Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Talks About Economic Growth and Tax Reform…

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin discusses the White House’s recently unveiled tax plan in a wide-ranging interview with CNBC’s David Faber.

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78 Responses to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Talks About Economic Growth and Tax Reform…

  1. Sundance, please include Peter Navarro in your picture posts… The man has been all over our phony trade deals. Anyone can go back and watch his series on China. The man is all over it. Thanks.

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  2. M33 says:

    Is that Faber or Fibber?
    I keep forgetting…

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  3. Mnuchin is a cool, clean, smooth MF’er!!! I love the man!

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    • freddiel says:

      My thoughts exactly. Cool. Calm. Collected.

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      • quintrillion says:

        Mnuchin Optimal. Faber not so much.

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      • NvMtnOldman says:

        Notice how the press always pushes the Conservatives for detailed plans and they never do the libs?? It is constant with them. The guy tries to sound more intelligent than Mnuchin but can’t . He wants proof of a way o get 3% growth, Maybe he should try reading the Fed’s announcement today about 4.3% growth next quarter. These press idiots are trying so hard to make Obozo look good, and they fail every time.

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      • G. Combs says:

        John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics shows a GDP that ” reflects the inflation-adjusted, or real, year-to-year GDP change, adjusted for distortions in government inflation usage and methodological changes that have resulted in a built-in upside bias to official reporting.”

        Long story short, the economy shrunk under Obummer. The GDP was negative.


    • Jennie says:

      Got a crush on him..he puts the “n” in nerd goodness!


  4. Jay Chou says:

    My head hurts just by reading this. People at HOTAIR really this stupid?


  5. I always enjoy listening to Mnuchin. He knows his facts and is good at explaining the details. Simplification and lower tax rates would be a welcome change, usually they just add pages of new rules every year.

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  6. duchess01 says:

    It is a pleasure listening to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin explain – in simple terms – the three-prong plan for economic prosperity – so knowledgeable, intelligent, and effective in his confident presentation – Secretary Mnuchin is miles above his Interviewer – Mr. Faber – who definitely has trouble asking even one coherent question – who cares what Bernanke thinks – he is a globalist – Secretary Mnuchin represents America, American interests, and American prosperity –

    Even the most challenged student of economics can understand the logic behind President Trump’s Economic Plan – as presented so succinctly by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin – we are blessed President Trump had the foresight to select this impressive man as our Secretary of the Treasury –

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  7. R-C says:

    Is there NOBODY in the media who can conduct a smart, sane interview?

    This latest nobody interviewer, seen in the video above, spent his entire time asking variations on this theme: “Mr. Secretary, what makes you so sure you can…[fill in the blank]?”

    My answer to that annoying twerp: “What makes YOU so sure we can’t?”

    My money’s on Trump & Mnuchin.

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  8. fleporeblog says:

    I could care less with what the Washington Post or Politico have to say. Secretary Mnuchin is fantastic. The Democrats are truly screwed because their narrative about this helping only the rich will fall completely on its face. Getting rid of all those deductions will negate the benefits of the 4.6% tax cut from 39.6% to 35%.

    I live in NY and I would tell Governor Cuomo to stick his state and city taxes up his azz. Fu….k NY and the fact they will be screwed because you can’t write off your state taxes. Maybe it will force them to lower their taxes to compete with states like Florida and Texas where their is no state taxes. I have 11 years left before I can retire at the age of 55. I will live in either Florida (my wife’s hope) or Texas (my hope). Trump built NYC with his beautiful buildings. What did he get in return? He lost the state by nearly 20 points.

    Reince Preibus killed ABC’s narrative on Sunday by saying hedge fund folks celebrating this tax proposal will have their bubble burst shortly in reference to carried interest earnings.

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  9. free73735 says:

    Just watched the video posted above. I really appreciate his steadfastness & not allowing himself to be upset by the on going bombardment of the interviewer. I can see, everyone is in for a huge surprise, at the success Trump & his team will achieve in the next 4 years. Just because “so & so” couldn’t achieve, “such & such,” then Trump won”t be able to either,(even throwing in Reagans name). Guess he forgot about the definition of insanity…repeating the same actions over & over expecting different results. President Trump is far from that definition of insanity. Because he is, those who can’t/won’t embrace the difference, will however, need to check themselves into the nearest hospital for treatment. (Just as Sundance has been saying all along, main street vs wall street thinking).

