Intellectual Froglegs 100 Day Edition

Joe Dan Gorman presents the latest Intellectual Frog Legs:


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48 Responses to Intellectual Froglegs 100 Day Edition

  1. calbear84 says:

    Love Joe Dan!

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  2. whoseyore says:

    Loved this! Thanks for sharing this, Sundance. Needed some humor on this rainy Saturday.

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  3. Pam says:

    I saw this for the first time last night when the notice popped up in my inbox. You are in for a treat. Starting to see your name in the credits quite often Sundance. You have arrived! 😀

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  4. southernmom19 says:


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  5. 4bleu says:

    mdr !
    ( mdr = mort de rire = c’est LOL en français – dying of laughter)

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  6. rsanchez1990 says:

    Paul Nehlen is a sponsor!

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  7. rainmom says:

    thank you, sundance. the best part (imo) is at the 12:15 mark, newt speaking about solving the activist judge problem, and afterwards john lennon speaking about socialism (never saw that one coming).

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  8. Awesome SD. Thanks. It was worth watching and laughing for 30 min. Everyone should watch this!

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  9. Great job Sundance sharing the stage with the also great Joe Dan Gorman and team. There are certainly a lot of talented people in America and they are picking it up every day. Cheers to All

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  10. Tejas Rob says:

    Joe Dan, if you’re out there, love ya’ brother! Keep up the good work!

    WE are the media now!

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  11. India Maria says:

    FINALLY, someone in the New Media says it: Past “reliables” like Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage ( I would add Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh), have been passed by this Trump Movement. So powerful, so fast has change come to AMERICA, that these folks are caught standing, still debating the issues of Bush ’44 and ’43, Clinton and Obama, and they seem so out of touch.

    These fine folks really think we still want “debate”. We no longer want “debate”. We want the TRUMP Agenda ENACTED, and we want our FRIENDS TO ACT LIKE FRIENDS and SUPPORT TRUMP, and ATTACK the UNIPARTY.

    I appreciate you JOE DAN, very, very much. Keep palabering, you are RIGHT ON TARGET.

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  12. Sean Supsky says:

    Hey there Joe Dan (you seem to peek in once in a while), that was a great episode. Enjoyable to watch how you showcased the accomplishments of President Trump and highlighted the ineptitude of the congress puppets.

    A thank you goes out to you as well sundance for putting this up and for the many outstanding articles that you write. You highly impact the way people think about and look at different issues.

    God bless to you all of you.

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  13. NJF says:

    Holy sh$t, what did I just watch? what was that opening song/dance routine??? I kept seeing it posted all over twitter, but never watched.


    Ok, back to Foggy Legs!

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  14. Thanks Sundance! God bless ALL y’all’s asses.

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  15. NJF says:

    Great installment thank you!

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  16. FLEEVY says:


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  17. Chgonana539 says:

    Wow Joe Dan you made this old lady very happy. That was the best. Thanks SD for posting. Love this hangout more every day.

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  18. Remember ya’ll, Intellectual Froglegs is free to watch, but it ain’t free to make… donations help keep the lights on! lol


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  19. maiingankwe says:

    Absolutely Brilliant! My gosh, the outbursts of laughter were often, especially the yuuge discounted hag book to $4.99 from $34.99, and the picture of her hubby billy asking Chelsea…well, I shouldn’t really write that here. Being PG and all, which reminds me, love your opening with your change of the PG acronym and self-description of an above average hillbilly.

    I love you Joe Dan Gorman, you’re simply brilliant!

    Be well, and stay smiling,

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  20. justfactsplz says:

    Joe Dan, I was so excited to see your new video posted here today. You are extremely talented and I can always count on a few laughs. I love the content in this one so much. You ARE the new media just like Sundance is. Keep up the good work and please stay happy and healthy.

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  21. Fe says:

    I was ready to go night night and then Joe Dan publishes his new video. I stayed up to watch, and was blown away. His best one yet! I loved how he scolded the micro managers (Laura Ingraham, Anne Coulter). Boo yah!!!!

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  22. Cee says:

    Just sent my donation; as with every new episode. Not much; but sends my message….

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  23. Marian says:

    Love me some fresh frog legs!

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  24. Jeff says:

    Off topic.
    Need some help Treepers. What is the song playing in the video from 10:11 to 10:38 while Joe Dan is speaking. I’m a music guy and It’s driving me nuts i can’t figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.


  25. Kaco says:

    My husband and I will be watching this uninterrupted tonight. I’m already subscribed but love seeing the advert on here. Joe Dan puts all our troubles and wins in such an entertaining, humorous way, it’s the best show on the net! God Bless and keep ’em coming!


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