Sunday Talks: U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley W/ Paul Ryan’s BFF John Dickerson…

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks to Paul Ryan’s best media friend John Dickerson about Russia, China, Tweeting and finally U.N. food relief.

Haley did surprisingly (very surprisingly) well in this interview with CBS swamp defender John Dickerson on Fact The Nation.

After reminding Dickerson eleventy times that diplomatic U.N. heads are not concerned about the U.S.’s insufferable ‘Vast Muh Russia Conspiracy‘ narrative; and after eventually getting beyond the “but what about Trump’s tweets” angle; Haley appropriately presented a solid U.S. policy that President Trump’s focus toward humanitarian relief is first eliminating the fraud and corruption within the destination of the relief effort.

Essentially: It does no good to send money and food to countries where the money and food are taken by the central government and used as leverage toward keeping their own power and people impoverished as weak dependents.   Duh, common sense. Go figure.


Ambassador Haley has come a long way from her 2016 #NeverTrump State of the Union rebuttal, written by Ryan and McConnell, where she claimed Donald Trump was horrible and should never become President.

Either she’s come to the light, and dropped her Neo Con interventionist mindset, or she’s gotten a lot better at hiding her conniving political self-centered swamp interests.

One reasonable policy interview is not enough to yet made that determination.

Hmmm… bears closer monitoring..

…from a safe distance.

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97 Responses to Sunday Talks: U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley W/ Paul Ryan’s BFF John Dickerson…

  1. M33 says:

    Huh, gee… what a concept!

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  2. ScruffyLeon says:

    I have yet to find a NeverTrumper I can trust again. Maybe she will be the first but it will take until after the 2018 Elections before I make up my mind about her.

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  3. MrE says:

    She really has changed her tune quite a bit in the last few months. Hopefully it’s legitimate, and not just her playing possum. I suppose time will tell…

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      Haley has not changed hef tune . She is Still a never trumper, Still a RAT , Still in the McCain / Lyin Ryan pocket ……

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    • gotv4trump says:

      But what about Haley’s horrendous statement calling Pres. Assad a “War Criminal” who “uses chemical weapons on his own people” and that he needs to go.!!!
      This is NOT Pres. Trump’s stance – and God Help Us if it becomes that!
      I find her comments regarding Assad more important and dangerous than the fact that she was able to not drool on herself with a CBS sit-down.
      Am I the only one who heard her give those remarks????

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  4. EV22 says:

    It’s good to hear Nikki Haley talk about the political factor in fighting famine. In fact, the worst famines in the world since the UN was instituted have been “political” in nature. The food was sent, but the governments either let it rot, sold it for personal profit, or distributed it to the favored few ignoring the masses, or otherwise blockaded its distribution. Biafra is a good example.

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    • SafeSpace says:

      The UN is largely run by, and for, petty tenth world scam artists posing as leaders of their people. They’ve discovered that the UN is a superb vehicle for shaking down western nations populated by PC twits suffering from white guilt. These malicious cockroaches distribute western wealth not to their people, but to their own offshore accounts. And as for their citizenry, “let them eat cake (or ants, or mud)”. Trump is the first US political leader in decades to both call out this situation, and try to do something about it.

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    • Like..absolutely agree. Just throwing money into a problem is not solving the problem. Mostly, the money never gets to the people….so the famine continues so we send more…on and on…finally someone smart running the show (and I don’t mean Haley, I mean POTUS)

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  5. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    What lens is the fox using?

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  6. markstoval says:

    “It does no good to send money and food to countries where the money and food are taken by the central government and used as leverage toward keeping their own power and people impoverished as weak dependents. Duh, common sense. Go figure.”

    I agree. But you will find that common sense on that topic is in darn short supply. Most people only look at the “we sent food” portion of the equation and never at the “did the people get fed” part of the equation. Much less, “at what cost to the people” if they even got fed.

    The idea that we should “first, do no harm” is a concept that Americans have a lot of trouble believing and following. We are more of a “do something even if it is wrong” type of people. (apparently)

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  7. Arkindole says:

    Honestly, what previously #nevertrumper is now a bone fide #trumper?
    I suspect someone coached her a bit on the accountability angle. Just a wild guess.

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    • freddiel says:

      Maybe this really is the true Nikki Haley. As governor of SC, she was at the mercy of the CoC. She did not want to jeopardize all those new factory jobs in the state. She answers to President Trump now. If she loses this gig she has no where to go.

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      • SafeSpace says:

        Agreed, freddiel. During her terms in SC, Haley was almost as skilled at governing for the citizens as Scott Walker is up in WI. She may be guilty of trying to predict the winning team pre-2016 elections …. and 95% of GOP politicians did exactly the same thing.

