OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Discusses President Trump’s Tax Proposal…

In conjunction with the Trump administration releasing a tax reform outline, White House OMB Director Mick Mulvaney gives an interview to PBS to discuss the president’s goal of driving economic growth.


Contrary to our initial reservations, Mick Mulvaney continues to be a considerable asset to the administration in communicating “big concepts” into portions that are easily digestible and understandable. Transferring big issues to easier points of comprehension is tough, and Mulvaney does a surprisingly good job.

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58 Responses to OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Discusses President Trump’s Tax Proposal…

  1. Owlen Rose says:

    Mulvaney is another example of Trump’s influence. Same with Cohn. Trump changes them, not the other way around.

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    • WSB says:

      And it just occurs to me that maybe, rather than defunding NPR or PBS, Trump may be providing new content. LOL!

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    • Mick has always been able to explain difficult concepts to the average Joe. He was always reaching out and responding to all people in his district and beyond. Gave wonderful power point presentations on our debt going back to WW11. We vote next Tuesday for his replacement, which will be a hard one to replace. We’re voting Sheri Few.

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      • Aqua says:

        I didn’t know Mulvaney before this. He is so good at explaining complex issues in clear language– he must be very bright. I heard him say that President Trump stops by often, outlining the broad goals and direction. From there, I can see how he And the others take this and keep working the data, the numbers, the details….

        Business getting done. Love it.

        I admire the folks who voted for Mulvaney in their district. Thank you for sharing him with us.

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      • graphiclucidity says:

        The lady with the AR-15 and the flag?
        I’ve read some on her down here (Lowcountry) but that’s all they’re writing about in the Post & Courier.


      • graphiclucidity says:

        Oh, and wanted to add…

        His job as OMB Director is the first I’ve really heard from Mulvaney.
        I’m liking the guy more and more every time I get a chance to see him on a video here.

        Not kidding when I say this at all:
        He’s a future SC governor or a Senator to replace Lindsey or Scott.
        Give him several years and he could pick and choose if he keeps up with this level of knowledgeable professionalism. I wish he was in the Statehouse now to fix the road funding mess here.

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        • LoveofUSA says:

          ..or future president??? I really like Mulvaney. He “stays the course” very well.

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          • Maquis says:

            I’m late, been unwell, but just had to add; he not only stays the course, “he slays the memes.”

            The one-percent? I’ve never seen such an honest and effective manner of cutting through their vile bile with essentially a gentle question: “What would lead anyone to arrive at that premise?” (Paraphrased)

            All the vacuous non sequiturs they wield as mighty weapons at quivering RepublicRats simply melt at his “every man” regard of their nonsensicalism, in a gentle disarming way. A gentle courage. I was disappointed when the interview was over, but I guess she had lost too much blood due to the multiple cerebral hemorrhages.

            I’m a fan!


      • graphiclucidity says:

        Sheri Few campaign ad (for those who haven’t heard about her)

        I wonder if she has ever shot that thing? 🙂

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  2. mikebrezzze says:

    Trump has a big stick, it’s called his brain!

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  3. The Popcorn Tape says:

    So you were wrong.
    Hmmm, what else are you wrong about…?

    I’m kidding. I’m on your side. But you know some enemy agent would tell you that with utmost condescension.
    I hate that “you are either perfect or worthless” mindset.

    “Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we will catch excellence.”
    –Vince Lombardi

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    • jeans2nd says:

      CTH was wrong? WRONG? Methinks you had best do some in-depth research. Mulvaney has a history, an open-borders guy. Apprehension concerning Mulvaney was NOT unwarranted.

      Is inadvisable to pontificate from a position of ignorance.
      Try the CTH search box, located on the right side of every page, under the flickering candle.


  4. Beryl Bomb says:

    I’m a huge Trump fan but who cares how many brackets there are? That, in and of itself, is meaningless.

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    • Well, reducing the number of brackets would simplify our tax code in a literal sense… although I don’t know how much that by itself would increase its legibility to the average citizen in a practical sense.

