French Election Commission Tries to Quash Macron Document Release…

The French election commission and all French media are attempting to keep presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s email and document release from having an impact on the election; even going so far as to warn people that reading the content might be illegal.

With 9.9 gigabytes of data uploaded to Pastebin it sets up a rather unusual issue if Macron happens to win the election and the content of the email and documents show manipulation and coordination of the candidate by interests external to France.

Via Reuters – France sought to keep a computer hack of frontrunner Emmanuel Macron’s campaign emails from influencing the outcome of the country’s presidential election with a warning on Saturday it could be a criminal offence to republish the data.

Macron’s team said a “massive” hack had dumped emails, documents and campaign financing information online just before campaigning ended on Friday and France entered a quiet period which forbids politicians from commenting on the leak.

The data leak emerged as polls predicted Macron, a former investment banker and economy minister, was on course for a comfortable victory over far-right leader Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s election, with the last surveys showing his lead widening to around 62 percent to 38.

“On the eve of the most important election for our institutions, the commission calls on everyone present on internet sites and social networks, primarily the media, but also all citizens, to show responsibility and not to pass on this content, so as not to distort the sincerity of the ballot,” the French election commission said in a statement on Saturday.

However, the commission – which supervises the electoral process – may find it difficult to enforce its rules in an era where people get much of their news online, information flows freely across borders and many users are anonymous.

French media covered the hack in various ways, with left-leading Liberation giving it prominence on its website, but television news channels opting not to mention it.

Le Monde newspaper said on its website it would not publish the content of any of the leaked documents before the election, partly because the huge amount of data meant there was not enough time to report on it properly, but also because the dossiers had been published on purpose 48 hours before the election with the clear aim of affecting the vote. (read more)

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255 Responses to French Election Commission Tries to Quash Macron Document Release…

  1. Russ B. says:

    SteveInCO…Good comments regarding timing of returns. Do you feel Le Pen has any shot at winning?

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  2. free73735 says:

    This is almost a duplicate of the 2016 DNC hack with “timing” of the hack, being the exception. All the polls said Clinton would beat Trump, illegal to read the emails, etc, etc, etc. If LePen wins, she will have a similar battle for legitimacy. But Trump did win & is moving this nation forward, in spite of the lying press and corrupt leaders. I think LePen will do the same. The “odd” or “strangeness,” that I hear many on this thread, wanting to get a grip on or understand, is known as “But God!”
    The prophecies re: “Trump being chosen by God to be President,” would be the beginning of freedom around the world. Trump’s position as President will influence the world, not just America. The other nations follow America’s lead, good or bad, always have and always will.

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    • Dittos! Interesting note– some guy named Lew P. who helped run Obama’s campaign is in charge of Macron’s campaign. They’re also blaming the Russians for interfering ,see how they’re getting their default position ready! Don’t trust those poles. They’re lying just like they lied about T

      Love your comments about Trump. He’s not just here for America. He is here to help the world


  3. Paul Killinger says:

    My guess is this is an internal (French) operation designed to weaken Macron politically, who will most likely win anyway.

    Once all his emails and documents are thoroughly analyzed, he may effectively become a lame duck during the entire 5 years of his Presidency.

    Based on their history, I would contend the French prefer their politics this way.

    PS. Note the similarities between this action and what our Democrats tried to do to Donald Trump once he became President-elect.

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  4. keebler AC says:

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  5. keebler AC says:

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    • keebler AC says:

      Note, there is a total of 6772 votes represented. This was the second poll she established under a different name because the first one she posted showed an overwhelming Marine Le Pen win. She added blank and abstention as options in the second poll hoping it would change the result. It did not, so she deleted it too.

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    • theduchessofkitty says:

      Oops! She shouldn’t have done it.

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  6. Paul Killinger says:

    I’m watching a replay of Wednesday’s French election debate on C-span.

    Both candidates look like a lot of fun to me. Sadly, however, France looks likely to continue to be in big trouble either way.


    • Paul Killinger says:

      Ms Le Pen is an excellent debater. She has her opponent on his heels, agreeing with her on almost every issue.


    • Paul Killinger says:

      Macron says France is responsible for their country’s Terrorists.

      Maybe he’s related to Canada’s Trudeau….?

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      • Maquis says:

        Must be like Zu Zu’s Christmas tree bells: “Look Papa! Teacher says, every time a bell rings, a jihadi gets his swords!”

        -apologies to Frank Capra


    • Maquis says:

      If you can read it, you’ll see how incredibly well prepared she is to save France from, well, itself!

      Below the programme are position papers, the one to read regards the deIslamification of France. It is exceptionally detailed and simply stunning in scope.

      100 Islamist Mosques to be closed, forever, day one. All Islamist preachers, or Imams preaching hate, deported if you are not French, imprisioned, forever apparently, if you are.

      If you are a person of interest, an identified “radicallized” Muslim, immediate and permanent deportation for non-French, imprisonment forever if you are a Citizen.

      No more massacres with cops saying afterwards, oh, we knew about that guy… If they know, they go.

