More Than 20 Killed During Venezuela Protests for Political Reform and Freedom…

There is a massive psy-ops and social media propaganda campaign currently being pushed by the Venezuelan government in order to cover for their violent responses toward the average citizen in the country.  Liberal/Hollywood media are lax in covering the crisis because Venezuela represents a failure of their previously heralded socialist state.

What is continuing to happen in Venezuela is heartbreaking. Today Venezuela’s opposition march in silence honor a dozen people killed during protests demanding that the government of President Nicolas Maduro hold delayed elections and address a growing economic crisis. Watch:


Twelve people have been killed in a renewed wave of demonstrations this month in incidents primarily involving security forces or armed civilians. Another eight were electrocuted in a looting incident that took place following a protest as people search for food.


(Via Reuters) Saturday’s protest was to be a silent one out of respect for those who died.

“(The demonstration) today shall be a thundering and historic silence that beats on the conscience of the oppressor,” wrote opposition legislator Miguel Pizarro via Twitter.

Marches are planned for cities around the country and in the capital Caracas, where the opposition will gather in 20 different places and march to the headquarters of the country’s Catholic archdiocese.

Anger over the OPEC nation’s triple-digit inflation and Soviet-style product shortages boiled over after the government-leaning Supreme Court last month briefly assumed the powers of Congress, triggering accusations that Maduro was building a dictatorship.

The court walked back the measure after international condemnation, but Maduro’s government further fueled the protests by barring the opposition’s most popular politician, Henrique Capriles, from holding office for 15 years.

The opposition says the elections council should call elections for governors that were supposed to be held last year, and accuse the council of indefinitely delaying them because the Ruling Socialist party would likely lose in many states.

The next presidential elections are scheduled for late 2018.

Demonstrations have generally started with daytime marches that are broken up by National Guard troops. They usually devolve from there into confused melees between troops and hooded protesters that stretch well into the evening.

The last week has seen an increase in late-night looting in working class areas. Unrest that began late on Thursday night in the Caracas neighborhood of El Valle left eleven people dead from either electrocution or gunfire.

The OPEC nation’s economy has been in free-fall since the collapse of oil prices in 2014. Once a generous oil-financed welfare state, Venezuelan consumers now struggle to obtain basic food and medicine. (link)

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115 Responses to More Than 20 Killed During Venezuela Protests for Political Reform and Freedom…

  1. FofBW says:

    This is ALL over the MSM! (Sarc!!)

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  2. sundance says:

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    • FofBW says:

      IMO and my instincts tell me it is gonna blow! So very sad.

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      • seabrznsun says:

        They voted for socialism. Doesn’t history teach people anything anymore? Have they forgotten to listen to those who said it’s the 1st step in surrendering?
        We pulled it off and took a right in the election; otherwise our grandchildren would be in this shape soon enough.
        Than you Donald Trump for doing what needed to be done for America to be safe a while longer.

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        • singingsoul says:

          seabrznsun says: “They voted for socialism. ”
          The people did ad this are the consequences. Where is the church in this and the Pope…?
          Just think how many voted for Hillary and how easy she could have taken us that route..?
          Obama paved the way and our so called Congress fed the clown with money and his ego.
          UN should do something about this.
          Look at all the communists in this country many came from the USSR their parents fled communism and the kids embrace it. I know to many from communist countries where first generation wants their dream ideology.
          Pray for these people and hopefully they learn from their stupidity.

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        • Sharon says:

          Yes – they voted for it – it occurred to me as I was reading through that the Germans also elected Adolph Hitler.

          Ignorance is a serious enemy when it comes to elections and much of our national electorate probably can’t find Germany on a map. But boy, they can vote, and they are the uniparty’s voting base.

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          • cjzak says:

            Maybe they didn’t vote for it. Maybe the communist leadership rigged the vote. Very possible but this has been bubbling for a long time and it is finally at it’s explosion point. Too bad the people of Venezuela didn’t realize before it was too late what their government was becoming especially under Chavez.

            What a heartbreaking thing to watch and no help in sight it seems. The people will either be broken down completely or they will revolt enmasse. Maybe then the world will step in.

            Thank goodness we have patriots in our country who still believe in American freedom. We elected the one candidate who could stop the brewing socialism of the democrats and globalist. Interesting that our own socialist media refuses to report the severity of what’s happening in Venezuela. They are the biggest evil we face because they control what information the general public is privy to. Luckily in America many people can look to internet sources to find out what’s happening that the media won’t report on.