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      • BobbyCannoli says:

        Actually, reducing the number of brackets does NOTHING to simplify the tax code.

        The tax code’s complexity comes from figuring out how to treat all you income and expenses to get from gross income to taxable income. Once you know the taxable income, THEN you just calculate the tax based on the brackets. There are tables for this in the book of directions. So it simplifies nothing.

        Not saying I don’t support fewer brackets. Just that this doesn’t do anything to simplify the process.

        Also heard (but not confirmed) that the plan eliminates most deductions. So, though it may “simplify” things, I’m probably in the group that will get hammered by it. A high property tax state, and we tithe to our church.

        Oh well, let’s see how it plays out.


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      I got a raise once, that put me in a higher bracket. By the time Uncle Sam got done with me it amounted to $10.00 more per pay check. I was not happy.

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      • USMCLt says:

        Donna, the Progressive/Communist/Democrat message you were expected to receive was that you should stop working so hard. Stay in your place. Quit trying to improve your life. Be content to be buried amidst the dumb masses.


  5. Pam says:

    I think Mulvaney is right. The dems definitely don’t want POTUS to take his victory lap on Saturday. The conditions that POTUS has offered them are reasonable. They want everything in order for us to get nothing in return. It’s the Obama mindset that still exists.

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  6. quintrillion says:

    Another Star in the Trump cavalcade of get ‘er done. Thank you Director Mulvaney for your dedication to MAGA.

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  7. chiefillinicake says:

    I just want to thank you, Sundance, for being a voice of reason amidst all of the utter nonsense surrounding not only Mr. Trump’s campaign, but also now during his Presidency.

    On a day where his daughter Ivanka comments to the foreign press that we might need to consider the plight of refugees, clearly also suggesting that it’s a complicated issue, and gets personally SAVAGED by the commentariat on sites like Breitbart by scores of thoughtless rubes, morons who are just as quick to get off Trump’s train as they were to get on it, points to the fact that few have given the appreciation and consideration to President Trump and his family that they, themselves, would think they were due.

    Ivanka, no matter what, is President Trump’s daughter. How would these scum want their daughters treated?

    But back to what you do here.

    Your article a week or two ago discussing the nuances behind Trump’s negotiations with President Xi were not only reassuring; it was also surprisingly human in its focus on President Trump’s sensitive treatment of President Xi not only as his honored guest, but also as a fellow Grandfather.

    I literally have not seen this anywhere else, and it’s been a tonic for my soul.

    Please keep up the good work and thanks again for all you continue to do.

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    • joanfoster says:

      Ivanka, no matter what, is President Trump’s daughter. How would these scum want their daughter treated”?
      Good question and one which the Clintons might also be asking about their daughter. Every railroad has a track in each direction, remember that. I am not here to defend Chelsea, but make sure that while defending the President’s daughter you do not discount that those of the other persuasion have the same right. I believe Ivanka is being roomed for higher office – perhaps Senate from NY or congresswoman. Who knows. The Clintons have the same right. Frankly, I wish Ivanka would make herself a bit more scarce on the administration scene or better said Trump would make her more scarce. She is young, talented, smart and capable. I think it’s a bit early for her to be making a political debut.


      • Aqua says:

        I disagree. Chelsea has been “gloves off” her entire life. Yet she lives off the spoils of the Clinton Foundation, has –as an adult– clear responsibility for the ethics surrounding that same foundation, crooked as it is.

        At the same time, Chelsea has continued her mother’s horrendous habit of polarizing this country, and slamming conservatives. Is there a single real job she has done that you can point to? Is there ANY tweet or message Chelsea has sent that has been gracious, patriotic or respectful? I can’t recall a single one.

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        • USMCLt says:

          By many accounts, Chelsea is quickly becoming as nasty a person as her mother. She is an adult now and must face up to adult realities. If she chooses to enter politics, she should expect the sharp elbows that accompany that marvelous profession. As for Ivanka, she should be more careful choosing her friends. The same adult rules apply to her as well.


