Shakeup At Fox News – Bill O’Reilly Out, Broadcast Line-up Changes W/ Tucker Carlson Move to 8:00pm…

Rupert, Lachlan and James Murdoch have fired Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly who will not be returning to the network April 24th at the conclusion of his vacation.  Meh.

Fox News has announced the decision to move Tucker Carlson to the 8:00pm slot and shift their 5:00pm program “The Five” to the 9:00pm hour.   The centerpiece of the panel show, Eric Bolling, will remain at 5:00pm with his own hour long program.

Effective April 24th the line-up appears to look like this:

5:00pm – Eric Bolling
6:00pm – Brett Baier Special Reports
7:00pm – Martha MacCallum (temp 100 days)
8:00pm – Tucker Carlson
9:00pm – The Five
10:00pm – Sean Hannity

More than likely this line-up will not work long-term.

The Fox Show “The Five” is not ideologically aligned between Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. The Five show is fraught with inconsequential gnat banter and provides no substantive intellectual perspectives to warrant a prime-time following.

The 9:00pm hour will fail because gnat banter is shallow and solid prime-time political/consequential news requires newsworthy guests to discuss important topics and intellectual discussion.   Absent intelligent and stimulative guests, people tune out.  Roger Ailes knew this key and critical aspect of constructing political TV viewership.

No-one cares about the opinion of the “The Five” annoying gnats who collectively end up tuned out because their voices instinctively force the eardrum to protect itself and the broadcast ends up sounding like a round table of Charlie Brown’s teachers: “wauh, wauh, wauh”.  Additionally, everyone already knows the opinions and tastes of the cucumber and mayonnaise on wonder-bread punditry.

Wait,.. was that my outside voice?


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547 Responses to Shakeup At Fox News – Bill O’Reilly Out, Broadcast Line-up Changes W/ Tucker Carlson Move to 8:00pm…

  1. Howie says:

    We do not give a Hoot about him. Good Riddance.


  2. Roland Hitchens says:

    I just unsubscribed from the Fox News website, and I will not spend one penny with any of their current advertisers, or any of the corporastions that pulled their ads from the Orielly Factor. I hope Bill goes elsewhere and blows Fox out the water! Dumbest move EVER!

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      The GWP is reporting a Soros connection behind Fox’s decision to fire O’Reilly.

      Has AG Sessions recused himself from launching an investigation so indictments can be filed against Soros? Our President suggested the other day that someone should look into who is sponsoring the protests abt his tax returns. There is a deep root from which much of the evil, violent protests, false reporting, personnel injury and fascist silencing of free speech in America springs.


    • Marti says:

      Article yesterday that a Soros group was behind banning the sponsors together to “boycott” O’Reillly. They are systematically trying to take down the MVP’s in the conservative movement – though O wasn’t really that conservative, it was still a big “get” !


  3. Attorney says:

    Perino is absolutely unwatchable. I despise the woman.

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  4. Jerzy2GA says:

    She has little ones, i doubt she’ll do it unless for some extra compensation


  5. jackphatz says:

    You know Treepers™….now might be the time for Bannon to put one of his great talents to work by creating the framework for that much needed Right of Center news agency we so desperately need.
    You know the one!!

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    • RG says:

      I don’t know much about Bannon except that he was associated with Breitbart news. That said, I really like the idea of him becoming the educator for conservatives via a new network. Fox is history. No one but Hannity interests me any morel.

      That said, this again looks like a way to squeeze the “golden oldie” out and make way for new and younger blood. This happens all over America. Look around at your friends and relatives who have been written out of the picture.

      MY greatest hope is that TRUMP can restore “job security and benefit security” to the work place in America. Everything is so fragile and politics has invaded the work place to where both work and fun is now structured. One misstep and your out. The long gone “workplace retirement plan” is a weak line and gone for most. We need to stop the 401K thing from being our prime method of saving for retirement. It might work well if you make $200,000 per year but for most people they need to be in a pool of a few thousand people contributing to a retirement plan that grows exponentially. Said fund is then managed by professionals who “understand” finance and investing. The 401K is like a lone man in dangerous woods without a gun scenario.

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      • aguila2011 says:

        Hannity? If FOX can let O’Reilly go, then Hannity should have been shown the door first. What a doofuss!


