President Trump Awards Purple Heart To Army Sgt. Alvaro Barrietos At Walter Reed…

Today President Trump, together with first lady Melania Trump, presented a Purple Heart medal to Army Sgt. 1st Class Alvaro Barrietos during a visit to Walter Reed National Medical Center.

President Donald Trump presents Purple Heart award to Army Sgt. Alvaro Barrietos. First lady Melania Trump and wife Tammy Barrietos are behind

The soldier who received the Purple Heart — awarded in the name of the president to military members wounded or killed while serving — is Army Sgt. 1st Class Alvaro Barrietos.  Sgt. Barrietos suffered a serve leg injury while serving in Afghanistan. His wife, Tammy, attend the ceremony Saturday.

Trump thanks Barrietos and said that when he heard Barrietos would receive the medal he went to Walter Reed because “I wanted to do this myself.”  The medal is the oldest, continuous military award, dating back on 1917.


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136 Responses to President Trump Awards Purple Heart To Army Sgt. Alvaro Barrietos At Walter Reed…

  1. sundance says:

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    • NJF says:

      Our FLOTUS knows how to rock a belt doesn’t she.

      Her elegance is simple, yet stunning.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        She really does. She’s got me on the hunt for a nice wide soft leather obi style belt.

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        • libraryg says:

          could be some nice ones on amazon…….just FYI 😉


          • OOOOH You Women…Love the belt BUT did you look at the pants. Very chic’…


            • Bill in Lexington,NC says:

              The classy part has nothing to do with her appearance … it’s that she went with her husband to deliver the medal which, judging by the folded-over pants leg, cost Army Sgt. 1st Class Alvaro Barrietos a lot more than I would be willing to pay.

              I’m not a soldier, so let me just tip my hat to Sgt. Barrietos and his family.

              THIS is why we cannot let the VA jack our wounded and former military around.


      • Steele81 says:

        What a beautiful lady. Impressive

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        • Jane Harris says:

          Big Jake
          Comments like yours are the reason why I don’t like to read the CTH comment section anymore…and I know you are not the only one….But please…criticize her politics and opinions….but her not her appearance…..

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          • xyzlatin says:

            I agree. People can’t help their appearance. They can change their style, their thoughts and so on.


            • Aubergine says:

              Sorry, but Michelle had no style, and I won’t apologize for noticing! Good grief, can’t I have an opinion about fashion (or lack of) without being accused of something heinous? Melania Trump is a great role model for the fashion-conscious, and I am happy to have her example in the White House.

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            • libraryg says:

              Sorry but disagree……..people can alway change their appearance. So many ways to do so, and to elevate their self esteem IMHO.

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          • Hey Jane; give us Treepers a bit of a break, will ya? For 8 freakin’ years we had to put up with a lot…but that’s another matter for another day.
            Quite frankly, Jane Harris, if you don’t like to read our Treepers comments, then please move along….nothing going on here that obviously interests you.
            Have a great life.

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            • xyzlatin says:

              Sorry, but returning one wrong with another is not classy. Jane is a treeper. Insulting other treepers because they quite rightly object to what are derogatory comments on people’s appearance is not right. I support Jane. Praise of Melania is negated by corresponding shots at Michelle. And trying to chase treepers away is not nice either.

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              • xyzlatin; never apologize when you have a valid argument. At least that is the way I was fetched up back in the 20th century; I’m an old thyme politician.
                Stand on your own 2 big feet, speak your mind, have sound arguments and lay it down for those around your stump to listen to, if they care to.
                But I do believe you are attempting to make a really big mountain out of a very tiny red ant hill and this ole lady ain’t buying into your BS game.
                Bugger off.
                Big Jake did not post anything horrible or offensive; now go to bed and you will feel better in the morning.
                And if you and your good friend the Treeper Jane Harris don’t want to come here and read the comments from those who support our current President and our First Lady and this current Administration, because you are so offended by them, please, do yourself and everyone else who hangs out in this Liberty Tree a really big favor…..just move along until you find a place where you can hang out and be cool.