            • xyzlatin says:

              By “The World” basically means by the USA. Yet people voted for Pres Trump because he said he would not change regimes and would try to keep the US out of other nations problems. You can’t have it both ways.


      • Maybe Kevin Spacey and Sean Penn can go talk to Maduro (sarc)

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      • trialbytruth says:

        Two quick comparisons
        China Tianemin Sq. protesters faced off with military over politics. The military and police were not impacted by the politics Shut down with violence and a blackout. NO REVOLUTION

        Soviet Union protestors faced off with tanks because of shared economic bread and butter issues. Military turns around. REVOLUTION

        The Mothers and Fathers, Brother and Sisters of the police cant get food either. There is an interesting video out there in the video A protester greets a friendly cop on the street and continues to walk on. In another scene the classic scene of protestors trying to convince national guardsmen behind there riot shields the righteousness of the movement. The police did not respond with billy clubs.

        The scenes were direct parallels to what i saw before the wall came down

        ill try my first embed

        if that didn’t work here’s the link

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    • Watcher says:

      Cuba 2.0.


  3. Neural says:

    Difference between protests here and protests in Venezuela: The people in Venezuela are looting things that are actually crucial to survival.

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  4. Peter says:

    They will never come for MY guns. Never.

    Every Bernie voter should watch this – it illustrates what happens when you end in the “progressives” cal-de-sac.

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  5. Jane in Florida says:

    Venezuela food shortages cause some to hunt dogs, cats, pigeons and flamingos to
    MARACAIBO, Venezuela

    Biology student Luis Sibira stumbled across the first set of gory remains last November: eight pink flamingos, their breasts and torsos sliced out, leaving their heads, spindly legs and vivid feathers scattered across the marshy ground at Las Peonias Lagoon in western Venezuela.

    Read more here:

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  6. Sean Supsky says:

    This is indeed so very sad.

    It is also sad that this is the kind of ruling the msm and globalist want here in America and everywhere else.

    The only solace I can have is knowing that God is watching.

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  7. I remember talking to someone from Venezuela back in the mid-2000s, when Chavez was just entering into office. He and his family were trying decide if they should try to immigrate to the U.S. or Spain in order to flee while they still could. It is sad to see his worst fears coming to realization.

    It is a hard thing that the people of Venezuela will have to face, but the population chose to go down this route, buying into the promises of social justice and redistribution of wealth. Now that they see where it has lead them, it is their responsibility to fight their way out of it. Every generation has to learn, either the easy way or the hard way, that promises of free goodies eventually end up as misery and oppression.

    Let this be a warning to us to teach our young people, so they will not have to learn the hard way.

    I am once again SO grateful that H. Clinton is NOT our President.

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    • FofBW says:

      Sadly, the liberals have short memories and the temptation of “free stuff” is too great to resist for them.

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      • You are so right FofBW.

        Memories are short and lessons must be taught continually.

        Hopefully Venezuela is a very good lesson for all.

        Let us keep Venezuela in the news in the right way.

        Let’s teach the lesson of failure of socialism.

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      • singingsoul says:

        FofBW says: “Sadly, the liberals have short memories and the temptation of “free stuff” is too great to resist for them.”
        I think it all is fueled by envy and to covet other peoples goods. Why are people not content what they have and stop looking at others that brings so much misery. Look how P Trump is hated and how they would love to diminish all he has worked for.?

        That reminds me of a story I was told ” a man decided to live in the desert to become a monk and lead the simple life. Father Abba counsels this new monk and said paraphrased ” never look back to the city and what you left and what your friends have and you will come closer to God but if you covet your friends riches you will be miserable for the rest of your life.”
        The new monk did not listen and said to himself “how well my friends eat anyhow well they live and here I am poor and barely exist. He was miserable and never came closer to God.”
        Communism is like that wanting the others wealth without working for it. Just my take that a content people do not seek Communism they seek a closer relationship with God.

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        • MaineCoon says:

          “Communism is like that wanting the others wealth without working for it.” Bernie Sanders believes this, particularly when Cankles/DNC gave him $600K to buy a lake house quietly and go away. Worked for him.

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    • missmarple2 says:

      My sister’s best friend is from Venezuela. The father was a doctor. He brought his whole family here after Chavez got power. For a few years they went back and forth, visiting friends in Caracas, until it got too dangerous. They are all American citizens now.

