FBI Manhunt Underway for Heavily Armed Liberal “Revolution” Extremist Targeting President Trump…

The FBI and U.S. Marshals have dozens of agents and officers involved in a nation-wide  manhunt for a Wisconsin man who mailed a 160 page threatening manifesto to the White House.   In addition a seriously disturbing video (below) has surfaced showing the man proclaiming he is part of the left-wing “revolution” movement.

Joseph Jakubowski has been on the run since Tuesday, when police say he broke into the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville, south of Madison, and stole 16 high-caliber rifles and handguns. He is believed to be armed and dangerous, and traveling with a bulletproof vest and helmet, according to authorities.

Jakubowski is described as 5-foot-10 and 200 pounds with green eyes and brown hair, is considered extremely dangerous.  He is well known to Wisconsin law enforcement and has served time in prison for trying to disarm a police officer.

Since Tuesday, authorities have responded to more than 200 leads in their search, and the FBI is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information leading to Jabukowsi’s arrest. (video below)

The statements by Jakubowski in this video are very unsettling.

Police released a video Jakubowski allegedly posted to Facebook that shows a man mailing a large envelope clearly addressed to Trump and the White House. Authorities say the package contained a 160-page manifesto that featured anti-government rants and “personal angst against anything other than natural law or rule.”

“This manifesto has been evaluated by experts within the FBI behavioral analysis unit to better understand his mindset and locate leads or evidence,” Spoden said. “All technological resources are currently being exploited and used in this endeavor after this individual.”

On Tuesday night, police also responded to a report of a car fire and discovered a burned vehicle registered to Jabukowski, located just a short distance from the gun shop that was burglarized.  (more)

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398 Responses to FBI Manhunt Underway for Heavily Armed Liberal “Revolution” Extremist Targeting President Trump…

  1. BG2 says:

    Another socialist comrade not happy with the payments he demands from working taxpayers?

    Poor darling wants more of other people’s money or he’ll go on a “rampage”……thank god for widespread concealed carry.

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  2. Charlotte says:

    One of Soros’s psychopaths? Wonder if he’s being paid to do this by the left?

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  3. DAv says:

    I wonder why he stole the guns? According to Liberals you can get them from any street corner easy peasy.

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  4. shirley49 says:

    Look demented. Preferably we will not have to support him in prison for years to come. He will be taken care of when found.

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    • seabrznsun says:

      As an old psych nurse, anytime I see the whites of someone’s eyes below the pupils I know things could get iffy real fast with them. This guy has the right eyes and it seems he’s already past iffy.

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    • celiathaxter says:

      In reading about his arrest history, he apparently was ordered to take medications at one time: “In one case, the judge ordered Jakubowski to take ‘all Prescribed Medications,’ court records show.” Wonder if he is on or off them?


  5. Jeff says:

    Ah the child like EGO seeking fame . The insane mind that believes “IT ” to be the one to start a revolution by sending a manifesto to the White House ?

    TV and social media can be like CRACK to the EGO . Even us TREEPERS hope our posts and threads somehow get a certain amount of likes and shares . Dopamine receptors fire off a dosage at the mere sight of that “LIKE ” .

    However …this EGO wants to take the DOPE-A-MINE receptors to a whole new level of insanity .HE wants to be today’s version of Obama’s mentor Bill Ayres . The pentagon bomber !!

    The modern left is hoping he is a success as they ascribe to ” THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS ” EACH DAY we pray for the protection of the entire Trump family for their efforts in taking on the GLOBAL COMMUNISTS .

    We can all pray the FBI WHITE HATS or even the thin blue line picks up this EGO and puts it in a nice cell .

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  6. satmfs says:

    I suppose it’s too much to ask that the violent left-wing nutjob’s ultimate goal is suicide by cop, or in this case, Secret Service. That’s where he’s headed.

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    • Mr. T. says:

      On behalf of many law enforcement officers everywhere, I can honestly tell you, a suicide by cop situation is something that none look forward to. Yes, the perp may get taken out and the country is a somewhat safer place because some deranged person no longer poses a threat to our good citizens, but remember, the LEO who pulls the trigger has to live with it for the rest of their life. Don’t think for a minute that some don’t have great difficulty with that, because many do. An LEO’s job is to protect and preserve life, so the taking of another person’s life, even if for the greater good of mankind, is not an easy thing to do.


  7. katherine009 says:

    Scary stuff.

    But a pet peeve: I don’t think his letter to Trump is correctly labeled as a “manifesto”, which is defined as “a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization.”

    “Rantings”, or perhaps even a “commentary ” , or more to the point “threats” would be more accurate.

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  8. The term “unhinged liberal” is redundant.

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    • Southern Son says:

      We don’t Know, he is a Liberal.
      Consider, he is From Paul Rino’s district.
      Think how many “CONSERVATIVES” Hate President Trump.
      Many Republicans in Congress, have cheered on, if not Weaponized, the IC (CIA), to go after him.
      Who, doesn’t believe, that Oswald was connected somehow to the CIA?


  9. Southern Son says:

    Goodun’!, Joe!!

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  10. dbobway says:

    If this sick individual really wanted to harm our President in the literal. He might of taken a lesson from the lone wolf terrorist and express his manifesto and intentions after his mission.

    My Dad told me many moons ago. If someone intends on shooting you, you’ll never see the gun,
    just hear it go off.

    I pray my Dad is correct and this person is an insane coward.

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  11. jente says:

    Maybe he’s layin’ low in Paul Ryan’s basement.


  12. vincent cuomo says:

    I think we can thank the Never Trumpers and all of our leftist in the Democratic party and Media for allowing this Trump hating to get so out of control


  13. 4bleu says:

    what’s the brand of his tire rims? they went through a fire and still look good.

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  14. Peach says:

    Who did the video? Wouldn’t they be an accomplice?


  15. fakenoozisforfools says:

    Forget about an arrest. Issue shoot to kill orders and put this rump orifice out of his misery.

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  16. If I ever decide I want to kill the president I think I will write a 160 page letter warning him then make a video tape with my face showing. That way I maintain the element of surprise. /sarcasm

    What a goof. Notice how these guys who want to ‘start a revolution’ know no one and have no friends?

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  17. On further comment: I of course have no plans to kill anyone. I voted for trump and still kinda like him even though he bombed Syria.

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  18. You sure he’s not a alt-right nutjob? I thought the left was all tolerance and rainbows. s/o

    Who’s the buddy who made the mailing an envelope video? Somebody is off the reservation.


  19. Pam says:


  20. david7134 says:

    I bet he did not get a back ground check. So much for liberal ideas of gun control.


  21. Who is filming this lefty nutcase? They are part of this conspiracy to commit some major crimes.


  22. Heads up. Seems strange.


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