Sunday Talks: Dr. Sebastian Gorka Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

Deputy Asst. to President Donald Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, sat down with Maria Bartiromo for an interview discussing the White House global policy.

…”The President is not an interventionist commander-in-chief. Nothing has changed from November 7th to today.  He’s been explicit, we are not invading other peoples’ countries, we are not occupying them. This is not some neo-conservative Bush era administration.”…

~ Dr. Gorka.

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39 Responses to Sunday Talks: Dr. Sebastian Gorka Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

  1. Nordic Breed says:

    Not an interventionist. More money not coming into the pockets of the globalist warmongers. God bless President Trump! And trust our military leaders, too. The boots on the ground know what needs to be done. Let them do it within the parameters defined by our Commander-in-Chief. MAGA!!!

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  2. missmarple2 says:

    Maybe these hysterical fear-mongers agitating about neocons and globalists in the White House will listen to Dr. Gorka and give it a rest!

    Thank you, Sundance, for posting this video.

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    • jupitercomm says:

      Yes, thanks are in order & this interview does cheer my heart, b/c Dr Gorka is one of the incorruptible good guys.He has integrity.

      But you are wrong to conclude that there is ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT from the swamp of infiltrators, globalists, operatives, and bloodthirsty war hawks.

      Would a group of people who for 40 years have assumed they would be able to manipulate every president or destroy his presidency if he did not cooperate – would such insane, evil people jiust give up & go home b/c you ask them to leave?

      It’s one thing to have faith, faith is absolutely necessary. Faith that good will prevail in the end and that we should work in the meantime for good.

      In a formula: Active fidelity to truth & the good = faith; complacency of any kind = betrayal of the good

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    • shallbe4 says:

      The Left has one weapon in its armory and that is we’re not Trump. I have yet to hear them make one statement that is positive. They will not change and as the 2018 election comes closer we will see various Democrats agreeing with Trump in order to win their state’s votes. But the hardcore will never back down and unless the Republicans make a massive mistake they will stay in power.

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      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        Well, Lets hope WISCONSIN district 1 is smart enough to throw Lyin Ryan out first……
        The name Lyin Ryan is almost too good for a corrupt self righteous POS like him….

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  3. deplorabledooku says:

    Johnny McLame wishes there really was a Grand Duchy of Fenwick.

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  4. So, hopefully the freak out will end. Not to mention, some of the conspiracy theories, being mongered by both the ‘Alt-Right’, and Loony Left…


  5. Steven says:

    Speaking of “interventionist”, is there anything on plate to end Clinton’s joke of not allowing guns on bases? There also are all of those armed forces in our Alphabet agencies. Will they be on the cutting board under Trump’s budget? I’m not bad-mouthing PDJT. I just wonder if I missed the news about those issues.

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  6. Fe says:

    God bless Dr. Gorka, his voice is reassuring. “This is not the Obama administration, we are not giving our playbook away”.

    Maria Bartiromo is an impressive interviewer. She allows the person being interviewed to speak without being interrupted and she asks very good questions. Our military may be depleted but we still have the strength to back up the words of diplomacy.

    Great interview. My blood pressure did not shoot up. 😀


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    • Maria Bartiromo is one of the FEW media hosts who seeks AUDIENCE UNDERSTANDING, can write her own questions and can think on her feet.

      So far, she seems to grasp what is unfolding in America … and enjoys joining in informed amazement.

      Keep up your contributions, Maria.
      America will reward you!

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  7. realcapedcrusader says:

    I’m sure this makes McCain sad, so I’m extra happy today.
    Happy Easter everybody. 🐇 and God Bless America 🇺🇸

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  8. ronheinzkaboot says:

    I saw this interview and it really shows you all this Jared vs Bannon, Trump is a flip flopper is totally fake. He’s Lobeing true to his campaign promises but he’s not going to be an ideologue or let them box him because he has to act predictably both politically and policy wise.
    I loved it when Gorka put down both the Bush and Obama failed policies in one sentence.
    The Never-Trumpers are the Bush guard who put all their money into Low-energy Jeb and now are behind fake Rubio.
    I really believe the Jared and Ivanka thing is just a distraction. Now that they can’t say he’s colluding with the Russians, the DNC and their press are crying he’s colluding with NY liberals.

    Bannon has the lists of promises and he’s making sure they are checked off. Ivanka and Jared give Bannon cover. Do you really think a man as smart as Bannon was going to force a Trump to choose between him and his family?

    Look at his cabinet and Gorka is a shining example of how he is keeping his promises. The way he de-politicized the NSA was worth the vote alone. That Afghanstan blast was brilliant on all levels. Love it when Gorka talks about the 200,000 mile screw driver that Rumsfield used to use to perpetuate war at the cost of our men.

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  9. fleporeblog says:

    Dr. Sebastian Gorka is an incredible man that gets radical Islam at a level only a few on this planet do. I was beyond excited when I found out he was going to join the administration. Throughout the time on Fox (especially Sean Hannity’s show), he would say it like it is and wouldn’t menace his words. I could listen to him speak all day. His love for our President and OUR country is unmatched. Thank you President Trump for having Dr. Gorka join your administration. Together both of you will MAGA!