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    • Lets be very cautious regarding criticism toward Venezuela and her citizens.
      Actually, we should be very humble, remember how our nation was founded?
      Christian men that fled their native homes because of religious persecution gathered here at great risk.
      They risked everything to establish this new nation and we all so know the founding Fathers prayed for hours petitioning God to bless their generation and those that would come after them.
      And God honored those prayers, sadly we don’t teach that in school any more.
      My point is our abundant blessings is hardly a result of out superior intellect, it’s based primarily on mercy.
      We have only to look back on the last eight years as a sobering reminder.

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      • Our abundant blessings are based on self-interest and rule of law, the only motivations that actually work to create prosperity without having to steal from anyone.


        • Self interest and rule of law can be found in many countries. However the abundant blessings that we enjoy doesn’t transfer to other nations as it has for ours. The more we deny God’s blessings & mercy the more chaos we will experience. The greatest peril to our country is denying God’s laws not mans.


  8. trialbytruth says:

    Thank you Sundance e I am sharing on my socials the news blackout has been so bad that I am having to spoon feed this a little at a time with links to more. So far no one has taken the bait the optics on the March might change that
    Thanks again for what you do

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  9. James W Crawford says:

    Give the communists a little more time and they will kill 20 million Venezuelans.

    The humanitarian in me would support President Trump doing some regime change.

    The neoisolationist in me thinks that it would be better to just pop some popcorn and hope that the carnage might be educational to the useless idiots who voted for Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      James don’t forget our President said it best the other day that America is in to many roles. He wants to eradicate ISIS and get our men and women out of the ME to work on MAGA back home.

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      • James W Crawford says:


        However; one can reasonably argue that Venezula which is on the Carribean is within the United States’ natural sphere of influence. It is in America’s interests to have stable countries bordering our Gulf Coast states.. The refuggees fleeing Venezula will be one of many problems directly affecting the US. H

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  10. Orygun says:

    Our response to the failure of socialist third world countries in our own backyard has to be the convenience of cheap labor. This all fits neatly together with the no borders and no help for people in our own region. An endless pool of cheap labor and all you have to do is sit back and bring on some failed socialist policies.

    A lot of these failed countries in the beginning of the 20th century were on a par with us. Our government has been working against our better interests for a long time. I am sure President Trump knows all this but whether he can do anything about it is the question. This all takes time and I don’t know if have enough time in my biological clock to see this to the end.

    My heart goes out to those people. We nation build in countries that hate us and give no help to people who need it. Politics driven by greed is an ugly thing.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      Interesting take on a repetitive laissez faire policy regarding South and Central America.
      I have no interest in military intervention. There are many ways to improve the lives of the citizens that have responsible governments. Encourage trade with them and avoid using them as geo political pawns. Just a simple look what you can become. First trick is to find a responsible government in the cesspool Perhaps Venezuela could be the first. VIVA La Revolution


    • nimrodman says:

      “… the convenience of cheap labor”

      Yeah, but cheap labor does us no good if the costs of welfare, food stamps, schooling, etc for the immigrants outweigh the productivity benefit of the “cheap labor”.

      Importation of cheap labor is a “net negative” for the U.S. taxpayer.

      Analysis of the “amnesty” situation for illegal aliens has shown that each low-skilled immigrant will eventually cost the US Taxpayer some $600,000 over their lifetime, on average, because they will consume far more in government benefits than they will contribute through taxes.

      Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer – Heritage Foundation

      There’s a saying:
      “Open borders. Welfare state. Choose one.”

      But you’re correct in your first sentence, that “our” [government’s] reaction is likely predicated by the misconception that cheap immigrant labor is to America’s benefit.

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  11. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Posobiec makes the connection between Antifa and Chavista.

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  12. got243kids says:

    Sure bet Maduro is shaking in his loafers. Peaceful, civil and massive. God speed to the Venezuelans.

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  13. patrickhenrycensored says:

    The only time that an actual equal distribution occurs is when everyone has,….. nothing.

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  14. killdozer says:

    That was us if Hillary had won ,that was the plan

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  15. 2x4x8 says:

    Trump needs to get creative here, I suggest he immediately appoint Leonardo Di Caprio as Special Ambassador on Climate Change to Venezuela, send Bradgelena on good will tours, have Al Gore’s new movie open at Caracas’ Film Festival

    the Devine Comedy Hour just keeps rolling along

    Climate Change Fuels Terrorism Recruitment:

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  16. Joe says:

    But DACA is a position of the heart.