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    • duchess01 says:

      Yes, free – Secretary Mnuchin is unruffled by idiocy – that coy smile on his face says – bring it on – your stupidity affects me not – I love it when the President’s Men (and soon women) allow these fools (interviewers) to be themselves – lol

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  10. Weeper says:

    Come join us in Texas flepore!!! I was a NYer myself many moons ago. I will warn you though, while we have no state tax, property taxes can eat you alive. Still a savings over what you pay in the Big Apple. 🍎

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    • Sentient says:

      Property taxes in Texas are high as a percentage of home purchase price, but low in relation to square footage. You get a lot of house for the money in Texas.


  11. Had occasion to talk to a German lady who was in East Germany when the wall came down. I know she leans left so I asked her what she thought of our (shudder) Gov. Brown saying the border wall was “Just like the Berlin wall” She just gave me a blank stare as the wheels were turning in her head…. It did not compute……….OY

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  12. yakmaster2 says:

    No matter what Mnuchin says, Faber’s repetitive subtext is “I don’t like it.” Typical.

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    • missmarple2 says:

      No kidding. Mnuchin was very calm throughout although at the end I detected a slight intensity of tone, indicating to me he was getting irritated.

      Interviewer was a jerk.

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    • JC says:

      Yes, Yak and MM. It’s like the old cartoon where the tall, strapping hero is straight-arming the puny, inferior, thrashing villain; he’s not fighting the villain, just holding him at arm’s length. I expected to see Secretary Mnuchin glance to the side toward the wings and grin at President Trump, Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Ross, Secretary Mulvany, etc., and say “it just never ends, does it?”


  13. quintrillion says:

    Hi, Little friends of PDJT.
    Go and growl at the bad men and women and scare the devil out of them, okay.

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  14. Pam says:

    Mnuchin is too smart for these MSM hacks. They don’t get it and they never will.

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  15. missmarple2 says:


    Maybe once a week we could have a feature on a cabinet or staff person with their background, video clips, etc. to let people appreciate these people.

    I know you covered some of this during the cabinet nominations, but now that they are in their positions and giving interviews, I think it would be a good idea to feature them. New visitors would get to know them, and the articles would show up in search engines.

    Of course, it’s not like you don’t have anything else to do, so maybe put this in the “to be done when things calm down ” file.

    Thanks for all you do!

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    • PoCoNoMo says:

      I think that’s a great idea. I think WH press meets can be great too. I love how they’ll have somebody in and they sort of give a tutorial, that allows people not get their info through the biased filters (and it must be a real treat for Spicer to sit back and rest a bit). I LOVED and learned from OMB Mick Mulvaney’s explanation of the ‘5 Month interim spending plan: Also, I’d like to hear how Ben Carson’s doing @ HUD. I don’t have a link at the moment, but remember reading a year or so ago, about the STAGGERING graft in that swamp. So when I heard Trump lured him over there, I thought, “God help poor Ben!” I hope Ben & Jeff are having regular lunches together!


  16. yucki says:

    J.E. Dyer at “Liberty Unyielding” just wrote an great article about this spectacular series by Sundance! There are extensive quotes, plus additional material and observations from this crackerjack military analyst.

    “How the Deplorables broke Washington by electing Donald Trump”

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  17. Swedishmeatball says:

    I thought David Faber was going to cry!!

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  18. US says:

    California (my state) and New York are very rich and highly taxed at the state levels. Only few of us pay taxes. Paupers and aliens get a free ride, so we better offs can afford to lose our state tax deductions. If voters do not like it they can vote some Republicans in to keep State taxes lower.


  19. Cliff says:

    At some point down the road, I’d like to see the taxation of SS income repealed (put in place by Reagan, I believe). It wasn’t ever supposed to be taxable income, I thought, as set up by FDR.
    Also, eliminate or adjust the additional income allowed before it messes with your SS income.


  20. Larry Bucar says:

    Why do these nimrod interviewers continue to be blinded to the genius right in front of them? These aholes are BLIND!


  21. Aqua says:

    And by stunning contrast, Hillary couldn’t understand why the push for $15 minimum wage makes lousy economic sense. If that was too much for her to comprehend, well, there ya go– the rest of this would never even be contemplated.

    Just a reminder of what we avoided, thank The Lord. Every day.

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