        • joanfoster says:

          Upon graduating from Stanford, Chelsea worked for several years for McKinsey, one of the largest consulting firms in the country. Upon leaving McKinsey, she attended Columbia getting her masters in public health. If she was employed with the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Global Initiative she was a salaried employee – not necessarily living off the spoils as you say. There is no doubt that both the Foundation and all of its wings are bereft with wrong doing but I blame our sorry leadership for lack of oversight. No one has ever attempted to stop the Clintons. I don’t think Chelsea is responsible for that.


    • Beryl Bomb says:

      We should take more refugees. Send us all the gays. And the Christians.
      Sincerely. We’ll take all the gay Syrians and all the Christians and we’ll find them homes is my vote. When that’s done we ask for volunteers to go clean the desert.

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      • jeans2nd says:

        How does one vett all those refuges? There is no government per se in their respective countries. Who determines which are gay, and Christian? From where do the homes for these potential refugees come? How about your home?

        Who pays for them? Where do they find jobs? What about their bazillion family members? From where do the desert-cleaning volunteers come? Who pays to move, feed, clothe, protect, and house all those volunteers?

        Set up safe places in these ‘refugees’ own countries, then rid ISIS from their countries. The ‘refugees’ can then return home safely.


        • daughnworks247 says:

          No. Listen to the WHOLE clip from the Today Show (which I cannot find anywhere, I saw it live)
          Ivanka was talking. Ivanka was interrupted by the Dem pundit, screaming “What about the refugees? The refugees have to be part of the discussion”.
          Ivanka acknowledged the shrieking pundit, politely, by saying (paraphrasing) “Sure, refugees have to be part of the discussion, BUT NOT THE ONLY PART”.
          So, Ivanka repeated back the “concern” of the pundit to let the pundit know she heard her and then quickly, IN THE SAME BREATH, Ivanka countered and continued to press Ivanka’s MAIN points.
          You can bash Ivanka for a valid reason but this is a false headline/sliced quote designed to stir up more Ivanka angst.

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          • jeans2nd says:

            daughn, was not bashing Ivanka, Ivanka was great. Was pointing out the Dem’s point is not doable, especially not the way they want it done. Agree, Ivanka is great, the dummies arguing with her never allow her or anyone else to complete the thought.


    • AJ says:

      Re: people getting on and off the Trump train – the GOP electorate has been electing UniParty members for 35 years and most of the GOP electorate are low information voters. So, they will waffle back and forth because they have no idea what is going on. Too bad we don’t have intelligent talking heads. Could you imagine if Limbaugh had been espousing sundance’s understanding of politics for the past 20 years?

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  8. Mr. Morris says:

    Donald Trump has chosen smart people to lead. OBM Director Mick Mulvaney has a wonderful ability to explain things in ways that are understandable. It is a gift possessed by President Trump as well.
    The previous occupant of the White House rambled on and on, was deceptive, and then was praised by the press for his brilliance. This is one of the reasons the press is so despised.

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    • Janie M. says:

      Mr. Morris, that prior occupant was able to give speeches because of his sycophant toadie, Ben Rhodes (the wanna be novelist) and functioning teleprompters. When it malfunctioned, he floundered badly – so much for his “brilliance” – he was an empty suit. I wonder who is going to prepare his $400,000 speech for the Wall Street conference?

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  9. Niagara Frontier says:

    Most folks do not realize the power and authority that OMB exercises over the entire federal government. OMB also acts as a gatekeeper for the President. Almost nothing of consequence from any agency or department gets to the President’s desk for approval without first going through a rigorous vetting from OMB. Mulvaney has an incredibly powerful and responsible position.

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  10. Peter says:

    The reporter isn’t a flat out liar and ignorant fool. But she , like millions of others, just tow the liberal lies. I mean come on – it doesn’t take but a google search to see the difference between Obamas economy and Reagan’s economic revolution …embarrassing for her

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Poor ol’ Judy Woodruff. She’s way out of her depth trying to interview Mulvaney. That was a rather poor effort at asking the same scripted, stupid questions being asked by all her other partners in media crime.

