Day #6 – Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks in Indonesia…

Prior to departing Indonesia (Day #5/#6) to begin a visit in Australia (Day #6/#7), Vice-President Pence delivered remarks at ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, in Indonesia.

Vice-President Pence fostered a spirit of goodwill, cooperation and endeared the administration by mentioning “Kartini Day“.   Kartini Day is an Indonesian holiday commemorating the birth in 1879 of Raden Ajeng Kartini, one of the country’s national heroes and a pioneer in the emancipation of Indonesian women. Throughout Indonesia women wear their national dress to symbolize their unity, and the nation enjoys parades, lectures, and various school activities.

Further acknowledging the presence of female minister of foreign affairs Retno Marsudi, ex trade minister Mari Pangeatu, and businesswoman Shinta Kamdani. Warm, diplomatic subtleties not missed by the Indonesian people and President Joko Widodo.

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43 Responses to Day #6 – Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks in Indonesia…

  1. Ono says:

    Hoping he also left a few “wanted for treason” posters with Barry’s photo Attached!

    Reward…A place in history and his property in Hawaii

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    I absolutely love it! VP Mike Pence has been a great ambassador for the US throughout this trip. This is the one arena the Congress Uniparty can’t stop our President. This is where he will outlast all of them. What he will do internationally will be breathtaking and not just Americans but the world will thank him for it for years to come.

    It is truly amazing how much our President has done in such a short period of time. It is also amazing to watch his cabinet positions work so naturally with one another. Egos are checked at the door in order to MAGA.

    The respect that President al-Sisi has shown our President is breathtaking. Over 8 times between the meeting in the Oval Office and his interview with Bret Baier he called our President “Your Excellency”. There is no way in hell that President al-Sisi would have ever called Obozo that.

    I have no doubt he will be able to bring all of this together with peace between Israel and Palestine, China will get NK to denuclearize, ISIS will be destroyed across the world, all NATO countries will pay their 2% by the time the 12 month window closes. Syria will finally have stability. This will all get done in the first 4 years. The reason I believe this is because Congress can’t get in his way. He has incredible men and women in his administration that have control of these outcomes. Mike Pence is one of them!

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    • Ono says:

      Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims in the world.

      Pence is on a mission…

      love it,!!! soft spoken, not intimidating, but definitely letting the third world countries know that there is a new Sherriff in town!

      Kind of like the family structure where I was raised. Mom told us what was right and wrong, and if we crossed the line she delivered the punishment….if it got to Dad (who worked and paid the bills)…we were going to get a beating, One witnesses account of that scenario with an older sibling was all it took for me.

      Peace through deterrence!

      Imagine…Swirled Peas

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Ono I love your story because it was true in my house as well! Since I was the oldest I got it for my younger brothers if they blew it. I became the second father real fast.


  3. Pam says:

    I’ve been so amazed at all of the traveling that Pence has done this week. I don’t know that I could keep up with him. He’s doing an outstanding job.

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  4. So different from the last visit from Barry Hussein Davis Obama Soetero 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  5. FL_Guy says:

    It does not surprise me that VP Pence is doing an exceptional job as VP.

    It’s always been my policy, during Presidential elections to attend a campaign function to get a feel for the candidate. In 2016, President Trump provided more campaign rallies around the country than any candidate in my lifetime. What was exceptional is that VP Pence also maintained an incredible schedule of events. Thus, for the first time, I attended a VP campaign event as VP Pence visited my little burg.

    What I saw at that event was a smart and sincere man who was genuine in his desire to Make America Great Again. His entire presentation was how President Trump was going to help the USA. I have to admire the man because he got really crummy venues. Here, a vacant lot but it didn’t even phase him. Instead, he gave a great speech but hurried it up because he knew We the People had been out in the hot sun for hours. After he finished, he eagerly rushed to the no-go barrier and started shaking hands. I had the good fortune to shake his hand, which to me, tells a great deal about a person. Strong, firm and sincere handshake. He even put his other hand on my shoulder. To me, that suggests warmth and caring. He was proud to be there and to shake our hands.

    VP Pence is a great asset to President Trump and the USA. Where ever he goes in the world. the people he meets are getting to experience the BEST of the USA. MAGA

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  6. Monadnock says:

    It looks to me like President Trump has a very consequential role in mind for VP Pence. The walking, talking big stick trigger making the rounds across the pacific rim. Pay attention, friends/allies AND enemies – you need to hear and internalize what you are hearing. Change is in the wind, and it’s a-blowin’ a gale.

    I like this – may well be one of the few times in history where the Veep does more than attend funerals.

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  7. louche9 says:

    As an aside, looking at the pictures and reflecting on past perfotmance, could there be a more perfect political wife than Karen Pence? It’s almost impossible to find a picture where she isn’t striking just the right note in her stance and expression. She’s taken on this important solo tour with aplomb. I’m glad to see that she’s stepped up her sartorial game, as well. It’s got to be daunting being paired with Melania. IMO, Mrs Pence is doing an excellent job.

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    • ALEX says:

      Yes. It sure does come easy when it’s natural. The Pence family are just good people.

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    • Fe says:

      I noticed the same thing. Mrs. Pence is a jewel, a true help mate and terrific role model. The Pence’s are clearly having a ball. This is a perfect example of team work, the entire Trump team are locked and loaded.

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    • Oldschool says:

      Our first and second ladies are representing us with intelligence, grace, charm and poise. How blessed are we to have these classy ladies?

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    • annieoakley says:



    • whizzbang says:

      My opinion is that all 4 of these people, The President, his wife, VP Pence and his wife, love the United States Of America. It radiates out of the pores of their very being in every video and picture.