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              • Sam Houston says:

                Michelle is on the “destroy America while we make ourselves gloriously rich” team, so whether someone wants to poke fun of her style, voice, opinions, or choice in WH curtains I personally don’t give a damn. I would highly suggest never visiting T/D on reddit if a belt comment is considered offensive.

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              • jmbuck says:

                I have no problem with the criticism of Former first lady’s clothing choices. She made those choices and it says something about her. That is fair game. However, I find the comments about her supposedly manly look cringing, but everyone should have their opinion. They should remember that their opinion is also a reflection of the opinion maker.


                • mimbler says:

                  Yes, I think criticizing Michelle’s fashion is fair game because the media kept pushing in our face how glamorous she was. Totally fair to push back against that obvious and repeated lie.


            • Jeez…some man/women she can’t stand comments about the Wookie and the belts she wore…YOWZA’!!!

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          • Southern Son says:

            I think he was criticizing her Fashion Sense.
            Until I clicked that vid Jake linked, I had never heard of a Boob Belt.
            Mooch was tryin’ real hard, to make it a Fashion Statement.
            It Must only be very “Unnoticeable” people wearin’ em.
            I had not even noticed Mooch donning them.
            But had I seen it, while You were present, I wouldn’t have called it a Boob Belt.
            I would have said it looked Stupid. Not Ugly.
            Because I didn’t know about Boob Belts.

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            • Bill in Lexington,NC says:

              It’s the old “empire waist” / “babydoll” look. Looked okay on Jackie Kennedy … not so good on Michelle Obama. She made a big deal of helping some Black designers get a boost … but she would have been better advised to make a quiet deal of helping some GOOD designers get a boost.

              It is the job of a designer to make garments that complement the body of the wearer. Her designers regularly failed to do that.

              So, while she could not change her height, her choice of attire WAS a reflection of her thinking and WAS well within her control.


          • Seek a safe space. While you’re there, Google what the late, great Joan Rivers had to say about Michelle Obama.

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          • Geoffrey limes says:

            Her looks reflect her politics & opinions, all three are equally repulsive, to be perfectly blunt.

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        • joninmd22 says:

          It does distract people’s attention from the bulge in her crotch


        • Jett Black says:

          Normally, I would agree that a person’s appearance should be of little or no importance in any discussion of their merit. However, Moochelle <0 routinely evidenced her underlying attitudes and opinions through her clothing and expressions. She regularly wore festive, bright colors to what should have been solemn occasions, especially when it involved the deaths of USA military. I continue to believe that she and <0bunghole could not contain their glee whenever they could hurt the USA, including the murder of patriots through suicidal ROE, completely idiotic "strategy" decisions, funding and supplying enemies, and through intentional neglect/omission (e.g., Benghazi, VA debacles). With respect to Mooch and the boob belt meme, particularly, that shows her "let them eat cake" but only the sugar-free, wood fiber enriched, surplus commodities "cake" she says the rest of us can have, while she gets so fat on unlimited fine foods at taxpayer expense that she has to wear special clothes designed to hide her waist and hips. I don't begrudge anyone the right to wear what makes them feel and look as attractive and/or comfortable as they want, so long as it's at their own expense and isn't effectively a big "dig" at their "subjects." Mooch consistently violated all those basic rules of civility. Her outward appearance said a lot about her inner person–ugly, inappropriate, covetous, greedy, wasteful, rude, self-aggrandizing, imperious, and fundamentally kinda stupid.

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      • libraryg says:

        Big girl crushin’ on Melania, from a totally straight lady 🙂


      • kbb says:

        yes, truly elegant and classy. Sgt. Barrietos is very lucky to have the timing such that he received his well-deserved Purple Heart from President Donald J. Trump.


    • Yippeekiyay says:

      Melania is such a great example to our young people. She has been a gracious hostess to all those who have visited the White House and at the many events she has attended. I’m so proud of her.

