Four Dead and Dozens Injured During Terrorist Attack in Stockholm Sweden…

Sweden becomes the latest country to be attacked by terrorists using trucks and vehicles as deadly weapons.  Similar attacks have taken place in London England, Nice France, Berlin Germany; and now Stockholm Sweden.

At least four people are dead and dozens injured as the terrorist hijacked and used a beer delivery truck to drive through the crowed street in Stockholm and plow over victims.

(Via CNN) […] The Swedish Security Service said the attack happened just before 3 p.m. local time. People were seen fleeing the area in panic.

A beer truck was hijacked as it made a delivery nearby, according to the company that owned it. Eyewitnesses reported it being driven at speed along Drottninggatan (Queen Street) before it crashed into the front of a department store.

[…] “Sweden has been attacked,” Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told reporters “Everything indicates this is a terror attack.” Lofven said the government was doing everything possible to help the security services. “We are thinking about the victims — their families and friends — and those who were injured,” he said.

The Prime Minister returned to the capital from the west of the country, his spokesman Erik Nises told CNN. “We will always do everything we can to protect Sweden, but we can’t guarantee that it won’t happen again,” Lofven told reporters later Friday.

“If this is a terrorist attack, terrorists … want us to not live our lives normally,” he said. “But that is what we are going to do. So terrorists can never defeat Sweden. Never.” (read more)

UK Daily Mail has several articles and updates about the attack – SEE HERE

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167 Responses to Four Dead and Dozens Injured During Terrorist Attack in Stockholm Sweden…

  1. yucki says:

    I like Driving…


  2. yakmaster2 says:

    It’s a sad testament to the level of cognitive dissonance reached by much of our population when the President’s *common sense* often makes him seem *prescient.* Think about that.

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  3. yucki says:

    Truck attack in Stockholm : reaction

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    • medspec53 says:

      The truck “drove” itself into the crowd. This poor man is tying himself into knots unnecessarily by not naming names or laying blame. Who has been driving trucks into crowds? The answer: muslims, His lack of emotion says more about his thinking, than his words.

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  4. SpanglishKC says:

    A country / peoples that doesn’t protect its most vulnerable.. women and children is lost. It’s over. Sweden is no more.

    Swedish women know intuitively (those not brainwashed) that Swedish men are not protecting them. They will go where they will feel safe…either leave or hook up with foreigners who will protect them. Its the end of Sweden. If its a county you have wanted to visit better go soon. It will be no more.

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    • theduchessofkitty says:

      Do you know why the men are not protecting them? Because they’ve been, psychologically speaking, NEUTERED. Too many “Men Without Chests”, in the manner of which C.S. Lewis spoke many decades ago.

      “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

      They were stripped of all knowledge and understanding about morality, religion, and responsibility towards God, family, country. It was replaced by cultural Marxism, P.C. crap. They can no longer state the obvious truths, for fear of being ostracized. The Marxists there have been quite effective. Someone says “2+2=4” and they call him an “Islamophobe,” or a “hater.” Very effective tool for control. The men have, well, become no better than eunuchs. The ones who have smartened up… well… use the best tool at their disposal: a passport.

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        So true, Duchess. My EX-husband once complained to me that he might have to fight some guy that I had confronted for leaving his three small children locked in his car while he went in to shop. You would have thought he would have welcomed the chance to beat the crap out of this derelict, not only to stand up for me, but for the little kids…..

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        • Dan says:

          There is a difference between ‘protecting your family’ and having to deal with a wife who has a mouth on her.

          Best course of action in the given situation is to monitor from a reasonable distance, call in accurate information to 911 and let the police handle it.

          Sounds like you escalated rather than descalated the situation. I feel bad for a guy who has to go around fitting battles his wife starts.

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          • olderwiser21 says:

            Hey, Dan – you weren’t there and have no idea what happened. I didn’t escalate anything and you sound just like my ex-husband – your best course of action would be to keep your comments to yourself unless you were there with us….thanks for the advice, though.


    • Esperanza says:

      This is so true. Male reaction to what happened to me is surprising. When I told a friend who has been attacked himself that on one journey last summer I was verbally aggressed 3 times, his reaction was I must attract them. I think men feel uncomfortable because they know it might lead to fighting.

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    • Deplorable_Me says:

      The Swedish “men” you are talking about are the brainwashed and de-masculinized socialists/liberals you will often find in the bigger cites. In the countryside and smaller towns there are still plenty of real men left, of the working class.

      Anyway, the terrorist is now reported to be an asylum seeker from Uzbekistan. Not a big surprise that it wasn’t “Sven Svensson” from Hedemora. 2nd terror attack in Sweden, last one was some 7-8 years ago when an immigrant tried to blow up a lot of people just before Christmas but luckily only got himself killed.

      As a Swede I’m not surpriced at all over this attack. The immigration policy of the last government (liberal) has led to an enormous amount of “refugees” here. The Swedish National Intelligence Service estimates that there are at least 300 people in the country that have been to Iraq and Syria fighting for various terror groups. The current government (socialists) where left to try and clean up this mess and are actually doing a semi-decent job imo. Are there no conservatives in the Swedish parliament you might ask? Yes, growing steadily (now at 25% in the reliable polls) but still too small to make a real difference, though there have been a shift among the liberal parties that are becoming more conservative recently. So there is still hope for my country.

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  5. Sylvia Avery says:

    I saw on (I think) Tucker Carlson’s show shortly after the BIG DRAMA about Trump tweeting about Sweden, and a reporter was telling Tucker that while in Sweden she interviewed a Fire Chief who said his Fire Station had four full-time employees whose job was to educate the “refugee children” not to throw rocks at the firefighters when they are at fire scenes because they are there to put out fires and rescue people, and please do not cut the fire hoses from the fire hydrants because they needed the water to put out the fires, etc. IIRC he got into some trouble because even though he kept it very factual and non-judgmental he was accused of being….racist. And Friday morning on the Stuart Varney show on FBN Stuart had Mark Steyn on who had just returned from Sweden. Last Saturday was “Earth Hour” (you know, where we are all supposed to turn out our lights from 8:30-9:30pm in solidarity with the Greens) and the mayor of one city in Sweden told everyone NOT to observe Earth Hour because it wasn’t safe to turn the lights out. Also, he said they had let in so many young men that the demographic ratio of young men to young women is something absurd like 100 to 1. He said he had also spoken with 24-25 young women who had been sexually assaulted while at a public pool, pop music concert, or similar event. He further said that while Sweden doesn’t have a lot of high profile terror attacks, the population is now bi-cultural and it is boiling and just about to explode. Might not want to put Sweden on your summer vacay itinerary.

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  6. moe ham head says:

    america will gladly take the swedish women refugees and give back the muslimes

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