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  8. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    I have to commend her for staying on point. Watching the shows presented here today, there sure is quite a bit of flailing, grasping, and gasping going on…

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    • The Boss says:

      The media is falling apart. Sleep Eyes Todd, John Dickheadson and Fake Tapper amounted to a eunuch trifecta today. Bring on Georgie and Chrissie!

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  9. Gabriel says:

    Noticed that about her as well. Is it sincere ? Sure hope so, but definitely a complete change from where she was some time back. People tend to change where they are on issues as they receive the facts and relevant information.

    Back when she was a Governor, she may have received most of her information from the Republican caucus of the Uni-party. Could be a case of, once she got into the UN, she was able to see for herself what was going on.

    ( That is one crafty fox, must have learned it’s skills from Putin himself. )

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  10. oldschool64 says:

    Going in, I thought she was perhaps DJT’s worst choice. So far I have been very pleasantly surprised. Time will tell.

    Ironically, the guy I thought might be the President’s best choice is performing near the bottom IMO.
    I won’t mention his name. Let’s just say his nickname rhymes with “Bad Dog”.

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    • mimbler says:

      I agree oldschool. My alarm was triggered when he was so easily confirmed (with 100 percent dem votes IIRC),
      I’m sure he was an honorable soldier, but his political instincts are poor, and way too pc for someone of his reputation,

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Methinks you are incorrect in your estimation of the Top Dog of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. If my General is doing what it appears he is doing in the ME, all will be well.

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      • RickA says:

        jeans2nd – I agree. Heard from the family member of a Marine currently deployed in Syria. He reports since our President put Mad Dog in charge, the rules have changed and they are literally kicking butt daily … all under the radar of the MSM who are following the muh Russia shiny things. In his opinion one year from now ISIS will no longer be a threat to anybody. Pray he’s right…..

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        • janc1955 says:

          My husband and I were talking about this recently. The one good thing about the MSM’s obsession with RussiaRussiaRussia and any and all manner of silly gossip and minutiae surrounding the White House, is that they’re completely ignoring the fact that we are, indeed, bombing the sh!t outta ISIS.

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    • Boy, I agree. Bad Dog is not someone I trust at all.

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  11. Kathy says:

    Transcript of ABC’s 02APR2017 “This Week” (Martha Raddatz).

    [Good Snippet]: “I think that Russia is very aware that they are on notice when it comes to certain issues. They are very aware that we do want to try and defeat ISIS together, if that’s at all possible, along with our allies. But there’s no love or anything going on with Russia right now. They get that we’re getting our strength back, that we’re getting our voice back, and that we’re starting to lead again.”

    [Better Snippet]: “And honestly, at the United Nations, that’s the number one comment I get is they’re just so happy to see the United States lead again.”

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    • freddiel says:

      “And honestly, at the United Nations, that’s the number one comment I get is they’re just so happy to see the United States lead again.”

      At least that is what they are telling her.

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      • Kathy says:

        Oh, of course, that is possible. What struck me was how comfortable she was making this statement to one of the biggest fans of the previous Administration.

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  12. paulraven1 says:

    “Mr. Dickerson, as a prelude to this interview and in the interests of full disclosure, don’t you think it would be fair to tell your audience that you once advised Barack Obama that he needed to “obliterate” the Republicans?”

    When we start asking questions like that, then things change. Until then, nope. That’s why I don’t watch ANY of these shows anymore.

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  13. Sentient says:

    She said ‘ I think we’re all aware that Russia influenced the election’. I’m not aware of that at all. I think Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to wikileaks and pro-Clinton CIA elements killed him for it. Podesta secured his computer with a password called “password” and fell for a fishing spam. Probably “check out these hot tots”. I also wish she’d shut the F up about Crimea.

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    • fedback says:

      Nikki’s associate Rubio doesn’t like Russia

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    • Betty says:

      I agree 100%. What could be Nikki Haley’s stake in keeping up the “Russia hacked” myth?


    • gringz says:

      Me too. Even IF Russia hacked he DNC & or Podesta, that doesn’t mean that they are the ones who gave the info to Wikileaks I’m not convinced that they even hacked either account or that if they did, that they were the only ones who did. I find it hard to believe that the Russians are so inept that they would leave their own footprints, when it is so easy to make it look like someone else did it.


    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      I hope TRUMP calls Ms. Haley in his office to give him Proof Russia made us stand in line for hours to attend rallies and made us vote for him ….. REALLY ???