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      • Bill in Lexington,NC says:

        The contrast between her and Michele was nowhere more obvious than Michelle’s sour looks when Melania gave her a going – away present.


    • dalethorn says:

      He goes there not to posture or get the photo-op, he goes because he loves people, especially ordinary people. Anyone can learn about this man, but many refuse to open their eyes. The Bible talks about people being blinded by one thing or another, when all they need do is turn to God to have their eyes opened. What a beautiful thing to open one’s eyes and see this.

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    • This note won’t get as near to the top as was suggested, but a great Treeper, andi lee, provided an address in case anyone wants to send a thank you card to the sergeant:

      Sergeant 1st Class Alvaro Barrietos
      c/o: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
      8901 Rockville Pike
      Bethesda MD 20889

      This is a great idea!


  2. sundance says:

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    • margarite1 says:

      Thank you! I love our POTUS – he is the real deal and in a way a contradiction. A billionaire with a heart who put himself out there to save our great country for the ordinary citizens. When in history have we seen this? Not many times. I think his heart is descended from our great founding fathers.

      Besides…we have a supermodel for first lady! And she seems really nice. So much winning!

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    • The Purple Heart is our only medal featuring George Washington, BTW.

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  3. This is so awesome to see! A real President that loves our brave service men and women and WANTS to be a part of their lives.

    Sad that SICK libtards are posting mocking comments on Mark Knoller’s twitter page regarding this.

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  4. fleporeblog says:

    Wow! I can’t stop crying. You could see how touched our President was in the moment. He gave the wife a kiss twice and Melania once. He put his hands on the soldier’s shoulders saying in the gesture that We all love him for the sacrifices he has made and that he (our Lion) will never ever forget it.

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  5. freddiel says:

    The military should have no doubt that the Commander in Chief stands beside them. I have heard many young people talking about joining the military in the past few months. This is something many were reluctant to do under the former president.

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  6. noritadek says:

    Our President make me all tender inside with everything (well almost everything) he does.

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  7. NJF says:

    Beautiful in every way.

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  8. FofBW says:

    Deeper Fi Mr President Trump!

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  9. Weeper says:

    Warms my heart! Thank you, and thanks to ALL who come here who have served, or are serving!
    Your sacrifices are much appreciated.
    God Bless!

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  10. Donna in Oregon says:

    Loved this post. Always feel so happy when good is recognized. These heroes are our very best! I am so happy that President Trump is working hard to protect our service members and veterans. It is a relief. What an honor and a blessing to have these people protecting us.

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  11. Larry Bucar says:

    Thank you for your service Army Sgt. 1st Class Alvaro Barrietos, may God bless you, may you find this web site and find it an encouragement.

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  12. Sam says:

    Now this is how a Commander in Chief should act. Such a change from the last 8 years. W. always went to see them too.

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  13. Pam says:

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  14. CharterOakie says:


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  15. Weeper says:

    Look at the picture at the very top of the post. POTUS bending down and look who’s over his right shoulder, with his arms crossed looking all smug. I know this wasn’t “staged”, but with the Lion you never know. Is he trying to send a message? Gotta wonder 😉

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  16. This has been an incredible presidency so far.

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  17. indiana08 says:

    Awe, so nice of the President and First Lady (who looks stunning btw) to do this. Such a breath of fresh air from the two narcissist who previously occupied the White House.

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  18. joanfoster says:

    The recipient doesn’t look too happy in these photos. Perhaps the photo opt wasn’t to his liking. I don’t remember Bush making these recipients public – not that I care what Bush did, but the expression on the recipient’s face is puzzling. He doesn’t look that happy. I wonder why? And please don’t do the predictable – I am not a troll. Just surprised that the recipient seemed so somber and non interactive with President Trump.


    • graciegram says:

      Could be because he’s in the hospital, still recovering from a life changing, traumatic injury.

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    • He lost his leg on March 17, that’s about 6 weeks ago…how would you feel?

