President Trump’s Harrisburg Rally Brilliantly Triggers the Media’s Borderline Personality Psychosis…

Watching several minutes of CNN’s punditry coverage of President Trump’s Harrisburg rally is exceptionally interesting from the perspective of watching what happens when full-throated liberal media ideology is confronted by a political opponent inoculated from battered politician syndrome.  The media cries foul.

Many intellectually honest people throughout the political era have noted that liberalism -in its modern presentation- is similar to a psychological condition.  That’s true. However, the actual condition displayed is more aptly described as Borderline Personality .

The advancement of modern liberalism is contingent upon their abused recipient cowering to the demands of the progressive abuser.  Modern democrats, including the media, define the boundaries of permitted response allowed by the recipient of the attack.

However, when the recipient of the constant attack, in this case President Trump, refuses to comply with unidirectional rules, and actually fights back with the same ferocity and absence of boundaries, the attacker retreats amid ‘safe-spaces’ and demands immediate contact from like-minded fellow travelers to affirm the tenuous position of their narrow views.

It is a remarkable thing to witness.

The mental gymnastics necessary to retain modern progressive views is stunning in its hypocrisy.  Political speech they don’t agree with is considered violence; but actual political violence they do agree with is considered speech.

The media’s incapacity to reconcile anything between the two cognitive poles of love or hate is almost identical to Borderline Personality Disorder.

A ‘Borderline’ cannot engage in the space of intellectual argument because a borderline can only see issues from a position of ‘all right’ and/or ‘all wrong’.  Similarly, the borderline media pundits are emotionally incapable of distinguishing between the two extremes.

Because of the extreme perspective carried by BPD sufferers, they do not understand boundaries that non-Borlerline people do not cross.  When engaged in argument against a position they abhor, Borderlines view everything through a zero-sum prism.  If the opponent disagrees with them, the opponent hates them.  They cannot distinguish between an opponent disagreeing with a position, yet not hating them for holding an alternative view.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a direct result of Borderline Punditry being incapable of viewing opposition as correct/accurate on any facet or nuanced part of their position.  Only extremes are possible from their perspective.  Either you agree and therefore you love them, or you disagree and therefore you functionally hate everything about them.

Because BPD sufferers view only polar extremes, they carry no capability to accept boundaries in disagreement.  When they engage in anything that has an oppositional perspective they will go to any lengths to retain their own outlook.

Borderlines will kill you before they can functionally consider that you might be winning an argument in the field of ideas that run counter to their own belief structure.  Remember, defeat is equivocal to perpetual hate; therefore they view no action out-of-bounds in their quest for victory and retention of their world-view.  Their mind tells them if they are proven wrong they are worthless; ergo fight to the death to retain position.

There is no Win/Win solution with a Borderline; either they win, or they lose – there is never a middle ground.  However, politically speaking there are BPD sufferers within every element on the ideological continuum.  There are zero-sum conservatives (Cruzbots), zero-sum liberals (Clintonbots) and even zero-sum libertarians (Paulbots).  The reason is simple: BPD as a cognitive disorder is not exclusive to a political ideology, it is a human condition.

However, BPD carriers are more pre-disposed to be progressively minded because of the external factors which make BPD more pronounced.  Without a strong central core and self-identity, that is without a firm foundation, the ability engage in debate or critical thinking -that might lead to an unpopular change a view- is disconcerting.   In the space where ‘disconcerting’ evolves into ‘unfathomable’ the origin of BPD takes root.

Relationships amid BPD sufferers are always short-term.  Few Borderlines have long-term friendships, and even fewer have stable family or personal relationships.

The zero-sum approach of Borderlines is toxic to long-term relationships because BPD-er’s cannot fathom any relationship where you might disagree with their behavior, yet still engage with the person on a humanistic level.  If you disagree with them, you hate them.

Borderlines can only see love or hate, there is no middle ground.  From the mind of a Borderline if you disagree with them, you necessarily hate them.  Therefore Borderline’s cut off relationships easily because they cannot cope with anything except affirmation.

It becomes easy for Borderlines to reconcile walking away from any relationship because they view differences of opinion as death to them.  They are toxically dangerous people to associate with because the only way to retain their friendship, never disagree.

