Interesting Border Wall Proposal Submitted To DHS…

An interesting concept of a border wall developed by an engineer and submitted by construction builder James Flanagan.


The Concept sounds really interesting. Although no mention of our killer sharks with lasers proposal, but, oh well, those enhancements can always come later.

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278 Responses to Interesting Border Wall Proposal Submitted To DHS…

  1. AndrewJackson says:

    I just want the biggest and most enduring (long lasting wall) possible. The picture sundance posted looks perfect to me.

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    • churchmouse says:

      The chap that Tucker interviewed has a much better design.

      His proposed wall is at an angle, every panel is electrified and has a serial number with a monitoring system. The panels also have a serrated surface, so that anyone attempting to climb them would cut his hands.

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      • Link? It sounds expensive. Major requirement is to be curved at top so only a mountain climber to climb. Barbed wire is cheap but ugly.

        I heard steel fence is cheaper and easy to curve, because being able to see through (important for most areas of border).


        • churchmouse says:

          The link is in Sundance’s post.

          This is much more sophisticated, stronger and lighter than steel fence.

          If you watch the video, you will be seriously impressed. And I’m not a wall fan.


          • I saw the original Tucker interview but insufficient detail to judge. Need link to details.
            Everything is about cost. Easier to “curve” steel at top and a steel fence may be cheaper (can have sensors inside some of the steel too); Being able to see through wall is an important consideration for many; Any fence with a flat top is too easy to climb with a rope; Being light is not a big feature. Steel bars require less material.
            I did however find James K. Flanagan’s twitter account (only 30 followers).
            It is his last name followed by “_jk”.


            • churchmouse says:

              Sorry, but perhaps you can search for his company yourself. The video was good enough for me.

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              • I found his company. Nothing about Border Wall there. His company is also shown on his twitter. (I posted twitter ID above).


                I think he only wants a subcontract; Might be able to use in some high population density regions. I expect it would be more expensive. There is a reason the best “fences” for the money have been steel bars with Ribar and reinforced. However, I want to see the tops heavily curved towards Mexico. You couldn’t climb with a rope. Also spikes needed especially on top and downward portion. All such fences are 6 feet deep. Vibration sensors would be great, and even better if can track location from remote location. Drones are also needed as complement, to track violators before they get away. A 2nd fence is ideal.


                • churchmouse says:

                  No one will be able to climb those panels if, as he intends, they have serrated edges. He did say there would be sensors and so forth. Did you listen to the video?

                  Please don’t argue with me. I watched the video, which I found convincing. It sounds better than a conventional wall.

                  Why don’t we just wait and see? Tucker Carlson would not have had him on the show if it was a duff design.

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                • You just have to throw a rope over the top and wear protective shoes/clothing to get over; Sensors are always great, but add to cost and can be used in other designs. Need to be made in way that can’t disable.

                  It was already stated by many, that there is a need to see to the Mexico side for multiple reasons. Farmers, landowners and others would object if can’t see through.

                  I personally favor lots of barbed wire (inexpensive) but it doesn’t look nice and ACLU may say its cruel.


  2. Maquis says:

    Zero had suggested alligators.

    I prefer a secondary wall on our side, about twenty meters away from the concrete wall, this one would be an almost mesh type, like the Israelis built, permitting full view of any party that managed to get over The Wall, and also offerring little resistance to projectiles as this would be “The Kill Zone.”

    Anyone or thing in this zone is dead meat. Left for vultures. No more games. No more Border Agents murdered with weapons given them by Zero’s Fast & Furious illegal gun-running operation into a neighboring war-zone. No more assaults on officers. No more months and years of living on the Federal dime while your fate is decided. No chance of slipping awsy on tbe promise tbat you will return for your deportment hearing…yeah, right. Cross at your own expiration, guaranteed.

    We also need to undo all the bad Zero did, sending folks to Central America to tell the locals how to play the asylum game…I’m sure that’s where the “unaccompanied 20year-old ‘child'” scheme was hatched.

    Back to alligators, can we put a few in Zero’s next swimming pool?

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    • bobdog says:

      Between the inner and outer wall, proximity fused landmines.


      • Wouldn’t work for most of Texas (private property) to have a 2nd wall. I would have 2nd wall less than 1 mile from main wall in CA, AZ and NM. That area can be patrolled by drones, and give plenty of time for agents to make arrest and return without ever seeing a judge.

        However, in Texas where the Govt. has to offer $ to buy land, there will be many holdouts for much higher prices. However, as most of the TX border obtains a wall, those areas without a wall will become easy targets for trespassing and drug smuggling. Landowners will have to consider if worth it.


  3. Good walls make good neighbors.

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  4. raw moon says:

    I say: release the kragle.


  5. AnnS says:

    That Tucker Carlson look. Priceless


  6. peoplepill says:

    Texas Gov. Abbott suggests paying for the wall with the funds that would have gone to the Sanctuary Cities. I like that.

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  7. Howie says:

    Just stop freebies and jobs. Zero free stuff. Zero work. Zero tolerance. We would not need a wall.


  8. I have no problems with a physically threatening wall. Including the idea of two walls where the area between signifies lethal force authorized, since no one can stumble in there by accident.

    But I just want to see same vigorous methods used against visa overstays and employers hiring unauthorized workers.

    In their defense, I know employers can be accused of discriminating if they don’t hire, but most just want cheap labor with no benefits. Yes, I know it’s hard to find Americans to do some jobs, but we need to restore discipline among our own society. If you don’t work, you don’t eat.


  9. Sandy says:

    Sounds impressive.

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