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    • OnlyInAmerica says:

      Take a hike.


      • Minnie says:

        The “recipient” has a name – Sgt. Alvaro Barrietos – remember it.

        He sacrificed life and limb (literally) for your freedom and safety.

        God bless you Sgt. ❤️

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      • joan is an honorable treeper. She explained her question.


      • joanfoster says:

        Really, big boy? Is that the best you’ve got. My comment was made not out of a lack of respect for this soldier, but that perhaps he was not happy being the subject of a Presidential photo opt. Most Presidents in the past have presented these honors at the bedside of the recipient and in private – no news people nor cameras. Some of you people need to get a grip.

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    • Fe says:

      It’s a somber occasion Joan, not a rally.

      He could be in pain, pain doesn’t make me want to smile. I suffer from nerve damage and I have days where I’m in so much pain, people don’t ask me why I’m not smiling, they know why, because my normal self is upbeat, happy.


      • My life-time-old-age-experience-guess is: He’s a bit stressed out;a bit self conscious; a bit uncomfortable; a bit amazed; honored; humbled; scared; confused; a lot of different emotions going on here.
        Let’s not get wrapped up into missing the trees through the forest.
        My gut tells me ‘it is all good’ and just ‘let it be’ for now.

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    • andi lee says:

      Thirty-five days ago, a coalition afghan-troop member turned a gun on our troops in Helmand province, Afghanistan, wounding three, just 35 days ago.

      I imagine, SFC Barrietos is in a whirlwind of emotional, physical, mental stress, under pain management, focusing hard on regaining control of his body, mind and life.

      35 days ago, everything was fine, Joan. 35 days ago, SFC Barrietos was probably smiling and laughing at some point in the day, and not dreaming of being face to face with the President of the United States.

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    • joan, I would suspect that the soldier may have backed off his pain meds a little, so he could be properly aware of his surroundings. He actually looks more like he is in discomfort, rather than being unhappy.

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    • Maybe because of what he did and being wounded for his actions is probably the first time that anyone has heard of what this brave man did. The unsung heroes of the military don’t sing their praises nor need to.


    • chbailey says:

      The soldier is smiling and his eyes are soft and his wife is adorable and she is smiling.


  19. The Devilbat says:

    Wow, a real president instead of a communist usurper, wow!!!

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  20. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Congratulations to Army Sgt. 1st Class Alvaro Barrietos and to his wife. Kudos to President Trump and the First Lady for bestowing the honors in person.

    “The medal is the oldest, continuous military award, dating back on 1917.”
    My father received a Purple Heart for his service in WWII during the Battle of the Bulge. He was severely wounded by a German soldier. Went back to the front lines a few weeks later.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I have my grandfather’s Purple Heart for service in WWI. It is truly a beautiful medal.

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    • My Dad, a US Marine, got his Purple Heart and a Bronze Star fighting in the Pacific. And, yes, he went back at least once. That Purple Heart bullet was close – any closer and he would have come home in a casket. My Mother and I never stopped praying prayers of gratitude for his return to us. He lived to be 81.


  21. Joyful Noise says:

    Sergeant First Class Alvaro Barrientos just lost his leg last month on March 17th. He must be going through so much. Prayers for him and his family.

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  22. myopiafree says:

    Do you think that CNN and MSNBC will report this news? Or do you believe that they hate Trump so much – that the never will say anything good about President Trump!

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    • MaineCoon says:

      These people are filled with so much hate they can’t even report the news o/b/o Army Sgt. 1st Class Alvaro Barrietos and to his wife. When a heart is filled with hate one has to accept the reality that is lacks love and the knowledge of God, which equates to being filled with evil.

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  23. yakmaster2 says:

    Thank you, Mr. President and First Lady, for personally making sure this brave veteran knows his country is grateful! 💗

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  24. MaFreeman says:

    Re 1st photo … showed Pa. He said, “Why does he look so mad?” My answer, Because he’s a LION; one of his “cubs” was wounded; he wants to protect all his “cubs”.