    The hell it is!

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  17. Donna in Oregon says:

    Some sympathy, but not very much. Venezuela let Islamists and Iranian terrorist networks into their country after 9/11. These people are not USA friendly.

    Oil prices have gone up, so why the same problems? Let them figure it out for themselves. Tired of being the world’s bandaid.

    Venezuela needs to learn from their own mistakes and change……or continue on….either way, it’s not our problem. Venezuela must change itself. Build the wall, no refugees.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Oil prices have gone up a little bit from their lows…but they have stayed in the $50/br range.

      Venezuela needs the oil price up around $100/br to be able to pay for all their entitlement programs.

      Their price controls on food are why the grocery shelves are bare.
      Food producers cannot offer their products at the prices that the govt has mandated.

      Both China and Russia want the oil in Venezuela.
      They have been elbowing each other for positions there…and loaning money to Maduro, to be paid back with oil sales.

      So the govt there is basically working for China and Russia.
      It’s a mess.

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  18. Not feeling a bit sorry for Venezuelans. They voted for socialism time and time again, let them feel the BERN of socialism. If given the choice, they’ll vote for another socialist, guaranteed. It’s the way it is with third worlders. They come here to “escape” the results of socialism, only to vote for it here. Even our own countrymen are escaping the liberal U.S. cities they voted to create, running to conservative areas for the jobs, safety, cleanliness, low taxes, only to vote in the socialism they left behind. There is no cure for them…they never see the consequences of their actions…mostly because they believe they should feel no consequences to their idiotic behavior.

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    • kallibella says:

      I was born in Venezuela and I cherish the memories of my childhood in Venezuela. But I thank the Lord for allowing me and my entire family to come to the US (legally) and become 100% assimilated American citizens. We came way back in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. Well before all this chaos could ever be foreseen, though the writing was on the wall.

      We still have distant relatives in Caracas and other major cities, and we know that they are enduring horrible circumstances though they (most of them) didn’t vote for Chavez or Maduro. Though some of my relatives from my mother’s side tend to be more socialistic, my dad’s side is decidedly capitalistic. Some of them had become successful business owners and seized every opportunity whenever they could.

      My mom’s side of the family tends to have an entitlement mentality and expect government to do for them what they could do for themselves, especially since they are physically able to provide more financial stability for themselves and their dependents.

      While my dad was still with us, his strong work ethics, results-oriented mentality of an engineer continually influenced all of his children to always apply oneself and succeed in whatever we chose to do/become. He didn’t accept excuses for under performance. Some relatives thought he was too strict, but he knew what he was doing and what he expected from his children.

      Without any intention to brag, I offer his results as a tribute to his wisdom and love in steering his children to own up to our actions and face our consequences. Of his six children all have college degrees. Four of us have graduate level degrees; two of us are medical doctors with specialties that took one of them to be Harvard. The one doctor has a successful career and practices in association with one of the major medical centers in her area, and the other is Director of a hospital in Toledo, OH.

      Many families in Venezuela shared my dad’s visionary attitude, but sadly, they were not the majority nor are they today.

      One of the reasons why I think that Venezuelans don’t fully understand what freedom really means is 1) the founding of Venezuela, the ideals and role of government, and 2) their education system (much like ours in the US) turns out individuals bent toward socialism.

      Many of them consider the US as an imperialistic country, while they look towards Europe as what they would like Venezuela to become. They like their socialistic safety blankets courtesy of the government and would relinquish personal freedom for trinkets from the government. And they did when they surrendered their right to own and bear arms, and now we see them fighting against Maduro’s armed forces and militia, while the desperate people throw little rocks/stones and the thugs.

      I am not surprised things are what they are, and I hope they don’t have to resort to violence only to end up with another socialist/Marxist at the helm again.

      May this be a lesson to all of us. Socialism never works no matter if the country is a major oil producer, no matter if the population is 97% literate, no matter if there is foreign investment, no matter if the country has a young population…no matter what. Socialism never works!

