Sean Spicer White House Press Conference – March 30th…

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer holds the daily press briefing for March 30th:

Video Added:

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214 Responses to Sean Spicer White House Press Conference – March 30th…

  1. fangdog says:

    From Spicers view point, going to these Press Briefings has to have the entertainment value of kids going to the Zoo too watch the monkey cage.

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  2. snaggletooths says:

    The Freedom caucus has only been established 2 years they in no way represent all republicans , it represents less than a sixth of House Republicans I like to see all sides work together do not care for 40 people to determine everything.

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  3. AmSa/Mx says:

    TheLastRefuge‏ @TheLastRefuge2 7m7 minutes ago

    White House calls out Gang-of-Eight with letter telling them to come and review the intel Nunes previously saw. FINALLY !!

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  4. MVW says:

    Is Katie Walsh the second Priebus staff member to be caught leaking???? Is my memory on this subject deficient?


  5. paulraven1 says:

    The media is grotesque. I cannot believe Trump allows his people to indulge them to the extent he does. I was hoping for cheerfully consistent contempt.

    And where is Stephen Bannon? I’ve seen nothing from this White House communications team that bears the imprint of his mindset. Or did I miss it.

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    • Oldschool says:

      I am looking at the same pressers in the same way you are paul.


    • All American Snowflake says:

      President Trump is a MUCH better Christian than he has been given credit for in the media. The media has prejudiced and poisoned peoples minds with their lies and misinformation, not to include dis-information the media has put out there in the form of malicious gossip. The click-bate headlines on the YahooNews feed is so dishonest that I no longer even read the headlines much less the articles on Yahoo.

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  6. maiingankwe says:

    I think it’s great that the WH and Spicer explained all of the bs Gorsuch had to go through even before he sat down for more than twenty hours and over a thousand questions.

    In six days he completed all of the hundreds of questions that were written to him and asked, he met with 80 senators, and gave tens of thousands of pages of documents going back to his college days.

    We all know there is no way the dems would’ve stood for this with one of their president’s picks. They would’ve had a complete meltdown in front of every camera, which makes me wonder where the republicans have been, but then again I rarely watch national news anymore, so really I could be wrong on this.

    Everything Gorsuch has done and all of the hoops he has jumped through and now they want a filibuster? Anyone with any sense should see this as simply grandstanding and should be completely disgusted if any of these dems are their so called leaders. I would be so angry and embarrassed. I would also think they would want them to be picky about their battles if they want to be re-elected. However, I do understand we are dealing with a number of fruitcakes, but there has to be some of the hard working blue dems who are worried about this. If so, it’s time they jump on the Trump Train.

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    • fangdog says:

      For so many years the Left has gotten by with their hypocrisy, bullying, screeching, lying and disruption. For the first time the Left is being challenged and they have no defense. It has all been offense in the past and now it is not working.

      They really are destroying themselves little by little. You see this with the Press Briefings. The Liberal Pressers (probably 100%) look smaller and smaller as each day goes by. Another example; the Farkass gal becomes the poster-child for the Lefts stupidity as well as criminal corruption.

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    • navysquid says:

      playing off of your comment here: “which makes me wonder where the republicans have been, but then again I rarely watch national news anymore, so really I could be wrong on this.”

      Can anyone on here name five R’s that have made a stand on behalf of Trump and more importantly WE THE PEOPLE to any attack against Trump, any policy he has put forward, flag waved for the EO’s he has signed, ALL of the meetings he has had in the first 70 days, etc…

      Where I am going with this is, WTH Republicans!??! YOU are NOT representing US in anyway and making Pres Trump do ALL of the heavy lifting on everything. I do not see you on Twitter, FB, Instagram, or traditional Media backing up everything Pres Trump was elected by We The People to do. Where are you?? I see Dems on TV all the time acting like they are in charge. The R’s have ALWAYS had a PR problem and need serious help. They always act like they are in the minority. Ticks me off to no end!!

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      • JC says:

        Same here, Squid. Grrr… Cowards “led” by a cowardly turtle. It makes President Trump’s numerous accomplishments thus far even that much more remarkable. NO THANKS TO REPUBS!

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  7. I hope Sean Spicer didn’t fall into the Social Justice Warrior trap set by the fat, black woman in the center of the group yesterday.


    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Neither her weight nor her color make me dread her questions (nor her gender or age, for that matter). Her lack of professionalism and lack of in depth understanding make me dread her questions.

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  8. Sayit2016 says:

    You know… I am getting so sick and tired of the Press asking ” Does the President understand…..( fill in the blank) as if President Trump is some kind of a vegetable that does not understand the obvious…President Trump ” gets it” better than any President I have seen in my lifetime.

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  9. Nchadwick says:

    I usually watch and comment live on Spicer’s White House Briefings…. however, today had a prior engagement today…. I just recently watched without reading the comments – The amount of info from day to day is insane…. that is it – see you all tomorrow!


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