North Korea Fails in Test-Fire of Ballistic Missile…

The missile self-destructed after several minutes. It is reported to have exploded over the North Korean peninsular.

(Via Reuters) North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile on Saturday from a region north of its capital, but it appears to have failed, South Korea’s military said, defying intense pressure from the United States and the reclusive state’s main ally, China.

An official at South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed the launch but did not immediately have any further information. Yonhap news agency said the missile appeared to have blown up a few seconds into flight.

The test came as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned the United Nations that failure to curb North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs could lead to ‘catastrophic consequences’.

U.S. President Donald Trump told Reuters in an interview on Thursday a “major, major conflict” with North Korea was possible over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Trump praised Chinese leader Xi Jinping for “trying very hard” to rein in Pyongyang. (read more)

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132 Responses to North Korea Fails in Test-Fire of Ballistic Missile…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. Ya know that video of the frat boys, or just dudes havin fun trying to fire off a homemade rocket in a field, and it turns and whirly gigs and heads straight for them and/or hits them in the numbnuts (hat tip duchess01, tho i kno unever meant numbnuts that way😎😉💖)….

    ….why oh, why cant one of his self-destructing balistic missiles track Kimmy down and strike him “done” in the numbnuts!!

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  4. sundance says:

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  5. sundance says:

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  6. A2 says:

    “North Korea fired an unidentified missile from a site in the vicinity of Bukchang in Pyeongannam-do (South Pyeongan Province) early this morning,” Yonhap reported, quoting a statement issued by South Korea’s military. “It is estimated to have failed.”

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  7. Don’t mess with Texas and Lions, Kimmy…they couldnt have been more clear!!

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  8. Neural says:

    Did it really fail? I mean, failure would be great (unless you’re one of the guys that Un decides to execute for the failure), but …dunno… I just have to wonder if the US Military has the capability to quietly take something like that out. It would send a *great* message to Un, basically saying “it’s not worth it, so don’t try.”
    Sorry.. feeling hopeful. I’ll get back to my usual pessimism later.

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  9. fedback says:

    Can’t see Fat boy backing off with regards to nukes. The regime has been brainwashing their people into believing they can’t survive without nukes

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  10. Sylvia Avery says:

    I suspect somewhere, out there, sits a US military person drinking a cup of coffee, perhaps a little bored, but watching the screen. And then, when there is a blip on the screen, a button is pushed or a mouse is clicked or whatever happens and L’il Kim looses a toy.

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  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    “Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”
    General James Mattis

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  12. M33 says:

    Looking forward to Trump finally resolving what 60 years of politicians couldn’t.

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  13. MIKE says:

    Kim Jong Dumpling was out playing with his ESTES rockets again today… wonder if he utilized a ‘c’ or a ‘d’ engine in the latest attempt to rattle his saber… this punk is as unstable as fulminated mercury strapped to the back of a hard tail Harley!

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  14. Bert says:

    It was mighty cooperative of the NK’s to bring so much of their heavy kit into the open for the recent exercises.

    What a great chance for the concentration of satellites above to capture a whole lot of new data about what got moved from where and where it goes afterwards.

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    • A2 says:

      True Bert, but I think they know that we know where those launch sites generally reside. What is interesting though, is no one is commenting that the failed launch exploded on their own territory rather than in the drink. Maybe the UN should buy Kim a computer (made in China of course) so he can make a statement with his fingers rather than blowing hot gaz.

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      • Bert says:

        You’re right – the launch sites are mostly known, but the mobile heavy artillery and other short range launch capability is immediate threat to South Korea and has been a concern. The artillery has adequate range to pound Seoul with all manner of conventional and chemical shells. The fixed batteries are mostly known but there is apparently still enough mobile stuff hidden and moved around that has capacity to damage Seoul badly even if the fixed positions were suddenly neutralized by a massive coordinated strike.

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  15. Pam says:

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  16. Pam says:

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  17. filia.aurea says:

    NK is actually very wealthy in terms of rare earth minerals – article from 2014 suggests NK may have 2/3rds of the world’s supply. The communist Chinese will undoubtedly ‘handle’ NK’s antics very soon.

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  18. NJF says:


    What’s that you say Sundance?

    That china & Japan wouldn’t be surprised by POTUS,s actions…..

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    • fleporeblog says:

      The man is a genius! President Xi respects our President. The MSM including Fox can’t rap their heads around China doing anything to support our efforts. I think in the end, that will be the biggest shock to everyone. 8 years of Mo (Bill), Larry (George) and Curly (Barry) couldn’t get China to do anything. Our Lion will have the Chinese take care of this issue before he completes 6 months in office. There is no way that President Xi would ask our President to come for a visit in this calendar year without eliminating the threat once and fore all in NK.

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  19. mossback says:

    Fat boy’s success with missiles reminds me of my youth when I was into model rocketry. Normally I bought kits and they flew pretty well. But when I decided to design my own and launch it……well that day my launch pad battery was dead and I convinced my dad to use the battery in his old 49 ford pickup……..everything went well until it reached about 60 feet up, then it came down, (center of gravity was off) scooted across the ground, chasing my dad around his pickup before the second stage fired and took off across the ground at about 4 feet high……….needless to say……no more rocketry for me.