        • I don’t necessarily think Hannity is a doofus, but I finally tired of both his and O’Reilley’s need to make every thing about themselves. And I really get tired of hearing about Hannity doing dishes when he was a kid. LOL. I had crappy jobs too, and even while they build character, they certainly don’t need to be brought out like his dirty laundry once a week.

          Long story short, I dumped O’Reilley about a year ago, and Hannity shortly after the election. I do like Tucker, especially when you can hear individual people talking. That’s a novel idea.


        • Marti says:

          Aguila: Hannity has terrific guests but his interviewing style sucks. Example: Monica Crowley is brilliant and forms her answers so well. She has several premises then comes to a conclusion – right at that moment Hannity steps on her lines, interrupts her, but now I notice she just talks right over him and finishes her presentation. That makes him vulnerable and if he doesn’t fix this obnoxious habit he will be finished.
          He needs to take a course in Interviewing 101.
          Tucker is good….try him again. He had Katie Hopkins on tonight – it was awesome !


  6. azcatsclaw says:

    The Five is the program that plays while preparing dinner, background noise.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Bringing back blowhard Bob Beckel guaranteed a plummet in The Five’s ratings. Perino is snippy, a true elitist Repub, doesn’t realize that nobody gives a flip abt her job in the Bush WH and her hope that somehow Jeb will still be president. Juan Williams is the token Obama apologist and reliable obstructionist. He has no good arguments, just dependable negative Trump bashing.

      One America News is positioned to be the one conservative cable network.

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  7. Gee, thanks for the nyt link! We all love that fishwraper, we rely on them and other msm to keep up on the “news” ……..
    You trolls need to step it up! None of the regulars are buying your crapolla.


  8. PBR Street Gang says:

    So with Bolling gone is it now ‘The Four’ or since it is now a 9pm, will they rename it ‘The Nine’ and hire 5 more gnats?


  9. Sentinel says:

    This may be a controversial opinion, but I’m glad that Bill is gone. I liked him in a weird way, but Conservatism needs new faces and a fresh brand, and Bill O’Reilly cannot draw a new crowd the way Tucker (and others) can.

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    • RG says:

      I realize that Tucker has become the new sweetheart of conservatives but there is something about him that doesn’t draw me in front of Fox every night. I think it resonates in his sneaky persona that lets you know he is holding the life line. Not my style of news commentary. As for Bill, he was a 50/50 kind of guy and yet, he gave one a sense of stability. Old people don’t like change.

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    • CB says:

      Tucker Carlson is a joke, constantly brings on Liberals who refuse to answer his one question, they talk over each other and the interview ends with nothing accomplished. His ratings were good because he followed the Factor, now he is toast, his first guest in the 8.00 hour is Caitlyn Jenner so they can talk about how great it is they he doesn’t have to tuck it in anymore, garbage. We want political people and analysts who can make sense of what is happening in the world, we can turn to a thousand different stations to watch this trash, the 60 advertisers who boycotted Bill can come back but the audience will be down to CNN levels

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  10. gary says:

    Lesson to be learned.
    If you are being sued by Leftists for anything, take them to court, don’t settle. And put them on the stand and go to town on them (with good lawyer). 🙂

    It seems like the “right” is so chicken-pooped that they resign/recuse/hold their head down/ courtesy to leftist terrorists.

    Bill should have fought and won those cases instead of settling. Trump talk him to fight in court and not settle.

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    • mimbler says:

      I’m not positive, but I think Fox was the one being sued, and settled. If I’m right that was a sneaky way to give credibility to the charges, encourage more people to make charges, and get rid of BOR,


  11. Kristin says:

    Fox Business is where it’s at. We don’t really watch regular Fox anymore, save for Hannity. If Hannity and Lou Dobbs ever leave it’s so over…

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    • elize says:

      Completely agree. I’m not a big fan of Kennedy but I usually switched over to Bill after Lou. While I realize many didn’t care for him, I guess I’m just old and used to him. So I still watched him and just muted it when he had guests on that I didn’t care for. Unfortunately at this point there are so few worthwhile guests left.

      I honestly can’t imagine that all the BOR viewers are numbly going to accept and watch a new line up because of some undying devotion to Fox News. Silly, silly liberal young sons of Murdoch…their legacy, forcing conservatives to leave Fox in droves.

      At least we already have some established alternatives, ty Sundance.