The coverage by most oppositional media punditry toward the Presidency of Donald Trump more accurately reflects the Borderline dynamic than any other cognitive disorder. Trump Derangement Syndrome is simply group BPD.  It makes sense to discuss this group-think along these lines because Borderlines need constant affirmation and simply have no natural coping mechanism for opposition or opposing views.

President Trump challenges the liberal view and disrupts their previously unchallenged one-way-rules dynamic.  He also is willing, if needed, to join in smash-mouth confrontation.  That is important because it removes one of the more valuable arrows in the traditional media attack quiver.  Customarily they rely upon being able to “go there” and simultaneously demand their opposition is never allowed to “go there”.

In many ways, the strong and forceful President Trump is what you would have seen if President Andrew Breitbart ever took office.


Yes, it was magnificent!  Believe me…

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276 Responses to President Trump’s Harrisburg Rally Brilliantly Triggers the Media’s Borderline Personality Psychosis…

  1. willvecchio says:

    I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures from the Harrisburg rally; the folks there are salt of the earth. Tough, rough Americans who are loyal and patriotic. They inhabit the close-in flyover territory. The images portray virtue.

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    • Tegan says:

      There could not have been a more graphic example between the designer gowns/tuxedo “chosen few” at the dinner, sipping their cocktails and feeling so, so much intellectually superior to the masses in their message tee shirts, tattooed arms and showing their patriotism loud and clear. President Trump was clearly comfortable with the Harrisburg crowd, and the wonderful thing…he’s just as comfortable with the tuxedoed crowd. That, my friends, is a gift and a true leader for ALL the people.

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    • Ploni says:

      100% YES!

      My sentiment completely.

      If a person’s heart doesn’t tell you this about our fellow Americans, then he or she will never understand our president or our movement.

      This is why it’s about America First.

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    • Ploni says:

      100% YES!

      My sentiment completely.

      If a person’s heart doesn’t tell him or her this about our fellow Americans, then he or she will never understand our president or our movement.

      This is why it’s about America First.


    • honor78 says:

      Who would ever watch these smug, arrogant arses in the media who seem to think they are sooo superior. They are a worthless bunch of leftists who basically despise the American public. They can all go straight to H-E-L-L.


  2. willvecchio says:

    …and every time the big forehead and the Canadian gov of Mich. (or whoever) insult the President and attempt to damage his legitimacy and stature, they are really attacking the will of the American people. They are attacking our democracy. They are attacking the Constitution. They are attacking all the virtuous folks in real America, like those in Harrisburg last night.

    We are very fortunate that in this time we have a President/Leader who recognizes the need to take them on! And does so effectively.

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  3. blessdog says:

    the PIVOTING is breathtaking –
    vote for the wall – hate the wall
    no same sex marriage – support same sex marriage
    love Russia – hate Russia
    hate China – love China -hate China (double pivot)
    hate Islam – love Jews – hate Jews – love Islam
    love Israel – hate Israel (suicidal, entitled, white, alt-left Jewish Americans!!)

    it’s all about opposing Trump at every turn, but of course it’s truly directed at those who elected him

    interesting how the “democrats” shared “republican views on immigration, Islam, bathrooms etc.. until Trump won

    and you know how we admire the left for “sticking together” (despite being mentally ill)?
    that’s the lemming mob mentality, and an absolute lack of critical thinking, or really any kind of “thinking” – it’s a lot easier to adhere to the program and march to ignorance, intolerance, and bigotry when you barely need exert your brain…

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  4. Disgusted says:

    The rally pictures would be better without so much attention being given to the handful of protesters. Why give them this attention? They made NO impact. NO point. WHY?

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  5. Carrie says:

    This is so delicious to watch the lefty loons irrelevancy spiral down faster than flushing a toilet!!!! Ha,ha,ha,ha!!!!
    M A G A BABY!!!!!


  6. john lorenz says:

    The Demsheviks are really anti-American alinskite authoritarian globalist elitists who try and pose as Americans. In the process they get distorted and confused but the hate our sovereignty on every level. That’s the giveaway

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  7. Disgusted says:

    I believe DJT absolutely knew and felt he was going to be Our President. He lived the way he knew he needed to live these last few decades, and worked so damn hard, he knew he was earning this! I don’t think anyone else who’s ever achieved this honor ever KNEW they would win the way he seems he did! Well, there was alway Hillary who truly saw HERSELF winning, but we all saw to it SHE was WRONG!!!!!!!