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    • trialbytruth says:

      What they will hide behind is RT. Russian Television was began broadcasting here in 2010 under the Obama administration. They are a propaganda network financially supported by the Russian Government just like VOA is supported by the USA. So it is reasonable for RT’s mission to be to shake our faith in the existing establishment. That’s a pretty easy task when the majority of Americans have little faith in our major political parties, legislative bodies, or bureaucracies. It will be a much harder task after a few years of MAGA. I’m not a big RT viewer but I have watched enough to know they often subtly and sometimes overtly attack our institutions. Apparently we were smart enough to tell the difference between entertainment news and propaganda until we elected Trump.
      It was natural for RT to attack Hillary she was after all the presumptive president. Ask any of the Big Heads in DC

      So the trap for the politicals it is provable that RT attempted to propagandize the election. what is not provable is if there was any effect at all. None the less a flat denial of Russian interference will get you branded an idiot or a traitor. Only President Trump has the superpower of staring down the press on this. My guess if he was asked directly he would deflect to the content of hacks rather then a flat denial of any form of Russian intervention attempts

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      • Yeoman says:

        I agree with your reasoning, but would like to add that the “muh russia” story is giving this administration so much cover that they are getting away with a lot of stuff that would normally be covered 24/7, like bombing isis.

        I think it would be foolish to try to hard to squash. Yet, if some resistance isn’t put forth the media might learn there is nothing there, lol.

        I have not watched the videos, but if the worst thing Haley said about “muh russia” was that they influenced the election. That’s kinda ambiguous. While the average RINO and Dem will hear “russia helped trump”, anyone paying attn knows every major power tries to influence the elections of every other power. It would be more absurd to say russia had no impact on this election. Though, I couldn’t tell you what impact they actually had.


  14. maiingankwe says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. Haley was really good in staying on point and bringing it back, which isn’t always easy, or at least it isn’t with me, but then there is a reason I don’t have her title. 🙃

    To me, it sounds like she is doing a great job and is flourishing because of it. She sounds happier, and it just might be because she is no longer being constrained as she was as governor with CoC and others.

    I think she’s liking this freedom and she’s liking what she and her country can accomplish. She’s one of the top dogs now, but I don’t see her abusing it, rather I see her using it to our advantage. No more being pushed around and used like the last eight years and it looks like she is enjoying telling and showing there is a new sheriff in town.

    I really do think she is having a lot more fun and seeing the good of our President Trump. I really do believe she is on board. What I am trying to say, is it looks like she really likes her new boss and is no longer constrained by her past and those associations. She reminds me of a bird stretching its new wings and liking the feel of it. I say go Haley, do what you’re supposed to do and enjoy doing it.

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    • Agree. The Donald gave her a break and put her on a bigger stage, she is behaving. This was a side affect of bumping up McMaster. The Donald really does play 3D chess!

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      • He took her out of S.C so now there is a pro-Trump governor. good strategy

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      • maiingankwe says:

        He is able to read people better than I would’ve thought possible. Personally I would never have put her in this position and yet she seems to be thriving, which would’ve made me wrong. President Trump not only put her in the right place, but now has a governor he likes and wants in place. Yeah, I would’ve screwed that up.

        I bet the list is endless of the people he was able to see through and put them where they would thrive.

        I am so loving our President!

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        • fred2w says:

          Good point.

          That’s why I have faith Dr. Ben Carson will be an excellent fit for HUD Secretary despite skepticism from even some Trump supporters.


  15. boogywstew says:

    What a fox!!! That dog-cat looking creature behind the camera is cute too.


  16. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I have been pleasantly surprised with Haley these past few months as she serves in this position. I was not a previous fan of hers, though. She seems to have grown and matured as she has taken on this new role. I also think that Trump has influence on her as well.

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  17. MIKE says:

    Whatever happened to, “the 80’s just called, and they want their foreign policy back” quote from the beloved Kenyan imposter? Also, why are all the Russian conspiracy questions asked, ad nauseum, predicated on the false narrative that the US doesn’t try to influence other elections ’round the world?
    Anything to discredit our president. Someone, someday, should point out that it is un-American to do so. Not that leftists care. But it may have an effect on the R. A. T. s.

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  18. Marc says:

    Haley has been rightly sidelined into a non-politicking position at the UN. There, the influence of donors is irrelevant until she needs a new job. Maybe Nimrata is loyal to the boss(whether it’s Tom Donahue, the Kochs, or Pres. Trump) and that’s that. As Gov, she had to do as told by the donor class if she wanted the cash to win another election but in an appointed position, she can follow the lead of POTUS. I just want to hear her tune down the anti Russia, anti Iran, and anti Assad saber rattling. If she truly wants peace, then we need less threats and more diplomacy.

