true Young Black THUGS who comprise about 3% of the US popolation nevertheless commit OVER 50% of all the MURDERS and OVER 65% of all the VIOLENT crimes in the USA. the most common cause of death for a Young Black THUG is to be killed by another Young Black THUG. An America without Blacks would be one of the safest, least violent, least corrupt Countries on earth and that says it all really.


  20. Laura Wesselmann says:

    What a monster! He should be tried as as an adult.


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