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  8. Summer says:



  9. Coast says:

    These delusional people actually think Obama tried to unite us? When he said “there are no blue states there, are no red states” he wasn’t president, he was just trying to sell himself. After getting elected he said “when they bring a knife we bring a gun”, and he also said “don’t boo, vote…voting is the best revenge”. That’s their concept of unification? Good grief.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      yes, how quickly idiot liberals forget that when Obama took the oath of office and he mentioned Bush the people were booing— Obama just smiled and did not attempt to say “This man has served our country and deserves to be treated with respect”…selected out rage.. really this ass is calling Trump a ” mental midget” SERIOUSLY ??That is “President Trump” to you you sullen little dirty diaper boy…..You have ZERO respect for this President you hypocrite wonder Trump has ZERO respect for you. Be gone you sebaceous ozing puss pocket.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Oh dear. Obama did not really mean it.
      “Obama: When I Said There Are No Red States or Blue States in 2004 that Was an ‘Aspirational Comment’”
      “‘Obviously, it’s not true when it comes to our politics and our civic life’”

      This is how a psychopath operates, btw.
      “the majority of psychopaths are not in prison but living among us, where virtually everyone is victimized in one way or another, typically without understanding the “how or why of it.””
      Dr. Robert Hare


  10. How do you really feel ? 🙂

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  11. jmclever says:

    Many Borderlines and narcissists-NPD- do have long term relationships because they have gaslighted and abused their targets for do long that they just can’t see a way out. Many times it takes decades for the target/spouse to realize they are indeed being sucked dry for the narc’s pleasure. I was married to one for 22 years. Then one day you realize enough it’s enough. Usually when they get so comfortable that they go too far and forget to be subtle in their abuse. Narcissistic abuse, BPD is in the same group if psychoses, and recovering from it are the story of the American electorate.

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  12. Kaco says:

    CNN continues on and does the same thing as usual, being complete arses. God help those who truly do watch them.


  13. AJ says:

    American politics has been very rough and tumble throughout most of history. This ‘gentleman politician’ is a recent phenomena that is made possible solely by the UniParty mindset. I actually don’t blame CNN for saying stupid and vile things because journalism has at many times been pretty low brow.

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  14. SafeSpace says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for superb coverage and analysis of the brilliance of the aspect of Trump’s strategy, where he end-runs the media noise machine and takes his message direct to US. I’m happy I am in my senior years … because I’ve lived long enough to see this nation weather small storms, then nearly be destroyed by the deceitful little Kenyan bastard King Putt … and now be resurrected by a decent man with a big heart and an understanding of Founding Principals. MAGA!

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  15. Allan Gendelman says:

    While I agree that much of the hysterical opposition to Trump appears to be similar to a mental syndrome or dysfunctional disorder, i don’t think it explains all of the behavior. The left has schooled itself in opposition for many decades. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals outlines how to destroy a hated enemy or a hated society. Most so-called “liberals” are, in fact, disciples of Alinsky. Hillary wrote her thesis on Alinsky and he offered her a job. Read the book if you want to know why libs have no seeming interest in intellectual engagement or compromise and mainly use character assassination to silence opposition.

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  16. mopar2016 says:

    Paul Begala calling president Trump a mental midget.
    Now that’s rich!
    I was glad to see the gentleman on the right call him out .
    I was waiting for Santorum to say something, and then I remembered that Santorum was a Rubio supporter. It’s nice to see the lefties squirm.

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  17. UKExpat says:

    Just watching the LIBTARD air heads on this CNN panel bloviate and pontificate makes me more convinced than ever that LEFTISM is a Mental Illness they have no SHAME and no BRAIN and absolutely no idea what HYPOCRISY even means they do not THINK they merely EMOTE and in this case STUPIDLY but very often also CRIMINALLY and VIOLENTLY. To praise OHOMO the WORST most underhand and devious President the USA has ever had and its biggest LIAR as a paragon of virtue is moronic in the extreme.


  18. jmclever says:

    They forget that we can all go watch the rally ourselves and dont need them to tell what Pres. Trump said and did. So sad.

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