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  19. jupitercomm says:

    I wanna like a lot of these people. I want them to ‘come around’ & ‘see the light.’


  20. Jim says:

    the clip cannot be viewed in Australia.

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  21. carnan43 says:

    It is really a toss up who is farther left than this jerk. An elitist, who dreams of destroying America’s middle class. He is a pure propagandist. What he and his ilk really want is a Communist style State – only the wealthy and the poor. Never a word when “Der Leader” and Hillary was kissing Putin’s axx, but he now wants anyone with two or more brain cells to believe that the Russian became a threat in 2016. There is a reason no one tunes into his broadcast. I for one will buy zero from anyone advertising on his network.


  22. rashamon says:

    She is a place-keeper, kept away from her former job sufficiently long to not go back. She is an Obama peeps and will be forever. She’s doing minimal harm in the ME. She’s nothing but a flea to Assad. China? It;s something on her table. Another interesting play on the three (maybe four) -level chessboard.

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  23. average Joe says:

    I hate to be the proofreader police ,but I know fact the nation has to be a

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  24. I find Dickerson to be the least offensive of the “journo-listers”. He’s kind of passive/soft…not much of a bite.

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  25. Thomas says:

    I have hard time trusting her… Peoples like her say what needs to be said to get power and money.. Maybe I’m wrong but if she had the correct core values she wouldn’t have stood so strongly against Trump!!! Time will tell I guess??

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  26. zephyrbreeze says:

    You get the impression that the press people aren’t very bright.

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  27. spren says:

    All of these relief and aid programs (or things like climate change) always only consist of taking money from poor people in rich countries, and giving it to rich people in poor countries. That is why these programs are not only a farce, but are actually achieving the opposite of their stated intents.

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  28. 4bleu says:

    So he opens everything with this sentence:
    “Russia experts say that Vladimir Putin’s interference in the American election was not about picking one candidate or another but about destabilizing American institutions…”

    ‘Alleged’ ‘suspected’ ‘ possible’ ‘might have’ ‘unsubstantiated’ and any other adjective that belongs there to qualify that’s all speculative have been tossed.


  29. 4bleu says:

    About famine relief. They do need to work smarter. Starting with reviewing the famine numbers they make up. There’s a lot of fluff built in. Get the figures closer to the reality.
    Famine in the areas mentioned is used as a weapon of war, cheaper to affect against political enemies than buying weapons. African politics divide along tribal lines, and long running feuds – as in 200 year feuds, not just last year. It’s easy to identify the parties involved.

    The areas mentioned can grow food like crazy, the climate and soils are close to perfection. It’s disruption and destruction that are blocking farmers’ abilities to grow food to eat and to sell.
    So in many of these cases, a political solution will be far more effective to save lives than just dumping tons of foodstuffs that seem to evaporate before they get to the intended populations.

    The media is the least credible to preach any ‘morality’ on any of this. They’ve ignored all sorts of atrocities over the past 20 years.

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  30. Rivercity says:

    Not big on my list of importance what baloney goes on at the U.N. What I consider top priority as far as foreign affairs is the non detente approach with Russia that has framed the narrative from the White House. This is a reversal from Trump’s statement at rallies. I believe he had the correct instinct on Russia. I am disappointed that apparently the anti-Russia factions now hold sway as far as advising Pres. Trump. I think he should stick with his first instincts on most things he had said. I am disappointed that Russia (thru spokesman on Sunday show) had to apparently be the first one to put out feelers about a meeting. I think it has been a total embarrassment on the world stage that every statement emanating from D.C. & nat’l media follows the ridiculous Russia demonizing.


  31. Bruce says:

    Never Trumpers will repent or they will lose out. There are lots of ways to make sure their repentance is real. Once they realize the money is with Trump, lots of people will flip.


  32. Pinkie says:

    Not bad — and Nikki has the smallest net worth in the entire cabinet


  33. I’m not a Nikki fan. It will take much more than an effective media performance to change my first impressions of her. If the you know what hits the fan she wont be there.


  34. US Ambassador: No Question Russia Meddled in Election

    After President Trump correctly declared the ridiculous Russia allegations a hoax, Nikki Haley declares that there is “No questions Russia meddled in election”?

    Why is a senior member of President Trumps cabinet reinforcing the FAKE narrative that “Russia “hacked” the election”? Does President Trump have no control over his cabinet? If an employee of the Trump Organization publicly went rogue against their boss how long before Trump would issue his trademark “you’re fired”?

    President Trump made a HUGE mistake in appointing Halley as ambassador to the UN considering that Haley used her first major appearance on the national stage to attack Trump.