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  25. catmom says:

    Weird, but there is hardly a day that goes by without me choking up over something President Trump does to heal this country. He is truly a great man. We are blessed.

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  26. OnlyInAmerica says:

    Thank you Prez. Trump for recognizing the Barrietos family for their heroic sacrifices to our country. That was simply beautiful!

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  27. Barbara Willams says:

    President Trump sincerely loves our military. So glad he is filling the void left by last POTUS A good commander in chief must have a heart for those who serve. We all benefit from this relationship. Much respect.

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  28. Just Curious says:

    Thank you, Sergeant Alvarez, for your sacrifice to defend our country. You are brave enough to lose parts of your body in your defense of us. It is so right that our president would recognize your sacrifice with a Purple Heart Medal. Some past presidents would not care less or recognize your sacrifice. We really owe Sergeant Alvarez a great deal of gratitude and we are glad that our President and his first lady pay the Sergeant and his family a personal visit to at least show you our appreciation.

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  29. Owlen Rose says:

    And here’s NBC weighing in because Trump said congratulations. This is how thin the opposition has become having to resort to the most petulant observations.

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  30. Big Jake says:

    It is so refreshing to have a man’s man–and grownup–for President.

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  31. Southern Son says:

    President Trump, has Long Deserved a Big ‘Ol RED Heart from America!
    I can’t think of a Dang thing, that I could personally Give, to President Trump, that would come close to Showing Him, the Gratitude He Deserves.
    For Risking his Mental Peace of Mind, His Liberty, and the Guaranteed Life that he worked his Whole Adult life for.
    He Didn’t have to do this.
    He was Anything, but Recruited.
    He did this Only, because It was the Right Thing, to do.
    As Lifetime Achievement Awards are handed out like Birthday Cake.
    And Nobel, stands for AllBull.
    A Peace Prize is given, +1 million dollars, for Being a Communist, and getting elected Resident. No more than that.
    The Lion!, is Demonstrating what a Real Leader is!
    He doesn’t Want recognition for himself.
    He is Always giving credit to Others.
    I would like him to know, how much my Red Heart, Loves his Heart of Gold!

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  32. garysut says:

    Minor correction: I believe the name is Barrientos….


  33. LONER says:

    Brought tears to my eyes. MAGA!!!
    Just one teeny tiny quibble. The cameo on the medal is of George Washington——because he awarded the first Purple Heart medals to his wounded veterans—a couple, two three centuries prior to 1917 🙂


  34. David says:

    This is your Israeli friend. Since I share Israeli aspects to American Issues I attached here two videos about the brotherhood Israel and American millitary. I don’t know if you realize it’s depth and I have many more videos but I think those two will be interesting.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Thank you David. I know a little bit about our Strykers, but not a lot. I would hope they would have this type of metal/alloy or whatever you call it in our Strykers and the rest of what we have on wheels.

      I do know if one of the tires are blown, they have another smaller one inside that can go fifty miles, which is what the planners/developers thought would be enough to get off the field and to safety.

      One other small tid-bit, the Soldiers traveling in these Strykers all have to be in the same weight and height class, otherwise, there would be even less room with all of their gear. They are also uncomfortable as all get. However, they do keep you safer than some of the other modes of transportation in the battle field.

      Thank you for sharing these clips with the IDF. It’s good to see our military boys working together.

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  35. andi lee says:

    Sgt.1st Class Alvaro Barrietos, and Mrs. Barrietos, thank you, for your service and sacrifice in serving our country. May God continue to bless you both, mightily, Sir!

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  36. andi lee says:

    To send a, “Thank You” card:

    Sergeant 1st Class Alvaro Barrientos

    In C/O:
    Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, 8901 Rockville Pike Bethesda MD 20889

    Throw in a gift card, or two!

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  37. Pam says:

    Here is the AP video.


  38. remuda2016 says:

    It’s called the “Trump Touch”…that little ‘extra’ on the ‘cake’…


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