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  11. fleporeblog says:

    I almost felt bad for Judy (not really). She tried her best to bring out the Democrat’s talking points. The truth of the matter is that folks in the 1% are actually going to pay more in taxes under this new proposal. Taking away all those deductions will limit their ability to write off everything under the sun. It may cause them to give more to charity which is a win win in my book. They do get the death tax to go away which really means a lot for them when that time comes. This tax plan really does help the middle class and those that fall below what is considered middle class.

    Mick Mulvaney is very impressive in his role. Our President took a chance given his reputation in congress but it seems to be really paying off. The man was made to be OMB and our Lion has taken advantage of that. He defends our President constantly when questioned and really simplifies the information for everyday folks to understand.

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  12. Katherine McCoun says:

    That was an excellent interview and I loved the response re the wall. Helped me understand what is going on that much better. I really like listening to his interviews.

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  13. Waco Bob says:

    When do we get to see what the brackets are and what deductions are being eliminated? Once that shoe drops I’d like an intelligent discussion on them before we get another pig in a poke.


    • Vickie says:

      We can’t claim state income tax or property taxes. Those were my only deductions so my taxes are going up. Mean while across the road from me is the welfare queen who is planning her next child while she lives with the daddy who is a pipe fitter and makes $20 an hour. They live off her welfare and bank his check so queen can get herself a fine new home. He pays no child support cause queen claims she doesn’t know who the daddy is. How about some welfare reform?


      • dawndoe says:

        I know, it doesn’t appear to be a good thing for our household, either. We’re not rich and NEED those deductions. We were also able to deduct our sales tax paid and tat is gone, too. I hope I’m wrong else we’ll be in way worse shape!


        • Kaco says:

          On paper, we will be paying more as well, we are not a 6 figure household either. I was hoping for a tax cut. And we had to pay more this year because after being in our house for 16 years, our interest has gone down on our mortgage. Also, I don’t use daycare and could give a rat’s behind about that proposal, I stayed at home when my kids were young, didn’t want to pay for it and wanted to raise my children myself. It was a big sacrifice, though.

          The worst is my father who is receiving long term care in the home, he won’t get any refund! Seniors and long term care will be hit hard if no medical deductions.


  14. graphiclucidity says:

    Judy Woodruff… bleh.

    Yes, Judy, President Trump tailored his entire tax plan so that he and his company could receive a tax break. That’s obviously been his entire scheme since June of 2015. You caught him, Judy, you sly old fox, you!

    Good God Almighty, I’m 100 percent positive that Woodruff just calls up Tom Perez and Valarie Jarrett and asks them to email her the questions she’s supposed to ask. Talk about a bubble!

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  15. Sylvia Avery says:

    Mick Mulvaney seems to be another really fine choice by President Trump. He is so gifted at communicating complicated stuff, and he doesn’t take a lot of guff from the reporters. He is pretty awesome. And another thing, for the most part none of us knew, or cared, who Obama’s Cabinet was. He never held Cabinet meetings and I don’t think we ever heard of his people unless they were involved in a scandal, like Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, raiding Gibson guitar for using imported lumber, or any of the other many, many scandals.

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  16. CharterOakie says:

    Mulvaney is bright, quick, and has a bit of “edge” to his demeanor.
    He won’t suffer fools (such as poor ol’ Judy Woodruff) gladly. Good.


  17. marcyo13 says:

    He had me at people thirty years old have never experienced a growing economy. My son is thirty and has been working since he was fifteen. Always worked hard and his employers love him and try to keep him, but the promotions he’s been offered never come with raises. He doesn’t believe me when I tell him working hard and smart used to get you somewhere in life. Scrimping to get by is all he knows. Jobs, work, reward cycle will fundamentally change everything in the country once it gets going again.


  18. daughnworks247 says:

    Agreed. Pleasantly surprised at the deftness of Mulvaney when it comes to numbers and common language. He’s like a little stud geek.


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