      • Marti says:

        Elize: The Murdoch boys are shifting the programming to what “they” like not what the FoxNews audience prefers….making the ambience perfect for another “news” channel tailored for real conservatives. OANN and Newsmax are pretty good or maybe a new one (??!!)
        Liberals always make the same mistake: they think they operate in a monopoly and their customers have no alternate choices. Watch Facebook and Twitter destroy themselves by making this same mistake.
        FoxBiz definitely better.


        • elize says:

          I agree that FBN is better, it’s what I watch during the day. I’ve supplemented my news with OANN for quite a while. Now that Bill is no longer on I can just flip to OANN after Lou is finished and have less channel swapping. 🙂 I’ve not viewed Newsmax so I can’t give an opinion on it. I’d love to see a strong conservative news channel experience great success.

          I only utilize fb so my daughter can keep a steady flow of pics of my grandson coming my way via her cell phone. After decades in IT and with 2 of my 3 degrees in IT I prefer sitting in front of a computer. I have no clue how she or all the millions of folks that utilize cell phones to view and post online do it. It would drive me nuts looking at that little screen all day! :O

          I have a Gab account but until Trump, Bluto and Sundance start using it I’ll unfortunately have to continue following them on twitter.


    • starshollow88 says:

      Trish, Maria and Varney also lean Trump a lot of the time.

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  12. Leslie Ingersoll says:

    Next up….O’Reilly book…..killing Fox News…….

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  13. yy4u says:

    My two cents

    The P**** Hats are the new Molotov cocktail of the Radical Left.

    When they can’t take out a political opponent by cheating, fraud, beating up the opponents, fake news, rioting, etc, they send in the P**** Hat Brigade to claim “sexual harassment”. They did it to Cain, Ailes and now O’Reilly. Probably a lot more I don’t know about.

    In the old days we called this a guy “making a pass” and we handled it.

    Hollywood incenses over O’Reilly supports Roman Polanski, a child rapist, and Bill Clinton who raped Juanita Broadderick, exposed himself to Paula Jones, groped Kathleen Willey and called Gennifer Flowers a liar on national TV. His harridan of a wife assisted him in destroying all of those women.

    We no longer watch Fox Noise but have turned to Fox Business instead.

    I’d love to see Roger Ailes start a competing TV station bringing O’Reilly, Greta, Andrea, maybe Hannity (though his constant interrupting of guests makes him nearly unwatchable), and MOST OF ALL Sharyl Atkisson.

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  14. shadowcole says:

    Honestly, could care less about O’Reilly. He was just a qualifier, always qualifying statements about people with “he’s a really nice guy but” “she’s a great blah blah blah but” I hated that, never watched. too much of a pussy for me. In fact, I don’t watch fox anymore at all. I quit a couple of years ago, used to watch the five but only liked Kimberly when her and Bob would gnat banter other than that, no use for fox or any other tv news.

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  15. fuzzi says:

    Didn’t see this mentioned: is Fox trying to kill off Sean Hannity by separating him from Tucker with a gaggle of idiots?

    I see people watching Tucker, turning off Fox during The Five, and not turning the television back on for Hannity at 10.

    I don’t have cable, so it’s a moot point for me, I don’t watch any of it.


    • elize says:

      We cut the cable a long time ago but have a Roku so I can still access both Fox and FBN. I can only speak for myself. 17 years ago when I finally moved to where cable was available, I was thrilled to have Fox News and left it on once I got home from work. But it’s been a steady process of getting tired of the same recycled guests and the election really clarified some peoples true motives. While Tucker was entertaining for a couple of weeks, I can’t tolerate his guests and no longer watch. So yes at this point, it’s FBN if the tv is on during the day, Lou at 7pm, was BOR at 8pm and muted or turned off after that.

      I always get my daily news at night before bed from CTH, I just have less distractions at night now. 🙂


  16. Bonitabaycane says:

    The Left has another scalp.

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  17. Red says:

    If you’re a straight man working at Fox I suggest a red hot poker be applied to your eyes before going to work. Looks like the joint is filled with booby traps. I agree, Hannity is next. I watch Fox Business now, but they bring the cocktail dressed gals on as guests.

    It’s a setup guys, try not to look even though it’s shoved in your face….don’t look or you’ll be turned into a pillar of salt and canned.