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  20. Jim Smith says:

    Here is some surveillance video of the launch:

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  21. tgmccoy says:

    We are either messing about with the NorK missiles or shooting them down.
    I would not want to be a NorK rocket man….
    “you fired! -out of barrel of 122 mm cannon!”

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  22. amwick says:

    So, there is a part of me that wonders if the Norks might be firing off duds on purpose. The entire world then believes they are harmless. They couldn’t be that devious, right?

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  23. Jim Rogers says:

    If the next 50 or more attempts by North Korea to launch ballistic missiles fail, I’ll become suspicious the cause is something more than the ineptitude of the fat and feckless leader’s rocket scientists…..

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  24. Frank says:

    I wonder if the missiles are really failing or if they’re being deliberately under-fueled and crashed. That would allow the poverty-stricken dump of a country can recover the missile and launch again. I wouldn’t put it past the Norks to be that sorry.


  25. MDiceman says:

    Rumor has it that Kim Jong Un recently watched the movie, The Mouse that Roared. He thought it was a documentary.

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  26. kpm58 says:

    What do we do if Kim threatens to launch a missile inside the US?


    • graphiclucidity says:

      We threaten to cut off his supply of Jack Daniels and all of his porn site subscriptions under the name Long Duk Dong


  27. Just Scott says:

    Just got online. Am I following this right? Lil kimmy launched a second missile from a sub in the last half hour?


  28. aprilyn43 says:

    We are so close to WWIII its unbelievable!
    Its Syria, Russia & Iran + ISIS in the east, & Korea & Russia in the Far East.

    Japan is telling its citizens to prepare for war; China is doing the same …
    I’m glad Trump’s in office, but the Obamaites appointees are chipping away at Trump’s attempt to keep us safe.

    Now the Pentagon is allowing CAIR to look over training manuels to see if Islam & Muslims are being discriminated against. You have McMasters openly saying it isn’t Islam or Muslims we’re fighting. And sadly again, Mattis is preaching a similar theme; with Pence going to Indonesia & speaking in glowing terms about the “moderate” Muslims & Islam that have such a wonderful democracy there. Pence (who I love; he’s a Christian & he’s been so awesome), is comparing Christianity to Islam in glowing terms. Why Pence, his wife & 2 daughters visited a mosque. When there Pence’s wife & daughter’s put on the Indonesian version of a “hijab” – Good grief,
    a woman putting on a hijab is signifying that “SHE” is submitted to Allah. Pence, his wife Karen & 2 daughters are Christians !
    I HATE IT when Christians bow & do stupid thing for Islam & Muslims. Respect can be shown in other ways!

    So discouraging, so disheartening!!!

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  29. Rob says:

    Seems to me North Korea would be a good case to test if we can destroy a country’s military capabilities completely by remote control – cruise missiles, drones and smart bombs launched from airplanes hundreds of miles away.

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  30. Rob says:

    Some earlier North Korean tests that got them to this point:


  31. trapper says:

    What objective(s) is Kim attempting to achieve with his nuclear weapons program?

    Look, if you are on the way to the hardware store, you might tell someone your objective is to buy a hammer. But it is not. Upon further questioning, you might say you are going to buy a hammer so you can pound nails, and that pounding nails is your objective. But no one pounds nails just for something to do. Are you building something? A box maybe?

    OK, but you don’t usually build a box unless you want to put something in it. You might then say that your objective for going to the hardware store is to buy a hammer to pound nails to build a box to hold your CD collection. However, taken even a step further, your ultimate objective for going to the hardware store might actually be to de-clutter your living room.

    So, as to Kim’s nuke program, what is his ultimate objective in developing nuclear weapons? Destroying America isn’t it. That’s just pounding a nail. What is he really looking to accomplish? If T-Rex is correct and Kim is not insane, then he has a purpose, a plan, an objective. What is it?

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  32. Bob says:

    “Dateline 2019 – North Korea became the first country to deploy nuclear weapons against itself, as a long range missile exploded seconds after launch this morning. However, the warhead seems to have worked perfectly, obliterating the city of Pokemon-Go.”

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  33. jeans2nd says:

    Perhaps this is relevant here.

    According to this VOA article (27 Apr 2017), China is not exactly pleased with North Korea since Kim Jong Un. This article says that Kim Jong Un has shunned diplomacy with China.
    “…relations have taken a downturn since Kim Jong Un came to power.”
    “Kim Jong Un has not visited China. His uncle, Kim Song Thaek…had close ties with Beijing…was an advocate of opening up…(North Korea’s)…economy, was executed in late 2013”
    “Earlier this month, China tried to send its nuclear envoy, Wu Dawei, to North Korea, but that overture was rejected.”

    And yet, Reuters, AP, and this VOA article says China will do no more sanctions.
    “Analysts in China say the government is already doing all it can”
    “China is unlikely to take unilateral action when it comes to sanctions, analysts say.”

    Would wager Reuters et al are incorrect, again.
    “Beijing’s…has softened its criticism of Washington and gotten tougher on Pyongyang”
    “China feels it has to deliver something to maintain its relationship with the United States”


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