Report: President Trump May Withdraw Completely From NAFTA…

During an AP interview last week President Trump first mentioned a possibility of complete withdrawal from the 25-year-old NAFTA agreement.   Today several outlets are reporting on a draft executive action to do just that.

BACKGROUND:  One of the problems with the NAFTA trade agreement (and most other trade deals) has been that no administration ever reevaluates them to measure their long-term impact since implementation.  It has been almost 25 years since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA (’94) and only now in 2017 is the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross evaluating the current value and measuring the economic impact to the U.S. in current terms.

Associated Press: What about NAFTA? What’s the plan on NAFTA?

TRUMP: What would you like to know?

AP: I would like to know what your plan is in terms of renegotiating.

TRUMP: I am very upset with NAFTA. I think NAFTA has been a catastrophic trade deal for the United States, trading agreement for the United States. It hurts us with Canada, and it hurts us with Mexico. Most people don’t even think of NAFTA in terms of Canada. You saw what happened yesterday in my statements, because if you look at the dairy farmers in Wisconsin and upstate New York, they are getting killed by NAFTA.

AP: Is your plan still, though, to renegotiate the whole deal?

TRUMP: I am going to either renegotiate it or I am going to terminate it.

AP: Termination is still on the table.

TRUMP: Absolutely. If they don’t treat fairly, I am terminating NAFTA.

AP: What’s a timeline for that decision?

TRUMP: It’s a six-month termination clause, I have the right to do it, it’s a six-month clause.  (link)

Yesterday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross discussed the current NAFTA issues within this interview with Bloomberg News:


Today Via Politico –  The Trump administration is considering an executive order on withdrawing the U.S. from NAFTA, according to two White House officials.

A draft order has been submitted for the final stages of review and could be unveiled late this week or early next week, the officials said. The effort, which still could change in the coming days as more officials weigh in, would indicate the administration’s intent to withdraw from the sweeping pact by triggering the timeline set forth in the deal. (read more)

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222 Responses to Report: President Trump May Withdraw Completely From NAFTA…

  1. citizen817 says:

    Ross Perot (like Trump now) had it right in 1992. Clinton then signs NAFTA in 1994.
    “That Giant Sucking Sound”

    Worth the 2.5 minutes watch:

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      I voted for him. And then I voted for Trump. Tried to prevent with a vote and now hope to fix it with my vote. Bet lots of other Independent but conservative minded Trumpers voted for Perot. By now, more people knew to believe Trump. Not enough believed Perot and Perot didn’t have the national reputation or access to internet to communicate directly with the voters like POTUS did. Anyway, you are right. Perot was on target.

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    • lvdancer says:

      +1000 up votes! My parents we’re talking about that “Giant sucking sound” for years.
      Every time they heard of factories and job loses, they would use that phrase.

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  2. Janeka says:

    I voted Perot because of his stance on NATFA.. The only thing Texas got out of NAFTA was a beat to crap highway system, more illegal aliens, unveted tractor/trailer operator and a larger drug cartel presence.. All the while all our manufacturing jobs when south and pharmaceuticals when north..

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  3. Donna in Oregon says:

    Reading through all the US Chamber of Commerce Tom Donahue articles about NAFTA. President Trump is warned repeatedly not to rip up NAFTA. Donahue went to Mexico and Canada and assured them that the US Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t let that happen.

    President Trump (then Candidate) in Maine said that the US Chamber of Commerce is composed of Special Interests that don’t care about you (the American citizen). Paul Ryan and the RINO’s are probably wetting their pants right now.

    If I’m dreaming of a perfect scenerio……Friday, President Trump signs his EO that the USA is leaving NAFTA. Saturday he is in Pennsylvania talking about it.

    I still have an America Dream…..fingers crossed.

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  4. Janeka says:

    Went south.. Auto correct is not a friend of mine..sometimes it’s my worst enema

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  5. Janeka says:

    Enemy… I’m done

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  6. MVW says:

    Trump is right. Why should we have multi-lateral trade agreements?

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  7. joan and bill collins says:

    delete nafta and do what is good for citizens of usa rather than assist paid off politicians again his excellency President Trump is looking out for the common person you and i

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  8. Deep Blue C says:

    Some on here have (rightly) reminded us that Trump STARTS at the furthest negotiating position from where he wants to end up. We would do well to remember this in the ongoing healthcare battle, too!

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  9. kp3ace says:

    Also C-Span, October 7, 1992, 1 hour, 06 minutes.
    North American Free Trade Agreement Signing From an outdoor dais the three heads of state spoke on their views of the North American Free Trade Agreement and its effect on their countries. President Bush said that the agreement would mean more jobs for the U.S. in the long run. The agreement would take effect in 1994, pending approval by the legislatures of all three countries. After the brief speeches, the three heads of state stood behind and observed the three seated trade negotiators as they initialed the 2,000-page NAFTA document. U.S. Trade Representative Carla Hills was the U.S. negotiator.


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