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    • yy4u says:

      Red is the first one who’s mentioned what hubby and I have noticed constantly. The Fox foxes dress like they’re going to cocktail parties; that or a night of escort “service”. Greta was the only one who dressed in a businesslike manner, and she’s gone. Long stringy hair (except for Shannon Bream — at least the last time I saw her — haven’t watched Fox much since 3/16 when I caught on who they really are) over the front shoulder with a hank that looks like a tail down the middle of their back if the camera doesn’t pan away from a side view quickly enough. They look ridiculous. When Dana Perino was in the WH, she dressed like a business woman; now she’s in business she dresses like a political “ho”. Sharyl Atkisson when she was on Howie’s show last year always looked like a serious professional. Haven’t seen her in awhile.

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  18. Pointofnoreturn says:

    Hi Folks. I’ve been following C Treehouse for several months now. Thank you Sundance for your illuminating perspective.

    Haven’t felt the need to comment until today after musing about this Bill O’Reilly take down. The left et al has been gunning for him for a long time. That being said I think Bill’s handling of this tells us all we need to know where he stands.

    So pardon the ranting but I’m going to let it rip.

    Hey Bill, Your next book should be “Killing Bill O’Reilly”

    Couple chapter ideas to consider:

    Are you a victim of your 20 year culture war theory or did you raise a white flag of surrender?

    Looks like the Leadership/alpha male you espouse is lacking.
    We shouldn’t be surprised.

    Will you join your pal Glenn Beck on the sidelines selling emergency food kits, gold and books while your audience is abandoned, bloodied on the battlefield.

    So either way you look like a hypocrite. Why? Because either you’re a creepy old perverted professor who can’t keep his mouth shut around the women dressed in fox’s news- babe uniforms or if you’ve been wrongly accused you’re weak for not staying in the ring and going all 12 rounds.

    Rush is right, you are the modern day Ted Baxter.


  19. Ed hill says:

    I see the walls of cable news superiority that is Fox News starting to crumble. It started when Megyn Kelly started attacking Trump. Bill Orielly gone, but yet the dopey Schmuck Sheppard Smith is still there. It says one thing to me, they are turning left. Just a matter of time before Hannity is gone. There needs to be another new conservative network to replace Fox news. Even Martha McCallum, her show is a lot like Megyn Kelly’s. I’ve been tuning out lately.


  20. The bottom feeding opportunists are slithering out to say they were also harassed by Bill O and looking for money. I think they under estimate his resolve. Also, now you know why VP Pence not dining alone or meeting alone with a female is a great idea.

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    • elize says:

      Saw my old retired parents today and talked to a friend of mine yesterday that is also a veteran. We served in different branches and definitely weren’t sitting behind desks. Among other things we were discussing how the pansy lib females couldn’t handle real military and war time service. Back before all this pc crap, where if you wanted to be respected as one of the guys you’d better be able to bust balls and we didn’t spend an hour in front of the mirror doing hair and makeup before putting on our bdu’s. If a guy commented on you or flirted you let it roll off or you made a comment back that shut him down. I thank God often that I am an older women living in these times and not some idiot brain dead youth.


  21. Lydia says:

    Big mistake to gire O’Reilly on what appears to be unfounded accusations of sexual harrassment by women who worked for Fox in lower positions.
    Why would Fox not fight these accusations in court for O’Reilly and make these women PROVE their allegations.
    Sounds more like a liberal hack job?? Could it have any connection to George Soros being the Uncle of Chelsea Clinton’s husband and a friend of one of the young Murdock’s sons? ?
    Bill O’Reilly was the most watched evening Fox news program and DID keep his show fair & balanced plus all the proceeds from his books and other sellable items.were all 100% donated to Wounded Warriors and buying track chairs for wounded warriors. Did that mean nothing to the Murdock’ Bill keep a straight arrow on the news presented on his program.
    I suppose next to get the ax will be Hannity, right? If the Murdocks think they can turn Fox into a left wing evening view; they’d best ready themselves for the downfall & income of Fox News as it won’t be watched any longer by millons, including myself.
    Self destruction but I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Bill O’Reilly as a news anchor on TV and trust me, millions will follow him wherever he goes ! ! !


  22. Carole Porter says:

    We are no longer watching Fox
    The line up is badly scbeduled,while good people…Work there still..
    Bill O, on the 8:00 schedule
    And Hanity on 10:00 is what
    We turned in for nightly.. Tucker is good…
    We are tired of the banter from
    The 5…and the rest..of the new
    Programs so sad..We are not
    Alone…thank you for many good
    Years before this outrageous


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