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    • Jhm says:

      I agree with you 3000%. I am one who moved here to a “red state ” for those things. And hope for my daughter. However, I see so many here now, i don’t know what it is, they want the blue state way! It’s not just the implants, yes some of course, i had hoped it would be different. But I see it like a slow creeping ooze among both young and old, native and makes me sad. I started school in red state and moved to a blue state. I was so far ahead of anyone in my blue state I was put in the library to sit by myself and wander the freely and alone in second grade instead of class to let them catch up to me. My daughter started in a blue state in was left to pleasure read all day. We moved here, now she is ahead. She has learned how to learn. With Ap classes to start high school next year and a lack of disruptive issues in school. All the advanced students back in blue state still a half year behind us now. But I’m watching and listening to things trickling down. I thank God daily I only have four more years to get her in college which scares me too. And inside I want to scream to folks NO NO NO NO YOU DON’T WANT THAT TRUST ME WE LIVED IT SAY NO NO NO IT’S NOT GOOD KEEP IT HOW YOU HAVE IT!!!! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE IN FOR. I watch the crime increase. The sloppy zoning and crazed development happening all around. I wanted the honesty And closeness and security of the place I remembered. And it makes me sad. In three short years, the place I ran to is turning into the place I ran from. I don’t know that all those in Venezuela are or arent at fault. But, i do know what it is like to advocate and buck and always hit a wall. Now, i just stay quiet aside from an occasional incoherent, poorly punctuated post like this.

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  19. All American Snowflake says:

    “Marches are planned for cities around the country and in the capital Caracas, where the opposition will gather in 20 different places and march to the headquarters of the country’s Catholic archdiocese.”
    Why doesn’t Pope Francis intervene? These poor people are going hungry.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      IMHO, follow the money.
      Example money goes to church for Syrian refugees. Pope response, “the world should welcome refugees”.

      Someone pay the church for each bag of food and the response, “the world should offer food”.

      I missed buy ticket to heaven.😔

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    • trialbytruth says:

      You say Pope Francis and I say Pope Benedict
      You say Argentina and I say Venezuela
      Pope Francis, Pope Benedict
      Argentina, Venezuela
      Let’s call the whole thing off

      My apologies to Gershwin

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  20. wheatietoo says:

    People in Venezuela have been brainwashed to believe that “Capitalism is evil”…and that socialism is the only ‘fair’ system of govt.

    Sound familiar?

    The people there aren’t protesting against Socialism.
    They are just pissed off that all the ‘free stuff’ has stopped.

    The people think that the govt elite class has ‘stolen all the money’.
    While this is sort of true…the problem is that the govt is in control of everything, and is corrupt and has mismanaged their economy, which is what always happens under socialism.

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    • WSB says:

      Collapse of a pyramid Ponzi scheme.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      Thanks for the reality check. I will remain hopeful we do not turn away but embrace the opportunity for change


      • wheatietoo says:

        Good song.
        I used to love it.

        But it has been used a lot by the left to promote the ‘need’ for socialist problems.


        • trialbytruth says:

          Yeah and was probably it’s original intent. But they stole my Constitution so I’ll steal their music until they give it back. I often listen to Rage Against the Machines songs and am amazed at how well they see what is happening, but are totally blind to the source of there angst. For them it is all R and D and they bought what they have been told. A perfect example: “Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses”
          So they blissfully sing for the plantation owners. with no understanding of history.

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  21. In reality, the print/online media are covering this OK, even the lib outlets like NPR. National and international stories are prevalent everywhere.

    It’s the American TV creeps that are doing their best to ignore it.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Fox Business channel has been covering it…for the last year.
      Except for the liberal Liz Clayman.

      And to their credit, they always point out that it is the failure of socialism that has caused it.

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  22. Bone Fish says:

    Venezuelans are required to vote using Smartmatic voting machines, ensuring the people always majority vote against their self interests.

    Never forget: it is always the Uniparty versus you. Anything else is distraction.

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  23. Dan says:

    Putin supports current commie govt of Venezuela “strongly” in his own words. He sells them military equipment. And told us not to destabilize Venezuela

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    • trialbytruth says:

      In truth I don’t see a foreign hand in this it looks organic. I think Putin’s adventurism will end soon. He really doesn’t need a base here nor can Russian afford to support foreign entanglements I think Trump and Putin and Xi will establish there mutually accepted spheres of influence and responsibility and there will be a lot less conflict.


  24. distracted2 says:

    The biggest threat we face is not ISIS or North Korea or Russia. It is socialism. It is the silent killer. Little by little it chips away at a republic. It is so stealth, only a few recognize it. For most, that recognition comes when it is too late.

    This is the threat we face.

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  25. Bert Darrell says:

    The MSNBC Credo:
    Conveyed to leftist, gullible viewers 24/7.

    Rachel Maddow fulfills the credo every time her ugly mug shows up on the screen.


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