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  10. jonvil says:

    Typical of those who work for President Trump: VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!

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  11. Sylvia Avery says:

    Maria is a sharp cookie and a pretty fair journalist. In fact, by today’s standards she is SUPERLATIVE! She has also known President Trump for a number of years because she works in NY covering Business news, so I suspect she approaches him without the strange prejudices so many in the media have about him. I often watch her shows. As for Dr. Gorka, well, he has had me in his pocket from the first time I heard him on TV. He is clear, concise, and thoughtful. If Dr. Gorka is appearing, it is must-see TV for me. And the stupid, stupid MSM is out to get him spreading lies about him and his father. Hateful.

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    • Oldschool says:

      The msm are terrified of Dr. G, Bannon, Flynn, The Kushners, Sessions,T Rex and just about all in the Trump administration. They can run circles around the media and then have them for lunch. All the media has are their lies, smears and attacks.

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      • As President Trump expands his “Killer” appointees, I’m beginning to enjoy how thinly he’s spreading the media in their frantic opposition.

        Their attacks will focus enormous attention on successive Administration Leaders (who might not otherwise receive a fraction of the coverage),
        • then wear thin with when the public decides they’re wasting their time watching nothing-burgers,
        • then induce the public to follow the Administration Leaders’ winning ways in Pressers, Speeches, Tweets and the 1600 Daily.

        By the 2018 Election, the ADMINISTRATION could become the go-to source for INSPIRING NEWS, and America will be TAKING OUR CUES from President Trump to elect a Congress that HELPS MAGA.

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      • fangdog says:

        At some point one realizes the media for what it is and will always be. One then realizes or asks the question is the media necessary for the Nation’s necessary goals. If so, then pay attention, if not necessary overlook it other than a source of entertaining oneself.

        The more I see the more it has become apparent Trump presses on like an elephant with a tick-bird on his back.

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    • Nicely done, Sylvia!

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  12. pacnwbel says:

    Maria Bartiromo and Dr. Gorka are excellent examples of immigrant families who came to America for the right reasons. They conttibute their talents and their appreciation of personal liberties guaranteed by the Constitution

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  13. vinchenzer says:

    Well there is no way we weren’t as a Nation not going to have to assert our strength in the foreign realm after 8 years of utter weakness and pussification under Obama. President Trump did inherit a mess of epic proportions. I’m glad to hear that the Bush Doctrine will not be adhered to. The UniParty are Neocons. All of them.

    I still don’t believe Assad launched the gas attack against his own people. It was too contrived of a story and there was zero upside to him doing so. I’m sure Pres. Trump knows this, thus the shift back to destroying ISIS, hence the MOAB bombing.

    Trump faces many enemies domestic and foreign. As we have seen the GOPe/NTs/Dims/IC are trying to derail and obstruct his American-first domestic polices. Trump is at his best when he doesn’t need the Legislative and Judicial branches to enact his MAGA polices. He surely does what he says he would. The other Branches derail and obstruct MAGA and try to blame Trump along with the Fake News Network, the PR firm of the UniParty. But most every Trump-supporter (that really are) knows what they are trying to do. We need to clean house in the Midterms as beat we can and replace the UniParty with those who support Trump’s policies, that is MAGA.

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  14. Gil says:

    I really have liked him since the first time I heard him speak. I fully believe this man is honest, forthright, and incredibly smart. So glad he is working for us.

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  15. R-C says:

    Gorka rocks.

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  16. xyzlatin says:

    At 4.49 on the tape, Gorka says something which is very telling: ” A caves complex is very similar to a bunker complex, and as a result other conclusions are being drawn by rogue actors”. I believe he is referring to both North Korea and Iran, both of which have hidden their nuclear facilities underground.

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  17. xyzlatin says:

    “The eight thousand mile screwdriver” a great phrase by Dr Gorka, describing people in DC making tactical decisions at a low level and over ruling the military who were on the scene. This happened in the Vietnam war also. People say Trump is controlling but he has given the generals their decision making capabilities back for tactical warfare. It also says to the Obama regime’s controlling ways.

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    • … and in delegating Tactical-Decision authority to America’s warfighting leaders, President Trump is restoring our strategic advantage: No military on earth can come REMOTELY CLOSE to competing with American battlefield-unit adaptability, ingenuity and decisiveness, and they will now be inspired to execute at the warp speed our President uses to vanquish the opposition!

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      • All American Snowflake says:

        That’s what living free ─ freedom ─ gets you…. adaptability, ingenuity, and divisiveness. Slaves ─ the unfree ─ do not have a culture of thinking, solving problems, and the need to act in their own best interest. America: “the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free!”

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  18. blognificentbee says:

    #LoveThatGorka! When he was on Tucker earlier in the week, I told my sweetie that I thought he should be on the Sunday shows…and there he is. His ability to vocalize deep thought in a certain concise manner is admirable. No coincidence that POTUS was on Maria’s show and that’s where Dr. Gorka was scheduled today.

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