      Ending proselytizing in prison. Utter and complete segregation of Islamists in prison to keep them away from “weak minds.”

      So much more. Illegals out. Period. Every effort to find and deport.

      Reject the Schengen accord and restore French Borders with full border controls and substantial defense of those borders.

      Restoring and defending French Culture and Language, Arts. Farming as God intended sans le EU et sans Mega-Agriculture, thwarting the next economic holodomor (apologies to Ukranians, I count family amongst them too) and forced collectivisation.

      Immigration reduced to 10,000 a year, period.

      Schooling returned to French standards. This very year marking the first year that ninth-grade students did not complete le Brevet, a graduation examination proving ability to move on to CALCULUS and an Essay proving highly proficient writing skills as well as a comprehensive knowledge of French history or whichever subject assigned in the exam.

      Our Bachelor degreed “children” taken in the aggregate could not meet these standards. Why is year the first of supposefly all future years sans le Brevet? Meddling by the EU and the United States’ direct efforts to destroy the French as a culture, to dumb down their students as we have ours.

      I pray Marine wins. The polls are lies. As Présidente, except for having Trump on her side, I would she close the American Embassy and send those Rivken Project Bastards packing. With President Trump, and Secretary Tillerson, she can help identify which US diplomatic personnel need to find another vocation, back in the US. I hope PDJT puts some in prison.

      Marine, Présidente!
      Vivre la Peuple!
      Vivre la RĂ©publique!
      Vivre la France!


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  7. keebler AC says:

    If Ick wins, it’ll be because of voter fraud. There is no way with all the terrorism happening in Paris that even Parisiens proper (les citoyens) would vote for the puny Macrone imp.

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    • Maquis says:

      Excellente photo! Merci!

      Ouiai, elle est la mieux chose possible pour la France.

      Ou est-ce que vous avez trouver cette dĂ©bat du quelle vous parlez? Mais oreilles sont stupide, mais je toujours attempter, après tous, ma femme Congolaise, (très difficile, je suis idiote!) et moi parler en Français, mais elle hurle trop, et son accent…oo la la…pas belle. J’aime Ă©coutant les vrais Français parlant.

      J’ai regarder une interview d’elle est sa confiance, la voie elle presente ses idĂ©es et expliquer bien les dangers d’OTAN. D’aller au guerre avec les Russe car ils se rĂ©agir contre notre infidĂ©litĂ© de notre promesse a laisser leurs frontières libre des pays OTAN? Pourquoi?

      Elle parle franchement avec l’aire de complète indĂ©pendance des pensĂ©es des autres. Elle est comme Trump, lui Ă©tant sa propre homme, et elle est sa propre femme. Personne elle controle. J’aime bien lui ecoutant. C’est comme Ă©coutant Predident Trump ou les hommes fortes qui lui servir, une vrai joie.

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  8. theduchessofkitty says:

    Hacked emails or not, the fact remains that people can see from a mile away that he is very arrogant – and a creep. What kind of person would win the presidency when saying something like “Terrorism… get used to it”? John Kerry said something similar. He is so tone-deaf, it isn’t funny.

    Besides, his visit to that Whirlpool plant that’s about to close revealed to me that he simply couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the concerns of regular French people – the ones who wake up in the morning, go to work from sunrise to sundown, eat with their families at home and watch as everything is becoming out of reach to them, and can no longer believe “better days” are coming. He has zero regards for them. To him, the people are people he can rule/control. If I were a French citizen, I’d be telling that out-of-touch elitist to take a damned hike. He thinks people are numbers to manipulate. And, how do you want to bet he will use the number of Muslims in Paris to intimidate the populace into compliance?

    Also, do you get the impression that he intends to punish the people who vote for Le Pen severely? His words against them (“Enemies of France”, etc.) does not give me any confidence that he intends to represent the interest of the entire French people. How much do you want to bet he’s going to try to jail Marine Le Pen? Seriously. He’s arrogant. He really thinks he’s better than all those “plebeians”. You can see it in his eyes, in his mannerisms, his gestures. That’s not a “man of the people: that’s not a man with a “common touch,” which we have seen here with Trump. Nope. He’s the ultimate establishment candidate – yet he pretends he’s running independently? Who is he going to kid? Only the French electorate, unfortunately.

    He’s a creep. Seriously.

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    • Esperanza says:

      Macron’s behaviour after he has visited some workers.

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      • theduchessofkitty says:

        OMG!!!!!! He’s worse than I thought! If Donald Trump were ever caught cleaning his hands like that after visiting Coal Country, he would have been raked over fiery coals for this!

        Thanks for embedding this video! This should be spread far and wide!

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    • Maquis says:

      Any seeker of position that declares his opposition, the very people he hopes to rule, to be his enemies, or enemies of the State, is a monster in the making.

      Or, monster in the “taking.” Of people’s livelihoods, their families’ security.

      Yes, I can indeed see him punish them with a nice large helping of Muslim Invaders. You know, for a little raping here, or killing there, forcing Parisiens to adapt to their unimaginably dangerous new unassimulatables.