      We are truly blessed to have these people at the helm of the United States, Making America Great Again, so that we, The People finally have a voice.

      I say the above as an immigrant to the USA. I love the country that took me in. I love the country that provided me with opportunities, and I love the country that allowed me for the 1st time, to be proud to stand up and wave the flag. I wish I were younger because I would by the Grace of God, have enlisted to protect and defend our liberties.

      God Bless America, God Bless the People of America, and God Bless President Trump and all his staff as he sets forth to do battle, ON OUR BEHALF, with those who wish us ill.


  8. ALEX says:

    I don’t do the MSM,Drudge you name it sites since inauguration and spend that would be wasted time of click-bait actually listening to most of these usually brief speeches. That also includes the cabinet like Mattis,Kelly,Sessions you name it and Sundance is certainly giving an accurate view from my perspective.

    It’s all rather fascinating to see us play a true middleman role internationally and the Mattis, Tillerson interactions are much watch…Tremendous respect being established…

    Sure has a different feel from the apology tour and soon to follow Arab Spring..What a mess we loved through….Great times to watch,read good blogs and learn…

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  9. SPMI says:


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  10. Pam says:

    Pence is scheduled to do a joint press conference with the PM of Australia around 9:30pm ET tonight according to the White House youtube feed.


    • louche9 says:

      I wonder whether there will be protests in Australia. They have their share of Marxists and globalist stooges.


      • BG2 says:

        Large taxpayer funded media exists in Australia. The far left govt broadcaster, the ABC, (tv, net, broadcast radio) hates the US. Insulting President Trump is their daily fare.
        Australia has as much of a Uniparty political system as the US. It doesn’t matter who they vote for the ABC gets $1billion of taxpayer’s money to run its neo marxist agitprop year in year out.

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  11. Ackman420 says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and wonder what kind of drugs are required to undertake an 11 day, 4 nation diplomatic mission? I’m not hating on the guy. He’s doing important work. Just trying to imagine the body “upkeep” that this kind of thing entails. Go Pence! And keep kicking ass.


  12. KevinK says:

    Pence family visit mosque in Indonesia

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    • cats23 says:

      Sad to see the ladies bowing to islam. NOT a good move.
      Marine Le Pen goes to (forget the nation) and REFUSES to see the grand Muftah because she has to cover her hair.

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      • “Women cover their hair because Allaah has commanded them to do so, and it is not permissible for them to go against what He says and disobey His command. Allaah has only commanded them to do this because there is great wisdom in it. Part of that wisdom is that it protects a woman’s honour from the “human wolves” who are looking for easy prey to attack and devour, and a morsel cannot be eaten unless it is prepared and ready – which is what we see in those woman who make a display of themselves, who by their appearance are calling those wolves to come and take whatever they want!”

        “If a woman covers herself, then immoral and corrupt men will know that this is not part of their prey, thus Allaah will protect them and take care of them.”

        OK, so basically women are prey.

        Thanks libtards, import more of these 7th century throwbacks! Killary wanted to bring in more than 500,000 islamist “refugees” per year starting in 2017. What do you neverttrumpers think of our President Trump now?


  13. BG2 says:

    Love the compliance… do they.


  14. indonesia is an imperialistic corrupt Javanese hegemony. It funnels thousands of illegal immigrants to Australia whilst demanding – and getting – a billion dollars or more a year in handouts.

    Until conservative politicians (not the current communist in conservative clothing PM turnbull) put a stop to it, Indonesia was quietly invading Australia with waves of illegal immigrant islamics.

    They are the enemy. It’s great the USA is embracing them and in effect putting them under watchful eyes, but indonesia is the world’s biggest islamic nation and other than various flavors of prostitutes and stolen natural resources they don’t offer anyone anything.

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    • BG2 says:

      Indeed, most illegal border crossers (“refugees”…sic) who attempted entry to Australia in the past arrived in Indonesia by airline legally, before paying smugglers for boats to Australian territory.
      The Indonesians let any muslim enter Indonesia WITHOUT an externally obtained visa or return ticket. Clearly this was/is deliberate Indonesian harassment of Australia.


  15. Pam says:

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  16. Tegan says:

    I, too, have been impressed with Mrs. Pence’s presence on this trip…sends a very positive message in many respects. Like Barbara Bush, she seems very comfortable in her own style and personality and doesn’t try to compete with anyone. Michelle, unfortunately for her, never seemed to find out who she really was…the ever-changing hair, the bizarre wardrobe selections that were mainly very unfortunate, the protocol blunders, the scowls and overt jealous reactions, etc.
    VP Pence has taken a role in the WH administration that probably hadn’t been seen in decades and it’s very refreshing and positive. I am very pleased he and Mrs. Pence are being recognized and honored as VIP representatives of the Trump White House.

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  17. I used to be on the fence vis-à-vis the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. ISIS changed all that. I am now a solid Israel supporter.

    The Nov 2015 islamist attack on Paris was a turning point for me. The MSM suppressed that the islamists zip-tied a number of young men’s hands behind their backs and then pulled their pants down and then cut their privates off. As they rolled on the floor screaming in pain, the islamists shot them to shut them up. The islamists had hours before Paris police stopped them. So 118 dead means the islamists were walking around the Bataclan theater with blood up to their ankles.

    A death cult, that’s islam.

    Our President Trump will terminate ISIS with extreme prejudice.


  18. UKExpat says:

    Hopefully he met some of Ohomos old classmates who would have told him what a particularly DEVOUT Mosque going Muslim Barry Soetero was when he lived there.


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