    It was a terrible and potentially fatal mistake for President Trump to appoint Haley to the UN (see below link). and he needs to fire her ASAP! You can be sure that she – as the darling of the GOPe – will be challenging the President in 2020! Why the h3ll is Trump giving this odious woman the opportunity to burnish her non-existent foreign policy credentials?

    From Haaretz:
    Analysis: Nikki Haley, Rock Star to the Jews and Their Knight in Shining Armor
    AIPAC’s rapturous reception for the UN Ambassador marks her as a potential rival to Trump in 2020.

    “Which is why, if I were Donald Trump, and if I saw the hysterical reception Haley got at AIPAC, and if I remembered that AIPAC types not only support Israel but also promising politicians, and if I was already thinking of how to get myself reelected in 2020, I would start to ask myself whether giving Haley a unique bully pulpit was such a great idea after all. Because it might also turn out to be a potentially fatal mistake that will ultimately produce the GOP contender that might one day take away my throne.”


    • CM-TX says:

      I Don’t like or trust her, & she’s yet to change that opinion. Each time she takes a stance in line with Trump, her next one cancels it out.

      But I’m sure there’s an underlying reason for having her in that position. Besides no solid Trump supporter would’ve ever been welcomed into their inner circle. Maybe she’ll expose the infestation of corruption… maybe not. Time will tell.


    • lokiscout says:

      OK you don’t like Jews. We get that.


  35. Dickerson has taken FAKE the NATION to a new level.

    Does Russia proud.

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  36. HarryJ says:

    On the same dickerson show, this is very interesting talk by Wapo journalist.
    “What’s happened this month is that what initially seemed a preposterous argument by Donald Trump that he had been wiretapped by President Obama illegally has morphed into an argument about privacy, about proper masking techniques, a very technical legal issue, and it’s now accepted I think as part of the mainstream set of issues that are going to be debated by the two intelligence committees. From Trump’s standpoint that’s a success.”

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  37. HarryJ says:

    For those who are looking at haley by 2020 sunglasses, please note my word.
    She will never run against sitting president trump. I am not a fan of her but she is not a fool. She knows when to ride which train.


  38. SSI01 says:

    Note the set of Haley’s jaw whens he is discussing the last point, about the US no longer standing idly by after delivering aid to a suffering area and watching victims of a famine “die in our face” because the oppressive government that frequently causes the famine through poor governance refuses to provide the suffering the aid we bring, but instead reroutes it to their own side. I actually detected some anger in her face. Finally, a diplomat with warm blood in their veins instead of ice water.

    If you check into these events, you will frequently find millions of innocents suffer famine because of very poor agricultural practices and economic policies followed by the governments of the nations where the “famine” is occurring. Those failures frequently cause naturally-occurring events that would be mildly damaging to food production and distribution to become outright disasters because they magnify the effects of the natural occurrence. Racial, religious, and political hatred and bigotry in these countries are usually the culprits we must confront; if those can be overcome it’s frequently possible to keep an agricultural downturn from becoming a full-blown famine. She’s trying to make that plain. For some reason our diplomatic community has failed to make these circumstances known in a straightforward, public manner. Until these issues are addressed, as Mr. Trump says, aid should be withheld until a UN-BACKED (and not US-enforced, as in Somalia) solution is found.

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  39. diddle40 says:

    Getting aid to the people who need it is a long standing problem. The aid invariably goes to government officials. Sad but true.

    There are enough resources in the world for everyone. Governments should be held responsible for their own nationals.

    Investing in Israeli farming technology would help in rainfall sparse areas. They bring deserts alive without destroying natural resources. Learn from them.

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  40. Just a reminder. On Saturday the President referred to the Russia story as “phony” and a “scam”. The next day his UN Ambassador completely contradicts the President and says the Russia story is “real” and that there will be consequences for Russia. Why aren’t Haley’s comments seen as an act of insubordination that demands immediate termination? Most of President Trump’s problems right now can be traced back to the false story – planted by Obama – that Russia “hacked the election”. WTH is a senior member of Trumps team promoting this propaganda?

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    • diddle40 says:

      P. Trump did say he wanted his appointees to have their own opinions.

      What was annoying was the interviewers obsession with Russia. Question after question, all in the same vein. Makes one want to grit one’s teeth!


  41. Screwtape says:

    I’m so tired of the misuse and overuse of the term ‘neocon’ I could scream. Twisting terminology around to suit ones own objective is a progressive tactic and should be beneath an intelligent person of the right. I’m wiping the dust of this site off my feet and that’s too bad because Sundance does good work in general.


  42. Bendix says:

    Here’s the truth about the UN, straight from the horse’s mouth:

    If Trump wants to clean it up, they should all get behind him, right? Right?


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