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      • theduchessofkitty says:

        You know what the worst part about it is? He won’t care. People are numbers to him. Nothing more. Muslim invaders? Who cares? You don’t like the rapes? The riots? The dirt in the streets? Get used to it! If you don’t like it, you’re a racist.

        The white flag of surrender is not far off as of now.


  9. leebelieu says:

    Forgive me for a long post, took the wife to vote today(LePen) and we’ve been non-stop glued to MacronLeaks. I think this leak was an intentional act, by Macron, to mask the bigger story, his Cayman/Nevis account. His head of digital security, Corinne Erhel, dropped dead right as pol released the Nevis account allegations. AntiCor(anti corruption group in France) petitioned the government to investigate discrepancies in Macron’s stated income vs his reported wealth and other transfers to his accounts over the years. Nobody is discussing the Nevis account allegations now, it’s “Wikileaks/Russia hacks/LePen is playing her last desperate hand”. The real story can be deemed fake news with this “leak”.

    If LePen wins we have a French #Resist movement, she’s ilegitmate cause she’s a “Russian stooge”. If Macron wins he uses the power of the state to go after Front National for “hacking/working for Russia”. It ends badly for France no matter who wins. I may be wrong but I believe internal polling may be closer and the Russia hacking story is designed to give sympathy to Macron/cover his tax evasion. The tax evasion is serious many politicians dragged down by the Panama Papers and an early minister for Hollande, Cazenueve(?) lied about hiding millions in a Swiss bank account early in his term. Just our thoughts, will keep you updated. I may be wrong just a gut feeling.

    Sorry copied from an earlier comment at SpartaReport.

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    • leebelieu says:

      Earlier comment I made, Wikileaks is reporting Russian in the hacks. Trying to post their explanation not sure if it’s going through.

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    • I think you are probably right, the globalists are going to try to use these leaks to their benefit no matter what happens. Honestly though, if LePen wins I wouldn’t worry too much about the #Resist movement. If it’s anything like ours they’ll just by bullies who eventually turn off even the most sympathetic observers by their reckless violence, relentless vulgarity, and hypocritical virtue signaling.

      Just remember, regardless of the outcome history will remember you and your wife as champions of liberty, defenders of freedom, and warriors of France!

      Vive la France!

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    • theduchessofkitty says:

      IMHO. If Le Pen loses, she’s not safe in France – at all. She has to leave that country immediately. Don’t think Macron won’t try to put her in prison. Oh, he will try. This is as Vichy as it’s going to get. Mark my words.

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    • Maquis says:

      Merci pour etant nos yeux et oreilles dans cette jour de destinée!

      Je prie pour Marine, et pour vous, pour tout la France, qu’elle vive toujours!

      Je suis très impressionné par son programme. Elle est très admirable.

      Vive Marine!
      Vive les Peuple!
      Vive la RĂ©publique!
      Vive la France!


  10. Donna in Oregon says:

    So does Macron have an off-shore acct in the Cayman Islands? Did the bulk of his campaign contributions come from outside France?

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  11. leebelieu says:

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  12. leebelieu says:

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  13. aredtailblog says:

    Godspeed to the French. The young are willing and ready for their country.

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  14. Peter says:

    It is very very sad to me that the French people are so damn sexist they will not vote for a woman!


    If she loses, praying she wins, Hillary’s argument is forever defeated…although the left is queen of anti-reality arguments.


  15. Howie says:

    The truth can not be allowed to ‘affect the vote’ because it is revealed just before the vote. . Truth about Macron is not admissible.


  16. Howie says:

    Whoopie were all going to die!
    Top Democrats say Americans will ‘die’ from ObamaCare overhaul passed by GOP House


  17. Howie says:

    New capital of France

    Bye Bye Marseilles Hello ‘odor….I mean ode to joy’ …LePhew


  18. Oh, God, in Jesus name… GET HIM.
    Don’t let that monster take control of France, have mercy on Your children there, as foolish as they’ve been. You had mercy on us, and on our brothers across the pond… please have mercy on the French. Amen.


  19. theduchessofkitty says:

    Guys, I hate to say this but…

    Stick a fork in France. It’s gone. Gone.


  20. theduchessofkitty says:

    A commenter here stated it perfectly well: “Any seeker of position that declares his opposition, the very people he hopes to rule, to be his enemies, or enemies of the State, is a monster in the making.”

    No kidding. Any French patriot out there, hear this: Louisiana and TX can give y’all a great welcome. You are not safe over there. We are good and the water’s fine.


  21. Maquis says:

    Marine has declared on her campaign site that she is not giving up. She will work to broaden the appeal and base of le Front Nationale. She will fight the globalization and destructive policies of the puppet Macron.
    Vive la RĂ©publique!
    Vive la France!

    Je ne cesserai priant pour elle, meme Marine et la France les deux.


  22. moe ham head says:

    cnn told them to tell the people it was illegal to view them
    that would only intrigue me more


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